I love My Black Son Chapter 5

Debbie Flannery in I Love My Black Son Part
5Yolanda is being stingy with the cock. She refuses to take it out of
her mouth and pass it to the other ladies. Debbie doesn’t mind because she
can suck off her black son Elijah any time she wants, but Yaya is starting
to get antsy while all she gets to do is fondle the pint sized teenager’s
balls. “Mira mami, share that cock, mama. You so stingy, Yoyo!” said Yaya
kneeling next to her topless. Yolanda was definitely living up to her
nickname. Her head kept going up and down on Elijah’s cock like her head
was a yoyo on a string. Elijah was enjoying the hell out of it too.
Nothing felt as good as having his white mama sucking his dick, but he
enjoyed the variety that Yolanda’s technique provided. She did this extra
swirly thing with her tongue that Elijah wanted to remember to get his mom
to learn.
Although Yahira was feeling salty about not tasting Elijah’s cock yet.
Debbie was having a good old time playing with Yolanda’s big black booty.
At first she was spanking and rubbing it over the pants then she pulled
the pants off exposing her big round booty barely covered in some pink
lace panties wedged way up her crack. “Oh my God, Yolanda! It’s so smooth
and perfect. Not one blemish.” said Debbie before burying her face between
Yolanda’s huge butt cheeks. “Now I know why my Lijah spends so much time
playing with my butt, this is fun!” said Debbie while briefly taking a
breath before burying her face in Yolanda’s ass again.
“Hey Miss Yaya, come here sexy. Miss Yolanda may be monopolizing my
cock, but we can still do some other things.” said Elijah. Yaya crawled up
on the couch right next to Elijah, eagerly awaiting his instructions.
“Miss Yaya, I want you to stand on the couch, staddle me and smoother me
with that fat boricua booty.” said Elijah. “Shit you ain’t gotta ask me
twice papito, How you want me like dis papi?” said Yaya while standing on
the couch squating with her ass right in front of Elijah’s face. “Back dat
ass up girl, back it up!” said Elijah before Yaya burried his face in her
ass. “Damn we got a party going on huh? Woot woot!!! Party over here,
right guys? Guys…guys???” said Yaya, not realizing that everyones mouth
was occupied. Elijah’s face was buried in her ass while his tongue
wandered around her pussy, Debbie was performing analingus on Yolanda’s
massive chocolate ass, while Yolanda herself was still sucking Elijah’s
cook for like a little over an hour. Yaya looked around observed this and
then started smiling while shaking her ass in Elijah’s face. This whole
seen went on for the next 30 minutes until Elijah shot a load down
Yolanda’s throat and on her face.
“Damn lil nigga, you could warn a bitch before you cum. You lucky you
ain’t fuck up my hair.” said Yolanda. Debbie crawlled up next to Yolanda
and said “You look so sexy with that cum on your face. Ooooolala I want to
lick it.” Debbie then proceeded to lick the cum off of Debbie’s face and
then she planted a big wet kiss on her lips with tongue. Yolanda pulled
back and said “Damn gurl I ain’t no dike.” Debbie said “No, I know. It’s
just sexy. You’re sexy. I’m not a lesbian either but don’t you think I’m
sexy too.” said Debbie in her sexy little baby voice. Yolanda smiled at
the adorable Debbie and said “You are a bad motherfucka Debbie gurl. You
was licking the fuck outta my booty too. How about we switch places, I’ll
enjoy your fat white ass while you suck your son’s dick?” “Oh hells no
mamis, I called next on papitos chulupa. Mira, I been waiting like foreva
to get it in my mouth.” said Yaya with a lot of conviction. Debbie smiled
and said, “That’s cool Yaya, you’re company. You deserve to enjoy the cock
next. I’ll just eat your ass while Yolanda eats mine.”
“An ass eating train with the three grown as bitches led by the little
18 year old boy in the front getting his grown man, king dingaling dick
sucked. We some sandalous bitches. Ha ha ha.” said Yolanda before burying
her face between Debbie’s milky white, enormous ass cheeks. “Mami! I know
dats right.” said Yaya while Debbie put her face in Yaya’s ass and Elijah
shoved his cock down her throat. The room was overflowing with passion. 18
year old Elijah Johnson leaned forward with both of his hands on the 34
year old Puerto Rican Yaya’s head while force feeding her his cock. “Yeah
suck it, Miss Yaya, you sexy bitch.” said Elijah. “I could fuck this juicy
mouth all night, but y’all ladies’ booties are way to fat for that. Grind
on my dick Yaya. Get that booty up here.” Yaya sucked Elijah’s big black
cock for a few more moments before she stood up, turned around and sat her
big boricua booty right on his lap. Elijah than began to grind his cock
between her beautiful light brown booty cheeks and said “Yeah bitch, this
is my booty. In fact, all y’all booties is mine. Miss Yolanda, mom, bring
those booties up here.”
Yolanda took her tongue out of Debbie’s butt and both of the ladies
assumed a doggystyle position on both sides of Elijah on the couch. Elijah
then stopped fondling Yaya’s ass and started spanking his white mama’s big
milky white booty and Yolanda’s supersized ghetto booty at the same time;
all while still thrusting his cock between Yaya’s large Latina buttocks.
After a while the sensation of having Yaya’s ass cheeks wrapped around his
cock caused Elijah to erupt, busting his load all over Yaya’s ample ass
cheeks. “Aahh fuck. Yolanda, mama, lick that up for me.” demanded Elijah
and the ladies turned around still in doggystyle position to lick the cum
off of Yaya’s fat ass. Yaya just sat there, with Elijah’s cock still
sandwiched between her butt cheeks, fingering her super wet pussy. “Aye
papito. Papi chulo I’m so wet, conyo!” moaned Yaya while still getting her
ass licked cleen by the ladies. After all of the cum was licked up Yolanda
moved to the floor and started licking Yaya’s wet pussy. “Ooo gurl, this
some freak shit, I can’t believe we doin’ it.” said Yolanda right before
burying her face in her friend Yaya’s pussy. “Aye mami, eat dat shit Yoyo,
aye, aye, aye!!!” moaned Yaya as she grabbed the back of Yolanda’s head
enjoying her tongue.
Meanwhile Debbie started to playfully lick the top of Elijah’s cock
which was still sandwiched between Yaya’s ass. She looked up at Elijah and
said “Lijie-poo, are you enjoying yourself?” with a big smile on her face.
Then Elijah pulled Debbie’s hair up to his face and planted a big
passionate kiss on her lips. They made out for a while and then Elijah
stopped and said, “Mama Debbie, we didn’t get a chance to finish our
police woman/prisioner game. Get back on the wall so I get finish
punishing that booty.” Debbie jumped up, picked her panties up off of the
floor and put them back in her mouth. Elijah slid from under Yaya’s big
butt as Yolanda continued to eat her pussy. Elijah ran over to the wall
and Debbie crotched down and poked out her butt as Elijah refastened the
handcuffs on her. He then shoved the cock back up his white mama’s butt
giving her hard vicious thrusts as Debbie’s head rested against the wall.
The obsenities started flying again. Elijah was calling his white mama
every name in the book, ‘slut’, ‘tramp’, ‘cunt’, ‘bitch’,
‘whore’…everything; while giving her an anal pounding. He was so into it
that he got the attention of Yaya and Yolanda who were stunned at how
rough and crude he was being with Debbie. “Damn papi, yous a thug fa real
when you get goin’. I ain’t mad a chu eitha. Punish that fat culo, punish
it baby.” yelled Yaya who was enjoying the show.
“Get it Lijah, that’s gangsta lovin’ right there. You the man lil
daddy, do ya thing! Keep ya head up Debbie you a official ass bitch takin’
a poundin’ like that. I hope you can handle it. I mean I ain’t meet a dick
I couldn’t break, but Elijah is goin in.” said Yolanda, who was now
sitting next to Yaya on the couch as they each played with their own
pussies. Elijah looked over his shoulder while still thrusting his big
black cock in his white mama’s milky white ass and said “I bet you
couldn’t break me Miss Yolanda. Y’all both can get it too. Get over here
and put your hands on the wall next to mama.” “Papi you ain’t say nuthin’
but a word.” said Yaya as both of the ladies ran over to the wall to line
up on both sides of Debbie who’s knees were starting to buckle. Yaya and
Yolanda put their hands on the wall and crouched down to a level that
would allow the short Elija access to their booties. The ladies started
booty shaking and making their asses clap while getting ready to be
fucked. Debbie’s knees finally buckled and she fell to the floor on her
knees with her ass in the air and face on the floor, with her hands still
handcuffed behind her back. Elijah kept pounding away and her poor abused
anus. Debbie looked back with tears in her eyes grunting with every
thrust. Elijah noticed the tears and slowed down and eventually stopped.
He leaned over his mama and gave her a kiss on the face. He stroked her
hair and told her that she did a good job and he was going to give her a
break. Debbie’s eyes lit up and she said a muffled “I love you Lijie-poo”
with her panties still shoved in her mouth.
Yaya and Yolanda both said “Awww, that’s so cute.” Then Elijah stood up
and said “Miss Yaya, you got next. Miss Yolanda got the fattest ass so I’m
gonna save that big chocolate booty for the finale.” Elijah then slid his
cock in Yahira’s pussy as she braced herself with her hands on the wall.
“Aye dios mi, papi.” she screamed while having her soaking wet pussy
penetrated by Elijah’s long stiff cock. “Kill it papi, dis chocha is all
yours papito.” Yolanda just kept making her enormous chocolate booty clap
while saying to Elijah, “Boy you better have some energy left if you want
to be able to handle this monsta booty. Oooo child! You ain’t ready for
this. Lord you betta tell him he ain’t ready for this.” As loud as
Yolanda’s thunderous booty claps were, the sound paled in comparison to
the slapping sound of Elijah’s slim torso on Yaya’s masses ass. Elijah
hate fucked the shit out of her sweet Boricua chocha. Yaya just kept
bracing herself with her hands on the wall while getting her pussy
punished. Elijah started to slow down until completely taking his cock out
of her pussy. “Ay papi, wut da fuck? You done wit me already papito? Dis
pussy too good? Right, right, I knew it. I got dat good chocha.” said a
proud and somewhat arrogant Yaya who started shaking her ass and making it
clap along with Yolanda.
Elijah then said, “Nah Yaya. All my life I heard that boricuas are
freaky bitches. I figured I’d give you some freaky shit you’d like.”
Elijah then started rubbing her booty and spanking it. Yaya just giggled
and said “Aye papi, I’m a bad chica, spank me papi, spank me. Ha ha. Dis
is yo culo, papi.” Elijah spanked her a little more before he put his
finger in her butt. “Aye Lijah, you want dis booty. Yous freaky papi. I’ma
take a deep breath then do your worst papi. I ain’t had my culo fucked in
ages.” said a playful sounding Yaya right before Elijah slid his cock in
her butt. Elijah started pounding away at the much larger woman. Yaya had
seen Elijah fucking his white mother up the ass, but she didn’t think he
would be able to dominate her big Latina booty the same way. Yaya’s
playful sex talk quickly ceased while she just tried to keep her balance.
After a good 10 minutes of powerful stroking Elijah was ready to cum. He
placed his cock between Yaya’s ravaged butt cheeks and the cum oozed out
on her cheeks and down her butt crack. “Aye papi, you da king papi. El rey!
I need to sit down.” Yaya then fell to the floor with her ass up in the
air just like Debbie had done nearly a half and hour earlier. Yolanda kept
clapping her ass like she had been for a while now. She looked at her two
friends exhausted and laid out on the floor and said “Damn lil man fucked
the shit outta y’all bitches. Y’all my bitches though, but he ain’t doing
me like that. I’m a hold it down for the girls. This like a competition.
Us against the big cock. I’m gonna close it out like a champ.” Elijah just
stood back jerking his dick to get another hard on thinking about the
challenge. Elijah’s white mama had a big fuckin’ ass. Even bigger than
Yaya’s gigantic ass, but Yolanda’s ass was mammoth, gargantuan, a brotha
could eat a five course meal off her ass. Thinking about how much ass he
was about to get into make his dick harder than ever.
“Oh yeah, Lijah baby. I don’t do that booty stuff. Black women don’t
play that shit. Well some do, but I ain’t one of them. If you ain’t ready
for me baby I understand. Ha ha!” said an uber confident Yolanda who kept
switching her booty left to right will squating low enough with her hands
on the wall for Elijah to get to her pussy. Elijah was still stroking his
cock as he sized up Yolanda’s big fat ass. Then he walked to it and gave
it a smack. She giggled. He stepped back then went back toward her to give
her other cheek a slap. Then he backed up. The next time he approached he
slid his cock between her cheeks and unlike the other booties he’d hot
dogged tonight, he could barely see the tip of his cock at the top of her
cheeks. Yolanda started to clench her cheeks damn near choking Elijah’s
cock. Then she wiggled her butt from side to side with enough force to
knock Elijah off balance. He put his cock between her cheeks to give her a
few ass crack strokes now he was in a death grip. A completely exhausted
Yaya looked up and said “Get him mami. You got papitos whole body off
balance when you move dat culo.”
Yolanda giggled and started wiggling harder and said “Like I said gurl,
baby boy ain’t ready fo dis booty.” Just then Elijah found his footing and
spread his arms out enough to grip both sides of Yolanda collosal ass.
Yolanda kept trying to wiggle him around, but she couldn’t move him.
Elijah then started grinding his cock between her cheeks again breaking
the choke hold that her booty had on him. Yolanda, unimpressed said, “Oh
you feeling strong now boy, come with it Lijah. You ready to give your
auntie Yoyo that big boy cock.” Elijah said, “Yezzir!!!” and quickly took
it from between her cheeks and pushed it as deep in her pussy as he could.
“Motherfucka! God damn!” yelled Yolanda who’s womb was completely full of
18 year old cock. Elijah started going in. He used his firm grip on
Yolanda’s booty as leverage for giving her a pounding. Yolanda wasn’t
going down without a fight. She soon broke his booty grip and started
throwing the pussy back at him as hard as he was thrusting his cock in
her. They both moaned in pleasure while still focused on the competition
of who was really going to fuck who. It was hard but Elijah was standing
his ground while the massive black booty of Yolanda tried to knock him off
balance. With his forward thrusts and her backwards thrusts, each
collision made a thunderous noice. Yaya and Debbie just looked up in
amazement at the focus and power that was on display as Elijah fucked
Yolanda’s pussy from the back and Yolanda threw that ass back. “I got this
Miss Yolanda. This pussy is mine, baby.” said Elijah while grunting and
sweating. “Nah lil nigga, that cock is mine, baby boy.” said Yolanda who
too was grunting and sweating. This back and forth went on for a while.
Yaya had removed Debbie’s handcuffs since the game was over and they both
sat on the floor side by side admiring the fuck faces that Yolanda and
Elijah both had. Nobody was ready to give up. All of a sudden Elijah lost
some of his footing and one of Yolanda’s backwards booty thrusts knocked
him to the floor and right out of the pussy.
“Aww shit ladies! Man down! Man down! I’m the champ, baby, I’m the
champ! Call me Super Booty, bitches” yelled Yolanda who started clapping
her booty. Yaya reached up to smack Yolanda’s clapping booty and then said
“Yous a bad motherfucka mami. You got the knockout girl. Super Booty!!!
Super Booty!!!” Elijah laid on the floor looking up at Yolanda’s
gargantuan black ass and thought about staying down. Then out of nowhere
his always supportive white mama Debbie said “My big stwong widdle guy
isn’t out yet. You can do it Lijie-poo! You can do it!” Just then Elijah
rose to his feet and charged at Yolanda thrusting his cock deep inside
her. Yolanda screamed “Fuck!!!” and Elijah started humping away. Yolanda
started mumbling, but it all sounded like babble. She couldn’t get her
words out. Elijah had gotten his second wind and he was now totally in
control of the situation. Yolanda felt her knees buckling and she fell
down on the floor in a doggystyle position. She then finally got some
faintly audible words out of her mouth. Yolanda said “My b-b-b-booty.
Lijah’s in my booty. Oh God.” Elijah kept stroking harder and harder and
Yolanda said it even louder almost screaming “boy you in my booty. I told
you to leave my booty alone. Oh my God, you in my booty, deep in my
Elijah kept stroking as if he was on auto pilot and said “I’m so sorry
Miss Yolanda. When I rushed you I must have penetrated the wrong hole. You
can take it though. You’re Super Booty right? Right? Right?” Elijah was
basically taunting Yolanda as he continued to pound her huge chocolate
booty. Yaya then said supportively, but slightly taunting her “Go Yoyo,
you can take it, you’re ha ha Super Booty! Ha ha ha.” Yaya and Debbie
cuddled up next to each other and both started cheering on Elijah as he
dominated Big Booty Yolanda. Yolanda tried to take it as long as she could
before she screamed out “You’re the king Lijah, oh my God this booty is
yours, baby. I can’t take any more.” Elijah kept stroking and said “Who’s
your daddy bitch, huh who’s your daddy?” Yolanda screamed, “Oh Lijah you
my daddy, you can be my granddaddy if you want, but please have mercy
daddy, have mercy daddy!!!” Yaya and Debbie were busting out in laughter.
Elijah then said, “Miss Yolanda I could do this all night, this ass is
amazing, but I’ll show you some mercy if you want to taste your ass and
suck me ’til I cum.”
Yolanda agreed in a hurry and Elijah got about 5 more stokes in her
booty before taking his cock out of her ass. Yolanda then turned around
and started sucking Elijah’s cock like a champ. While sucking you could
hear the muffled words “Thank you daddy, thank you for sparing my ass
daddy.” from Yolanda. Elijah nodded his head as to say “you’re welcome
bitch” then he grabbed her head with both hands and started thrusting his
cock down her throat as she took every inch. “How does your ass taste Mrs.
Yolanda? I bet it tastes good, right baby.” Yolanda nodded her head.
Elijah then put his hands up in the air while thrusting his cock down
Yolanda’s obedient throat and screamed out “I’m the champ ladies. I’m the
champ. I’m bout to cum though. Who wanna catch the nut?” Yaya and Debbie
rushed over to both sides of Yolanda in anticipation of catching a warm
load of cum in their mouths. “Open wide ladies” said Elijah before taking
his cock out of Yolanda’s mouth. Elijah then choked the tip of his cock
and let some cum ooze into Yaya’s mouth, she swallowed and smiled. He then
let a little cum ooze into Yolanda’s mouth, she swallowed it and said
“Fuck my Marcus. You my new daddy Lijah.” Then finally he got to his eager
white mama who’s mouth was more wide open than either of the other two. He
bent over and gave her a big passionate kiss before standing up and
placing his cock in her mouth and letting the rest of his cum ooze down
her throat. Although he had shared some cum with the other two ladies he
must have had a lot left because his White mama Debbie was gulping it
down. After the cock was drained Debbie grabbed it, gave it a few kisses
then rubbed it all over her face.
Elijah then said “I’m tired ladies. Let’s go to mom’s room and go to
sleep. Today is only Friday. We have the whole weekend ahead of us. Elijah
then walked to the bedroom with the three weakened ladies crawling behind
him. He helped each one into bed. He laid smack in the middle of the bed.
Yaya cuddled next to him on the left. Yolanda took the position to the
right. . Elijah’s White mama Debbie looked at Elijah and said “I wub you
Lijie-poo you’re my sweet baby boy.” Then she cuddled up next to his
crotch so she could go to sleep with his dick on her face.


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