Game Recognize Game Chapter 1

The I Love My Black Son/All In The Game Mashup Sequel

Game Recognize Game
Chapter 1: Who’s Your Daddy?
On a warm spring evening at the Flannery house, 43 year old Debbie Flannery’s 19 year old adopted black son, Elijah Johnson is taking a piss in the downstairs bathroom before he gets ready to watch his favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lazers in their first NBL Finals appearance in 4 years. Much like his beloved Los Angeles Lazers, Elijah has come a long way. A foster child bouncing from home to home, he was taken in at the age of 17 by his warm and compassionate social worker Debbie Flannery. If that wasn’t enough of a blessing, on his 18th birthday, the beautiful, big booty, redheaded Debbie offered her thick Irish-American body up to her adopted son and the two have been lovers ever since. Even still, if that wasn’t enough, after their torid relationship was discovered by Debbie’s sexy, big booty, latina coworker Yaya and her sassy, black, badonkadonk booty having coworker Yolanda, those two women eventually moved into the home and young Elijah has had the pleasure of dicking them down as well. Elijah often thought about how lucky he was, but tonight it was about the Lazers.

“We gettin’ it this year. Damn straight. Ahhhh, I feel like I haven’t pissed all damn day.” said Elijah while he gripped his enormous black cock finishing up at the toilet. Just then, “Excuse me, honey. A bitch gotta brush her teeth again. I had some of your momma’s onion dip and I can’t have my breath kickin’ like this at the club.” Elijah looked over his shoulder and all he saw was donkey ass Yolanda in a halter top, a short skirt, some fishnets and a pair of high heels. “Damn Yoyo, can’t a nigga piss in peace, damn.” Yolanda put the toothpaste on her tooth brush and said, “Boy please, Yaya is in the upstairs bathroom and as soon as she’s out, we hittin’ the road. Gotta leave so we can make sure we get in the club for free.” Elijah said, “Club? I thought we were all going to watch the game together. The Lazers are in the Finals. You didn’t say anything about going to a club.” Yolanda stopped brushing her teeth for a second and she started to laugh. “Ha ha ha, say anything? Lil nigga, you ain’t my daddy. Me and Yaya grown ass women. You need to check ya self.”
As Yolanda finished brushing her teeth, she made kissy faces in the mirror admiring how sexy she looked all made up ready for a night on the town. Little did she know that Elijah had finished pissing and he reached for a jar of vaseline sitting next to the toilet. Elijah quickly greased up his cock which was nearing full erection. He then walked up behind Yolanda and he palmed her booty. Yolanda looked over her shoulder and said, “Boy, you a trip. You know I look good. Shit, too good to be sitting up in the house tonight.” Elijah slowly lifted up Yolanda’s super short skirt, tugged on her thong and said, “Uh huh, you look good, but who’s your daddy?” Yolanda, who was still admiring herself in the mirror, said “Boy, my daddy is Alonzo Simpson, the man that’s been happily married to my momma for damn near 40 years. It damn sure ain’t a little nigga like…aaahhhhhhh!”

The short black teenager Elijah shoved his lubed up cock deep in Yolanda’s enormous black ass. “Fuck! I done told you bout that shit Elijah, damn. You can’t be shovin’ that thing up my booty like that. I ain’t Yaya. I ain’t ya momma. You know you gotta take it slow doin me up the butt. A sista ain’t never let a nigga fuck her in the ass before you. white bitches and them spanish bitches be doin’ that shit. Aahhh fuck.” Elijah masterfully stroked Yolanda’s fat luscious ass and said, “Who’s your daddy, bitch?” Yolanda gripped the sides of the bathroom sink as she took her deep anal pounding and said, “Aww shit! Fuck! Why I gotta be a bitch though? Huh, Lijah?” Elijah grabbed Yolanda’s small waist for better leverage to give her her booty pounding and he said, “My bad, Yoyo. You know how I get when I’m in this fat booty. I lose myself. But who’s your daddy, girl?” Yolanda leaned down and looked at Elijah behind her through the bathroom mirror and said, “Damn, boy. You my daddy. You my daddy. Fuck! You so deep in my booty, damn. You ain’t right.”
Yolanda’s moaning and cursing was so loud that Elijah’s adopted white mother, Debbie opened the bathroom door wearing a small Los Angeles Lazers jersey and a pair of matching panties and said, “Jesus guys, is everything alright?” Yolanda looked over at Debbie and said, “Girl, save me. Lijah done snuck his dick up my booty again.” Debbie said, “Lijie-poo, you know Yolanda doesn’t like that.” Elijah kept pounding away at Yolanda’s enormous elephant ass as he said, “Mama Debbie, she was disrespectin’ me. Actin’ like I ain’t that nigga. Like I’m not the man of the house. Did you know she was goin’ out tonight?” Debbie replied, “Lijie-poo, you know you’re the man and yes. The girls did mention that they were going out tonight. Yolanda’s favorite music artist Dr. Kool Love is making a club appearance tonight.” Yolanda who was still taking it up her fat ass said, “Thank you, Debbie, girl. Elijah, get out of my booty.”

Yolanda used all of her might to throw her fat booty back at Elijah. Although throwing it back made Elijah’s cock go deeper in her ass, she knew that if she threw it back hard enough Elijah wouldn’t be able to hold on. “Aahhhh!!!” *thump* Elijah fell right to the floor. Yolanda turned around and looked at Elijah on the floor and said, “Ha ha, my bad, baby, but you had it coming. Shit, got my booty all sore and shit before I’m about to head out. Me and Yaya gonna be back around 3am. If you still up and you take your time gettin’ me ready and comfortable. Then you can finish wit my booty. Aight?” Elijah smiled and said, “Alright. Yoyo. Have a good night.” Yolanda said, “You too, boo. And I guess you are my lil daddy. Ha ha ha. Take care Debbie.” Yolanda pulled up her panties, pulled down her skirt and her and Yaya left out for the club.
After Yaya and Yolanda left the for the club, Elijah sat on the couch in the living room shirtless wearing a pair of basketball shorts. His cock was still rock hard, so even though he was about to watch his favorite team play their first finals game he was a little upset. As the pregame was about to start, Debbie gleefully walked into the living room and placed chips, onion dip and a few more snacks on the table and sat down next to Elijah. “Oh this is so exciting, Lijie-poo. Ever since you taught me about basketball I can’t get enough of it. I hope our team wins. GO LAZERS!!!” Elijah unenthusiastically said, “Yeah, go Lazers.” Debbie looked at Elijah and said, “What’s wrong, baby?” Elijah looked down at the tent he was pitching in his shorts and Debbie said, “Ohhh. Let mama take care of that for you baby.” Debbie kneelled doggystyle on the couch and she pulled Elijah’s cock out of the top of his shorts. Elijah smiled and palmed his white mama’s booty as she started to suck his cock. Even though Elijah’s cock tasted like vaseline and Yolanda’s booty, Debbie sucked it like it was a lollipop. Elijah leaned back, turned the volume up on the TV and proceeded to enjoy his blowjob while rubbing on Debbie’s fat freckled booty.

After Elijah shot his load in Debbie’s eager mouth, he gave her a kiss on the forehead. She sat close to him and cuddled with him while they watched the game. The Los Angeles Lazers were the favorite going into the series and they had homecourt advantage, but the reigning champion Chicago Sabers were well ahead at half time. Debbie looked at Elijah who was on edge and said, “We’re not doing that well, huh, baby?” Elijah said, “Nah, Mama Debbie, it’s Bynum. He’s getting burnt out there. Komani Rucker’s in foul trouble so he can’t stay on the court. Big Ty and D. Milton are killin’ it, but it’s not enough. They gotta get after the ball. Jamal Bynum needs to step it up for real.” Debbie nodded her head in agreement.
As the second half was about to start, a commercial came on for one of the NBL charity organizations. A beautiful middle aged blonde woman was shown playing basketball with Los Angeles Lazers stars Ty Dixon and Komani Rucker and a group of young children. Then the woman was shown standing with the kids with the two star basketball players behind them. “Hi, I’m Cindy Kennedy. The wife of Coach Kennedy of the Los Angeles Lazers and the Lazers’ good will ambassador. The Lazers Care Organization has been set up to be an outreach group for the Los Angeles inner city youth. Everyone knows Big Ty and Komani, but did you know that they were once at risk youth in this wonderful city. Look at them now! Thanks to the generosity of the Los Angeles Lazers ownership and the NBL we’re giving back through athletic programs, academic tutoring and a host of other great programs. Together we can make a difference and remember…the Lazers Care. Now let’s play ball!!!” Komani and Ty picked up a few of the kids off the of ground and the rest swarmed Cindy Kennedy and gave her a big hug.

When the commercial was over Elijah said, “Huh, pretty lady. Seems like a good organization.” Debbie said, “Yeah, it seems great. You know what, I know her.” Elijah said, “Coach Kennedy’s wife?” Debbie said, “Yeah, I went to college with her. She was Cindy Walsh back then. I know her and her sister Kathleen. We were all in the same sorority. Remember that Kathleen Berkley woman that went to jail for hitting that young man with her car and killing him. That’s her sister. Kathy was a few years younger than us, but Cindy was my girl. I haven’t seen her in years.” Elijah said, “Yooooo, do you think she could get us tickets to a game? Not the chick in jail, but coach Kennedy’s wife?” Debbie said, “Well, the commercial said that they would have a charity event at the group home you used to live at tomorrow. Maybe we could drop by and see.” Elijah jumped up on the couch and said, “Yes!!! Hey, we went to a few games during the season and you didn’t mention knowing her.” Debbie replied, “I didn’t put two and two together. We lost touch a few years after college, but we were very good friends.”
As the second half of the game started, it was more of the same. Foul trouble for rookie power forward, Komani Rucker deemed him a nonfactor in the game. Rookie 2 guard, Jamal Bynum was only 1 for 14 from the field missing all 7 of his three pointers. The veteran center Ty Dixon and rookie point guard Darius Milton had a game for the ages, but it just wasn’t enough. After closing the gap to only 3 points with 2 minutes left in the game, the Lazers couldn’t close it out and they lost by 10 when the final buzzer sounded.

“FUCK!!! We could have had that one. Fuckin’ Jamal Bynum. Scrub ass nigga. He ain’t ready. He just ain’t ready. Big Ty and D Milt were ballin, but fuck!!! Fuckin’ Jamal Bynum. Bum ass motherfucka!” yelled out Elijah as he turned off the television. Debbie frowned and she hugged Elijah. “Calm down Lijie-poo. We’ll get em next time. It’s just the first game.” said Debbie. Elijah replied, “I know. I know. I’m sorry for cursin’ ma, but that right there cost us home court advantage. Chicago got one, now all they gotta do is hold down their home court and they can take it. Bum ass Jamal Bynum. 2 fuckin’ points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 7 turnovers. He was just givin’ the ball away.” Debbie hugged Elijah again and said, “I know, baby. I know. You wanna go to the bedroom?” Elijah said, “Nah, I’m not tired.” Debbie took off her tight little LA Lazers jersey and said, “I didn’t say anything about sleep.”

Elijah stood up, smiled and pulled his sexy white mama in for a big juicy kiss. The two passionately kissed as Debbie’s big milky white breasts pressed up against Elijah’s small chocolate colored chest. Elijah palmed and spanked his white mama’s fat bottom while they kissed and Debbie pulled back after she felt Elijah’s cock growing hard. Debbie turned around and walked slowly toward the bedroom with her panties wedged crooked up her fat ass. She looked back and said, “Bring mama that delicious chocolate, Lijie-poo. Mama needs that choco-cock!” Elijah followed Debbie upstairs to their bedroom, stepping out of his shorts before he even got to the top of the stairs.
Debbie crawlled on to the bed and Elijah jumped right in the bed after her. Debbie was on all fours as Elijah hugged her large bottom giving it multiple kisses. Elijah then pulled her panties down and she kicked them on to the floor. Elijah flipped Debbie on her back and he went down to eat her out. Debbie’s toes curled and she droolled as Elijah licked her clit. Feeling like she was about to cum, Elijah moved up toward her face to kiss her while he finger fucked her pussy until she squirted all over his fingers. Debbie grabbed Elijah’s hand and licked her juices off of it. Elijah then straddled Debbie’s face and he started to drill her throat with his cock. Elijah fucked Debbie’s mouth like it was a pussy. Not letting up one bit until he felt like he was about to explode in her mouth. As Debbie gasped for air, Elijah gave her a series of wet, sensuous tongue kisses before putting his cock deep in her pussy. Elijah pounded away at Debbie’s pussy as she laid on her back enjoying every thrust. Elijah pounded Debbie’s pussy, partly because it felt so good and partly to take out his anger about his favorite team losing. Either way, Debbie loved it and shortly after the pounding the two of them passed out with Elijah still laying on top of her.

The fact is, Elijah wasn’t the only person mad about the loss, fans across the country were calling into sports radio shows blasting Jamal Bynum. As mad as they were, nobody was as hard on Jamal as he was on himself.

“Goddammit! Fuck!” yelled Jamal Bynum as he threw a stool across the room in the locker room. “At home! I stunk up the joint in our own motherfuckin buildin’ man. SHIT!” Veteran small forward Joe Harris tried to console Jamal. “Come on man. I’ve been there before. My game wasn’t the best either, bruh. You’ll get your stroke back. It’s not like you were taking bad shots. They just didn’t fall.” Jamal was inconsolable. “Nah Joe, nah man. My shit was wack as fuck tonight. You heard them fans out there? Chantin’ ‘We want Marco! We want Marco!’ I done held down my spot all season and they callin’ for the nigga out with a ACL injury. They did that just to fuck wit a nigga.” Joe Harris replied, “Come on man, Marco Santiago and Big Ty are the only members left from that last championship team. They were just chanting for that. They want that old feelin’ back. We gonna give it to em. Stay up man.” Coach Kennedy, Big Ty, Darius, Komani and the rest of the team tried to cheer Jamal up, but he wasn’t having it. As the press left and the players started to filter out, Jamal sat there on a bench in the locker room with a towel on his head.

Moments later, Cindy Kennedy poked her head into the locker room. “Are you guys decent?” Big Ty yelled out, “Are we ever? Ha ha ha.” Cindy grinned and walked into the locker room wearing a sexy low cut blouse and a medium length tight skirt. “Tough one guys. You played your hearts out. Left it all out there. You’ll get em next time.” Jamal lifted up his head and said, “Next time, we shoulda got them this time. Where the fuck were you? Huh? I was lookin’ for you before the game?” Coach Kennedy, Ty, Darius, Komani, Jamal and Cindy were the only people left in the locker room. Darius said, “Chill, J. It ain’t Cindy’s fault your shot was off tonight. It be like that sometimes.” Jamal stood up and walked over to Cindy and looked down at her and said, “Where the fuck were you?” Cindy looked over to her husband for a little assistance, but Coach Kennedy just looked down at the floor.

Cindy replied, “Well, uh, I was at the youth home that me, Komani and Ty are visiting tomorrow. The kids were working on these cute signs welcoming the guys. It was quite adorable. In fact, I just popped my head in so I could remind Mani and Ty that we’re meeting at 10 tomorrow morning.” Komani and Ty nodded their heads and said, “Cool.” and “That’s straight, Mrs. K.” Jamal stared her down and said, “I coulda used a little boost before the game. A lil something to get my mind right.” Cindy looked over at her husband who quickly went back to looking down at the floor. The fact was that most of the season, Jamal’s pregame ritual consisted of busting a nut or two in or on Cindy. At first it was a low key, undercover thing the starters were doing under Coach Kennedy’s nose, but ever since Superstar Weekend, Coach Kennedy didn’t only know about it, he encouraged it.
Cindy looked over at her husband again and said, “Jeff! Are you going to let him talk to me like this?” Coach Kennedy said, “Well dear. It’s been working for us so far. I mean, it’s not your fault we lost, but let’s try to keep the ritual going. Sports is a very superstituous industry.” Cindy said, “Well. Hmph. I guess I’m the jerk for caring about the kids, huh?” Jamal grabbed Cindy by the shoulders, shook her and said, “Fuck them lil niggas.” Big Ty said, “Whoa whoa, homeboy. Fuck you got against kids, nigga? I used to be one of those little foster kids. You need to check yourself, playboy.” Jamal looked at Ty and said, “My bad, you know I ain’t mean it like that.” Coach Kennedy put his arm around Cindy and said, “Jamal, she’s sorry. I’ll make sure my wife is here and available to you and the rest of the guys before every game from here on. OK?” Jamal put his hand on the coach’s shoulder and said, “Alright coach. No problem. I’m just a little on edge. I think I need a lil something to calm me down before I hit the road.” Cindy’s eyes got wide and she said, “Right now?” Jamal said, “I ain’t talking about no pussy or no booty fuckin’ just a lil dome. I think we could all use a lil head to get our minds right.” Ty, Darius, Komani and even Coach Kennedy dropped their pants and the coach said, “The kid’s got a point.”

As big booty Cindy Kennedy got on her knees to orally pleasure the four ball players and her husband, back at the Flannery house Yolanda and Yaya were returning early from the club. “Mami, I can’t believe that nigga didn’t do any of his old hits. Half of one old song. I like his new stuff, but conyo mami, I wanna hear that old school shit. Aye mami, I gotta pee.” said Yaya as she rushed to the downstairs bathroom. “Damn girl me too. Shit, I hope I make it upstairs.” Yolanda rushed upstairs and she burst into the bathroom. “Damn Yoyo, you always interrupting a brotha when he’s taking a leak.” said Elijah who had woken up to take a late night piss. “What you doin’ back so early?” Yolanda did the “I gotta pee” dance while waiting for Elijah to finish. She said, “The show was quick. He did some songs and bounced. Hurry up boy. I gotta pee.” Elijah flushed the toilet and before he could put the seat down Yolanda pulled down her panties and lifted up her little skirt and sat down. “Ayo, you didn’t even put the seat down.” said Elijah. Yolanda said, “Boy, wit all this ass, it’s not like I’m going to fall in.”
While Yolanda was feeling relieved having made it to the bathroom, Elijah stood there looking at her. “You look good girl. I bet them niggas were all over you at the club.” Yolanda replied, “Yeah. Too many niggas. Young niggas, too. I think I’m getting to old to go clubbin’. At least at them hip hop spots. I just went to see Kool. You know this one young ass nigga was grindin on my booty when one of them nasty Lil Trey songs came on. You know this nasty lil nigga pulled his dick out and tried to slide it up my skirt. I felt this lil nigga’s dick wedged between my booty cheeks and I smacked the shit out of him. Then I grabbed Yaya and was like, ‘bitch, it’s time to go’. Shit, I don’t play that.” Yolanda wiped herself and flushed the toilet. She pulled up her panties and pulled down her skirt and she stumbled to the sink to wash her hands.
Elijah laughed and said, “Lookin’ a little wobbly, Yoyo.” Yolanda washed her hands and said, “Boy, you know me and Yaya were gettin our drink on. Shit, let me wash this make up off my face and take my drunk ass to bed.” Yolanda was a little more tipsy than she thought. She swayed from side to side a bit as she looked at herself in the mirror. “Wooo, that Ciroc still got a bitch feelin dizzy. Hmmm, look at that face. Even without make up, you one fine motherfucka. Ha ha ha.” Naked Elijah was sitting on the toilet with the seat down smiling and staring at Yolanda’s fat ass sway from side to side as she admired herself in the mirror and sung a little R&B song to herself. Elijah then took a look between his legs and saw that he was fully erect. He grabbed a container of vaseline and quickly greased up his cock and began to jerk it. A devilish smirk came across his face and he said, “Yoyo, you singing that new Rachel Ratchet song, huh? Wit the crazy white boy rappin’ on it?” Yolanda said, “Yeah, baby. That shit is stuck in my head. They played it a million times on the radio on the way to the club, I heard it a dozen times in the club and I heard it a few more times on the way home. That lil heffa can rap better than she can sing, but it’s still a catchy tune.”

Still feeling loose off the liquor Yolanda sung a little louder and snapped her fingers. “If you wanna get this booty! Then you gotta tell me truly! That you wanna get with me! Cus ya girl ain’t easy! Oh yeah! The boys see this ass! Then they try to be all fast! But a bitch got class! Nigga, ante up that cash!” Elijah, still smirking, got up and started dancing as he walked toward Yolanda. “Sing that shit, Yoyo! That’s my joint! What the white boy say when he started grinding on Rachel in the video?” Elijah slid his slick hard cock up Yolanda’s skirt and wedged it between her butt cheeks on top of her thong, started grinding on her and he started to rap Craze-E’s part to the song. “When it comes to the hoes, this white boy knows. Money make em come, but this dick’ll make em cum. I’m a fuckin’ pimp. Eatin’ lobster and shrimp. Not a weak ass simp. Hard cock, never limp.” Yolanda joined in with Elijah to finish the rap. Together they rapped, “Make that booty pop. Shake it girl, don’t stop. I’m the cream of the crop. You and me, we on top. Stackin’ motherfucka chips. Like they’re Pringles, bitch. Young and Wild, Wild Out. Let me hear y’all shout!”
As Yolanda started singing the chorus to the song again, Elijah slid Yolanda’s short skirt up and he slowly pulled down her panties. As drunk as Yolanda was she realized something was going on behind her. “Boy what you doin’ back…aaahhhhh! Fuck! You done got me again. Ugh! I tell you, you ain’t right Lijah. You ain’t right. I told you bout doin me in my booty.” Yolanda leaned over and rested her arms on the sink as she looked over her shoulder back at the still smirking Elijah as he gripped the sides of her enormous chocolate ass as he slow stroked his cock deep up butt. “My bad, Yoyo, but you said I could get back in this ass when you got home.” Yolanda rolled her eyes and said, “Boy, I said if you took your time with it. You know. Finger my booty, then double finger it. Use that lil dildo. Work your way up to the bigger one. Then after my booty is open, and only then, slide that thick motherfucka up my ass. Damn boy, did you even lube up?” Elijah, still stroking said, “Of course I did. You know I got bottles of vaseline all over this house. Anyway, stop bitchin’. You always take it up the ass nice and easy when you tipsy. You’ll be fine.”

Yolanda rolled her eyes one more time and she pushed up on the sink and looked in the mirror again while little Elijah butt fucked her. “Damn, Lijah. I swear you ain’t right boy. Wooo, look at me. I’m sweatin’ like a pig. Lijah, let’s take this to the shower. If you gonna be behind me for a while you might as well scrub my back. That hot ass club, all that liquor, I need a shower.” Without taking his cock out of Yolanda’s monster booty, Yolanda got naked and the two stepped into the shower. Yolanda washed her front and Elijah washed her back. After she was nice and soapy, Yolanda just put her hands up against the wall in the shower and let Elijah continue to have his way with her enormous black ass as the water flowed over them. After shooting his load up Yolanda’s ass. Elijah sat down in the shower and Yolanda did the same. “Wooo, boy that took forever. Why you take so long to nut?” Elijah who was out of breath said, “well, this is like my third or fourth nut of the day. You know how that goes. Anyway, I guess we should get to bed. Mama Debbie is taking me to meet some NBL ballers tomorrow at this charity thing. Gotta make sure I get my rest. You good, Yoyo.” Yolanda sat there with the water flowing over her thick chocolate body and she said, “Yeah, Lijah. I’m straight. Just gonna let this water flow over me then get some rest. Good night…and stop sneakin’ yo’ big ass dick up my booty! Ha ha ha.”


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