Lust and Hip-Hop 2: The Return of Mz. Henny Chapter 8: …Stays in Vegas

“Yeah, booty. I’ma make some time to fly home in a few weeks, but the tour is popping right now. Shit more lit than ever. I miss you and my son tho. Thanks for the pics” said Lil Trey to his fiancée Sadie as he laid down in his hotel room with two of his female fans naked on their hands and knees taking turns sucking his dick.

One of the fans was a big booty 18 year old, white blonde girl and the other was her 38 year old, big booty blonde mother. Trey had seen the mother /daughter duo in the front row at his Oklahoma City show the night before and he invited them back to his hotel room for some weed, liquor and good ole blowjobs and butt fucking. Needless to say they were with it.

“We miss you too, daddy. Mama know you out getting that bread tho. We good. Can’t wait to see you. Uhhh, ooohhhh, damn daddy. I gotta go. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you, daddy.” said Sadie as she hung up the phone. Sadie then looked over her shoulder and said, “Damn, Shaunie. You wrong for that. Gonna go from slow stroking this booty to pounding the fuck out of it while I’m still on the phone. Oooohhhh fuuuuuccckkkkk. You so deep in a bitch’s booty it don’t make no sense. Oh my gawd!”

About a month and a half has passed and this had become the norm for 36 year old, Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson. With her 19 year old rap star baby daddy/fiancé Lil Trey on tour fucking every big booty fan he could, Sadie thought it was only right to enjoy the lifestyle that her millionaire man provided for her while letting her handsome 18 year old godson Shaun fuck her silly in all three holes. Trey didn’t think Sadie knew about his sluts and Trey definitely didn’t know that Shaun was fucking his woman. Everyone was happy.

“Aawwww yeeaahhh. Pheeewww. I love this butt. Damn you got some good booty, baby.” said Shaun as he held his godmother’s ass while filling it up with another warm load of cum. “I love nutting in this booty. I just wish I could leave my dick in this ass all day long.” Sadie giggled and said, “Haha, boy, you usually do. Shit, you only take it out when it’s soft. As soon as it gets hard, right back up my big ole ass you go.”

Shaun’s cock slid out of Sadie’s ass along with some of his cum as he jiggled her fat ass with both hands. Shaun placed his limp dick between Sadie’s ass cheeks and squeezed them together as he stroked her ass crack. “So what’s on the agenda for the day, Sadie?” Sadie, who was doggystyle on the bed looked over her shoulder at Shaun and said, “The same shit we been doing. Gonna go shopping again. Spend some of that lil nigga’s money and go kick it with your mom at the studio while she finishes that album up. She’s really in her zone. I love seeing my girl doing her thing. Oh yeah, and Vegas later. You know she got that club appearance tonight.”

Shaun was so focused on Sadie’s enormous ass that he didn’t hear a word she said. “Huh? Vegas? What? Yeah yeah. Shit, my bad. What you was sayin’ ?” Sadie smirked and said, “Earth to Shaunie. Haha, boy, I said we gonna go shopping then see ya momma in the—” Sadie stopped talking mid sentence. She felt Shaun’s dick become rock hard again between her ass cheeks. She knew what that meant. Shaun said, “Huh? What now?” Sadie rolled her eyes then looked forward again and said, “Nothing, baby. Do ya thing.” Shaun spread Sadie’s massive ass cheeks then slid right back in her booty. Sadie just put her head down and grunted as her godson began to butt fuck her for the third time this morning. Since they’ve been fucking for over a month now, she knew that he was good for at least two or three fuck sessions in the AM before they got out of bed. Like the pro she is, Sadie took her teenage godson’s dick without problem.

“Nigga, I’m hardcore, can’t nan bitch see me.
Ass fat, face pretty, hoes wanna be me.
They can’t. I’m mad stingy, I ain’t giving up shit.
I’m the queen, this my throne, nigga I’m that bitch.
Listen up, Henny home. Hoes step up your bars.
Draped in designer clothes, whippin’ foreign cars.
But that’s just material, mass murder like serial.
I’m fly, my flow flawless, plus I’m lyrical.
I can flip metaphors and similes stupendously.
Underground rugged, still pop for the industry.
I’m poppin, like bitches’ pussies on a strip club stage.
I’m savage, like wild gorillas never locked in a cage.
I’m hot, like Asians’ woks at the Chinese spots.
Ima never stop cuz I stays on top.
It’s Henny! Get wit me, it’s Henny!
They can’t touch me with the bars cuz I got so many.”

While her son was enjoying dicking down her best friend’s fat ass, Mz. Henny was already at Wild Out Records studios burning down the recording booth. In the studio was famed hip hop producer Kevy Kev, Mz. Henny’s loving husband Majestic, Wild Out Records VP of A&R/Mz. Henny’s childhood friend Khalil Mack and Wild Out Records CEO Papa Shake. Mz. Henny put down her headphones then walked out of the booth.

“How was that? said Mz. Henny with a confident smirk on her face. Majestic walked up to her smiling, nodding his head and said, “Babe, you murdered that shit. Put that beat in a body bag,” Khalil smacked Papa Shake on the back and said, “All her sessions this month been just like this. Told you you had to see this shit, our girl’s in rare form.” Papa Shake smiled and said, “Henny. Damn girl. You flowing harder than 90% of the niggas in the game, but it was still sexy and shit and you really rode that beat.” Papa Shake slapped Mz. Henny five and she smiled.

“Thanks, Shake. I told you I’m still hungry for this shit. Please believe, you fucking with a bitch that’s in it to win it. Hey Kev, cue up that track we did yesterday. Let Shake hear it,” said Mz. Henny. The producer said, “Which one? You did two hard joints yesterday.” Mz. Henny walked over to the computer by the mixing board and bent over to get a good look at the tracks. Majestic helped her look for the right song along with the producer.

While Mz. Henny was bent over, Papa Shake and Khalil started staring at Mz. Henny’s fat ass. Mz. Henny was wearing a tank top and a miniskirt that barely covered her big juicy chocolate ass. Both men bit their bottom lips then simultaneously looked at each other for a second to acknowledge that they both liked what they saw then went back to staring at Mz, Henny’s fat ass as she perfectly arched her back. It wasn’t long before Mz. Henny found the track and Khalil and Papa Shake had to stop staring.

“Yeah, boys. Check this out. It’s called, “Freaky for my Nigga.” It’s kinda raunchy so I’m pretty sure it won’t be a radio song, but when this hit the strip clubs and the regular clubs it’s gonna break through and be a hit. Ima debut it tonight in Vegas.” As the song played, Mz. Henny rapped along with the track and gave a light performance as she looked in Papa Shake and Khalil’s direction. Mz. Henny was right. The song was really raunchy. She talked about how she deep throats for her man and how wet her pussy stays and how fat her ass was and how big her titties were. Speaking of her titties, as Mz. Henny gave her spirited performance her big plump breasts bounced in her tight tank top. Majestic and the producer just nodded their heads to the track and hummed along as Khalil and Papa Shake tried their best not to stare at Mz. Henny’s chest. After hearing the song, Papa Shake and Khalil congratulated Mz. Henny on her good work and left her with Majestic and the producer to do more work.

Khalil and Papa Shake made their way to the elevator to go to their respective offices as they talked about Mz. Henny. “That ‘Freaky for my Nigga’ song is definitely gonna make them hoes at the strip club lose their mind. With that beat and Henny talking that shit. That song gonna spread like wild fire down south.” said Khalil. Papa Shake nodded and said, “Facts, nigga. Facts, but yo, I see why you been going to more and more of baby girl’s sessions. All that ass. Fuck! Henny been had the titties, but that ass too. Plus she looking good. I mean, shit.”

Khalil tried to play it cool, “Oh yeah, she’s looking good as fuck these days, but I’m there for the music.” Papa Shake got off of the elevator and said, “Nah, nigga. You ain’t slick. The music fiyah, but you there for that pretty face, them titties and that ass. Shit, makes me wanna go to more of her sessions. I mean, I noticed she was thicker but this the first time I was staring.” Khalil followed Shake down the hallway and said, “Hey man. That’s the homey. Strictly business.” Papa Shake said, “You right, but sometimes you get to mix business with pleasure. Case in point. Follow me to my office.”

As Papa walked to his office with Khalil, Papa Shake’s secretary said, “Your 11:00 is waiting for you inside. Papa Shake rubbed his hands together and said, “Thanks sweetheart. Khalil, follow me.” Upon entering the office, sitting in the two chairs in front of Papa Shake’s desk were Young and Wild/Wild Out Records recording artist Camille “Compton Cammy” Washington and her manager Lamar Dickey.

“Hey Lamar, what’s up, man?” said Papa Shake. The short, pudgy black man Lamar stood up and shook Papa Shake’s hand and said, “Good my brother. Just finished up Cam’s mixtape. Trying to see if you’re gonna let her jump on the last few months of the tour with Trey and Craze-E. The few cities she did opening for them were lit. I’m sure the buzz will be crazy with her mixtape finally finished.” Papa Shake said, “Most def. We gotta get our girl out there. If the music is as good as I heard it is, she might be able to get on the all girls tour I’m planning with Rachel Ratchet, Mz. Henny and my new white bitch, Betty Barz. I mean, she’s signed to Lil Trey, but it’s all Wild Out family, you know.”

Compton Cammy stood up and looked at Papa Shake and in her deep, butch lesbian voice said, “I’m ready, Shake. Put me in the game, dawg. My new single bubblin on the charts, ya feel me?” Shake smirked and said, “Shit, homegirl. That’s what this meeting is for. But please, take some of that bass outta ya voice. Haha.” Cammy took some of the bass out of her voice and said, “My bad, Shake. Force of habit. I took my braids out like Lamar told me you wanted me too. See.” Cammy took her baseball cap off revealing her curly dark brown hair that came down to right above her shoulders. Papa Shake said, “Good girl. Yeah, we gonna get you a spot on the tour, plus a nice lil budget for a video for that song that’s bubblin. I know they’re gonna love it when you open for Henny tonight in Vegas. That’s a decent lil bag for you right there. Anyway, Lamar, you can go grab some lunch. We’ll call you when the meeting is done. Oh yeah, this is Khalil, y’all met before.” Lamar shook Khalil’s hand and said, “Yeah, you wanted to sign Craze-E last year. Sorry we couldn’t do business, but you’re over here now so it all worked out. Y’all enjoy yourselves.”

As Lamar walked to the door, Cammy grabbed him on the arm and said, “Lamar, you just said I’d have to…uhh…perform for Shake. You didn’t say anything else about another nigga.” Lamar grabbed The 6’2″ Cammy by her hair to pull her head down toward his and said, “Bitch, I don’t care if you gotta put on for 10 niggas. You gonna get this money. Then I’ll pick you up so we can head to Vegas for your appearance with Mz. Henny. We handle our shit, right? Be a big girl and get us this money.” Cammy softly said, “I’m sorry, daddy. Ima get this money.” Lamar smacked Cammy in the ass and said, “Good girl. All the stuff you need is in your duffle bag over there. See you soon.” Lamar gave Papa Shake and Khalil dap and said, “Enjoy fellas.”

As Lamar left, Khalil looked up at the 23 year old, large breasted, big booty dyke with an uninterested look on his face. Papa Shake and Khalil were both just under 6′ tall so they had to look up at the tall woman. Khalil noticed that Cammy was thick, but she had no make up on, she had on a sports bra under a wife beater trying to minimize the size of her huge titles and she had on boxers and baggy khaki cargo shorts and a pair of basketball sneakers. Cammy noticed Khalil’s look of disapproval and said, “What’s your problem?” Khalil said, “Huh? Uh…no problem. Ay, Shake. I got some work to do. I’ll leave you to your meeting.” Cammy grabbed her duffle back and walked toward Papa Shake’s private restroom and said, “See you around then nigga. Peace.”

As Cammy went to the bathroom, Khalil walked to the door to leave. Papa Shake said, “Where you going?” Khalil shrugged and said, “Hey man, each his own. Ya know, I mean, she thick and she ain’t ugly, but she looks like a nigga. Straight up. A pretty nigga, but a nigga nonetheless. I’m not into fucking butches. You know, if that’s your thing. Cool.” Papa Shake closed the door and said, “Nigga chill. I’m not into fucking butches either, but see this bitch when she come out that restroom. Pour us a few drinks and take a seat and relax.” Khalil poured a drink for himself and Papa Shake then sat there shaking his head.

“These the perks, my nigga. You been a big dog in this game almost as long as me. I know you’ve never been as important as me, but I’m sure you fucked your fair share of sexy lil singing and rapping bitches that wanted to get on. Shit, I heard a few stories about you, in fact. Hahaha.” Khalil smirked and said, “Well you know. Haha, but dimes tho. Not bitches like—”

Just then the 6’2″ butch dyke rapper, Compton Cammy came out of Papa Shake’s private bathroom with her hair combed, with make up on her face looking gorgeous. Khalil stared at Cammy’s face in amazement before panning his eyes down to check out her body. Cammy walked toward the men sitting on the couch wearing only a white lace bra that couldn’t contain her big bubbling breasts and a matching pair of white lace panties under some full length shear pantyhose and a pair of white high heel shoes.

Embarrassment and nervousness was all over Cammy’s face as she looked down at the two high powered music executives. “Take a seat on Papa’s lap, bitch. It’s ok. Yo Khalil, grab that bottle of cognac from over there and bring it back.” As Cammy sat down on Papa Shake’s lap, Khalil darted over to the bar, grabbed the bottle and took his seat again next to Papa Shake on the couch. Papa Shake rubbed Cammy’s fat juicy ass on top of her pantyhose and said, “Damn, baby. You look even better than you did that night I saw you get a train ran on you at Trey’s house last month. Been meaning to get at you, but a nigga had far more important bitches to smash before I got to you. You know how it go. Superstar singing bitches, famous TV and movie actresses, models and shit.”

Khalil kept staring at Cammy in amazement because of her instant transformation and it really creeped her out. In the soft voice she was trained to use when she was all dolled up, Cammy said, “Why he staring like that, Shake?” Papa Shake smacked Cammy’s ass nice and hard and said, “Bitch, it’s Papa when you about to get dick. You call me Papa. Ok, bitch?” Cammy nodded her head and said, “Sorry, Papa. I’m just nervous is all. I never been with such a power guy. I really need this budget for my video and to get my shit out there. I’m a team player.” Papa Shake rubbed Cammy’s ass and said, “It’s ok, baby. You gonna get everything you need. As long as you perform for me and Mack like you did for my youngins. Rest your head on Papa’s shoulder and sip this cognac while I rub this fat booty and chat with Mr. Mack.”

While Cammy guzzled liquor and got her fat caramel booty fondled by Papa Shake, Khalil said, “Damn, she cleans up good. If she got this in her why not sell her like this. Sex sells, my nigga!” Papa Shake chuckled and said, “I hear ya, but we got Rachel for that. Now we got my lil white bitch and even Henny for that. Even tho Henny spit hardcore she got them titties and that big ole ass now. Umm hmm, we good on the selling sex. This bitch right here brings something different to the game and folks are eating it up. Trey and them tried to make her ladylike when she first got signed, but she kept butching up so they said fuck it.”

Khalil replied, “She looks nice and chill now. Real feminine.” Cammy replied, “I can turn it on and off for the most part when I try hard.” Papa Shake took the bottle of liquor from Cammy, put it on the end table and slid Cammy’s big juicy ass from his thigh to his crotch and made her grind on him. Papa Shake held Cammy’s fat booty while she grinded on him and said, “Yeah man. I got her whole story from her manager. She got locked up on some gang shit with her homies. A teenage menace. Word was she was running all the bitches in jail. Fucking em with dildos she made out of broom handles and shit. Haha. Then one day the CO’s saw this fat ass in all its glory and they never let up. First dick she ever had was a hard one right up her fat ass in a cell. For the next year or so not a moment went by that she didn’t have a dick in her mouth, pussy or ass. Shit, her manager, the little fat nigga that left her here, she’s his bitch now.”

Instead of pulling Cammy’s pantyhose down to expose her ass, Papa Shake savagely ripped them apart from the seam that went down the crack of her enormous ass. Khalil looked on getting hard himself as he said, “Damn, that lil fat nigga hitting this big booty on the regular? I met him before, he’s E’s manager too right?” Papa Shake motioned for Cammy to get on her knees and as she did. “Yeah man, he brought us Craze E. Him and his twin brother were pimping E’s momma out in Vegas. The brother still pimping too. In fact, they were Sadie’s pimps too for a while. Gotta respect those young niggas’ hustle. In fact, they gonna have some hoes waiting for us ”

Papa Shake had unbuckled his belt and slid off his pants and boxers and Cammy, who was on all fours with her back arched and her fat ass poking out, opened her mouth nice and wide and started sucking Papa Shake’s dick. Papa Shake leaned back and put his hand on the back of her head to guide her up and down on his dick. Khalil quickly pulled down his pants to release his rock hard cock and Cammy reached over to jerk him off while she sucked off Papa Shake.

Papa Shake looked down at Cammy, smiled and then said to Khalil, “We gonna make this thick ass bitch famous while we make ourselves richer and richer, but there’s nothing like looking down at these famous hoes giving you dome. Well, I also like looking at the back of their head while I bang em from the back. Haha. Damn, she suck a mean dick. Between those officers in the joint, the homies and her manager they trained this dyke bitch good. Hey bitch, let Mack sample that mouth some. Some! Then come right back to Papa’s dick.”

While the 23 year old, hardcore lesbian rapper serviced two two 30 something year old high powered music execs, our girl Mz. Henny was out and about with her husband getting lunch at a high class LA restaurant finally joined by Mz. Henny’s son Shaun and her best friend Sadie. “Nah, Victor, its cool. Let those girls pass. They can get a pic.” said Mz. Henny. Mz. Henny and her group were eating lunch outside while Mz. Henny’s two new personal bodyguards stood nearby to protect her. Victor and Kiev were their names. They were two no nonsense former Israeli soldiers turned personal bodyguards that stayed suited up and strapped up in case of any problems. Durning the days they were both with her and at night they took turns being on call. Between them and her husband Majestic, Mz. Henny felt safer than ever.

“Girl, ya bodyguards is no joke. They don’t miss shit.” said Sadie as she sipped some wine. Mz. Henny smiled and said, “I know, girl. Between them and my baby I’m like totally protected from any bullshit.” Majestic nodded and said, “That’s right babe, nobody can touch by girl. Even the fans, goddammit. I.m glad you decided to get em. I’d feel bad flying in and out of town for shows leaving you alone without them there.” Shaun interjected, “I’m around, pop. You know that.” Mz. Henny rolled her eyes and said, “Boy, whatever. You barely around. You either running around with your auntie, who is spoiling you with new clothes or your running the streets.”

Shaun smirked and said, “I ain’t running the streets, ma.” Mz. Henny scoffed and said, “Please, boy. I know you don’t be coming home sometimes. You always call at least, but I know your handsome ass probably got a few little random girls out there you’re kicking it with. Be safe tho.” Shaun smiled and glanced at his godmother Sadie quickly then looked back at his mother and said, “I’m always safe.” Majestic smiled and said, “He’s street smart, babe. We got a good one.” Sadie nodded her head and said, “Yup, he definitely a good one.”

Little did Mz. Henny and Majestic know, Shaun spent all that time away from them enjoying his godmother’s pussy, mouth and his favorite…her ass. Even when he was at home, Sadie found reasons to spend the night at Mz. Henny’s beach house. After nights of drinking and having good times with her friend, Sadie would end up with Shaun’s dick in her ass all night while Mz. Henny and Majestic spent time together relaxing, fucking or sleeping. All of the were happy with the way things were going the last month and a half.

“Well at least I’ll see my good son tonight in Vegas, right?” said Mz. Henny as she ate her cheesecake. “Of course, Ma. I wouldn’t miss it. After the show we hit the casino, get some drinks, shoot some dice.” said Shaun. Majestic said, “Boy, you’re only 18. They’d throw you out. You better enjoy the sights and drink ginger ale. Anyway, damn, baby. You sure you don’t mind me missing the show? I mean, I don’t need to go to Oakland for that club appearance tonight.” Mz. Henny scoffed and said, “Babe, I’m gucci. You get that bag. I’ll see you in the AM. I’m gonna do this show then go straight to my room and kick it with Sadie and Shaun for the night. I’m good. Anyway, let’s finish up. I gotta pack a few things for Vegas tonight..”

While Mz. Henny’s group was finishing their lunch and getting ready to head back home, little did they know that someone that wasn’t that pleased with Mz. Henny’s new security team was nearby watching them. Parked halfway down the block was Mz. Henny’s old “friend” and former C.O., the little old Cuban man, Herman Perez.

Herman was in bad shape. He had been sleeping in his car the whole time he’s been in Los Angeles stalking Mz. Henny. His diet consisted of cheap beer, potato chips and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It had been exactly 47 days since the last time he had his dick inside of Mz. Henny. The longest he’d gone in years without feeling that tight clinch of the big booty rap sensations asshole around his sizable Cuban cock. All he had was his hand and the videos of him sodomizing and throat fucking Mz. Henny on his phone to keep him company. Any normal person would have given up by now, but Herman was possessed. Late night stakeouts at the house, the studio, different clubs and restaurants. He knew that all he had to do was catch Mz. Henny alone to get back in her fat juicy ass. “Soon, bitch. Soon.” Was what he would repeat to himself whenever he got a glimpse of her.

Back at Papa Shake’s office…

“Yeah, bitch. Uhhh…fuuuuccccckkkkk yeah. This some good pussy. Yo Shake, I’m sorry for doubting you, bro. This shit right here, nigga…some of the best I’ve ever had.” said a completely naked Khalil as he kneeled behind poor Compton Cammy as he fucked her sopping wet pussy from the back. Papa Shake, who was also completely naked, stood nearby coating his hard cock with Vaseline as he sipped champagne from a bottle having already fucked Cammy’s pussy earlier. “Shit, it’s not the best I ever had, but it might be top five. Anyway, pull out and let that bitch taste her push again. Dykes love the taste of pussy. Hahaha. Time for a nigga to see what that booty hole hittin for. Ya feel me?”

Khalil pulled out of Cammy’s pussy and sat on the couch in front of her. Papa Shake quickly took Khalil’s place behind Cammy and spread her ass. Cammy was on all fours with her head down and her big milky titties handing. They had taken her bra off some time ago to titty fuck her and now she was only wearing her ripped pantyhose with her panties pulled to the side and her high heel shoes. Papa Shake positioned his dick right between Cammy’s ass cheeks and let them clap together on his dick. Papa Shake leaned over Cammy’s back while stroking her ass crack and said to her, “You a good bitch, Cammy. Papa is pleased with you. Ima make sure you get everything you need, ok, baby?” With her head still down, Cammy softly replied, “Thanks Papa.”

Moments later, Papa Shake put his hands on Cammy shoulders and thrusted his dick deep in her asshole and started stroking. Cammy’s head immediately flung back and she looked up to see Khalil ‘s cock inches away from her face. “Yeah Shake, that woke her up. I got next on the booty, my G. Haha. Anyway, you ready to suck this dick some more, huh bitch?” said Khalil as he gripped the bottom of Cammy’s chin. Cammy nodded and she leaned in toward the dick. Khalil playfully made it bounce in front of her face as Cammy moved her head around trying to put the dick in her mouth. Khalil eventually stopped mocking Cammy and he put his dick in her mouth.

Papa Shake and Khalil took turns banging out Cammy. After Papa Shake came in her butt, Khalil slid right in and eventually did the same after giving Cammy a nice rough butt fucking. After that it was a free for all. The two horny 30 something year old record execs enjoyed Cammy’s pussy, mouth in ass in multiple positions with even a little double penetration. Cammy was exhausted by the time they were done with her. Cammy went to the bathroom to freshen up, wash off her make up and put back on her butch lesbian clothes.

As she left the office, Khalil smiled from ear to ear making kissy faces at her and Papa Shake gave Cammy a pat on the ass and said, “Good job, baby. Me and Khalil gonna be at Henny’s appearance in Vegas tonight, I want you to kill that shit. Do ya thing and I promise you’ll be on a big tour this fall.” Cammy smiled and gave Papa Shake and Khalil big hugs. Even though they spent the last two and a half hours humiliating her she was grateful for the opportunity.

As Cammy closed the door Khalil said, “Ooowee, nigga!” Papa Shake smiled and said, “What I say, boy? Huh! That bitch got talent.” Khalil said, “Hell yeah. Nigga we need to slide back in that booty tonight after she performs.” Papa Shake replied, “Definitely. Oh, and speaking of hoes. Her managers brother got mad big booty hoes he’s limping in Vegas. Already got some lined up. Shit, they got this one bitch. An older Russian chick that used to be a madam. Pussy tight, ass fat and she sucks a mean dick. I told them to make sure she’s there, but we’ll definitely dick down that dyke some more. Fucking the female artists is definitely a perk of the business.”

Khalil poured another drink and said, “So Shake, you fucked all your female artists?” Papa Shake sat at his desk and said, “Of course, nigga. That’s why I make sure they all pretty with fat ass butts. All these hoes are my property.” Khalil downed his drink, smiled and said, “You hit Henny’s ass yet?” Papa Shake waved his hands and said, “Nah nigga. I don’t want those problems. Plus Majestic the homie and the nigga crazy.” Khalil nodded his head and said, “You right. You right. Henny is the homie for me. But…I mean, that ass is crazy.” Papa Shake looked at Khalil and said, “I done created a monster. Man, listen. Ima let her be, but like I said, all these female artists are my hoes. Who knows?”

A few hours passed and Mz. Henny, Sadie, and Shaun met up with Khalil and Papa Shake to take Shake’s private jet for the quick flight from LA to Vegas. Cammy drove with her manager so they were already on their way. The flight was a quick one and everyone was excited. Khalil was still riding the high from fucking Cammy so dirty earlier that he was feeling himself. He even flirted a little with Mz. Henny and Sadie on the flight. They figured he was playing around because he was tipsy, but he was serious. Nothing came from it though as they landed and checked into their hotel rooms. Khalil and Papa Shake enjoyed some of the big booty hookers they had waiting for them in Shake’s penthouse suite, while Mz. Henny, Sadie and Shaun checked out their rooms. Eventually Sadie and Shaun went to Mz. Henny’s room to link up with her to head over to the club she was performing at.

“Damn, this room is way better than mine.” said Shaun. Sadie said, “Shit, it’s better than mine too, but our girl is the star. Go on and shine, star!” Mz. Henny was standing in front of her big window wall in her lavish suite. Mz. Henny was gazing outside at the Vegas lights in awe. She looked damn good too in her black leggings, a tight leather vest, some black high heels and very expensive diamond necklaces and bracelets.

“This view is crazy, y’all. I can’t believe I’m getting $75,000 to be at this spot for an hour and a half. Plus I get to stay in this room. God is soooooo good.” said Mz, Henny as she turned around toward her son and best friend. “After the show, I’m coming right back here and I’m gonna re-fucking-lax and enjoy this view.” Shaun said, “No after party? I thought we’d turn a little.” Sadie said, “Yeah girl. At least for an hour or so.” Mz. Henny shook her head and said, “Y’all can turn up a little then come holla at me. You can make sure he don’t do nothing stupid and Shaun you make sure ya auntie don’t drink too much. Haha.” Sadie and Shaun looked at each other and smiled. If Mz. Henny wanted them to have a little fun together all that mean was Sadie was gonna have a Shaun’s dick in her mouth, pussy or ass in one of their rooms for a few hours.

Mz. Henny eventually made her way to the club she was performing at accompanied by her son, Sadie and her bodyguards. The club was in the casino hotel she was staying at so the fans went crazy as she walked toward club. Nearly a dozen hotel security guards walked with them to control the crowd. When Mz. Henny arrived, Compton Cammy was just finishing up her opening performance. She was making the $75,000 Mz. Henny was, but the $10,000 she got was still good money. After Cammy was finished the DJ announced that Mz. Henny was in the house and after some photo ops and talking to the crowd, Mz. Henny performed for the packed venue and she shut it down, her old hits, mixed with her new stuff that wasn’t even released yet had the crowd crunk.

When Mz. Henny left the stage to slide off to her hotel room for some rest and relaxation, Khalil walked up to her and said, “Damn sis, you killed it. You looked mad good too. You wanna chill with us? Me, Shake, Cammy and some other folks gonna smoke, drink and party in Shake’s penthouse.” Mz. Henny shrugged and said, “Mack, you know that ain’t even my scene. What the fuck?” Khalil was super drunk as he wrapped his arms around Mz. Henny’s waist and said, “Come on, we could have some fun, if you know what I mean. Some REAL fun, Henny. Come on, Henny, wit ya sexy fat ass booty.”

Mz. Henny smacked Khalil on the face and one of Mz. Henny’s bodyguards pushed him up against a wall. “Fuck, my bad. Yo, I’m drunk as fuck. My bad Henny!” Sadie and Shaun walked up to Mz. Henny and said, “What’s wrong?” Mz. Henny walked arm in arm with Sadie and Shaun away from Khalil and said, “Khalil real deal tried to come on to me. That nigga wildin.” Shaun said, “For real, Ima fuck him up. Wait til pops finds out.” Mz. Henny said, “Calm down, that nigga drunk and high and Im looking real good. He like family so he get a pass. Besides, Majestic would kill him. Let’s just go.” Papa ashamed walked over to Khalil to smooth things over with Mz. Henny’s bodyguard and he eventual joined the other bodyguard to escort Mz, Henny back to her room.

As Mz. Henny opened the door to her suite she said, “That nigga really tried to come on to me.” Shaun said, “You sure you don want me to handle this. I mean, pops taught me how to fight. I’ll go fuck him up.” Mz. Henny’s bodyguard Victor said, “It is no problem, Mz. Henny. Kiev and I can go teach him some manners if you like. Young Shaun can come with if he likes.” Kiev, Victor and Shaun all cracked their knuckles at the same time. Mz. Henny waved her hands and said, “Oh, please don’t. Like I said, he’s like family. I’ll talk to him when he sobers up. I’m sure he’ll be real embarrassed next time I see him. For now, I just wanna get a hot shower and relax. Sadie, Shaun…y’all go back to the party and have some fun. Victor, Kiev…you guys go to the casino floor and have some fun yourselves. I’ll be fine. Hey, what’s this?”

Mz. Henny walked over to the table and saw a gift basket with champagne and chocolate and some beautiful flowers. “Oh my god, this is so nice. It’s from the hotel. I’m gonna totally be a fat girl and eat all this chocolate. Y’all go have fun. I’m so good right now.” Kiev walked over to the table and inspected the gift basket and flowers. “When did they come?” Mz, Henny said, “The people must have dropped them off when we were at the club. For real tho, y’all go have fun.” Victor replied, “We’re on duty Mz. Henny. Kiev will go get rest and I’ll be right outside then we’ll change shifts.” Mz. Henny shrugged and said, “Alright then, y’all on the job. I respect that. I just want to relax.”

Everyone left Mz. Henny in the room alone. Victor stood sat in a chair outside of the room while Kiev went to a room on one of the lower floors to get some rest. Needless to say, Sadie and Shaun went right to Sadie’s room instead of going back to the club. “Damn Shaunie, that was so sexy. You were gonna go fuck up Khalil for Henny. You so manly.” Said Sadie as she stripped down to her bra and panties. Shaun was quickly stripping naked as he said, “Shit, I’m gonna talk to him when I see him. That shits not cool. Manly, huh? You liked that shit, huh? Come here girl.”

Shaun passionately kissed Sadie and squeezed her fat ass as he reached behind her back. Sadie smirked and said, “So, big daddy. What you trying to do?” Shaun pushed Sadie on her back on to the bed then swiftly turned her on her stomach. Sadie looked over her shoulder and said, “Oooo Shaunie, you mad feisty right now. You bout to beat it up, huh?” Shaun pulled down Sadie’s panties and buried his face in between her enormous butt cheeks and kneeled on the bed jerking his semi erect dick until it was nice and hard. Then Shaun wrapped his arms around Sadie’s waist and pulled her up to her hands and knees. Then, with both of his hands and her shoulders, Shaun slid his dick deep in Sadie’s pussy and started stroking.

While her son and best friend were down the hall enjoying themselves, Mz Henny looked out her window at the Vegas lights and smiled. Before long she received a call from her husband, Majestic. “Yeah, babe. In and out. Money already in the account. Immediate wire transfer. I can’t believe the money is flowing so good for us right now.” said Mz. Henny as she sat on the edge of her bed in the bedroom of her lavish suite. Majestic and Mz. Henny talked for a few more minutes and eventually said goodnight to one another and stated how much they couldn’t wait to see each other the next day. “Yeah babe, I’m about to get this shower, drink this champagne and eat some chocolates. I’m in full relaxation mode. Sadie and Shaun gonna come back in a few hours then it’s gonna be an all nighter of movies and junk food. Love you baby. See you tomorrow.”

Mz. Henny kicked off her heels and took off her leather vest and jewelry. She then peeled off her tight leggings and then her bra. Mz. Henny then walked into the lavish bathroom and turned on the shower. “Hmmm, maybe I should take a nice bath instead.” Thought Mz. Henny as she gazed over at the huge luxury whirlpool tub. “Hmmm, shower to get this club funk off of me then, bath to relax. Let me start this bath.”

Mz. Henny ran herself a nice bubble bath and as the tub finished filling with bubbles and hot water, Mz. Henny stepped out of her little panties and into the shower. Mz. Henny stood facing the shower head with her eyes closed enjoying the warm water cascading off of her body. It was pure serenity. Little did Mz. Henny know, her serenity was about to be interrupted in the worst way she could imagine.

Like a slimy slug, none other than Mz. Henny’s 56 year old Cuban CO and stalker, Herman Perez emerged from under her bed. The meticulous and obsessed stalker had waited a month and a have for the perfect moment to be alone with the object of his obsession and now was finally the payoff. Herman not only tracked Mz. Henny in his car, he also kept tabs on her through her social media. He knew she’d be in Vegas this weekend and that Majestic would be in Oakland doing a show.

In fact, after leaving the restaurant that Mz. Henny was eating lunch at earlier, Herman drove right out to Las Vegas. He waited in the parking deck of the hotel for Mz. Henny and her crew to arrive and he tracked them through the hotel in stealth mode eventually finding out what room she was in. He wasn’t sure how he’d get in the room, but as he waited lurked around outside of her room he saw a young hotel worker drop off the flowers and gift basket for her. Herman then nonchalantly bumped into the hotel worker and pick pocketed the master key that the young man had and Herman let himself in.

So while Mz. Henny was making her $75,000 club appearance downstairs, Herman hid under her bed hoping that things would fall in his favor. When Herman heard Mz. Henny tell her son and Sadie to give her a few hours to relax, he was so overjoyed he actually shed a tear. He knew he’d have her all to himself once again and the 40+ days he went without fondling her soft supple chocolate skin and thrusting his wrinkled up old dick in her ass was all about to be a memory.

Herman stripped down nude as he crept into the bathroom. Herman placed his trusty cell phone on the bathroom sink before creeping to the steamy glass door of the shower. Herman quietly slid the door open and stepped in. As Herman slowly closed the shower door, Mz. Henny looked over her shoulder in a carefree way wondering why she just felt a breeze. Mz. Henny was petrified as she saw old Herman standing there with a scruffy beard, wide eyes and drool coming out of his mouth. Mz. Henny quickly faced forward again and said to herself, “This isn’t real. This isn’t real.” and then she felt Herman’s rough old hands grasp her big soft milk chocolate ass cheeks.

Mz. Henny looked back over her shoulder with tears in her eyes and said, “No, no, no. How? How did you get in here?” Herman looked her in the eyes and said, “Come on, chica. You knew I’d find a way. You didn’t think those big bodyguards you got could keep me away forever. You belong to me. This booty belongs to me. In fact, I’ve missed this booty so. Before we make love, let me properly enjoy this moment.”

Herman dropped to his knees and playfully squeezed Mz. Henny’s booty and rubbed it. Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked forward and put her hands on the wall and poked out her ass toward him. She didn’t even realize she was doing it. Her body was so well trained to assume the position to get ass fucked after years of getting sodomized in the shower by old Herman.

As Herman fondled Mz. Henny’s ass he spread her butt and buried his face in it. Herman briefly took his face from between Mz. Henny’s ass cheeks and said, “Ay, chica! I’m in luck. You haven’t washed it yet. I can smell the sweet scent of booty sweat between your cheeks.” Herman then spread Mz. Henny’s cheeks again and licked her asshole. Mz. Henny felt chills through her body. Herman was rock hard as he eventually rose to his feet. Mz. Henny’s heart was pounding as Herman opened the shower door to prop up his phone and press record.

Herman then stepped back in the shower and left the shower doors open. “The floors gonna get a little wet, chica, but you know I love making out special movies. I have to get a new phone soon. I had to erase some pictures and videos of my grandchildren for more space. It’s alright though. This is far more important. Now hand me your body wash. This will have to do for lube.” Mz. Henny looked at the camera phone light that was on recording her as she obeyed her tormentor. Herman gleefully squirted bodywash on his rock hard dick then he spread Mz. Henny’s ass slowly and started fording his slick dick in her ass.

Mz. Henny flinched as Herman stood behind her holding her heavy ass cheeks apart trying to penetrate her ass. “Ay, chica. You’ve been saving this asshole for papi. It’s nice and tight. Your ass hasn’t been this hard for me to get in since the first time we made butt love. Excuse me if I cum too fast in round one. This extra tightness might be too much for this old man to handle.” After nearly a minute of trying to force his cock in Mz, Henny’s fat black ass, Herman was finally inside of her. “Just like old times, bitch. Don’t you ever keep this ass away from me for this long again.”

Mz. Henny’s back was perfectly arched as she got her butt fucked by Herman. Herman wrapped his arms around Mz. Henny’s waist like a child hugging his mother while the dirty old man rhythmically sodomized the superstar female rapper. Mz. Henny grunted with every thrust of Herman’s fat Cuban cock up her ass. Eventually the tears stopped and her eyes were just dead. Mz. Henny looked over toward the sink that Herman’s phone was propped up on and she looked at the reflection in the mirror. Herman had stopped hugging her as he butt fucked her. He was now standing up right rubbing and spanking her fat ass while he fucked her with a devilish grin on his face as he drooled looking down at his cock going in and out of her ass.

After a while, Herman’s strokes became slower and more deliberate. Soon after that, Mz. Henny felt her the familiar sensation of Herman emptying his load in her anus. Mz. Henny cringed in disgust as she felt Herman pull out of her butt. She looked forward again and out her head down as Herman, motioned for her to turn and face him. The short Cuban man reached behind Mz. Henny’s neck and pulled in in for a kiss. If being passionately kissed by the old pervert wasn’t enough, Herman’s tongue tasted like cigarettes and rotten eggs. Mz. Henny almost gagged.

“God, your mouth tastes like shit. Fuck, oh my god.” said Mz. Henny as she looked down at Herman with disdain. Herman proceeded to slap Mz. Henny in the face three times before yanking her by the arm down to her knees. Herman then grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock down her throat. “Whose mouth tastes like shit now? Huh, you fucking whore? Huh? You bitch!” Mz. Henny tried to pull back, but she couldn’t. Herman’s grip was too strong. His cock was so far in her mouth that she couldn’t breathe. Herman eventually pulled his dick out of her mouth and Mz. Henny vomited in the shower.

“You filthy whore. You’re disgusting. Let’s wash your dirty mouth out so you can properly suck my dick.” said Herman as he grabbed Mz. Henny by the hair and yanked her out of the shower and tossed her up against the sink where his phone was propped up. Mz. Henny looked up in the mirror at Herman as he turned own the sink. Herman grabbed a bar of had soap and put in her mouth then forced her head under the running faucet. Mz. Henny was powerless. She couldn’t believe how disrespectful Herman was being. Herman held her head under the water as the suds filled up her mouth and then finally let her up for air as he got behind her and shoved his cock right back in her ass.

Mz. Henny was caught so off guard by Herman’s cock invading her asshole again that her arms flailed knocking Herman’s phone into the sink. Herman promptly stopped stroking Mz. Henny’s ass and reached for his phone. Herman the. Pulled out of Mz. Henny’s ass and inspected his phone and realized it wouldn’t turn on. “No, no, no! My videos. My precious videos.” Mz. Henny stood up and looked over at Herman and said, “Ha! Fuck your videos. You should have saved them on your computer with the other ones if you loved them so much.”

Herman frantically tried to turn on his phone as he said, “Ay, Henrietta, my computer crashed before I even came out west. I lost those videos. These are the only ones I have.” Mz. Henny stood up straight with a scowl on her face and said, “So the phone videos are the only ones you have to blackmail me with?” Herman finally got his phone to turn on as he said, “Phew, that was a close one, yes. These phone videos alone are explosive. Now bend over again, you fucking—”

Before Herman could finish his statement, Mz. Henny punched the old man in the face. Since the floor was wet, Herman slipped and fell. Mz. Henny grabbed the phone and banged it up against the sink until the seal was cracked. Herman frantically rose to his feet and tried to stop her as she ran water inside the broken phone. Herman was furious as was Mz. Henny. Herman realized his ez pass ticket to sodomizing Mz. Henny was lost forever and Mz, Henny realized that if she would have broken Herman’s phone on the beach a month and a half earlier she would have never had to endure the horrors of that night and this one.

Furious with each other, Mz. Henny and Herman locked arms and wrestled with each other. They fell on the floor and Herman was overpowering Mz, Henny. “You’re still mine, bitch. Turn around.” Mz. Henny looked up at Herman and said, “No. you’re gonna have to take this booty if you want it. You don’t have anything on me anymore.” Mz. Henny kneed Herman in the crotch then crawled into the bedroom and rose to her feet to get her bodyguard. Luckily Victor didn’t take her up on the night off proposition he made her. He was right outside of the door.

As Mz. Henny rushed through the bedroom into the living room o the door, Herman tackled her and she fell flat on her face. As she tried to get up, Herman put her in a full Nelson as his cock rested between her ass cheeks. “I’m sorry chica. If you won’t give it to me, I gotta take it.” As Mz. Henny tried to get free, her door slowly opened. “Mz. Henny, are you alright? I hear a commotion. Are you decent, ma’am?” Victor opened the door with his hand covering his eyes out of respect. He then looked down at Mz. Henny on the verge of being penetrated by Herman and said, “What the fuck?”

Herman was so scared that he let go of Mz. Henny and back up. “She wanted me to be here, we’re old friends. Isn’t that right, Henrietta?” Before Victor could react, Mz. Henny grabbed the vase holding her flowers and she bashed Herman in the head repeatedly with them. “Mz. Henny, Mz. Henny. Calm down, ma’am.” Mz. Henny stood up and pointed down at Herman and said, “This piece of shit tried to rape me. He’s been stalking me.” Victor looked at Herman with rage in his eyes and cracked his knuckles.

Victor then looked at Mz. Henny with a calm look on his face and said, “Shall we alert authorities or would you like Kiev and I to make this go away?” Herman looked at Mz. Henny and said, “Please chica. I knew your mother, I was just looking out for you. I love you.” Mz. Henny then looked at Victor and said, “By go away you mean?” Victor smiled and said, “He was never here and will never be anywhere again.” Mz. Henny said, “I, uh, I, well.” Victor grabbed a blanket from the couch and wrapped it around Mz. Henny and said, “Don’t you worry. We are professionals. Watch the TV and enjoy your chocolates. We will not speak of this again.”

Mz. Henny went to her bedroom and watched TV as Victor called his partner to the room. Oddly enough Kiev needed no explanation to what they were about to do. Victor straighten up the bathroom and living room and even replaced Mz. Henny’s flowers as Kiev discretely removed Herman from the room. As Shaun and Sadie eventually arrived to hang out with Mz. Henny after their two hours of fucking, Mz Henny was all smiles like nothing happened and old Herman was in the trunk of a rental car driven by Victor and Kiev deep into the desert.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna gain like 10 pounds eating all of this room service.” said Mz. Henny. Sadie said, “Me too and I know it’s gonna go right to our butts too.” Shaun sat on the edge of the bed and said, “Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Haha.” Mz. Henny laughed and said, “Its all about the butt to guys these days.” Sadie said, “Girl it’s always been. Hey, where’s Victor and Kiev?” Mz. Henny smiled and said, “I gave them the night off. They totally deserve it.”


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