Game Recognize Game Chapter 3

Game Recognize Game
Chapter 3: Luck of the Irish

With Game 2 of the NBL Finals was in full swing, Elijah, Debbie and a few businessmen that were sitting in the exclusive skybox were intently following the game. “This game is so crazy right now. I was hatin’ on Bynum heavy after Game 1, but he’s got almost as many points as D. Milt does.” said Elijah. Out of nowhere Debbie jumped out of her seat and said, “Hey what kind of call was that!?!?! Elijah, did you see that? That guy barreled into Ty and they call Ty for the foul. Geez Louise!” Debbie, who was sitting next to Elijah for the game, forgot for a moment that they were out at the game. She sat her big fat Irish American booty on Elijah’s lap, leaned back to give him a big kiss and she said, “I guess it’s ok, Lijie-poo, we’re still in the lead.” With Debbie’s huge booty squarely in the middle of Elijah’s lap, she leaned forward to continue watching the game. An Asian businessman leaned over toward Elijah and said, “She very sexy, your…uhhh…girlfriend?” Elijah rubbed Debbie’s booty and said to the businessman, “Yeah, somethin’ like that.” The Asian businessman replied, “But you are so young and she very sexy grown woman.” Elijah smirked and said, “I’m young, but I’m experienced, playboy.” Elijah and the businessman clinked glasses and continued enjoying the game.

As the game continued on, Darius and Komani’s manager, the lovely, large bottomed Italian loud mouth, Maria DiBella returned to the luxury suite that Elijah and Debbie were in. “Ohhhhhh, I see you guys are enjoying yourselves.” said Maria with a big smirk on her face. Debbie looked up at Maria and she quickly realized how she must look sitting on Elijah’s lap while he fondled her booty. As Debbie went to get up, Maria pushed her back down and said, “Please, dear, don’t get up on my account. I’ll sit next to you guys.” Maria sat down on the chair and she winced and began sitting sideways in the seat. Elijah looked over at Maria and said, “Are you alright?” Maria replied, “Yeah, hun. I’m swell. Uh, my rump is a little sore. Just came from Papa Shake’s private suite down the hallway. It’s like a frickin’ mad house. Rappers, wannabe thugs and big booty groupies. Geez. I got my booty squeezed or slapped about 20 times in the 5 minutes I was in there.” Elijah said, “Papa Shake, uhhh, wait, big booty groupies. Nice!” Maria patted the leaning over Debbie on her rump and said, “Hun, those frickin’ monsters would kill for one of these right here. Trust me, the rump on your lap dwarfs most of the ones in there. Fuhget about it.”
As the first quarter came to an end, the gumbo monitor in the area showed images of the stars in attendence while the announcer introduced them. The camera soon turned to Cindy Kennedy, who was sitting a few seats behind courtside with the 20 kids from the charity event. When Cindy appeared on the monitor, Debbie’s face lit up. She sat up and looked at Maria because she was going to tell her that they were friends, but before Debbie could speak Maria uttered the words, “What a frickin’ tramp? Mrs. High and Mighty. Mrs. Charity. whateva.” Debbie, feeling insulted for her friend Cindy said, “I beg your pardon, Maria. What do you have against Cindy Kennedy?” Maria sat back and crossed her arms and said, “Nothin’ hun. Absolutely nothin’.” Debbie continued, “It doesn’t sound like it.” Maria replied, “Let’s just say I know a few things about Mrs. Perfect that would make your head spin.” Debbie replied, “Cindy and I are sorority sisters, we go way back. what kind of things?” Maria, not giving a fuck because she never gave a fuck, said, “Deb, you know how you and your little sexy Mr. Chocolate here do stuff…ya know…STUFF?” Debbie rolled her eyes and said, “Yes…and.” Maria replied, “Let’s just say that Cindy has been getting her fill of chocolate all season. In fact, a little over a year ago we had this wild night at…You know what. Forget about it. She’s not a bad chick. Just such a frickin’ priss. Blondes are the biggest sluts.”

Debbie was taken a back by what Maria was saying. Could it be? Could her long time friend and sorority sister, Cindy Kennedy, really be a loose woman having sex outside of her marriage? The thoughts were rolling around in Debbie’s head as the second quarter carried on. Halfway through the quarter, Maria DiBella leaned up toward Debbie and said, “Speak of the devil or should I say ‘speak of the angel’. Hmm…as if. Oh hey Cindy K. How’s it goin’ gorgeous?” Cindy Kennedy leaned in and gave Maria DiBella a big hug and she left out a fake, anxious laugh. “Uhh, huh, huh, hey Maria, dear. You look fabulous.” Maria and Cindy had an interesting connection. Before Komani and Darius got drafted and even before Jeff Kennedy became the coach of the Lazers, Maria had spent the night with Cindy and Darius at Darius’s hotel room during the college national championship tournament. Although, Cindy didn’t have sex that night, in the morning Cindy joined in on a hedonistic sex session with Darius, Komani and Maria. Furthermore, after Cindy became a whore for the starters on the team, Maria’s roommates/clients, Komani and Darius, would routinely talk about Cindy’s slutty actions. Cindy was well aware that Maria was probably the only person outside of the Lazers organization that knew her slutty business and that made Cindy very nervous.
After the fake show of friendship with Maria, Cindy gave her real friend, Debbie a big hug and she gave Elijah a kiss on the cheek. Cindy stood up, smiled and said, “Love’s on full display tonight, huh? Sitting in your sexy, young boy toy’s lap, I see.” Debbie replied, “Yeah. I figured, what the hell. It’s the best seat in the house. Anyway, Cindy, can I talk to you for a minute?” Cindy said, “Sure.” As the two women walked away, Maria leaned over toward Elijah and said, “Hey, kid. I used to fuck a little black guy that was about your size named Isaiah. Good friend of Darius’s. He was about this long. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you packin’ fella?” As Maria put her hands out in front of her about a foot, Elijah moved one of her hands over about two more inches. Maria gasped and said, “Fuhget about it. You’re in the big leagues. I bet you make that sweet, red headed doll moan and scream like frickin’ crazy.” Elijah sipped his soda and said, “Nightly, Maria. Nightly.”

while Maria and Elijah talked and watched the game, Cindy and Debbie were off in a private corner of the luxury suite. Debbie said to Cindy, “Cin, I was talking to Maria and she said some things. I mean, geez, I shouldn’t have said Maria’s name, but she said some things and it’s really none of my business, but it’s that she said these things and we go way back and your business is your business…” Cindy knew exactly what the chatterbox Maria had said to Debbie Cindy let out a fake laugh and said, “Deb, please. That woman is a slut. Look at her. She’s probably trying to take your man right now. Look, me and Jeff are perfect, dear. But enough of all of that, I got ya something. Try it on.” Debbie put on a Lazers Care Foundation t-shirt that Cindy had given her. In fact, it was the same one that Cindy was wearing over her dress. Debbie said, “Sweet! A little Lazers swag to add to my collection.” Cindy said, “Definitely, but I want you to come out on the court with me at half time when we bring out the children. I figured since you’re here tonight and most of these kids know and love you, why not? Plus, I’m a little nervous that some of them might get away from me. They only have one chaperon with them. Ughhh. Will ya stand with me Deb?” Debbie smiled and said, “My sister! I’d love to.”
As the halftime was approaching the score was tied, 48-48. Cindy took Debbie to meet up with the kids who were just introduced to some of the Lazers players as they walked into the locker room for halftime. A few minutes after Cindy and Debbie left, Maria took Elijah down to the locker room to meet up with Komani like they had planned earlier. While in the elevator with Elijah, Maria pushed the stop button. Elijah grabbed the railing in the elevator and said, “Oh shit, are we stuck?” Maria said, “Nah, just stopped hun. Let me see it.” Elijah said, “Huh?” Maria walked up to Elijah and looked down at him and said, “Ya frickin’ cock, slo mo. Jesus frickin’ Christ.” A nervous and confused Elijah didn’t know what to do. Then he thought to himself, if a sexy ass woman wants to see your cock…you show it to her. Elijah unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Maria reached down and held it in her hands and said, “Frickin’ amazin’. You’re about as big as Darius and Komani and a little bigger than that kid I know, Isaiah, but you’re all no slouches. Jesus frickin’ Christ, do any of your black guys have little ones?” Elijah said, “Yeah sure. I’ve seen some in gym class, no homo, that were a lot smaller. Wait, hol’ up. Darius and Komani? How many black guys have you been with?” Maria started to laugh uncontrollably as she thought out the numerous times she was gangbanged or fucked at M.O.B. events. The fact was she had no idea how many black cocks she’d taken. She simply said, “A lot, hun. Now put that thing away. I was just curious about ya frickin’ size. Ain’t no funny business goin’ on ova here tonight, baby.”
while Maria started up the elevator again, Cindy and Debbie were standing outside of some bathrooms down the hall from the locker room. The girls were using the bathroom before going out on the court to be presented to the fans in attendance. When Debbie poked her head in to check on the children, a frantic Jamal Bynum ran up to Cindy, who he thought was standing alone. “Hey girl, I need a pick me up right quick. We ballin’ but my nerves are gettin’ to me. I need to even myself out.” Cindy tried to get Jamal to be quiet because she knew that Debbie was in earshot of what they were saying. As Debbie pulled her head out of the bathroom she looked at Cindy who was talking to Jamal who was standing on the other corner of the wall. Cindy said, “Jamal! Shut up! Shut up, please. My friend Debbie is…” Jamal said, “Shut up, man, you shut up. You play too much. How about we head down to our special closet, I bend you over and get a few strokes in that fat white booty I love so much.” Cindy pulled Jamal by the arm so he could see Debbie standing on the other side. Jamal looked at Debbie and said, “Uhh, shit, hey maam. I was just…uhhh…talkin’ to the coach’s wife about…” Debbie stood their with her tongue hanging out of her mouth in shock. Jamal continued, “Yeah and I need her to…uhhh…man fuck this. Yo Cindy, I already told coach I had to get my mind right, he said as long as I’m back before the half is over it’s all good. Have this chick do the half-time thing and bring that fat ass. The game is on the line. Shit.”

Jamal started walked down the abandoned hallway toward a storage room that had become one of his favorite places to sneak away to and fuck Cindy in. He had discovered it earlier this season. When Jamal got halfway down the hall he turned around and said, “Bring that fat ass, bitch! We ain’t got all day.” Cindy stood there in front of Debbie and with embarrassment all over her face she said, “Uhhh, Deb. I-I-I gotta go handle some, uhhh, team business. Uhhh, here, Deb. Take this $100,000 big check and uhhh, uhhh, announce yourself as a member of the organization. Uhhh, like, ‘Hi, I’m Debbie Flannery of the Lazers Care Foundation here to present a check for $100,000 to the Westside Home for Boys and Girls.’ Then uhhh, say something, uhhh, inspirational. Could you do that for me, please, Deb.” Holding the door open with one door Jamal screamed out, “Bitch! Bring yo’ ass. If we lose this game it’s on you!” Debbie took the check from Cindy and said, “Sure Cin. Go handle your business. I’ll cover you, sister.” Cindy silently mouthed the words “Thank you, so much” before turning and making the walk of shame to the supply closet to get butt fucked by Jamal.
The girls came running out of the bathroom the same time the chaperon was walking out of the men’s room across the hall. The chaperon was an older African American man that Debbie was well acquainted with from her work with the group home. “Hey Debbie, where’s Mrs. Kennedy?” As the door shut down the long deserted hallway, Debbie replied, “well my good man, we’ll have to carry on without her. Pressing business has pulled her away.” As Debbie, the chaperon and the kids were about to make their way out toward the court, they ran into Maria and Elijah laughing as they got off of the elevator. “So I’m gettin’ it rough. Right up my fat Italian ass from this Lil frickin’ Trey guy and he’s just pounding away. Luckily Komani untied me. Darius woulda left me there. Ha ha ha. I’ve got a million stories.” Debbie smiled and said, “You two are getting along swimmingly.” Elijah laughed and said, “Yeah, Maria is cool people. We’re about to see Komani and the guys before the next half starts.” Debbie said, “Me and the kids just saw him and the guys a little while ago. Komani asked about you.” Out of nowhere Elijah said, “Oooo, those sodas are catching up to me. I gotta take a piss immediately.” The chaperon said, “Man, these boys jacked up that bathroom. Can’t take them nowhere. You don’t wanna go in there.” As Debbie and the kids went off to the court. Maria said, “There is probably one down that hallway. I’ll be down by the locker room waiting for ya, hun.”

Elijah took off running down the same hallway that Cindy and Jamal did. Elijah saw a room marked as a bathroom, but it was locked. Elijah jumped up and down holding his crotch. The fact was, Elijah had to pee at the beginning of the second quarter of the game, but he didn’t want to miss a second of it. Elijah contemplate just pissing on the floor in the deserted hallway, but he didn’t want to deal with the possible embarrassment of getting caught. Elijah said to himself, “Dammit, if I’m gonna piss on the floor, I might as well do it in one of these closets.” Elijah tried a few doors and finally got one to open. He rushed in and started pissing on the wall in the storage room. “Aahhhh, fuck, yeaahhh. I needed that.” said Elijah as the urine flowed from his cock down the wall. Elijah then heard ruffling noises from across the dark room. A little scared it might be rats. Elijah frantically searched for the light switch on the wall. When Elijah turned on the lights he saw the last thing he expected to see.
“Damn, homey. We busy!” said Jamal Bynum who was naked on his knees behind a naked Cindy Kennedy who was taking Jamal’s dick up her ass doggystyle. Cindy and Elijah locked eyes and both of their mouths were wide open. Jamal went back to pumping Cindy’s fat white ass full of big black cock and he looked over at Elijah and said, “Shit, I don’t mind an audience lil nigga. Them kicks is fresh. So is that snap-back. You reppin’ for the Lazers. Good shit.” Elijah walked over toward Jamal and Cindy and said, “Cindy, Ms. Cindy, Mrs. Kennedy.” Cindy whose head was down at this point said, “No Elijah…I mean…sir, you have the wrong person.” Jamal reached out one of his hands to shake Elijah’s and said, “Aw shit, you Komani’s homey. That’s what’s up. Yo, before I dipped off, I met ya moms. Yo, she got mad ass on her. Sweet as fuck, too. She couldn’t be my adopted moms. Sheeee-it, I’d beast on that booty any chance I got. No disrespect.” Since secrets were being so freely exposed Elijah, who was still a little shocked at how casual Jamal was about being caught sodomizing his coach’s wife in a closet was, said, “Bruh, I beast on that nightly, daily, whenever. All three holes. It’s nothin’.”

Jamal smacked Elijah five like three times and he went back to gripping Cindy’s tiny waist as her meaty ass cheeks clashed up against Jamal’s muscular torso. “Ha ha, my nigga! You a hood nigga fuh real, my G. Damn, that’s gotta be the life. Comin’ home to that and thrashin’ it. Hey Cindy, I wish you was my adopted white momma, bitch. Ha ha ha.” Elijah who was still feeling a little uncomfortable, despite Jamal’s odd showing of hospitality, said, “Well, uhh, I’m going to check out Komani and them before the half start.” As Elijah walked off, Jamal said, “Hey homey. You a real dude. You wanna get your dick sucked?” Elijah backed up slowly and said, “Huh? Uhh, nah, bruh. I don’t swing like that, homey. Not judgin’ though. I’mma slide.” Jamal laughed and said, “whoa, whoa, no homo, bruh. I meant from my bitch.” Elijah put his hands over his face and said, “My bad. Ohhhh, shit. Like for real. Like some tag team shit. Nah, nah, I couldn’t. I got my lady out there. I couldn’t.” Jamal who was still pounding away at Cindy’s ass said, “Aaahhh nigga, you whipped. By ya moms!” Elijah said, “Nah, neva that, I got two other hoes at the crib that just live wit us. My Mama Debbie is a freak like that. But Cindy is a friend of hers I’m not sure if it’s cool. You know.”
Jamal said, “Suit yourself, playboy. Her head game official. In fact, fuck it. I’m about to make her do some ass to mouth and catch this nut. Check out the head you just turned down playa.” Jamal stood up and walked over toward Elijah and stood next to him. Jamal dragged Cindy over toward them and he put his cock deep down her throat. Cindy closed her eyes and sucked Jamal’s cock like a pro. Jamal put his elbow on Elijah’s shoulder and said, “Lil homey, she official right?” Elijah started rubbing the bulge in his pants and he said, “Hell yeah.” Jamal thrusted his cock down Cindy’s throat a few times and said, “You know what, ain’t nothing I love more than lookin’ at my cum ooze outta her butt after I nut. I’mm get back in her butt.” Jamal got back on the floor behind Cindy and he started pumping her fat white booty with long strokes. On the verge of busting a nut, Jamal grabbed Cindy by the hair, pulling her up to a kneeling position and he put his arm around her throat, in a very weak choke hold. Cindy Kennedy looked up with her eyes buldging out of her head dead at Elijah. Elijah looked down at Cindy Kennedy and he pulled out his cock and put it in her mouth as Jamal continued to shoot cum up her butt kneeling on the floor behind her.

While her lover and adopted black son was getting his big black teenage cock deep throated by her middle aged, big booty blonde sorority sister, Debbie Flannery was all smiles on the basketball court giving an impromptu speech about the Lazers Care Foundation. A portion of the speech was even broadcast on television. One of the half time commentators even said, “What a sweet woman? A redhead. God I love redheads. She’s probably Irish, too. HOpefully she’s blessed this team with the luck of the Irish today. Congratulations to the Westside Home for Boys and Girls for receiving such a generous grant from the Lazers Care Foundation. We’ll be back with the second half of this game momentarily. The kids and the chaperone went back to their seats. Debbie went back to their seats to wait for Cindy to return. She didn’t want to leave the chaperone all by himself with the kids.
Moments later, Darius and Komani burst out of the locker room and they were shocked to see Maria there. Darius said, “Maria, what you doin’ here girl? You hate the downstairs area. You stays in the richie rich luxury suites up top.” Maria twiddled her thumbs and said, “I know. But I was bringin’ Komani’s boy down here to check him out. He ran off to the bathroom like 15 minutes ago and I haven’t seen him since.” Komani said, “Damn, I hope the homey is good, but yo, we gotta find Jamal. We gotta go back on the court. Where this nigga at?” Darius said, “I got a good idea.” One time a few months ago, Darius caught Jamal sneaking Cindy off to his special spot for some rough after the game sex. In fact, Darius had taken Cindy in there a time or two himself after discovering the spot. Darius walked off with Komani and the nosey Maria close behind him. When they got to the storage room and opened the door, they were even more shocked than Elijah was when he opened it.

“Yeah, lil homey. She lovin’ it. She a nasty bitch for real.” yelled out Jamal, who was fully dressed in his uniform again. Jamal was cheering on Elijah as he fucked Cindy Kennedy up the ass. Cindy was hunched over in a squating position with her hands on her knees as the short Elijah gripped her ass cheeks and pounded her up the ass. Elijah was wearing only his LA Lazers cap and his LA Lazers colored sneakers. Darius smirked and said, “What the fuck?” Komani said, “Yo Lijah, you wildin’, my dude. Jamal, what you got the lil homey doin’ right now?” Maria walked from behind Darius and Komani with her camera phone out and she said, “Say cheese, hun.” *snap* *snap* *snap* “Oh wait, my phone does video, too.” cindy said, “Delete that immediately you dirty Italian whore!” Maria took some clear phones of Cindy’s face as Elijah fucked her from the back. As Maria filmed her video, Elijah smiled and kept stroking. Jamal, Komani and Darius got in the video behind them and started throwing up symbols. Cindy begged them to stop and finally Maria stopped filming and said, “Calm down, ya fuckin’ bitch. It’s a frickin’ joke. Geez. I’m deleting this stuff.” Elijah said, “Aww man, I would have loved to see it.” Maria said, “I know, hun, but hey. Good frickin’ fuckin’, look at you ova here. I see why Debbie is so googoo over you.”
Komani replied, “Huh? You hittin’ off your adopted mother, Elijah? Yo that’s gangsta!” Darius said, “Oh shit, this ya homey, K. Oh shit, sexy ass big booty red that came in wit them kids is ya moms and you hittin’ that? Yo, game recognize game, my nigga. Shit, you my hero! Jesus, Obama, Papa Shake and then you my nigga. You one of my hero. Pound it.” said Darius as he reached out to shake Elijah’s hand, Elijah started to shake erratically as he was about to cum. Jamal said, “Aw shit, booty got too good to the homey. I been there many times.” Elijah balled up his fists and he pumped his arms at his side while he gave Cindy three more strong thrusts. The last one knocked her to her knees and Elijah’s nut flew right behind her all over her back and in her hair. Jamal, Komani and Darius put their arms in the air and yelled out “Touchdown!!!” Just then they heard the announcer over the loud speaker saying, “Ok everyone start returning to your seats…”

Komani said, “Damn fellas, we gotta make moves. Yo Elijah, uhhh, you my nigga fuh real now, Uhhh, yo, kick it with Maria and Ms. Debbie and I’ll holla at you after the game. Yo fellas let’s roll.” As Komani, Darius and Jamal jogged toward the tunnel to meet up with the rest of their team, Maria showed mercy toward cindy and she gave her some tissues to wipe the cum off of her. In fact, Maria helped her wipe some of it off of her back. Elijah leaned up against the wall with a devilish grin on his face as cum still oozed out of his cock that was hanging toward the ground. An out of breath Cindy said, “Did you delete all of it? Are you sure, Maria? Let me see your phone.” Cindy grabbed Maria’s phone as she sat naked on the floor. She browsed through it and saw that the footage and photos were deleted. “Thank you, Jesus. Maria, Elijah, we have to keep this quiet. It’s a very delicate situation.” Maria leaned her back up against the wall next to Elijah and she said, “Delicate…sure hun. Whateva you say.”
Cindy crawlled over toward Maria and Elijah with a scowl on her face and said, “I’m serious MAH-REE-UHHHH!!! I know you say little snide remarks behind my back.” Maria rolled her eyes and said, “Whateva do you mean?” Cindy kneeled there looking up at Maria and said, “You tell folks that I’m a slut and this and that. One day you’ll tell the wrong people and fuck it up for everyone!” Maria said, “Look bitch. Be nicer to me and we’ll talk. You never invite me to your fancy fundraisers. You act all high and mighty all the time. You get to be Miss Socialite and we both know you’re the biggest whore of all. Again, invite me to your fancy schmancy dinnas and we can be friends, Deal?” Cindy smiled and said, “Deal! Elijah as for you. Could you not tell Deb about this? I mean, a one time thing is no reason to run an old friendship, right?” Elijah said, “We’ll talk, Mrs. Kennedy. Hey Maria, let’s get back to the suite and catch the second half.” Cindy was curious about what Elijah meant, but she didn’t have time to think about it. She quickly got dressed and went back to her seat with the kids. “Deb, thanks a million, girl. You can go back to your seat.” Debbie gave Cindy a hug and a concerned look and said, “No problem and Cin, we’ll talk later.”

Debbie rejoined Maria and Elijah back in the luxury suite and everyone actly like nothing happened. Debbie went back to sitting on Elijah’s lap as Maria sat next to them. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the game as it was tied again at 74 points a piece with 40 seconds left in the third quarter. While going up for a dunk, veteran small forward, Joe Harris went up for a dunk, but he grabbed his leg when he was coming down after being fouled hard. “Aaahhhh!!!” screammed out Joe Harris and he whole arena went silent. Joe was having a solid game and although the other guys in the starting line up were more talented, Joe was a great guy to have on the floor. He provided great leadership and hustle. As Jamal Bynum and one of the back up scrub players helped Joe off of the court, the team seemed deflated. Darius took both foul shoots for the injured Joe Harris and he missed them both. The Chicago Sabers took full advantage of the momentum shift and they went on a 8-0 run before the end of the quarter. Going into the fourth quarter up 82 to 74, the Sabers were getting the ball back and they scored 5 more unanswered points. With the score at 87-74, Coach Kennedy was desperate. In the huddle he said, “Look guys, I’m playing Ty, Komani, Jamal and Darius for the rest of this game. You four have been playing great. As for the fifth guy, I’m putting in Maddox.”
Darius looked over at the 41 year old veteran point guard, Irish American, Gregory Maddox and said, “Coach, Maddox? That’s the genius plan? You don’t want me runnin’ the point.” Coach Kennedy said, “You’re an ace kid. Best young point guard in the league, but you’re also one of the best shooters. Im’ sliding Jamal to the 3, you to the 2 and Maddox will play the point. Spacing gentleman, spacing. I want you guys to rain threes and let Big Ty and Komani worry about cleaning out the garbage.” Darius nodded his head and he gave Gregory Maddox a pat on the back. “Alright Old Man Maddox, let’s show them you still got some basketball in you.” said Big Ty as the five men ran out on to the floor. The red headed former all-star point guard was a shoe in for the hall of fame when he finally retired. Having never one a championship, however, he had stuck around the league a lot longer than he probably should have. As Maddox entered the game, there were a fair amount of jeers, but rookie point guard, Darius Milton stood on top of the scorers table and yelled out, “Give it up for a legend! We got this Los Angeles. We got this!”

Although Darius’s little stunt cost the a technical foul, it was worth it. The team and the fans were electified. Maddox wasn’t as fast as he used to be, bu his passing was crisp and the way he orchestrated the offense was a masterpiece. Jamal and Darius were making threes at will and so was Maddox, The few misses that they had, Big Ty or Komani would retrieve and throw back down with thunderous dunks. Old Man Maddox tallied 10 poins and 10 assists in just one single quarter of basketball. The Los Angeles Lazers went on to win the game 112-97. After the game, one of the game commentators said, “Luck of the Irish!!! I told you folks. That’s pretty red head from half time and then good ole Maddox rises from the dead. He turned back the clock at least 15 years with that performance. That was 26 year old Maddox we saw tonight. You know what, sports is a superstitious thing, whatever anyone did tonight! Don’t change a thing. Even you viewers at home. If you ate popcorn tonight, eat popcorn for game 3. If you had a fight with your girlfriend, have a fight with her before game 3. Let’s keep the magic going. Because tonight was pure magic! Good night and see you Tuesday in Chicago!”
The game announcer wasn’t the only person excited about the win. “We won!!! We won!!!” yelled out Debbie as she jumped up and down in front of Elijah who was sitting down quietly pumping his fist happy about the win. Maria leaned over to Elijah and said, “Your girl is an excitable one, huh?” Elijah smirked and said, “Maria, she goes crazy after a win.” Debbie turned around and keep jumping up and down and said, “I don’t care what you guys think! we won! We won, we won, we won!!!” Debbie straddled Elijah and sat on his lap facing him. *muah* *muah* *muuuuuaaaaahhhh* Debbie passionately kissed Elijah on his mouth while he palmed her ass with both hands. Elijah then looked over at Maria and said, “See what I’m sayin’, crazy after a win.” Elijah tongued down Debbie some more and he squeezed her butt. Debbie whispered in Elijah’s ear, “Let’s go home, Lijie-poo. I’m so horny. I can’t think straight.” Maria said, “Elijah, you better give this lady what she wants. Ha ha ha. Oh wait, you promised to meet the guys in the locker room after the game. The reporters should be clearing out in a while let’s head down.” Debbie replied, “For a little while. In and out. Then we go home. Ohh, I’m getting so wet.”

Debbie couldn’t keep her hands off of Elijah as they went down the elevator with Maria. Debbie’s lust was so contagious that Maria was starting to get wet herself. Debbie, Elijah and Maria entered the locker room after most of the reporters had cleared out. when they went in, three reporters were sitting around Gregory Maddox who had two ice packs on his knees. Big Ty stood there and said, “That’s real shit right there, young men. Legendary. First ballot hall of famer even without no ring, but we gonna get him one, right fellas?!?!?!” Ty, Komani, Darius and Jamal huddled up and said a little prayer for good fortune for the team, winning a ring for Maddox and the speedy recovery of Joe Harris who just got injured in the game. when they came out of the huddle they were greeted by Maria, Elijah and the very horny Debbie.
Debbie hung on to Elijah like a love struck hooker fawning over her pimp. Kissing him on the mouth and resting her head on his shoulder, while he palmed her enormous ass. Debbie was completely drunk with lust and it showed. Big Ty walked over to Maddox to congratulate him again. Komani, Darius and Jamal grinned at Elijah and although they were big stars, they kind of envied him. Darius said, “Look at this pimp ass muhfucka right here. Lookin’ like winner himself tonight.” Debbie momentarily took her eyes off of Elijah to look at Darius and say, “You guys played great today! I get so excited when you guys win. We’d love to stay longer, but we have to get home, ain’t that right Lijie-poo?” Debbie went back to kissing Elijah as he palmed her booty. Jamal, Komani and Darius all leaned back and smirked as they admired the big booty Irish American woman’s booty that looked like it was about to burst out of her jeans. Elijah looked over Debbie’s shoulder as he squeezed her butt and said, “Yeah, I gotta get her home. She might lose her mind if she don’t get the D soon.” Debbie was puzzled as she said, “The D?”

Maria chimed in and said, “The dick, sweetie. Black guys love callin’ their dicks the D. ‘Bitch, I’m gonna give you the D.’ and shit like that.” Debbie looked at Elijah and said, “Lijie-poo, you’re so naughty.” Debbie looked over her shoulder at the three rookie stars and said, “I’m not normally like this. Well sometimes, but not normally. Komani, I know you’re wondering what’s going on. Me and Elijah aren’t weird or anything, we just have a special relationship. I mean, we’re not blood related or anything. He’s my adopted son and…” Komani interrupted Debbie and said, “Hey, no need to explain. It’s all good. Obviously you and the lil homey got a good thing. He’s 19, you, we’ll you’re over 19, so it’s all good. Y’all are grown.” Darius licked his lips and said, “Shit, Ms. Debbie, ain’t nothing wrong wit a grown ass woman like ya self indulgin’ in something young and rock hard. Ya feel me. Shit, a few months back I was in my boy Jordan’s wedding. He’s my age, married our old high school history teacher. She couldn’t have been much younger than you. My nigga, I mean, my main man, Isaiah, shit, he shacked up with one of his college professors and I know she older than you. She bad though. Hell, even my dawg, Craze-E like em mature. Dude bangin’ his real moms.” Jamal chimed in and said, “Nah dawg, I still don’t believe that’s his real mom. Even though we met him and he said it, that’s wild.”
Debbie started ignoring the ball players altogether as she gazed into Elijah’s eyes and passionately kissed him while getting her booty groped. “I don’t think I’ll make it until we get home.” Elijah looked in Debbie’s eyes and said, “What about the limo?” Debbie said, “That will work, Lijie-poo.” Elijah rested Debbie’s head on his shoulder as he smiled and spoke to the fellas. “Komani, I’m gonna holla at you tomorrow. Thanks for the tickets man. It was a crazy ass night.” While Elijah was talking, Cindy Kennedy walked into the locker room. Debbie and Cindy locked eyes and the lust filled Debbie said, “Cindy, tomorrow. I’ll call tomorrow. So we can talk.” Elijah pushed Cindy’s head back down on his shoulder and said, “Hold on, girl. I’m almost finished. Oh yeah, The tickets. A great look. It was nice to meet you guys. Darius, Jamal, Maria. Y’all are cool. Hey Mrs. Kennedy, good to see you again too.” Elijah shouted the last part of that across the room. Cindy walked toward the group with a nervous smile on her face. Cindy in a very prissy and proper way said, “It was a pleasure seeing you again as well Elijah.” Elijah licked his lips at Cindy and Komani, Darius, Jamal and Maria knew why. Elijah then said, “Hope to see you again very soon, Mrs. Kennedy. For now, I gotta get my lady here home. She needs a good dickin’ down. All of this excitement gets her…well…excited.’

Elijah gave Debbie’s ass a big two handed smack and a big squeeze before saying, “Good night folks. Come on, baby. Let’s get you to the limo.” Maria walked behind them to escort them to the limo that dropped them off. Before she closed the door, Darius yelled out to Maria, “Ayo, hurry back Maria. Hurry back, fuh real.” Maria smirked and walked out of the door. Komani then said, “Rock, paper, scissors for who gets to fuck Maria first.” Darius said, “Shit, nigga, we gonna DP her. That horny ass red headed chick got me horny as fuck. Shit, we need to stop and get some hair dye for Maria. Be like fuckin’ a new bitch. Ha ha ha.” While the fellas were laughing, Cindy Kennedy slowly tried to back away. Jamal laughed and said, “Bitch, where you goin? Hey fellas, how about I bring Cindy to y’alls crib and we keep these two bitches busy all night. Shit, that Debbie chick got me ready to rock too. No doubt!” The fellas shook hands and agreed. Cindy said, “Uhhh, I guess I’ll tell, Jeff I won’t be home tonight.” Cindy put her head down and began another walk of shame. This one being toward her husband to tell her that she was going to be part of an all night fuck feast with three young men that were half her age.
Maria, Elijah and Debbie walked up to the limo with the driver, Jerome happily humming along to sweet jazz music. maria leaned into the window and said, “Hey handsome, here’s a little tip for the ride home.” She then leaned in close and whispered to Jerome, “Drive slow if you want to see a peep show. Ha ha ha.” Maria stepped back and said, “Good night guys. Great meeting you. Deb, I got your number. We’ll talk. Night!” As Elijah and Debbie sat in the back of the limo, Jerome slowly opened the privacy window. When he got it halfway down to peek. He noticed that Elijah was looking at him through the mirror. Elijah motioned with his hand for Jerome to put it all the way down so he could get a better view.

Debbie was on her knees feverishly sucking Elijah’s cock. Debbie was a maniac on the cock. Debbie was a bit of a sex fiend when it came to exciting events. Elijah had long ago opened the door to her freaky sexual nature and it’s been wide open ever since. Elijah sat back and guided his middle aged adopted white mother’s head up and down on his cock as he repeated the words, “Yeah, that’s right. That’s my baby. Suck my dick, girl.” After sucking Elijah for nearly 10 minutes, Debbie looked up at Elijah and said, “I feel like we’re never going to get home. I’m so wet, Lijah. I’m so wet.” Elijah kissed Debbie on the forehead and said, “I know, girl. You wanna ride this dick?” Just then the limo driver swerved. Elijah then yelled out, “Whoa, mister. How about you park on the side of the road for a while so you don’t crash.” Jerome said, “If you say so, son.”

Debbie straddled Elijah and he unbuckled her belt and pulled down her jeans. Elijah then put Debbie over his lap and he started to spank her fat ass while all she was wearing was a thong. The limo driver Jerome wasn’t being subtle anymore, he just turned around and stared through the window. Debbie looked up at Jerome and said, “Lijie-poo, we have a peeper.” Elijah smacked Debbie’s ass extra hard and said, “Shut up, bitch. Let him watch. I’m a famous ball player and you’re my groupie slut.” Debbie said, “Oooooo!!! Role playing! I love it. Ok…Ohhh Elijah…I mean…ohhh daddy, you’re the best basketball player ever. You should spank me and fuck my wet pussy because that’s what sluts like.” Jerome rolled his eyes and thought, “This bitch can’t act for shit, but at least she got a fat ass.” Jerome unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock.
Elijah spanked Debbie’s ass until it was a rosy red. He then finger fucked her wet pussy with her still draped over his lap. After that he made Debbie ride his cock reverse cow girl. While Elijah’s eyes were glued to the fat booty bouncing up and down on his lap, Debbie was moaning while looking at old Jerome who was moaning while he was jerking off. Debbie looked at Jerome and said, “Oh Elijah you’re so deep in my pussy, you’re the king. And you, naughty bus driver, are you jerking off for me?” Jerome, who was out of breath said, “Ye-ye-yes, maam.” Debbie said, “Naughty limo driver. I’m no a ma’am. I’m a groupie slut, getting her pussy fucked by the great ball player Elijah Johnson.” Jerome stroked his cock and said, “Aight, bitch. Stop talkin’ though. I’m almost there.” Elijah pumped his hips hard giving Debbie that deep dicking down and said, “I’ll race ya nigga.” Moments later all three of them had an orgasm at the same time. Debbie creamed all over Elijah’s cock, Elijah’s load went deep in Debbie’s pussy and the limo driver Jerome shot his load into his hand.

After flicking the cum off of his hand out of the window of the limo, Jerome said, “Woooo, OK, now to get you folks home. Remind me to give you folks my card before y’all get out. Best night ever.” Debbie sat back on Elijah’s lap and together they both said, “Best night ever!” Across town at the home that Darius, Komani and Maria share, Maria was getting double penetrated by Komani and Darius and she was loving it. The three of them said together, “Best night ever!” Across the hall in a guest room, Cindy Kennedy was on the bed fully clothed with her panties halfway down her ass cheeks and her dress up around her waist as she laid face down taking a completely naked Jamal Bynum’s cock deep up her ass. Jamal whispered in Cindy’s ear, “Bitch, we back in this series. Best night ever, right?” Cindy sarcastically said, “Best night ever.” as she could feel Jamal’s cock stretching out her asshole with every thrust.


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