Game Recognize Game Chapter 2

Game Recognize Game
Chapter 2: Charity Begins At Home

Ever since his finals were finished at college, Elijah had the habit of sleeping in, especially on Saturday mornings, but he was wide awake this morning. “Mama Debbie get up. I let you sleep long enough. We gotta get ready to make moves to the charity event to see your old friend.” Since he got a shower last night when he was butt fucking Yolanda, Elijah was already dressed. Debbie was still fast a sleep in a sex coma from the pounding she got last night. Laying face down in bed, Elijah removed the covers from the top of her and he gave her fat white booty three strong whacks to wake her up. “I’m up. I’m up, Lijie-poo. Jesus.” After Debbie got up, she took a quick shower and went back into the bedroom and Elijah had an outfit laid out for her. Debbie put on the thong panties, tight jeans and tight tank top that Elijah had laid out for her. Debbie was a little worried about how tight the jeans and top were, but after a big kiss and a nice booty squeeze from Elijah she was fine with it. The two of them left the house in route to the group home leaving Yolanda and Yaya fast asleep in their bedrooms.

Upon arriving at the group home, Debbie and Elijah noticed that Cindy Kennedy was already there with a crew of workers setting up for the event. Elijah had noticed Cindy’s nice shape in the commercial, but the camera angles did her fat booty no justice. Cindy was wearing a very tight LA Lazers t-shirt and a pair of leggings that were the team colors. She had her beautiful long blonde hair in a ponytail and she was holding a clipboard to keep track of the day’s events. Debbie noticed Elijah staring at Cindy and said, “Wow, Cindy really has filled out nicely. I remember her having a nice shape, but she’s just as thick as me.” Elijah gave Debbie a pat on her fat bottom and said, “Yeah, she’s nice, but I think your booty is bigger.” Debbie giggled and the two of them walked over toward Cindy.
“Ok, guys I think this is it. You all did an awesome job. The camera crew will be here in the next half hour so you guys can go take a break until we have to break all of this equipment down.” said Cindy Kennedy. The crew had set up a lot of Lazers Care banners and they restrung the basketball hoops at the outside basketball court. They had even done a bit of touch up painting to make the place look like new for the kids. As Cindy walked around to give things a final inspection, Debbie tapped her on the shoulder.

“Cin…remember me? It’s Deb.” said Debbie. Cindy turned around and remembered Debbie instantly. “Oh my God! Debbie! You look amazing. Come here!” The two big booty white woman gave each other a long hug. Cindy then looked over at the short teenage college student, Elijah and said, “Sweety, the event hasn’t started yet and it’s really for the younger kids.” Elijah smirked and said, “Oh no Cin, this is my son Elijah. He’s in college. We’re here to volunteer. I work with this group home a lot. I’m a social worker now.” Cindy replied, “Debbie Do-gooder! That’s you! Of course you’re a social worker. Wait a minute, son? I thought you had two daughters and uhhh, this young man is a little extra tanned. I don’t really see the family resemblence.” Debbie and Elijah laughed and Debbie told Cindy that she adopted Elijah and about how wonderful a young man he is. Cindy smiled and gave Elijah a hug and said, “Well I guess you can call me Aunty Cindy than, Elijah.”
The three of them sat down on a bench and Cindy and Debbie started to catch up. While sitting there, Cindy noticed how close Debbie was sitting next to Elijah and how she kept rubbing on his thigh and resting her head on his shoulder. Cindy even went as far as to say, “You too seem so close to one another. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you two were boyfriend and girlfriend. Ha ha ha.” Debbie let out a nervous chuckle and said, “Well he is over 18 and he’s not my biological son. Teehee. I love my Lijie-poo. I could just eat him up.” Debbie then leaned over and gave Elijah a flurry of kisses on his cheeks followed by one soft innocent kiss on the lips. Cindy let out a nervous laugh the conversation continued.

within the next fifteen minutes, workers at the group home and a few Lazers Care organization volunteers started to come outside with the kids. The kids swarmed Debbie who they almost all knew and they told her how happy they were to see her. Some of the kids went over to Elijah, who they had known as one of the big kids in the home a few years ago and he took some of them on the court and they started to shoot around. After another twenty minutes or so, Big Ty Dixon and Komani Rucker pulled up to the home both riding in their own expensive sports cars. The kids ran from the court over to the expensive cars and the superstar players and they begged them for autographs. Ty and Komani were down to Earth guys from the neighborhood and they loved the kids. After letting the little crumb snatchers put their greasy little hands all over their cars, they ran with them over to the court and the stars selected teams for the tournament they were having.

As the tournament got started, Cindy was acting as the referee. “Ok kids! The winning team will get invited to our next game, tomorrow night. It’s the second game in the Final so it’s definitely a hot ticket. You guys know the rules of basketball. Let’s get this thing started and lets all have some fun!!!” As the big event raged on, onlookers stood by the sidelines to get a glimpse of the stars, camera crews filmed the event for the news, and everyone was having a great time. As Cindy reffed the game, she occasion glanced over at her good friend Debbie who was sitting very close to Elijah. Cindy was definitely picking up on the playful touching that was going on between the two and she had made a mental note to herself to call Debbie on it. After the game was over, the losing team of young kids were very upset. Then Komani looked over at Ty and said, “Hey Big Ty, since they all played so hard out there, let’s take them all to the game with us!” The kids erupted in happiness and soon later they were all called inside to have pizza and soda.
While the kids went inside, Komani and Ty walked over to Cindy who had just taken a seat next to Debbie and Elijah. “Mrs. K! How’d we do?” said Komani with a big smile on his face. Cindy said, “You guys were awesome. Those kids had the time of their life.” Debbie stood up and looked up to the towering center and power forward and said, “You guys are angels. True humanitarians. I work with this children a lot and they rarely get something this special to smile about. On behalf of the whole social worker community, I thank you.” Big Ty looked the mature, big booty redhead Debbie up and down and said, “Well little lady, it’s our pleasure. Who might you be?” Cindy stood up and said, “Fellas, let me introduce you to my old college friend, Debbie Flannery and her son Elijah. Adopted son, that is. In case your a bit confused.” Elijah jumped up and dapped Big Ty and Komani and Big Ty said, “Damn, Debbie, you take your work home with you. You a down ass sista. I like that.” Debbie giggled and looked over at Cindy and said, “He called me a sista. Teehee. I love it!”

Komani started to stare at Elijah and he said, “Yo, Westside High, right?” Elijah said, “Yeah for about a year or so. You remember me.” Komani gave Elijah dap again and said, “Hell yeah, bruh. You used to stay wit Mrs. Styles and them right? My boy Mustafa used to be in her foster home. You was a few years younger than us, but I remember seeing you at the crib a few times. You was a smart ass nigga for real.” Elijah said, “Yeah. I was only there for a few months. Mrs. Styles used to be on that bullshit. Spending up all the money she got for us kids on dumb shit. Never any food in the crib. I ran away from that motherfucka and I was staying in this place up until Mama Debbie took me in.” Komani said, “Damn, I ain’t know Mrs. Styles got down like that. Mustafa was always comin’ by my crib for breakfast and dinner and shit. If I woulda known I woulda invited all y’all over. Yo, you been in touch with Moo, ain’t seen him since I transfered to that prep school to play ball.” Elijah said, “Moo got killed over some bullshit about a year and a half ago. Damn shame.” Komani frowned and said, “Damn, that was my nigga. He ain’t have to go out like that.” Big Ty jumped in and said, “Well hey, that’s why we’re all here. Give the youth a better plan and some hope. As long as we reach back and look out for them, all they’ll do is rise. Word up!” Komani and Elijah said, “Word!”
The five of them talked for a little longer before an adorable little girl from the group home came outside with a slice of pizza and said, “Hey guys, we have lots of pizza and juice if you want some.” Not wanting to let the kids down, Ty and Komani went inside to join the kids. Elijah followed them inside leaving Cindy and Debbie a little time to catch up. Cindy decided to seize this opportunity to be nosey and press her old friend Debbie about her suspicions that she and Elijah were more than just adopted mother and son.

“Deb, you look amazing. You have a glow about you.” said Cindy. Debbie replied, “Aw thanks Cin, I’m really happy. My girls are grown and off at college and it’s great having Elijah around. I’m so happy he decided to go to a local college. we have the most fun.” Cindy and Debbie took a seat on the bench and Cindy said, “Tell me more about this fun.” Debbie smirked and said, “Whatever do you mean, Cin? Teehee.” Cindy said, “You guys look very, very close and he is a cute little guy.” Debbie said, “He’s not little everywhere.” Cindy replied, “I knew it! Debbie, you’ve changed. So naughty! I’m not shocked though, you always had a thing for black guys. I mean, I’ve never seen you date one, but you always talked about how sexy they were. Ha ha ha.” Debbie replied, “Look, I’ve known Elijah since he was 12. He’s grown from a cute kid to a handsome young man. I never did anything with him until he was of age and even then, it just sort of happened. A little wine, a little 18th birthday celebration and I was hooked. My god, my ex never fucked me like he does.”

Cindy couldn’t believe how her old friend was acting, but she wasn’t one to judge. Hell, she spent most of her days getting trained by big black athletes while her husband facilitated it. Folks in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. Cindy and Debbie spoke some more and Cindy painted a rosey picture of being the wife of the coach of the Lazers. The conversation got a little sad when Cindy and Debbie spoke about Cindy’s sister Kathleen doing time in prison for her horrible auto accident, but the ladies only glanced over that and they decided to reminise about the good old days. As the day moved on, people started to clear out. Komani gave Elijah his number so they could stay in touch. He also invited Elijah and Debbie to be his personal guests at the game tomorrow night. Debbie didn’t even have to ask Cindy. Everybody eventually went their separate ways and promised to meet up at the game.
Upon arriving home, Debbie was talking Elijah’s ear off. “Lijie-poo, seeing Cindy was so great. I haven’t talked to any of my old sorority sisters in years. We’re going to have to plan a reunion. Meeting the guys was so great, too. I can’t believe how tall they were. Why didn’t you tell me that you knew Komani Rucker.” Elijah took off his shirt and he went to sit on the couch wearing only a pair of shorts and his sneakers. “Honestly, that whole experience at Mrs. Styles was something I tried to block out. Plus, Mustafa always called him K-Money. I don’t think I ever knew his real name. He was a real cool dude. Plus, he wasn’t that tall back then. He must have really shot up his senior year or something. I mean he was tall, but he’s about 6 inches taller than when I knew him.” Debbie followed Elijah to the couch and she took off her tight tank top, her sneakers and her tight jeans. She kneeled down in front of Elijah wearing only her thong panties.

Looking up at Elijah from the floor she said, “Well, it seems like you have a new friend. Look at my little Lijah and his big time friends. Ha ha ha. Don’t go Hollywood on me, baby.” Debbie unbucked Elijah’s belt and unbuttoned and unzipped the fly to his cargo shorts. Elijah laughed and said, “Nah Mama Debbie, never that.” Debbie pulled out Elijah’s cock and she started to tug on it with both hands. “I don’t know Lijie-poo. I can see you now, hanging out at the parties with the rich and famous, leaving your poor, old mama at home.” Elijah said, “Hey now.” and he leaned over and tongue kissed Debbie and said, “You’re the sexiest woman in the world and you’re all mine.” Debbie smiled and she started sucking Elijah’s cock. Elijah thrusted his hips a bit and he grabbed the back of Debbie’s head to help her deep throat his huge cock. Elijah then said, “Hmph, I peeped Big Ty tryin’ to mack, too. He was lovin’ your sexy ass. My big booty redhead sex goddess. I know he wanted a piece of yo’ ass, but it’s all mine.” Debbie sucked Elijah’s cock like a pro, as she always did. Elijah pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to nut all over her face. Debbie grinned and said, “I’m all messy Lijie-poo. Let me go wipe it off.” Elijah said, “Sit on my lap, baby. Just let the cum dry on your face, you look sexy.” Debbie obeyed Elijah’s wishes and she sat her big fat ass square on his lap and he wedged his cock between her huge white ass cheeks as they watched TV.
Cindy Kennedy didn’t go right home after leaving the charity event, she had to run a few errands and she didn’t make it home until it started to get dark. She had gotten many calls and text messages from Jamal Bynum but she chose to ignore them. She wasn’t in the mood for anything that he had to say. She figured she’d show up early to the game and pleasure Jamal and everything would be alright. Upon arriving home, she realized that her husband’s car wasn’t there. She parked her car and she went to the door hoping to have a nice long bath before getting some rest after the long day. Little did she know, a fairly drunk Jamal had taken a cab over to her house and he was waiting for her in the shadows.

“Aahhhhh!!!” yelled out Cindy as a dark figure emerged right from the side of her door. She fumbled with her keys trying to open the door before she realized it was Jamal. Cindy smack Jamal on the chest and said, “You crazy jerk! You scared the daylights out of me.” Jamal said in slurred speech, “Look at this sh-shi-shit! They rippin’ me in the papers.” Cindy opened the door and said, “Come on in Jamal.” Jamal followed Cindy in the house and he fondled her booty. Cindy sat Jamal down on the couch and she stood in front of him and said, “What is this about the papers?” Jamal showed her a few columns from various writers ripping his performance and calling him a bum. Jamal was nearly in tears. Cindy sat next to him and said, “It’s ok. There, there. How can I help? If I don’t know already.” Jamal said, “I just need a little special attention to get my mind right then I’ll be on my way.” Cindy started to disrobe and she said, “Oral, vaginal, anal. What kind of special attention.” Jamal put his arms in the air and said, “All three! In that order! Get ta suckin'”
Cindy dropped to her knees and started sucking Jamal’s cock in her living room. After the oral, came the vaginal intercourse. Cindy rode Jamal’s cock as he sat on the couch. After Jamal enjoyed her pussy, then came the anal. Jamal pinned Cindy down on the floor as he rammed his cock deep in her asshole. Halfway throught the anal pounding Coach Kennedy walked in the house. Jamal kept stroking Cindy as he looked over at his coach and said, “Hey Coach K. Just gettin’ m mind right for the night.” Cindy looked over at her husband and all the coach did was smile and said, “Ok, son, but make sure you get your rest. Big day tomorrow. I need you on your A game.” Jamal smiled and said, “I’m on it coach.” After Jamal shot his load in Cindy’s fat ass, Cindy said, “Are you good now? Yeah, you’re good. I’m gonna call you a cab.” Jamal said, “Could you give me a lift, I don’t have anymore cash on me.” The tired and exhausted Cindy helped the drunk ball player to her car and she drove him home. If that wasn’t inconvienent enough. Jamal was past out sleep by the time she got to his house. Cindy had to literally drag him into his house. After that ordeal, Cindy sped home to get some rest thinking to herself, “I can’t wait until this season is over.”

The next morning, Elijah woke up naked in bed with his big booty white mama Debbie cuddled up close to him with her head on his chest. Elijah gave the still sleeping Debbie a kiss on the forehead as he laid there in bed. He looked around the room and saw that the covers were tossed on the floor. He then looked down at Debbie’s fat white ass that was completely caked with his cum. Elijah smiled and gave Debbie another kiss on the forehead and he said, “Damn, I wore you out again last night. We’ve been sleeping later and later since I finished up classes for the semester. Hmmm, let me wake you up real special and shit today.” Elijah slid from under his white adopted mother’s body and laid her out flat on her stomach. Elijah reached for a nearly empty bottle of vaseline and started greasing up his cock. Elijah then straddled Debbie’s cum covered booty and he placed his big black cock between her booty cheeks. Debbie laid there motionless as Elijah started to spread her massive butt cheeks apart. Elijah put the tip of his cock on her tight asshole and then he stopped. “Damn, is that. Aww shit, it is. Fried plantains. Yaya must be making breakfast.” Elijah gave Debbie a soft pat on her fat booty before jumping up to follow the smell of what was sure to be one of Yaya’s classic Puerto Rican breakfasts.
While the threesome ate their breakfast. Elijah informed the ladies that he and Debbie were going to the LA Lazers game as special guests of Komani Rucker. Yolanda said, “What time we leavin’?” Elijah said, “Sorry ladies, it’s only me and Mama Debbie tonight. Yoyo, you didn’t even care about the game the night before last.” Yaya jumped in and said, “Mira papi, it’s not about the game, it’s about the ballers. Think about the celebrities that will be there.” Yolanda said, “Mmm hmm. Tall, fine, rich, athletic men. Anyone of them would probably lose their minds if they got a look at a thick, sexy, chocolate woman like me.” Yaya slapped Yolanda five across the table and said, “Mami, I know dats right! Lijah, papi, can we go, too.” Elijah finished his last bite of food and said, “Not this time, I can’t press. Just getting reaquainted with the nigga, Komani. But, I doubt they get swept. I might be able to get some extra tickets for Game 5 that will be back in LA. I mean, if I had the proper motivation to do so.”

Elijah pushed his chair back further from the table and he let go of his cock. Elijah’s big, hard, greased up cock swayed from side to side as he put his hands behind his head. Yolanda leaned toward Elijah with a smile on her face and said, “What kind of motivation, you sexy lil nigga?” Elijah simply said, “Sit on it.” Yolanda and Yaya looked at each other and then they both quickly rose to their feet and pulled their panties halfway down their fat jiggly asses and they rushed over to Elijah. Yaya was just a little bit faster than Yolanda. She spread her booty cheeks as wide as she could, backed her fat ass back and she sat square down on Elijah’s lap as his lubed up cock when straight up her butt. “Aye, conyo, papi. It’s so deep. You snooze you lose, Yoyo. Don’t worry mami, I’ll ride it good enough that we both get tickets.” Elijah held Yaya’s fat ass with both hands as she put her hands on her knees and bounced her butt up and down on Elijah’s lap. Then Yolanda said, “Get it girl. Shit, I’m not leavin’ nothin’ up to chance. You love sniffin’, lickin’ and rubbin’ this fat chocolate ass. Let me put it in ya face.” Elijah took his hands off of Yaya’s ass and he leaned back. Yolanda stepped one foot over Elijah and she positioned her enormous booty right in his face.
Elijah spent the next 20 minutes being smothered by Yolanda’s huge black ass while the tightness of big booty boricua Yaya’s asshole pleasured his cock. After shooting his load up Yaya’s ass, Yolanda and Yaya both got on their knees and tickled the ultrasensitive tip of Elijah’s cock with their tongues. Yolanda then said, “You gon get us some tix for game 5, right Lijah?” Out of breath and fully satisfied, Elijah said, “Hell yeah. Wooo, hell to the yeah.”

As the day eased into the evening, Elijah and Debbie were getting ready for the game. Debbie wore a extra tight Lazers jersey, with Big Ty’s name and number on it that he had given to her at the charity event as well as a pair of tight jeans. Elijah decided to wear a plain white T-shirt, some cargo shorts, a Lazers hat and a pair of matching sneakers. Earlier in the day, Elijah got a call from Komani telling him not to worry about transportation because he was having a limo sent to pick him and Debbie up. When the limo arrived an older black man was driving. “Good evening folks, your chariot awaits.” said the kind older gentleman as he held the door for Debbie and Elijah. Debbie and Elijah were in awe of how fancy the limo was. Elijah reached for a bottle of vodka and said, “Hey, mister! Can we drink this stuff back here or is it just for show?” The driver put down the privacy window, looked back through the rearview mirror and said, “Knock yourselves out. Everything is included.”

Elijah popped the top off of the bottle of vodka and took a swig right from the bottle. Debbie immediately went into mom mode. “Lijie-poo. You’re far too young to drink hard liquor like that. Boy, you’ve lost your mind.” The driver, who was still had the privacy window open laughed and said, “She got ya there, son.” Elijah pulled Debbie close and rested one of his hands on her booty and said, “What about last week when we shared that bottle?” Debbie said, “That was just wine, Lijie-poo. You know what, just a little. It’s a special night.” Elijah took another swig from the bottle as he palmed Debbie’s fat ass and then he said, “Open wide, Mama Debbie.” Debbie smiled, put her head back and opened her mouth nice and wide. Elijah poured at least two and a half shots of vodka down her throat. Debbie coughed and said, “Wow, that’s enough for me. You know I don’t drink much. I’m a light weight.”
Elijah pulled Debbie on top of him so she was straddling him and as he palmed both of her huge white ass cheeks over her jeans he said, “This is a heavyweight booty right here. Nothing light about this.” Debbie blushed and said, “that’s not what I meant, silly. Ooooo Lijie-poo, you’re so naughty.” The limo driver’s eyes were working overtime as he tried to keep an eye on the road and one in the rearview so he could observe the action in the back with the middle aged white woman and the young black man. Elijah looked Debbie in the eyes, brushed some of her hair out of her face and said, “We’re gonna have a great night and you look amazing.” Debbie kissed Elijah and she slowly slid to the floor of the limo. As Debbie unbuckled Elijah’s pants and pulled out his cock, Elijah locked eyes with the limo driver and smirked. The limo driver looked nervous and he started to close the privacy window. Elijah said, “Nah, pops, you good. Enjoy the show.” A totally oblivious Debbie just started sucking Elijah’s cock until they got to the venue.

Upon arriving at the arena, the limo driver opened the door for Elijah and Debbie, making a point to shake Elijah’s hand out of respect. The driver then walked Elijah and Debbie over to a gorgeous, big booty, loud mouthed Italian woman who was yelling at somebody on the phone. “Look McIntyre, you slimey Irish prick. My boys want you to squeeze the sneaker company for an extra 5 million a piece. This means a lot to them. Alright…ha ha ha. I know, love ya, too, babe. Later.” The woman on the phone was Darius Milton’s and Komani Rucker’s live in manager and “special” friend, Maria DiBella. The limo driver walked up to Maria and said, “Ms. DiBella, these are Mr. Rucker’s guests for the evening.” Maria looked at the driver and said, “Jerome, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Maria? Geez, why so formal? Anyway, here hun. This is for you.” Maria gave the limo driver a huge tip and then she turned to Debbie and Elijah and flashed them her fake smile.
“You must be Elijah. Komani’s been going on and on about you. He’s really excited that you could make it out to the game. And you must be this handsome little guy’s mother Deb…” Before Maria could finish she noticed a familiar white, sticky substance dangling from Debbie’s chin. Maria’s fake smirk turned into a genuine full blown smile as she reached in her purse for a tissue. “Let me help you with that.” Maria wiped the cum from Debbie’s chin and Debbie was confused. Maria then gave Debbie the tissue and said, “Just a little cum, sweetie. We’ve all been there. This guy is your ‘adopted’ son, right?” Elijah started to chuckle and an embarrassed Debbie looked in the tissue and saw the cum and said, “Lijie-poo stop laughing at me. Hmph. And yes, Maria…is it? He is my adopted son. We’re quite…uhhhh…close…these days.”

Maria shrugged her shoulders and said, “Hey, who am I to judge? Hell, the number one frickin’ song in America features a rappin’ white boy whose gimmick is that he fucks his mother. America’s gone wild. I know him by the way, Craze-E and his mother. I know them back when they were kinda normal. She’s a sweet lady though.” Debbie interrupted Maria and said, “Oh yeah, and just for the record, my Elijah is 19. He looks kind of young, I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.” Maria nonchalantly said, “Of course dear. I can tell he’s grown by the way he carries himself. I can also tell he has a big frickin’ cock. Look at the way he’s standing. Legs a little apart so that monster has space to breath.” Debbie was taken back by Maria’s forwardness and Elijah was blushing and loving it. Maria patted Debbie on her fat bottom and continued, “Besides, with all of his booty, he’d have to have a big one. Anyway, you lovable freaks, follow me to your seats. They’re in the skybox I usually watch the games from. Oh yeah, at half-time, Komani wants me to bring you guys down to the locker room for a minute for a quick hello. Right now, he and the guys are in the middle of their pregame ritual, whatever the frick that is.”
“Yo, Joe, why you never fuck Mrs. K. up the ass?” said Komani Rucker as he stood their shirtless pulling up his shorts. Veteran shooting guard, for the Lazers, Joe Harris replied, “I don’t know, bro. I mean I just love the pussy. Never been a nigga to try to poke a bitch in her ass. Not my deal.” Joe and Komani, along with the other LA Lazers starters, Darius Milton, Ty Dixon and Jamal Bynum were presently in the coaches’ office next to the locker room performaning their pregame ritual with the head coach’s wife, the beautiful, big booty blonde, Cindy Kennedy. While the men casually had their conversation about how they liked to fuck Cindy Kennedy, Cindy was currently sucking Jamal Bynum’s cock as he sat on a desk. She was also getting her pussy rammed from the back by Joe Harris at the same time.

“But for real, Joe. You tellin’ me you ain’t never fucked a bitch in the ass before?” said Darius who was fully dressed in his uniform ready to play. Joe while still stroking Cindy’s pussy, replied, “Youngin’ I don’t fucked bitches in their asses before, but it’s not my thing.” Ty Dixon, who was also fully dressed in his uniform chimed in, “Tell ’em Joe, ain’t nothin’ like a nice wet pussy. These lil nigga’s got the game fucked up.” Ty gave Joe a high five while Joe had slowed down his stroking of Cindy’s pussy from the back, anticipating the fact that he was about to cum. As Joe, slowly shot his load in Cindy’s pussy, Jamal, who had been force feeding Cindy Kennedy his cock as soon as he finished being the first to fuck her from the back, chimed in and said, “Ty you full of shit, my dude. After I busted first nut in this hoe’s ass tonight, you were rushin’ to be next. Darius beat you to it and he was second in the booty. You could have been first in the pussy, but you went in the booty, too. Then Komani went in her booty and Joe broke the trend by goin’ for the pussy.” Komani laughed and Darius said, “Aahhh, ha ha ha, Jamal got you there dawg you chose twice pounded booty over a fresh pussy.” Ty put his head down and said, “A’ight, a’ight. I guess I can’t ride wit cha on this one Joe. That booty is right. Ha ha ha.”
As Joe pulled his cock out of Cindy’s pussy, Jamal pulled Cindy’s head off of his cock by her hair. Cindy took a few deep breaths and uttered the words, “I hope you guys have enough energy left to give ’em hell tonight. Go Lazers! Where is my dress? Where are my panties?” As Cindy looked on the side of the desk for her panties, Jamal squated down behind her and shoved his cock back up her gaping asshole. “Aaahhhh, what the hell, Jamal? You got yours already.” The other four starters, who were now all completely dressed for the game said, “Awww man!” Komani then said, “Dude, game’s gonna start soon.” Jamal smirked as he bent Cindy over on the desk again and said, “Sorry my niggas, but I’m hard again. I just gotta get this nut off. How I’m gonna be on the court putting pressure D on niggas with my dick hard? I’d really be puttin’ the D on niggas. Pause.” The other starters laughed and Ty said, “Yo…if you ain’t on the court by the time they callin’ out names, we starting Maddox in your spot tonight, lil nigga. Ha ha ha.”

Jamal waved his teammates off and continued to feverishly pound away at Cindy’s fat white ass until shooting his second load in her ass right before the opposing team was being announced. Jamal made Cindy lick his cock clean as he quickly got dressed. Jamal got to the court just after they introduced Joe and were about to say his name. A fully dressed Cindy Kennedy stood in the tunnel and looked onto court. Her husband looked out to her and he gave her the ‘OK’ sign with his fingers. Cindy gave her husband two thumbs up and he smiled. Coach Kennedy gave Jamal a pat on the back while the last few players were being announced and he whispered to Jamal, “No go wear out the other team like you just wore out my wife. Go get ’em son!” Jamal gave his coach a manly handshake and a hug and he rushed out onto the court for tip off.


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