Game Recognize Game Chapter 4

Game Recognize Game
Chapter 4: Special Guests

The morning after the LA Lazers thrilling victory, a completely naked Elijah was sitting up in bed next to his big booty white mother, Debbie who was passed out with her face buried in a pillow. Elijah ran his fingers through her beautiful red hair as he flipped through the TV stations with the remote in his other hand. Elijah eventually settled on SportChannel to see what was new in the day in sports. While the commentators talked about the latest early season baseball games, Elijah gazed down at Debbie’s naked, cum covered bottom and he smiled. After quenching Debbie’s uncontrollable lust in the limo ride home, Elijah took full advantage of the still horny Debbie when they got home. Elijah viciously pounded Debbie’s pussy in the same position she was laying down. He only paused to empty his load on her fat bottom before going back to pounding her pussy as she bit down on the pillow and laid flat on the bed. After emptying three thick loads of warm cum on her booty, Elijah laid down next to her and passed out. Debbie had already passed out before Elijah finished his last nut and she hadn’t waken up since.

Elijah’s booty gazing came to a halt when he noticed that the commentators were shifting toward the basketball game last night. The commentators talked about old man Maddox’s second half heroics and they echoed the sentiments of the game commentator by calling it “the luck of the Irish.” Elijah’s eyes started to bug out when they showed a clip of Debbie’s speech with the kids at halftime. The commentators mentioned that she must have been part of the luck as well. Elijah was about to wake Debbie up so she could see herself on Tv, but he was interrupted by a phone call.
Elijah reached for the phone and he saw that it was Komani on the line. “Komani? What’s good man?” Komani Rucker was walking around his kitchen completely naked and he said, “Elijah, man, they just showed ya moms Debbie on TV. She was lookin’ right. They callin’ her a good luck charm, too.” Elijah said, “Yeah, I just peeped that. I was about to wake her up, but she’s still knocked out sleep.” Komani laughed and said, “Ha ha ha, you musta wore that shit out. Yooo, she was mad horny when y’all left. Y’all got us all horny and we had a little fuck fest at the crib wit Maria and coach’s wife. In fact, you got FaceChat on your phone?” Elijah informed Komani that indeed he did.

Komani called Elijah back with a video chat and he looked into the camera and said, “Check these lousy niggas out.” Komani walked into Darius’s room and panned the camera phone so Elijah could see Darius and Maria butt naked in the bed fast asleep. Elijah was crackin’ up laughing and then Komani walked into a guest room and said, “That’s nothing, check this crazy nigga out. He a cold ass nigga for real.” Komani turned the camera on Jamal who was cuddled up under the covers sleeping like a baby. Elijah shrugged and said, “A’ight, homeboy’s knocked out. So…” Before Elijah could finish his statement, Komani panned over to the floor where Cindy Kennedy was laid out with her clothes wrinkled, half ripped and covered in cum.
Elijah replied, “Damn, bruh! Y’all did her dirty. Ha ha ha.” Komani said, “Nah, bruh. That’s all this nigga. Me and D gave Maria some tag team action and then after I got my nut, I went to my room and took it down. I was mad exhausted. I think Darius and her went another round and she just crashed in there with him. When I was heading down to my room, I looked in on Jamal and Cindy and he was straight pounding her ass like he was a wild gorilla or something. That’s all his nut. Nigga must have busted about a half a gallon of cum on old girl. Jamal a wild boy when it comes to Cindy.”

Elijah said, “Damn, he cold. Ha ha ha. All over her.” Elijah then turned his camera to the sleeping Debbie and he panned down from her face to her big giggly cum covered white booty. “See me, I like to concentrate my in one spot. Right on my baby’s fat white ass.” said Elijah while keeping the camera on Debbie’s butt. Komani gasped and said, “Damn, you my nigga! Yo that booty outta them jeans is even more serious. I wish I could just reach through the phone and smack it. Ha ha ha.”

Just then Yaya and Yolanda walked into Debbie and Elijah’s bedroom wearing only the panties they slept in. The two topless, big booty women were in the middle of a little argument. Yolanda said, “Lijah, tell this heffa to make us some breakfast.” Yaya replied, “Nah papi, tell Yoyo to hook it up. I did dat shit yesterday. Dis bitch could cook her ass off, but she be mad lazy. Elijah, papi, tell her to cook.” A confused Komani said, “Bruh, who’s that?” Elijah turned the camera phone toward Yaya and Yolanda and said, “These my two side pieces that live wit me and Mama Debbie.”
Yolanda said, “Lijah, who you talkin’ to? Nigga, is that on video chat?” Yolanda ran out of the room and Komani screamed out “Daaaayuuuuummmmm!!! Big mama got ass like a mothafucka.” Yaya looked at Komani on the phone and said, “Mira Yoyo, Elijah talkin’ to dat fine ass nigga from da commercial wit da little kids. Dat nigga dat play for da Lazers. Mira mami, look. Holla papi, you so sexy!” Yaya crawlled on the bed toward Elijah and she waved at Komani’s picture on the phone. After hearing that it was a ball player, Yolanda galloped her fat donkey ass back in the room and crawlled on the bed next to Yaya and the two fought for camera space.

While Komani was enjoying Yaya and Yolanda playing with their naked titties and making sexy faces on the camera phone, Darius walked into the kitchen to get a drink while he was talking on the phone. “Damn, y’all hoes really know how to let a nigga down. Later.” said Darius as he hung up his phone and went into the refrigerator to get some OJ. He then looked over to Komani and said, “Damn, we outta OJ. Shit. A yo, Mani. Our Chi-town hoes is leavin’ us hangin’. Keisha and Veronica said they flyin’ down to Miami to be in a music video. That shit is shootin’ when we gonna be in town. I’m talking during both games. We gonna have to scoop some thick hoes from the strip clubs, cus them regular Chicago groupies is good for head, but on some fuckin’ shit, I need a thick bitch. They be to hit or miss. I ain’t trying to bang no skinny bitches.”
Komani was grinning and said, “Man, maybe we should get up with my homey’s girl. Fly these bitches out for the games.” Darius walked over to Komani and he looked at the video chat on the phone and said, “Damn, who’s bitches is these?” Yolanda went crazy, she grabbed the phone from Elijah and said, “Oh my God! You dat nigga. Darius Milton. Nigga you a fine ass young nigga. Ooooo, you sexy.” Darius smirked as Yolanda held the phone behind her back focusing it on her humongous ass. Darius got ultra excited and said, “Damn K, who’s hoe is this? She straight.”

Elijah grabbed the phone and put the camera back on him and said, “What up D? These my two other pieces. I got vanilla, you met her. I got chocolate and I got a butter pecan rican.” Darius was in shock as he said, “Nigga, you pimpin’ on another level. Quit playin’.” Elijah said, “Watch this?” While Yolanda and Yaya crawled on top of Elijah trying to get to the phone, Elijah said, “Ladies chill. My boys wanna see if you got that work. If you wanna get some tickets to their next game, show them ya skills.” Yolanda said, “Boy, you ain’t say nothing, but a word!”

Elijah smirked into the camera phone as Komani and Darius intently watched. While the camera was still on Elijah, Komani and Darius heard loud sucking noises. Komani said, “Nigga! Nigga!!! What’s goin’ on?” Elijah turned the camera back toward Yaya and Yolanda who were taking turns sucking Elijah’s big black cock. Yolanda was deep throating Elijah while staring right at the camera and Yaya was sucking his balls as she stared right at the camera. Elijah then said, “Yeah, my niggas. I be havin’ these bitches doin’ dick suckin’ contests and shit. The winner gets to be the first one to get dicked down. They both got some bangin’ pussy and they be takin’ it up the ass.” Elijah then used his free hand to guide Yolanda’s head up and down on his cock and he said, “Well, Yaya loves it up the ass, but my big booty black bitch be squirmin’ when I poke her in the booty. She be actin’ like a baby.” Yolanda pulled up off of Elijah’s cock and said, “Who you callin’ a bitch, Lijah? You know I don’t play that. Don’t get smacked showin’ off fo yo friends.” Yolanda went right back to sucking dick.
After a few more minutes of the dick sucking video peep show, Darius said, “Fuck, we gotta get ready for our last practice before our flight. Yo, Elijah. We gonna hook up some tickets for you, big booty red and these two thick ass chicks to fly out to meet up with us in Chicago. Shouldn’t be a thing gettin’ rooms for y’all in the hotel we stayin’ at. Komani’s gonna hit y’all wit the info. I mean, if us brothas can get some of that royal treatment you gettin.” Yolanda and Yaya stopped sucking off Elijah and they looked at the camera and said, “Oh hell yeah, sugah. You can get all this chocolate lovin’.” and “Si papi. All dis boricua lovin’ too.” Yolanda and Yaya got back to sucking Elijah’s cock and balls as he hung up the phone.

Yaya eventually took off the duties of getting Elijah to cum as Yolanda went into the kitchen to make breakfast. With breakfast almost finished, Debbie finally woke up just in time to see Yaya catch Elijah’s blast of cum all over her face. Debbie smiled and gave Elijah a good morning kiss and the three of them joined Yolanda in the kitchen to have breakfast. Debbie sat on Elijah’s lap as the four of them at breakfast. Elijah informed Debbie that they were all invited to go to Chicago for the two away games and she was overjoyed. It would mean all three of the women would have to call out of work, but they had ample vacation days saved up. Speaking of the games reminded Debbie that she had to call her friend Cindy, so after breakfast, she did just that. Lucky for Cindy, she had awoke before the always horny Jamal did and she called a cab to go home. Upon arriving home, Cindy got Debbie’s phone call and the two longtime friends decided to meet up for a little lunch and to clear the air.

Cindy invited Debbie to a very upscale Los Angeles resturant and the two were quickly seated because of Cindy’s clout as a mover and shaker in the LA social scene. “Geez, Cin. Is that Sofia Arroyo over there?” said Debbie who was in awe of the posh resturant. Cindy glanced over and said, “I think that is her Deb. She loves this place. I’ve met her a few times. She’s kind of a diva though. You know how these Hollywood types are.” Cindy and Debbie ordered a few appetizers and they both started to chow down. Both women were still exhausted from the long night of intense sex they had with their respective young black sex partners. After the waiter had taken their entree orders, Debbie decided to get down to business.
Debbie said, “Uhhh, Cin, uhhh, last night, in the hallway, what was that?” Cindy took a sip of her cocktail and replied, “Oh it was nothing. Just a little joke that Jamal was trying to play. He’s a real jokester. He knew you were there and he was trying to be funny.” Debbie didn’t believe her friend for a moment. The two big booty white woman ordered a few more drinks as they waited for their entrees to arrive and as the drink flowed, so did the truth from Cindy’s mouth. A slightly tipsy Cindy said, “It’s really nothing, Deb. I mean, you know how it is. You’re built like me. To a lot of guys we’re just overweight middle aged women, but to the right guys, I mean guys that really appreciate a woman with a little meat on her bones, we’re quite sexy.” Debbie, who was also a little tipsy nodded her head in agreement and Cindy continued. She waved her hand for the waiter to bring her another drink and she said, “So every now and then, rarely, I mean occassionally, I might let the players indulge in their fantasies with me.” A shocked Debbie said, “Cin! What if Jeff found out?” Cindy snatched her fresh drink from the waiter and said, “Jeff? Hmmph, Jeff knows all about it. The sorry S.O.B. encourages it.”

Cindy then stood up and said, “Look around, Deb. From Vanderbrook University Men’s Basketball coach to the toast of LA!” Debbie motioned for her friend to sit down and lower her voice. Cindy did and then she quietly said, “Jeff would do anything to keep this job so he can keep living this lifestyle. His fancy suits, his fancy haircuts. Hell, I’m no better.” Cindy looked around the resturant to make sure nobody was easedropping on her conversation, then she leaned over the table toward Debbie and said, “If sucking some big young black cock from time to time keeps me in designer clothes, I’m all for it.” Debbie leaned back in her seat and said, “Cin!” Cindy continued, “If getting my middle aged vagina penetrated before every game by these young black bucks keeps me driving around in a luxury car. So be it. Debbie’s eyes widened as Cindy continued. “If getting my fat, cornfed, southern belle, big, white booty rammed by lust crazy elephant cock having black athletes, until my asshole is the wide enough to shove a fist in, keeps me in my new mansion and in the most elite social circles…I say bring it on.”
As the women’s food arrived, they continued their discussion. Cindy continued to tell Debbie that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Cindy did admit that it was however, quite taxing on her body. Cindy spilled all of the dirt. She told Debbie about the pregame gangbangs. She told Debbie about the times that her husband, Coach Jeff Kennedy, would join in. She told Debbie about her brief attraction to Jamal Bynum, that eventually faded after his intense facination with rough anal sex had once again became too much for her to handle. Cindy told Debbie everything. Well everything except the fact that the night before, her beloved Elijah joined in on the action. Although Debbie wouldn’t have mattered because she let’s Elijah do whatever he wants, Cindy didn’t want to expose that to Debbie.

After clearing the air, Cindy and Debbie enjoyed their lunch and they had some normal conversation. Debbie informed Cindy that Komani and Darius had invited Elijah, her and her two coworkers, Yolanda and Yaya, to go on the road trip with them. Cindy was estatic because it would be just more time they could spend together catching up and having fun together. Cindy also gave Debbie some good news regarding her sister, Kathleen Berkley who was currently serving time in prison. “A pardon from the governor? Really. Kat must be elated.” said Debbie as she ate her desert. Cindy said, “It’s not certain yet, but I’ve been pushing Mr. Beckman, he the old fart that owns the team, to see if he can use his connections to help her out. I just got word before I came to meet you that it might be in the works. Imagine if Kathy could be out in time for the sorority reunion. It would make it even more special!” After Cindy paid the check, the two women went their separate ways. Cindy had to run a few errands before going to the airport to join her husband, the other coaches and the team on their private flight to Chicago and Debbie had to go home and figure out what she was going to pack for her flight the following day.
Cindy finally finished running her errands, but since they ran long she was the last person to board the team’s jet to fly to Chicago. “Sorry everyone. I hope I haven’t held you up for too long.” Cindy gave her husband a hug and kiss and he said, “We wouldn’t leave without you, but hurry up and grab you seat we’re about to take off.” Coach Kennedy aways sat in the front of the plane with the other players strategizing for the next game. Cindy walked through the plan looking for a seat, but since it was such a big game the team had brought along a few extra press people and one of them was sitting in her seat right behind the coaches. While looking for a seat, Komani yelled out, “Mrs. Kennedy. You can have Joe’s seat back here.” The team starters usually sat in the back of the plane where they would play cards and talk shit. With the team’s starting small forward, Joe Harris, staying behind to have his injury evaulated further there was a seat open back there. Although there were a few empty seats in the middle of the plane, the fellas insisted that Cindy sit with them.

As the flight started to take off, Cindy took the empty seat right next Jamal, who was sitting back with his eyes closed bopping his head as he listened to music in his headphones. Cindy was wearing a LA Lazers T-shirt and a pair of skin tight leggings. When she went to sit down, Jamal put his hand on the seat and as soon as she sat down he squeezed her butt. After the suprise booty grab Cindy looked over to Jamal who had a smirk on his face, he then took off his headphones and whispered to Cindy, “Bitch, after Maria and Darius get out of the bathroom I’m gonna take you in there so you can renew your membership.” Cindy nervously said, “Every flight you make me renew my membership to the Mile High Club. My membership should be solidified by now.” Jamal put his headphones back on and said, “Gotta pay them membership dues. Gotta pay them dues. Ha ha ha.” When Maria and Darius returned to their seats across from Jamal and Cindy, they both looked satified and relaxed. Before Darius and Maria could even take their seats, Jamal was yanking Cindy out of hers. “Come on, bitch. Let’s go.”
Upon getting into the bathroom, Jamal wasted no time. He bent Cindy over and she kneeled on the toilet seat. Jamal reached in his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lube and he quickly dropped his pants. Before she knew it, Jamal was pulling her leggings down and he was shoving his greased up cock deep in her fat ass. Jamal squated down some so his cock would line up perfectly with Cindy’s fat ass and he started stroking away. Jamal was in such a hurry to get in Cindy’s ass that he didn’t even pull her leggings all the way down, he pulled her leggings and panties, halfway down her ass, just low enough to get access to her booty hole. As Jamal sodomized her, Cindy just held on to the back of the toilet for leverage and she rested her head on the wall eagerly awaiting the moment that her Mile High Club membership dues were satisfied.

After landing in Chicago, the team had a large dinner together and they went to their hotel rooms. The players and the coaches went to a conference room do some stategizing before bed and Maria and Cindy went out on the town. Trying to make good on her promise to be nicer to Maria and to include her in her lavish lifestyle, Cindy took Maria to a political charity event that one of her new ritzy friends was throwing in town that evening and Cindy introduced Maria some high powered movers and shakers. After spending time with Maria that evening Cindy realized that she wasn’t that bad after all. The two ladies returned to their hotel rooms after the coaches and players were fast asleep. The players had an early practice the next day before the game that was going one tomorrow night so everyone needed their rest. Cindy joined her husband in bed and Maria ended up joining Darius in his.
On game day, Elijah, Debbie, Yaya and Yolanda finally arrived in Chicago for the game. Upon exiting the airport, Debbie and Elijah saw a familiar face. “Ova here, sexy people. Ova here.” called out Maria DiBella, who was standing by a black stretched limo. Maria hugged Elijah and Debbie and she stepped back and looked at Yaya and Yolanda and said, “Hmmm, so yous girls are the ones that Mani and Darius were talking about. Let me check yous girls out.” Yaya happily spun around in a circle and Maria said, “Jesus Christ, yeah. They’re gonna love you, doll.” Maria then looked at Yolanda who was standing their with her arms crossed with a snide look on her face. “What about you, hot chocolate? You ain’t go time for that, huh hun? Fuhget about it. I hear ya.” Maria then walked behind Yolanda and her jaw dropped when she saw that enormous elephant ass. Maria squeezed Yolanda’s humongous ass with both hands and said, “Oh my frickin’ God. My boys are definitely gonna love this. Wadda ya feed this monster?” Elijah spoke up and said, “My dick. Ha ha ha.” Yolanda said, “Boy, hush and pretty miss, I-tal-yun lady, would you please let go of my booty. Yes it is marvelous, I know. Ha ha ha.” Maria said, “No problem, hun. And if this big chocolate ass eats dicks it definitely won’t go hungry this weekend. Fuhget about it. Anyway, listen to you Elijah. My dick. Ha ha ha. Aren’t you the little prince of bootyland. Ha ha ha.” Debbie smiled and put her arm around Elijah and said, “My Lijie-poo is the king.”
With game time closely approaching, the special invited guests, Elijah, Debbie, Yolanda and Yaya only had time to drop off their luggage and get a quick meal before going to the stadium. The group sat right behind the Lazers bench with Maria and during shoot around, Komani and Darius made a point to visit them to say hello and to get a glimpse of Yolanda and Yaya in the flesh. Needless to say, the fellas were more than satisfied with what they saw. When they got back to warming up, Darius said to Komani, “Hey Mani, the nigga with the most points gets first go at the donkey ass, big black one.” Komani replied, “Shit, donkey ass, more like hippo ass. That shit is dumb fat. You got a bet.” Darius replied, “If the consolation prize is that Puerto Rican freak, ain’t no loser. Her booty fat as hell too. Anyway, what’s good with big red?” Komani said, “I’m not sure if she’s part of the deal. I think that’s the lil homey’s personal piece. If the opportunity arises, I’ll ask him. Don’t wanna disrespect, ya know.”

When shootaround was almost finished, Jamal Bynum was making his way to the court with an exhausted Cindy Kennedy staggering behind him. As usual, Jamal had to get his second nut in Cindy’s fat ass after the other fellas got their pregame fuck on with Cindy. As Jamal joined the team for introductions, Cindy took a seat with Debbie and the gang and she winced when she sat her poor abused booty down next to them. As the introductions began, the hostile Chicago crowd booed all of the starters except for the 41 year old veteran, Gregory Maddox that was starting in place of the injured Joe Harris. Maddox had played 8 years for the Chicago Sabers and led them to the finals 3 times. Although he never won one for that team, he still got a lot of respect from them.
The game was intense and it had many lead changes. The Lazers were so tuned into the game that at halftime, Jamal didn’t even get a halftime fuck session with Cindy. He was so into running plays with coach in the back. When all was said and done, the Lazers upset the Chicago Sabers at home and won by just one point. The game winning shot was a last second three pointer from old man Maddox. Although his statline wasn’t as impressive as the previous game, his ball movement and a few key three pointers were crucial in the victory. Big Ty led the team in points with Darius close behind him. Ty and Komani both had 14 rebounds for the game and Jamal had an all around good game as well.

Just like the last Lazers victory, Debbie found herself incredibly excited and horny. Debbie sat next to Elijah licking her lips while she stared at him as she rubbed her hand along the outline of his cock on top of his shorts. Debbie then rested her head on Elijah’s shoulder and she started to breathe heavy. “Lijie-poo, can we go back to the hotel room now? I brought some of our favorite props and costumes.” Elijah noticed the intense look of lust in his big booty white mama’s ass and he said, “Hey folks, me and Debbie are gonna catch a cab back to the hotel. We’ll see y’all later.” Maria said, “Nonsense we’ll all leave together in the limo.” Yolanda said, “Ooooo what about the ballers. I came to see them.” Yaya added, “Dats right, mami. We came to see those big strong men.” Maria smirked and said, “Trust me ladies, they’ll find us. We’re staying in the same hotel. As much as you want to see them, they want to see you.” As the players left the floor, Jamal Bynum and Cindy Kennedy locked eyes. Jamal licked his lips and gave Cindy a look she knew far too well. It was his “I’m gonna stroke your booty all night long” look. The quick thinking Cindy asked to ride with the group in their limo so she could get to the hotel and probably hide from Jamal.
When they got back to the hotel, Elijah and Debbie rushed to their room. Debbie began stroking Elijah’s cock when all of them were in the limo, not even caring about having an audience. Elijah knew she was in desparate need of cock. The rest of the women went to Yaya and Yolanda’s hotel room to hang out and have a little liquor. As Yolanda and Yaya changed their clothes into short dresses that didn’t even cover their massive booty’s, Cindy tried to make small talk. “So where are you ladies from?” Yolanda and Yaya were in no mood for the small talk. Yaya said, “We’re from LA, mami. Anyways, where did all of those people downstairs come from.” Maria replied, “Groupies mostly, hun. I’m pretty sure the security let a few of the best looking ones in Komani and Darius’s room already.” Yolanda looked in a mirror and said, “Them heffas betta step to the side. We want first crack at those niggas.” Maria walked up behind Yolanda and squeezed her fat ass and said, “Hun, with all of this booty you have, don’t worry.”
After squeezing Yolanda’s fat booty Maria started rubbing it. Yolanda said, “Ha ha, havin’ fun with that big ole chocolate monster huh? Watch this.” Yolanda who was still wearing her super short dress and her thong, started to clap her ass cheeks. Maria stood back and admired Yolanda’s mammouth ass cheeks colliding as they made a thunderous sound. When Yolanda stopped clapping her ass cheeks, Maria grabbed Yolanda’s waist and she started to hump her fat butt. Yolanda giggled and said, “Maria, you crazy girl.” Maria said, “Ha ha, I’m startin’ to see why the boys love doin’ this so much. I swear hun, if I had a dick it’d be balls deep in your sexy black ass.” Yolanda playfully grinded her booty on Maria as she said, “Uhh, no it wouldn’t. I don’t play them booty games. That’s for white girls and them latin chicks. Besides my pussy and my head game be off the chains.” Maria looked over at Cindy and said, “Cin, chances that the boys don’t travel up this hot chocolate honey’s Hershey highway?” Cindy smirked and said, “No chance at all.” Yolanda reached for a bottle of cognac on the table to get a sip as she said, “Whateva. Y’all crazy. Anyway, where dem boys at?”

While Maria continued to dry hump Yolanda’s enormous black ass like a horny teenage boy, she told Cindy, “Get my phone outta my purse, will ya, and call Darius. Big mama here is horny.” Cindy looked in Maria’s purse and did find it. Maria realized that she must have left it in Elijah and Debbie’s room because that’s the last time she remembered making a call. Just then Cindy got a call for a number she didn’t recognize. “Cindy Kennedy. Who’s calling?” said Cindy in her sweet bubbly voice. The man on the other side of the phone was Jamal and he whispered, “It’s daddy. Comin’ to spread dem cheeks and drill you in the ass, bitch. Ha ha ha. But yeah, I know you left wit Maria and Darius and Komani’s hoes. You still wit ’em. We on our way up there.” Cindy Kennedy went with her gut instinct which was to hang up the phone.
Yolanda who was still getting dry humped by Maria said, “Cindy, girl. Can you call the boys? Freaky ass Maria’s gettin’ me even hornier wit all this humpin’ shit.” Cindy clutched her phone and she softly said, “Don’t worry, Yolanda. They’re on their way up now.” Maria stepped back from Yolanda’s butt and bent over to kiss it on top of her short skirt. *muah* “Hun, if I had a frickin’ cock, I’d destroy this huge black ass, fuhget about it. But alas, I don’t. Ha ha ha. I’m gonna go get my phone. I think it’s with Deb and the lil guy. I’ll be back.” Thinking that maybe she could hide from Jamal in Debbie’s room, Cindy followed closely behind Maria. “Cin, I’m just getting my phone, hun. I’ll be right back.” said Maria. Cindy started to speed walk and said, “Come on hurry up before they come.” Maria laughed as the two arrived at Elijah and Debbie’s door. They knocked but got no answer. There was loud rap music playing right across the hall so it was probably too loud for Elijah or Debbie to hear the knocking.

Maria said, ” Guess I’ll get my phone later. Oh wait, I still got everyone’s spare keycards from when I checked in.” Just then the elevator bell could be heard from just around the corner from the room. Cindy snatched Maria’s purse and said, “Dammit, that could be them. If Jamal sees me I’ll get no peace at all tonight.” Cindy quickly found the right key card, opened the door, pushed Maria in the room and she quickly ran in behind Maria, closing the door and looking through the peep hole. Sure enough, not even 20 seconds later, Jamal, Darius, Komani and two big booty, white, Chicago Sabers cheerleaders were behind them. Cindy let out a sigh of relieve and she turned around and she started staring at what Maria had just moments ago became captivated with.
Standing in the middle of the room stood Elijah, barefoot wearing only a white doctor’s coat and a stethoscope. In front of him kneeled a big booty blonde woman dressed up in a slutty nurse’s outfit. Elijah grabbed the back of the woman’s head and shoved his cock deep down her throat and quickly pulled it back out and said, “I’m sorry nurse, I’m not getting a reading. You know you can’t work today if you have a fever. My cock thermometer isn’t working. I don’t know why.” The blonde women in the nurse’s outfit responded in a sexy Marilyn Monroe voice, “Silly boy. This doesn’t look like an oral thermometer, it’s a rectal one. I bet you’d get a perfect reading if you insert it in my big fat bottom. But doctor, I assure you, I don’t have a fever.” Maria smirked as she stood there unnoticed and Cindy started to wonder where Debbie was. Elijah said, “Of course, rectally. Get doggystyle on the floor for me nurse so I can take your temperature. I know you say you’re not sick but better safe than sorr…Hey, what are y’all doin’ in here?”

Elijah finally noticed Debbie and Cindy standing by the doorway. Cindy closer to Elijah and the woman and said, “Us! What are you doing in here playing freaky role play with some slut. Where’s Debbie?” The blonde woman, who was still on her knees facing Elijah, whipped her head to the side and looked back at Cindy, smiled and said, “Cin, it’s me. Tee hee. Me and Elijah love to role play.” Maria started to chuckle as she walked toward an open suit case on the bed. “Come on Cindy, you couldn’t tell that was Debbie in a wig. Come and look at this. She showed me earlier. It’s like a role play, sex toy tresure chest.” Debbie stood up and walked over to the bed with Cindy and Maria and they looked in the big suitcase. Cindy was shocked but turned on by all of the items in the suitcase. A slutty maid’s outfit, a slutty policewoman’s outfit, a slutty school girl’s outfit and a few other outfits that were small and very revealing. There were also anal beads, a whip, a few leashes and dog collars, a paddle, a few vibrators and two big strap on dildos.
Cindy said, “This is crazy, Deb. You’re so naughty, I love…” Before Cindy could finish her sentence, she paused as she felt Elijah’s hand fondling her bottom. She looked at Debbie who was looking right at her and said, “Uhhh, I, uhhh. Elijah, that’s inappropriate. I, uhhh…” Debbie smirked and said, “Cin, calm down. Elijah told me about you guys little ‘time’ together at game 2. Me and my Lijie-poo are all about free love. My body belongs to him, but his cock is too special to keep to myself. My Lijie-poo can do whoever he wants. Hell, we even moved Yoyo and Yaya in with us. Ha ha ha.” Cindy let out a sigh of relief and said, “Oh Deb, I was so embarrassed. It just kind of happened when Jamal had me cornered in a storage room and Elijah stumbled in and I don’t even know how it all happened.” Debbie touched Cindy and the shoulder and said, “Cin, it’s fine. Totally fi…uhhhh, mmmmm, Lijie-poo.” Debbie’s knees buckled a bit and she braced herself on the bed as Elijah slid his cock deep up her ass.”

Maria and Cindy stood up and looked at Debbie as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her tongue started hanging out of her mouth. Then Elijah said, “Definitely warm, but I’m not sure if you have a fever. I’m gonna leave it in for a while so I can get a proper reading. And that’s Dr. Lijie-poo to you, Nurse Debbie.” Maria said, “I love it, this kid doesn’t waste any time. I guess we’ll leave you guys alone.” Cindy frowned and said, “Yeah, I-I-I guess I can’t hide out here. Later folks.” As Elijah stroked Cindy’s fat redheaded ass with his big black cock he looked at Cindy and said, “You’re welcome to stay. We’ve got other outfits. You can join in.” Cindy looked at how Elijah’s big black cock was stretching her friend and sorority sister, Debbie’s asshole and she replied, “No offense guys, but I’m trying to anus a rest this evening. It’s been through so much.” Elijah smirked and said, “Mama Debbie, I mean, Nurse Debbie here is a big enough booty freak that she can satify all the anal. All you gotta do is suck some dick and let me hit that pussy if you don’t mind. Maria, you can stay too.” Cindy smirked and softly said, “Alright. This could be interesting.” Maria replied, “Maybe later, hun. But I’m going to go check on your girls and my boys. Make sure everything is going well. Uhh, do you mind if I borrow this strap on?” Debbie moaned, while still getting her booty fucked and said, “No problem Maria. That the one Yolanda uses on me or Yaya from time to time when Elijah wants us all fucking at the same time.”
As Maria left the room with a huge strap on dildo in one hand and her phone and purse in the other, Cindy Kennedy disrobed and then put on the extra nurse’s outfit that Yaya usually wears during doctor role play at the Flannery house. Cindy kneeled down facing Elijah as she spread her friend Debbie’s butt cheeks apart as young Elijah continued to sodomize his big booty adopted white mother. Elijah then momentarily took his cock out of Debbie’s ass and he put it in Cindy’s mouth and said, “I don’t know Nurse Debbie. I think this works for oral and rectal temperature readings. I got a solid reading from your ass and I’m getting one from Nurse Cindy’s mouth. Cindy sucked Elijah’s cock like a pro and Debbie turned around to assist her. “Yeah, Nurse Cindy, you love the taste of Nurse Debbie’s ass. Let her get some. Aahhh yeah. Nurse Debbie, you’re on shaft duty. Nurse Cindy, you’re on balls duty. Suck good nurses and you’ll get a bonus from me.” With two big booty, white sexy goddesses on their knees pleasuring him, Elijah was on top of the world.


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