Lust and Hip-Hop 2: The Return of Mz. Henny Chapter 4

“We’re here at the famed Warehouse Nightclub in the Boogie Down Bronx and its feeling like 2007 again. Why? Mz. Henny is officially home and it’s a who’s who of the hip-hop world in attendance tonight. It’s been a week since the undisputed queen of hardcore hip-hop was released from prison after eight and a half long years and she’s ready to take the world by storm. As celebrities and fans filter into the club everyone is waiting for Mz. Henny herself to arrive.”

As entertainment news reporters, bloggers and hip hop journalists line the red carpet, Mz. Henny, along with her husband Majestic, her son Shaun with his friend Johnny and Mz. Henny’s longtime friend Sadie and her fiancée Lil Trey Trappa were making their way to the venue in a tricked out tour bus.

“I can’t believe I’m here with you all. This is the greatest day of my life! Seriously! Of my whole life!” said little Johnny Hung.

Everyone was dressed to kill. Majestic, Shaun and Johnny were all wearing suits and collars shirts with no ties. Mz. Henny and Sadie were both wearing short, tight black cocktail dresses accessorized with gold and diamond jewelry. Even Lil Trey was wearing a blazer. Even though he was wearing ripped jeans hanging off of his ass and a red v-neck t-shirt with a big platinum chain.

“Who is this Chinese nigga again?” said Lil Trey as the group sat together on the bus.

Mz. Henny replied, “He’s my son’s best friend Johnny. And I’m very happy to finally meet him. Thanks for joining us, love.”

Johnny’s face lit up as he leaned over to Shaun and said, “Your mom, just called me ‘love’. Mz. Henny just called me ‘love’. I’m a big fan, Mz. Henny.”

Mz. Henny smiled and said, “Really?”

Johnny nodded and said, “Fuck yeah! I’m the illest bitch ever. Fuck that bitch, I’ll never, let her get some shine cuz my flow is just better. Rock the finest leather. Gettin’ all the cheddar. Ya man want me cus he heard my pussy wetter.” Everyone on the bus erupted in cheers after Johnny rapped some of Mz. Henny’s famous lines from her hit song ‘Cocky Bitch’.

Mz. Henny slapped Johnny five and said, “You certified, Johnny. You’re an official Henny Head for life, buddy.”

Majestic was rubbing on Mz. Henny’s exposed thigh and Lil Trey was doing the same with his lady, Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson. Meanwhile Shaun was just sitting there quietly looking at his phone.

“Hello?!? Earth to Shaunie? Are you with us, baby? You about to be 18! The turn up is real tonight!” said Mz. Henny to her son.

Shaun looked up from his phone, cracked a smile and said, “I’m good. Just checking to see what girls posted that they coming to the party so I can get a little action. I mean, since everybody else in here been getting it in all day.”

Lil Trey interjected, “My bad, dude. I ain’t mean for you to bust in on me and yo auntie getting it in. I was jokin bout you calling me uncle. Just think of me as your lil big homie.” Lil Trey then looked over at the super giddy Asian boy Johnny and said, “I heard the nigga Majestic and Henny getting down and you know me and Sadie was popping off. I’m sure your boy Johnny Karate over here wasn’t getting his dick wet, so you’re in good company Shaun.”

Johnny interjected, “Not to correct you, Trey, but your boy Johnny Karate over here was getting his dick sucked all day by this bad ass thick Mexican chick all day long.”

Everyone looked at Shaun for confirmation and Shaun nodded and said, “Yeah. I walked in on him, too.”

Majestic and Lil Trey reached over toward Johnny and slapped him five multiple times. Then Majestic said, “Little Johnny Hung out here getting head from bad ass latinas and shit. Damn, I’m impressed.” Lil Trey said, “shit. I just met the nigga and I’m impressed too. Don’t worry Shaun, it’s your birthday, playa. I’m sure you gonna get ya dick wet immediately up in this spot. Hoes galore in this motherfucka tonight, nigga.”

Mz. Henny and Sadie looked at each other and shook their heads. Then Mz. Henny said, “Could we not talk about my son getting his dick wet? Geez.” Majestic chuckled and said, “Well Henrietta, he’s a grown ass man now, a good looking one too.” Lil Trey said, “Yeah. No homo and shit, but he’s a pretty boy like a motherfucka. That pussy coming in waves tonight in his direction. Waves!” Johnny stood up and acted like he was surfing and said, “I’ll be right next to you riding the pussy wave just like this.” Everyone started to laugh. The energy was crazy. Everyone knew it was going to be an amazing night. The tour bus was finally pulling up to the venue and traffic was at a stand still for blocks.

“It looks like Mz. Henny is finally arriving. We’re getting word that that’s her bus right there. Riding in style as always. Let’s make our way to the bus.”

Reporters and paparazzi got right next to the door of the bus. Security made everyone take a few steps back to clear a pathway on the red carpet.

“Alright, before we go in there I want everyone to take a glass of this champagne and toast to my baby. Not to put a damper on things, but y’all know Henrietta’s on probation so she can’t be seen sipping no liquor or smoking no weed so we need to all be on notice so don’t nobody try to jam our girl up. But right now, raise a glass the the finest motherfucka to ever touch a microphone. Our queen. The one and only, Mrs. Henrietta Hankey-Hicks. My wife. Mz. Henny!”

As soon as Majestic finished his toast everyone cheered, drank their glasses of champagne and gave Mz. Henny a big hug.

The first people to get off of the bus were Sadie and Lil Trey. As they always did when Sadie and Lil Trey were in public, the paparazzi went crazy. The cameras were flashing nonstop. Lil Trey posed holding Sadie’s hand and smiling. Knowing what the people wanted to see, Sadie turned her back slightly to the camera so the photographers could get a nice view of her big fat juicy ass. Lil Trey had his head tilted up slightly, looking cool as he grabbed two good handfuls of Sadie’s fat butt on top of her extremely short dress.

“Trey are you going to be doing music with Mz. Henny now that she’s free? Have you two already been in the studio?” said one hip hop news reporter.

Lil Trey smiled and said, “I talked to her a few times when she was in the joint when my lady would call her. She like Sadie’s sister so she like my sister, ya feel me? We ain’t link up on some music shit, but know it’s coming. She looking badder than a motherfucka these days too. Y’all ain’t ever seen a nigga or a bitch do damn near a dime in the bing and come out looking this fine. Plus she still got the bars. Her and Majestic were freestyling at the crib and on the bus. They raw. But yeah, we gonna work. Make sure y’all checking for my nigga Lil Popoff single. It’s number 10 in the country right now and rising. Anyway, we bout to slide up in this bitch and get stupid tonight. Peace.”

Lil Trey walked by with Sadie by his side and a nice handful of booty in his palm as photographers got dozens of booty pics for their publications and blogs. The next people of the bus were Majestic, Shaun and Johnny.

“Majestic! How does it feel to have this night finally here?” said another reporter.

Majestic replied, “Its surreal ya know? I just wanna see my baby on that stage tonight, in The Warehouse, turning up and enjoying herself. I wanna send some love out to her P.O. for giving her a curfew extension for tonight. He real G for that, She gonna be on papers for a while so I’m gonna be on point with that shit. My baby’s home to stay and ain’t nothing fucking that up.”

A thick and sexy, 30 something year old, Latina reporter said, “Shaun! You put the first official pics out of your mom on your social media earlier this week and now it looks like she’s gonna crack a million followers tonight on her own profile. Have you been showing her the ropes on social media? How does it feel to have her home? Oh, happy birthday by the way.”

Shaun licked his lips and said, “Thanks sexy. Ya boy gonna be 18 at the stroke of midnight. It feels good. In fact it feels amazing since mom is back with us. She did all them years like a real G. I put those pics up because I’m so proud of her. She’s twice the woman she was when she went in. Older, wiser and more beautiful than ever. As for SocialFlix, I showed her the app, but mom and Sadie went extra hard. I ain’t even know she had a profile til it was damn near half a million followers. The fans love her and she loves them so it’s only right she damn near a million right now,”

Another reporter jumped in and asked Johnny who his was. Johnny was a little awe struck. Majestic put his arm around Johnny and said, “This is Johnny. Lil Trey just nicknamed him Johnny Karate. Ha ha. He’s a family friend. Shaun’s main homey for years.” Johnny finally snapped out of his shyness and yelled, “Call me Johnny Karate, bitches! We gonna turn up tonight!” Everyone went wild and took pics of Majestic, Johnny and Shaun before they moved over to the side to make way for Mz. Henny to come out.

The big public reveal. All eyes were about to be on her. Mz. Henny stood by the door, tilted her head up toward the ceiling and closed her eyes.

“Lord, thank you for bringing me through all of this bullshit. I know I brought a lot of it on myself. I was a wild girl back then. I know that everything that I’ve gone through the past decade was you testing me and teaching me a lesson. Lord, I want you to know that I hear you loud and clear. I’m still gonna spit that hot shit on the mic, but all I wanna do is be a good wife and mother and inspire young women to be confident and be all around bad bitches. In Jesus name, thank you God.”

After completing her little ghetto prayer, Mz. Henny took a deep breath, pulled down her dress that was riding up her big juicy chocolate ass and she walked out of the bus. All eyes were on her. Jaws dropped as men admired how beautiful she looked, women too. For a brief moment there was silent and nobody made a move. That moment soon passed and the camera were flashing like crazy, reporters were jocking for position to get the first question.

Majestic reached for Henrietta’s hand and led her down the stairs from the bus. Mz. Henny did a full spin to show off her body and dress before running her fingers through her hair and saying, “I’m back, bitches!” Everyone cheered and Majestic took Mz. Henny arm in his and they walked into the event without stopping for any reporters with Shaun and Johnny right behind them. Johnny did turn around however at the door and yelled out, “Johnny Karate, bitches! Remember the name!” Before walking in the club.

The music was blasting in the club. The hottest DJ in New York was playing songs that were hot when Mz. Henny was on top of her game. She felt like she was finally back in the spotlight. Mz. Henny stopped to hug a few familiar people that complimented her on how beautiful she looked. Shaun saw some of his friends from the old neighborhood and he stopped to talk to them and introduce them to his friend Johnny. Shaun also saw some of his rich kid friends from New Jersey and he told his mother and Majestic that he’d meet up with them in a little while. Mz. Henny and Majestic finally made it to the VIP section and Mz. Henny got another blast from the past.

Sitting in the VIP was 32 year old, hip-hop business mogul, Papa Shake from Wild Out Records wearing a three piece suit and an ascot. Sitting next to him was was a tall, beautiful, blonde girl with thick thigh and hips wearing a mini skirt and a crop top. The girl was all of 18 years old, but she was sitting there with the biggest man in the music business nibbling on his ear as another man on her right was rubbing on her thigh. The other man was the man that Mz. Henny had her biggest hit song with before she got locked up, 40 year old hip hop legend, Dr. Kool Love.

“Damn baby girl, you looking good! Let Kool give you some love.”

Dr. Kool Love hopped up and ran over to Mz. Henny and the two shared a big hug.

“Oh my god, you do not age do you, Kool. Still handsome as ever.” said Mz. Henny.

While Mz. Henny and Dr. Kool Love shared a moment, Majestic was focused on Papa Shake. The two had a complicated history and Majestic wasn’t too pleased to see him at his wife’s coming home party.

“Fuck you doing here, Sidney! Who said you were invited?” said Majestic.

Papa Shake stood up and walked up to Majestic and said, “Free country, Marcel. I go where I damn well please.”

Majestic and Papa Shake stood eye to eye and the tension was super thick. You see, Papa Shake and Majestic grew up together in Harlem. They were actually best friends at one time. While Marcel “Majestic” Hicks got away from the street life to make music, Sidney “Papa Shake” Harris was still heavily involved in the drug trafficking. After doing a one year bid, Papa Shake came home and told Majestic that he wanted to learn the music business.

Majestic, while still a novice in the game, showed his old friend the ropes. Soon after Papa Shake used his illegal money to sign some of Majestic’s friends to terrible record contracts that made Papa Shake a millionaire many times over and left Majestic’s rapper friends penniless and upset even though they had made Papa Shake rich. Papa Shake tried to bring Majestic into his money making scheme, but Majestic looked at Papa Shake as a snake and he wanted no part of it. Say what you want about Majestic being a thug, but he wasn’t one for stealing people’s art and exploiting them.

Seeing the tension between the two men, Mz. Henny and Dr. Kool Love tried to break the ice.

“Majestic, let it be. If he wants to celebrate with us, so be it, y’all used to be boys anyway.” Said Mz. Henny.

“Yo Shake, chill dude. We ain’t here for this. This Henny’s day.” said Dr. Kool Love.

Majestic crossed his arms and said, “Y’all ain’t here for drama, Kool. That’s what’s up, but why y’all here? Huh?”

Dr. Kool Love said, “Well, you know I’ve been on Wild Out Records for a few years now. Dude brought my career back to life. I was dead out here in the game. I figured he could do the same with Henny. I mean, Fresh Jamz dead as fuck. Khalil’s my man and all, but that ship is sinking fast. That labels gonna get bought by Massive Records any day now and that’s a fact. They damn sure don’t know hip hop over there.”

Almost on cue, Khalil Mack, VP of Fresh Jamz Records walked into the VIP section…

“Sorry I’m late, folks. Had to handle some business. I was checking out some new acts. Wait, Shake…Kool…what y’all doing here.” said Khalil as he handed Mz. Henny some roses he had bought for her. Everyone stopped and looked at Khalil and then Khalil looked at Mz. Henny and said, “Damn sis, its like that? Nobody wanna be great with me, huh? We go back to the sandbox. Preschool at Mrs. Aretha’s daycare in the hood. We started at Fresh Jamz together. Now you rocking with this snake ass nigga, Shake?”

Papa Shake pointed at Khalil and said, “Watch ya mouth, nigga. Don’t be shitting on my name.” Khalil walked over to Papa Shake and said, “I ain’t scared of you, Shake. You snake ass motherfucka. You stole four of our biggest acts in the past two years and —” Papa Shake interrupted Khalil and said, “Yeah and I revived their careers. Why you ride so hard for Fresh Jamz. It’s not like you own the company. You old Uncle Tom ass nigga. Worried about the white man’s money.” The scene was really heated. Khalil and Papa Shake were about to come to blows. Then out of nowhere…

“Oh my goodness gracious. I can not believe I’m meeting The Mz. Henny. I have been your biggest fan since I was a 9 year old girl in North London sneaking rap CDs into my house so my mum and father wouldn’t hear.” said the tall, 18 year old, thick hipped, blonde white girl win a delightful British accent. “Hi, I’m Bethany Dunhill. I go by the rap name, Betty Barz.”

Everyone paused and looked at the white girl who was standing in front of Mz. Henny with her arms out looking for a hug. Mz. Henny reluctantly hugged the pretty white girl and said, “Rap name? You’re a rapper, my dear?” Bethany nodded and said “Yes, Mz. Henny I am. Can I rap for you?” Mz. Henny nodded her head and Papa Shake patted Khalil on the chest and said, “Listen to this, playboy.”

All of a sudden, Bethany’s sweet British accent was gone and she started rapping like she was a black girl from Brooklyn. Complete with a scowl on her face and a little hood bounce to her.

“Bitches wanna test me, cuz I’m pretty and shit.
Fellas wanna fuck me, wanna gimme the dick.
I’m a thoroughbred. Got a ass like a stallion.
Imma need millions, you only got thousands.
You can eat my cunt, you’s a hungry ass heffa.
Ya bitch lame as fuck, that why you left her.
Now you all up in my face, wanna lick my ass.
I be like, ‘trick, ante up that cash.’
Cuz bitches gotta eat.
Don’t be thinking shit sweet.
Betty Barz never beat.
I’m always bringing that heat.
Muhfucka, what up?”

Papa Shake patted Majestic and Khalil on their backs and said, “My bitch got bars, huh?”

Mz. Henny clapped and said, “You was kinda rippin, lil mama. I would have never expected that from you. You look like a pop singer or something. I’m impressed. I mean, it needs a little work, but you was flowin.” Bethany went right back to her sweet a British accent as she said, “Mz. Henny that means the world to me. We must take a selfie together for my SocialFlix. If you don’t mind.” Mz. Henny waved her hand and said, “Of course not, girl. Shit. Just make sure you tag me in it.”

While the ladies took their pics, Papa Shake said to Khalil and Majestic, “Look, fellas. Ima be the bigger nigga and apologize. I know I wasn’t invited, but I’m making so much money off clothes, liquor and films I’m producing, I’m just trying to do square business with this music. Kool will tell you. Ain’t I treating niggas right, these days?” Dr. Kool Love nodded his head and said, “Real shit.” Papa Shake continued, “Look Marcel, I’m not the same nigga anymore let me help Henny be on top again. Khalil, I even got a proposition for you. I know Fresh Jamz is getting bought, nigga.” Majestic looked over at his beautiful wife and thought to himself “she deserves the best. Even if it is this nigga Shake.” He then looked at Papa Shake and said, “Nigga if you fuck over my wife I’ll kill you. On God, nigga. Facts.”

While the men talked about Mz. Henny’s career, Mz. Henny was making the rounds talking to people in the club with Bethany aka Betty Barz following her like her white shadow. Mz. Henny was having the time of her life as she caught up with old industry friends and old neighborhood friends. She eventually saw her young protege, 24 year old hip hop/pop sensation Rachel Ratchet and the two shared and amazing moment as photographers snapped hundreds of pictures. Mz. Henny was bombarded with love and well wishes beyond her wildest dreams.

Meanwhile, Mz. Henny’s son, Shaun was striking out with the ladies. At his own birthday party, he couldn’t close the deal with anyone. Even the girls he invited. They were all trying to find rappers and stars to fuck with. Shaun was feeling like a failure. He felt even worse when he walked into the men’s room and saw his friend, Johnny getting his dick sucked by the pretty Latina news reporter that had wished him a happy birthday outside of the club.

“Damn, Johnny! How many times am I gonna walk in on you today getting head? I’m not hating, but damn bro.” Said Shaun. The 30 something year old Latina stopped sucking Johnny’s dick and looked up at Shaun embarrassed. Johnny grabbed the woman by the hair, made her get back to sucking his dick and said, “What can I say man. They love Johnny Karate! I’m sure you’ll get your dick wet. Lil Trey told this bitch I’m in his crew and she pulled me in here to blow me for an exclusive. Haha. Go find Trey. He’ll put you on.” Shaun nodded his head and said, “Hell yeah, Johnny. Imma find that lil nigga right now.”

As Shaun went off to find Lil Trey, he ran into Sadie and realized that she was looking for him too. “Aunt Sadie, where’s Trey?” Sadie shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know, Shaunie. I went to the ladies room and came back and I couldn’t find him. We can look together.” Sadie and Shaun looked all over for Trey and couldn’t find him anywhere until they wandered past a private room in the back of the club.

“Yeah, bitch. This how you like it. Fuck that, this how you love it.”

Sadie knew her man’s voice. Sure enough, she walked into the room and found Lil Trey on his knees behind a thick Latina woman fucking her doggystyle. The woman was wearing a short white sequins dress that was hiked up around her waist. From the angle at which Trey was fucking the big booty Latina woman from the back Sadie and Shaun couldn’t see her face, but Sadie didn’t care who she was. She didn’t even say a word and Trey was too preoccupied stroking that good pussy to notice he had been caught. Sadie just left the room with tears in her eyes and made her way to the bar. Shaun followed her to console her.

Poor Sadie, she knew Lil Trey was a dog, but since they’ve become exclusive she had no idea that he was still fucking other girls. She damn sure never saw if with her own eyes. Sadie proceeded to get wasted at the bar and then in the VIP with Shaun right beside her trying to ease her hurt.

Although Sadie’s night was officially ruined, Mz. Henny was still flying high. Little did she know, Majestic was close to closing a great deal with Papa Shake for her next album for a very large sum of money. She was just happy about the love she was getting and the performance she was going to do of her old hits after she got serenaded by her favorite singer of all time, pop star Sofia Arroyo.

As Mz. Henny made her rounds in the club she had drank so many ginger ales and bottles of water that she had to use the ladies room. Mz. Henny was waiting in line for the ladies room and although a few people let her cut them, the stalls were all occupied. Mz. Henny left the ladies room and asked a security guard if there was another ladies room. Since she was the guest of honor, the security guard let her into the club manager’s office to use the private restroom. The office was deserted so she would have all the privacy she needed. Mz. Henny rushed into the bathroom lifted up her skirt and pulled down her little black lace panties just in time to not pee on herself.

“Ahhhh relief. God, water and soda go right through you. Ooooweee. I needed that.”

Mz. Henny sat on the toilet for a little while longer before getting up to freshen up and look at herself in the mirror. She posed and made kissy faces to herself and thought about how good she looked. She even rapped a few bars from the song she was going to perform. As she turned off the bathroom light and walked back into the manager’s office she said to herself out loud, “With Kool here we gotta do ‘Side to Side’ the crowd gonna go dumb for that shit.” Much to her surprise someone answered her.

“Si mamacita. They will love it. I heard that song blasting in the streets ever since you got out.”

Mz. Henny stumbled on her high heels over to the desk lamp in the dark office to see who was in there with her. She knew the voice, but she thought it couldn’t be who she thought it was. As she flicked on the light switch she was startled to find out it was exactly who she thought it was. Sitting in the chair behind the desk was 58 year old, Cuban, corrections officer Herman Perez.

Mz. Henny put her hand over her heart and started to breathe heavy. She then said softly, “What the fuck are you doing here? And what the fuck are you wearing?” Old Herman was wearing a two sizes too small baby blue and purple leisure suit that he had to have had since the 70s. Herman chuckled and said, “This was high fashion back in day. After I came out of the service I wore this suit to visit your mother. When I got to the house I saw she had moved on from me with your father and you were a baby. It’s kind of tight, but I squeezed into it. Anyway, I’m here because Majestic put me on the guest list to thank me for being so good to you inside.”

Mz. Henny went from being scared to being angry. “Listen nigga. This ain’t Hibbert Correctional and I’m not an inmate anymore. You try something and I’ll have anyone of them niggas in this club fuck you up. How dare you come here? How dare you?”

Herman leaned back in chair as Mz. Henny leaned over the desk looking him right in the face.

“I wanted to see my baby. You look amazing. I had to come to see you. I heard about your social media videos on the internet and I even downloaded an app on my phone to see them. I love the way you shake that butt. You used to shake for me and only me. Then I thought about our video.”

Mz. Henny stood up and said, “What video? What video Perez?!?!”

Herman pulled out his phone and said, “This video. The one I made of us making love your last two days inside. I can’t believe I didn’t make videos of us for all those years. I guess I was scared. I didn’t want to get caught and lose my job. But since you were leaving I decided I was going to quit so why not. I put in my retirement papers the day you left. Look at us. I have clips on my phone. I filmed the whole thing in the trailer.”

Herman walked over to Mz. Henny and played her a few clips of him sodomizing her, forcing her to suck dick, spanking her, slapping her and peeing on her. Mz. Henny felt like she couldn’t breathe as she watched the degrading footage. It wasn’t the best quality, but it was clear as day to anyone that would ever see it that it was her. Herman put the phone on the desk and let it play as Mz. Henny leaned over the desk watching it feeling like she was about to throw up.

Herman stood behind her admiring her short black dress as he rubbed his crotch.

“I backed up the videos on my computer. Don’t worry. I won’t show anyone our videos as long as you’re a good girl for papi. You know what to do. Yeah mamacita. Just like that.”

Henrietta reverted right back to her prison days. She knew what the old Cuban scumbag was there for. He was there for her ass. Henrietta put her hands on the desk and put her head down. She then perfectly arched her back and poked out her butt. Henrietta closed her eyes and all she heard over the faint sound of the heavy bass for the hip hop music that filled the club was Herman taking off his clothes. Henrietta heard Herman take off his jacket, unbutton his shirt and throw it on the floor. She also heard Herman unbuckle his belt, unzlp his pants and she heard the pants hit the floor.

After hearing the old man disrobe, she felt something. The familiar touch of his hands fondling her big fat chocolate rump. Momentarily on top of her dress, but soon on her bare butt cheeks as he lifted up her skirt and pulled down her tiny black panties. The next feeling was that of her massive butt cheeks parting as Herman spread her ass open. She felt Herman holding her butt cheeks apart and what she knew from experience was saliva oozing from his mouth in between the crack of her ass. Then just as suddenly as Herman spread her ass, Henrietta felt Herman release her cheeks as they clapped together. Henrietta’s ass cheeks didn’t come completely together. Old Herman’s big Cuban cock was between them.

Henrietta felt Herman’s cock throb as he guided it, with no hands, right to her asshole. After years of getting her butt fucked in jail by Herman, Henrietta knew what kind of butt fucking session she was in for by how long Herman would wait to penetrate her anus. Herman would shove it right in when he wanted a quickie, but when he was gearing up for a nice long butt fucking he’d take his time and ease it in. Henrietta trembled because Herman was taking his time. The tip of his cock was slowly entering her ass and Herman was savoring the moment. Before long, Herman had every last inch of his rock hard cock in Henrietta’s big luscious chocolate ass.

While old Herman violated Mz. Henny’s fat ass with slow deliberate strokes, Sadie was taking bottles of vodka to the head. “Whoa, slow down Aunt Sadie. You gotta calm down.” said Shaun. Sadie leaned up against Shaun and with slurred speech she said, “How dare that nigga violate our relationship like that? Tonight of all nights. At you and your mother’s party. In my hometown. In the back of the club with some random spic bitch.” Sadie pointed over to Majestic, Papa Shake, Khalil and Dr. Kool Love who were sitting on the other side of the VIP section and said, “There are two types of adult males. Strong, upstanding men like your daddy Majestic and Khalil and little boys like Papa Shake and that nigga Kool that fuck anything moving. You promise your Aunt Sadie you’ll be a good man, ok?” Shaun took the bottle out of Sadie’s hand and said, “I promise. Hey look at the time, it’s almost midnight.”

By this time, Herman had been slow stroking Henrietta’s fat ass for nearly a half an hour. No aggression, just nice, deep, long strokes of cock up her ass. As Herman gripped the sides of Henrietta’s fat juicy ass he was just a few strokes away from shooting a glorious load of warm cum in her ass. As Henrietta felt her ass fill up with cum, she finally opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder at Herman who was moaning with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face.

Henrietta pushed Herman back gently and simply said, “Can I get back to my party now, Perez?” Herman opened his eyes and looked down at his limp cock slide out of Henrietta’s enormous black ass with the biggest grin on his face. He then looked Henrietta in the face as she looked back at him still bent over and he said, “Of course, chica. Papi appreciated that.” Herman then pulled up Henrietta’s panties deep in her ass, slowly pulled down her dress and said, “Go have fun. Until next time.” Mz. Henny was so happy to be dismissed from the backroom butt fucking session that she paid Herman’s “until next time” comment no mind as she left the office and made her way through the crowd in a daze as she returned to the VIP section.

As Henrietta returned to the VIP section and saw her loving husband Majestic, she quickly got her emotions in check and smiled. “Babe, we been having some dope business talk. I’ll fill you in later to see if you wit it. Anyway, it’s almost midnight. Time to head outside for Shaun’s surprise.” Henrietta smiled harder and said, “Sounds awesome, babe.” Majestic walked up to his wife and although he couldn’t pinpoint it, he could tell something was wrong. “Henny, you good? You mad at me? I seen you in the crowd mingling and I didn’t mean to neglect you, this your night. I shoulda told these niggas no business talk and stuck to it.” Henrietta’s fake smile turned into a real one as she wrapped her arms around Majestic’s waist and gave him a big juicy kiss. “I’m good, daddy. As long as I got you. But shit, I lost track of time. Shaunie, follow us. We gotta go outside for your present.”

Mz. Henny, Majestic, Shaun, Sadie and Johnny all went outside. Sadie was leaning on Shaun because she was very drunk. When they got outside, in back of the club was a brand new luxury SUV with a big bow on it.

“Surprise, Shaunie! Happy birthday!” shouted Mz. Henny.

Shaun went crazy as he checked out his new car. Everyone got inside of it to check it out. Mz. Henny said, “do you like it, baby? We think you’re old enough and mature enough to finally have your own car.” Shaun gave his mother a big hug and said, “I love it.”

Moments later…

“Blaaaaahhhhh!!! Uggghhhhh!!!!”

Sadie threw up on the ground and stood there hunched over. Everyone rushed over to her. “Girl, what’s wrong?” said a concerned Mz. Henny. Majestic said, “Sadie was bodying bottles of vodka. That’s what’s wrong. Take some deep breaths, sis. You’ll be alright.” Sadie threw up a little more then said, “I’m sorry, girl. I’m fucking up your big night. I’m sorry Shaun.” Shaun rubbed Sadie on her back and said, “It’s ok, auntie. I know you feel some type of way. It’s good.” Mz. Henny said, “Some type of way? What happened? Who I gotta fuck up?” Majestic said, “You ain’t fucking up anyone. I’ll handle it. Who I gotta fuck up, sis?”

Sadie told Majestic, Mz. Henny and Johnny what she and Shaun saw, Lil Trey fucking the dog shit out of some thick Latina woman in a back room. Being the awesome friend that she is, Mz. Henny said, “Girl, fuck that nigga. Let’s go home and chill.” Sadie stood up straight and said, “Hell no! This ya night. You ain’t even get your Sofia Arroyo serenade or perform yet. I’m gonna hate missing it, but I’ll take a cab.”

Sadie was obviously very drunk so Mz. Henny didn’t want to let her friend leave alone. Shaun jumped in and said, “This gift made my night, them chicks in there only trying to holla at ballers. I’ll take auntie back to the crib, make sure she’s straight and then come back. It will give me a chance to drive my new ride.” Majestic put his hand on Shaun’s shoulder and said, “Good man. I’m proud of you. Family first.” Sadie got in the back seat of Shaun’s SUV and Shaun and Johnny got in the front seats and Shaun got on the road to go drop off Sadie.

Drunk and slurring her words, Sadie leaned in between the seats and said, “How he gonna do me like that? Like for real, at my best friend and godson’s party? I think I lost it boys, I used to be the shit. Now I can’t keep a nigga faithful.” Johnny looked back at Sadie and said, “Nonsense, love. You are beautiful and smoking hot. He’s a fool.” Sadie patted Johnny on the head and said, “You’re a good boy, Johnny Karate. Fuck! I wish I could get back at him. I swear, I’d suck the next dick I saw in my face just to spite that little fucker.”

As the SUV pulled up to a red light, Johnny jumped out of the front seat and hopped in the back with Sadie. “Haha, you mean it?” said the very bold Asian teen Johnny. Sadie laughed uncontrollably and so did Shaun. Johnny unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. He then ran his fingers through Sadie’s hair and said, “Come on sexy. Get your revenge.” While Shaun continued laughing, Sadie looked the little Asian boy in the face and thought what the hell. A combination of anger, revenge, hoe tendencies and a lot of liquor came together as Sadie put her knees on the seat then leaned over in a doggystyle position with Johnny’s hand on her head guiding it down to his cock.
While Shaun watched the road, still laughing at how bold Johnny was to ask Sadie for head, Sadie started sucking Johnny’s sizable Asian cock with her fat juicy ass in the air. “Yesssss, yessssss, good bitch. You like that super sized egg roll in your mouth. Don’t you bitch?” While sucking Johnny’s dick Sadie said, “Mmmm hmmm” and proceeded to suck Johnny’s cock like the pro she was.

As Shaun made his way to a tunnel to head back to Jersey, he looked in his rear view mirror and saw his sweet, drunk godmother sucking off his best friend. “Good bitch, yeah, you a good bitch. You like dat dick. You love it.” said Johnny as he held a fistful of Sadie’s hair. Shaun looked through the rear view mirror speechless and he struggled to focus on the road. Shaun was livid. He had been dying to give his godmother dick as long as he realized what giving a chick dick was and on his birthday, in the back seat of his new truck, his best friend was getting his dick sucked by his godmother.

Johnny wasn’t just getting a regular blowjob, Sadie was performing on that teenage Asian cock. Deep throating, fondling his balls. All while Johnny pushed her head down and called her a good bitch. As Sadie focused on the task at hand, Johnny performed for his friend. “Shaun, look bro.” While still pushing down on Sadie’s head with one hand, Johnny used his other to lift up her dress and pull down her little panties. Johnny then put his middle finger and ring finger in Sadie’s pussy and his thumb in her ass. “Two in the pink and one in the stink, bro. You can’t tell because this fat ass has swallowed my hand, but I’m inside of all her holes. Greatest night ever.”

As Shaun emerged from the tunnel he was heated. He wasn’t mad at Johnny, but he was furious with Sadie. All she did was tease him the whole week. Letting him hump her, grind on her, feel on her booty. Around the house she would walk extra stank when he was around to show off her enormous jiggly ass. Shaun had had enough.

Instead of staying on the highway, Shaun pulled off at a rest stop. Shaun parked in a secluded place behind a dumpster and he hopped out of the truck with it still running. “What’s up bro? You wanna grab some snacks?” Shaun opened the door on the side where Sadie’s fat juicy ass was jiggling and he grabbed Sadie by the waist pulling her out of the car on to her feet. “Hey, what’s going on?” said a drunk and confused Sadie. Shaun quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and he shoved his cock deep in Sadie’s pussy. Sadie didn’t know what to do. Johnny shouted out, “it’s a party now!”

Johnny slid over to the seat where Sadie was bend over getting fucked from the back by Shaun and he grabbed Sadie’s head and pulled it back down to his crotch. Before she knew it, Sadie had Johnny’s dick in her mouth again while Shaun was shooting a load deep in her pussy. Shaun looked at Johnny and Johnny looked back at him. The teens shared devilish smiles as Johnny continued to force feed Sadie cock and Shaun took his still hard cock and shoved it deep in Sadie’s fat ass.

Back at the Warehouse in the Bronx, Lil Trey emerged from the back of the club with superstar singer/actress, the incomparable Sofia Arroyo and walked her to the stage. The 40 something year old, big booty, voluptuous Colombian American superstar was wearing a short white sequins dress as she took the stage to sing a special song for Mz. Henny. To think, the singer that Sadie and Mz. Henny loved so much was the big booty slut that Sadie and Shaun had seen earlier getting fucked by Lil Trey. Imagine if Sadie didn’t leave the club, the scene would have been epic.

Sofia Arroyo sung a beautiful ballad while Majestic had his arms wrapped around Mz. Henny swaying from side to side. After signing her song, Sofia said, “From one Bronx girl to another, welcome home beautiful. Enjoy your night!” The two big booty entertainers hugged and Mz. Henny addressed the crowd.

“It’s been a long time coming, but ya bad bitch is back. My big brother Kool is here tonight and we wanna make it feel like ’07 again. DJ…drop that shit, nigga!”

The instrumental to Dr. Kool Love and Mz. Henny’s hit song “Side to Side” started playing and the crowd erupted. Kool took the stage with Mz. Henny and the two tore it down, they performed the song five times before Mz. Henny started performing her own hits. With Majestic playing the supportive husband and hype man for her. the energy was euphoric for Henrietta. She was home. After she finished her set, Majestic gave her a big kiss as he squeezed her fat ass. Majestic then pointed in the crowd and said, “They missed you queen, they love you.”

Majestic pointed out Papa Shake and Khalil in the crowd who looked quite chummy as they raised glasses to her. Majestic pointed out superstar rapper and Mz. Henny protégé Rachel Ratchet in the club who was clapping super hard and blowing kisses. Majestic pointed out Mz. Henny’s new friend, the 18 year old British rapper Betty Barz who was smiling and waving her hands. Then Majestic said, “Oh shit, look. Ha ha, the whole Bronx is out, theres your man. Haha, fuck is that nigga wearing tho?. Haha.” Mz. Henny locked eyes with Herman Perez who stood among all of the club goers clapping with the “I just fucked you hard in the ass” smile that she had seen every night for five plus years in jail. Mz. Henny looked at Majestic and said, “Hmm, would you look at that. Uhhh, well, uhhh…hey over there. That’s the chick from that tv show I love.”

As Mz. Henny tried to ignore the 58 year old booty bandit that lived to sodomize her, little did she know about 15 miles away her son was viciously pounding away at her best friend’s gargantuan ass by a dumpster at a rest stop. After busting his nut in Sadie’s mouth, Johnny laid out on the seat with a look of complete satisfaction on his face. Meanwhile, poor drunk Sadie was bent over getting her ass pounded harder than she had it pounded since she left her hooker days behind her. Needless to say, Shaun was bringing in his 18th birthday better than he could have ever imagined.


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