M.O.B. Wedding  Chapter 7: Forget What Happens Tonight

As the party bus pulled up to the Highpoint Hotel, Darius yelled out, “We’re here fellas. Shit’s about to be off the motherfuckin’ hook. The night is still young. Let’s go.” Jordan, who was still rubbing Suzy’s booty as she deep throated him, said, “Uh, D. How are we getting into this hotel. I mean, we’re all naked. These chicks are naked. We left all of our clothes at the lodge. I mean, it’s late and all, but this is a classy hotel. We can’t just run up in there naked.” Darius laughed and said, “Aw shit. I got my bag upstairs so y’all can wear some of my shit when we leave. Maria’s shit is up there too, so the bitches will be straight, but uhh. Hold up.” Isaiah, who was leaning back on one of the seats while Patty Cakes rode his cock reverse cowgirl, said “Maria here? Yo is this where Franny is having her party too?” Darius, who had just borrowed the driver’s phone looked back at Isaiah and said, “Yeah man, they on the floor below us though. Anyway, I’m about to hit Maria now and tell her to bring down my shit and some of hers. Then we’ll slide up to our suite and enjoy the surprise I got for y’all.”

Upstairs in the ladies’ suite, Maria, Shoshana and Franny stood around Azalea and Wayne the Midget cheering them on. A drunk Franny yelled out, “Way to go Azalea! You can do it.” Shoshana said, “Yeah big sis! Go for it. Me next.” Maria smiled from ear to ear before walking off to answer Darius’s call. 

Azalea was still doggystyle on the floor, only by now she wasn’t facing Wayne the Midget’s cock sucking him off. She was stripped down to her panties which were pulled down below her butt cheeks. The former child star, Wayne Weatherspoon had mounted her fat wide, Jewish bottom and he was giving her nice long strokes of his big black cock up her ass. Azalea grunted with every powerful thrust of cock up her virgin asshole. Her head was spinning from the liquor and her ass was on fire as she received her first cock up the ass.

After talking to Darius, Maria looked for her purse which had the key to Darius’s room in it and she realized it was in the bathroom where she was checking her make up earlier. Maria walked toward the bathroom and gave the door a light knock. Franny’s mother Lilly had been in the bathroom with Wayne the Midget’s teenage son for almost an hour. After hearing the knocking Wayne Jr. opened the door. 

“Excuse me ma’am, do you need something? Is someone in the other bathroom?” said a completely naked Wayne Jr. in a sweet polite tone. Maria smiled and said, “We have been hun, but I left my purse in this one.” Wayne Jr. stepped to the side and Maria’s face lit up. Lilly was bent over the bathroom sink with her hands against the wall. Her booty was a little red on the sides from spanks that the well endowed black teen had given her while he fucked her pussy from the back. Lilly lifted up her head and locked eyes with Maria. 

Getting hard black cock shoved deep in her elderly pussy along with the time that had passed since her last drink had sobered her up. She continued to take the pounding from the back because it felt good for for the last few minutes she was wondering how she allowed herself to sink so low as to get fucked by a random black boy in a hotel bathroom. As Maria grabbed her purse and turned away to walk out of the bathroom, Lilly blurted out, “He…he…he made me! I…I…I was drinking and I was confused. Please save me from this savage young black boy.” 

Lilly pulled up her panties, pulled down her dress and she walked past Wayne Jr. toward Maria and the door. The polite and well mannered Wayne Jr. then grabbed Lilly by the arm, pulled her close and then smacked her across the face with the back of his hand. “Bitch, you gonna cry rape when you wanted the dick? You embarrassed huh?” said Wayne Jr. before looked over at Maria and saying “Ma’am would you please bring one of those bottles of vodka in here. This sweet older woman needs an excuse to continue enjoying my uh…” Maria smiled and said, “Big black cock.” Maria gave Wayne Jr.’s cock a tug then power walked into the living room to retrieve a freshly opened bottle of vodka.

Lilly stood there in shock as Maria returned with the bottle and placed it on the bathroom sink’s counter. Lilly who was still in shocked stood there while Wayne Jr. and Maria looked at her. Lilly then said, “Umm, I…well do you have a glass?” Wayne Jr. smacked Lilly across the face two more times and said, “Bitch, drink it from the bottle. Don’t act all sidity.” Lilly did as she was told. She took a big swig of the vodka then put the bottle down and looked at Wayne Jr. for his approval. He said, “Take another chug, bitch.” Lilly did as she was told. After putting the bottle down, Wayne Jr. quickly lifted Lilly’s dress over her head and she stood there in her bra and panties. Wayne Jr. pulled one of Lilly’s titties out of her bra and then the other. He then said, “I’ma sit on the toilet and take a shit cus I feel them tacos that me and pops had earlier doin a number on my stomach. You gonna get on your knees, wrap them big ole titties around my dick and suck me off while you bounce them things on me.”

Wayne Jr. walked to the toilet, sat down and leaned forward preparing to take a massive dump. Lilly looked at Maria and said, “You…you…you can go dear. I…I…I’ll be fine.” Wayne Jr. yelled out, “Hurry up bitch. I want you suckin before the first log drops.” Lilly slowly made the walk of shame over to the defecating black teen and she slowly got to her knees, wrapped her titties around his massive black cock and she started to suck his cock. Maria walked over to Wayne Jr. and Lilly and with her camera phone she took a picture that clearly had Lilly’s face in it. Lilly stopped sucking and said, “What the hell are you doing?” Maria said, “You’ve been a sour puss all frickin’ day. Be one tomorrow for my girl, Franny’s wedding and I’ll put this pic on the big screen during their family picture slideshow. Nobody likes a sour puss, hun.” As Maria left, Wayne, Jr. laughed as he forced the elderly big booty Jewish Lilly to deep throat his cock.

After retrieving luggage from Darius’s room Maria met the groom’s wedding party in the bus downstairs. Maria smiled as she saw the guys enjoying their big booty white hoes all liquored up. She put the bags down and everyone paused to find clothes they could wear into the hotel. Maria pulled Darius to the side as he put on a pair of sweatpants and said, “You’re an animal and I frickin’ love it. I saw what you had in that room…who you had in that room. The guys are gonna go crazy. I’ll stop by before the night is over” Darius smirked and said, “Yeah, I know. Ha ha ha. I’m a wild ass nigga huh? But yo, how Franny shit goin’?” Maria showed Darius the photos she took of Lilly and the candid shot she took of Azalea while she was getting fucked in the ass by Wayne the Midget. Darius said, “Ha ha, aw shit. So you did get in contact with that old midget muhfucka? Ha ha. He turnin’ them tight hoes out. But yo, we bout to slide in. Let’s go.”

Maria walked with Darius, Jordan, Isaiah and Eric as they talked loudly and got themselves psyched up for the next part of the bachelor party. Darius’s closes were too big for the fellas so they stood out a bit, but it was whatever. About five paces behind them, Coach Tyler, Principal Greggors, Patty Cakes and Suzy Booty walked with their heads down all wearing Maria’s clothes. Although Maria was a big booty voluptuous woman herself, all of Maria’s dresses were a little too tight for the women and their ass cheeks all started to show as they frequently pulled down their dresses. Everyone got into the elevator and Maria got off on her floor and the fellas and their whores got off on the next.


When Maria walked into the bachelorette party room she was shocked turned up it had gotten in her short absence. Azalea, Shoshana and Franny were all lined up doggystyle next to each other on the floor. Drunk as all hell as Wayne the Midget walked back and forth behind them. “Who gettin’ dicked in they ass next?” Shoshana yelled out, “Me!” The once, prudish Azalea yelled out, “Give it to me again, daddy.” Franny started to stand up as she said, “I can’t. I’m getting married. I’m not drunk enough to forget that. I can’t believe you guys got me ready to – ahhh!” Wayne the Midget tackled her from behind and shoved his rock hard cock deep up her ass and said, “Gettin’ married means yo last time to get some random dick is tonight. Enjoy it! Love it.” Franny quickly submitted to being sodomized by the midget. In fact she had wanted to join in the fun all alone. Wayne looked over his shoulder at Maria and said, “This hefty bitch is next,” referring to Shoshana, “Then I’m goin’ in yo fat Italian ass, sexy.” referring to Maria. Maria smirked and said, “Bring it little sexy!”

Back at the bachelor party, Darius gave the fellas a speech before opening the door to their hotel room. “Look. I love y’all and y’all gonna love this. Y’all are all my brothas. Even you E. My white soul brotha.” Darius slapped Eric five and continued, “We’ve fucked a lotta hoes together, but playing pro ball in LA has given me the opportunity to make some famous friends. One of my friends decided to loan us his bitch for the night and she’s even more famous than him. Behind this door is just one bitch. But this one bitch is worth a million of these fat booty white hoes we ran through tonight. Without further bullshit talkin’ and shit. Meet Sofia Arroyo.”

Darius opened the door to reveal the superstar singing icon, the big booty Colombian sex goddess, Sofia Arroyo laying in bed fast asleep. Jordan yelled out, “Oh shit! Dude is that really her.” Darius put his finger up to his lips and whispered, “Shhhhhh. She did a show earlier tonight in the city and I think she’s exhausted. Let’s wake her up properly.” He then looked over to Coach Tyler, Principal Greggors, Patty Cakes and Suzy Booty and said, “You hoes get naked and get on your knees in a line while we wake up our superstar friend. Fellas y’all get naked too. Let’s get it.” The middle aged white women did as they were told and so did the fellas. Completely naked Darius, Jordan, Isaiah and Eric tiptoed toward the bed.

Sofia was still wearing her short red dress from her last performance complete with her high heel shoes while she drooled on her pillow laying on top of the covers. Isaiah said, “I can’t believe this bro, you fucked this bitch?” Darius said, “Nah. My boy and his homeys dick her down. You know the Teen Trappaz right. She belongs to the boy Lil Trey. We gonna tag team her. Since you’re the groom to be you get the booty first Jordan. Since I set this up, I believe I deserve the mouth first.” Eric said, “Whatever bro. As long as I get my turn I’m good.”

The boys rolled Sofia over on her stomach and Darius climbed to the head of the bed and sat down, resting his rock hard big black cock on the top of the sleeping Sofia’s head. Jordan straddled Sofia from the back and Isaiah and Eric just stood back licking their lips. Jordan lowly slid up Sofia’s dress exposing her enormous tanned Colombian booty. Sofia moved slightly, but she was still fast asleep. Jordan then pulled down her panties and he hocked a big wad of slip in her ass crack. Jordan gently spread the big booty Colombian bombshell’s ass cheeks exposing her perky and tight ass hole and he slowly slid his cock up her ass. By the time he was halfway in Sofia quickly awoke in shock and fear. She started to squirm and tried to get up. While trying to get up she ended up in a doggystyle position and with all of the commotion Jordan’s cock slid even deeper in her ass. Sofia screamed, “Aaahhhhhh!!!” She then looked up and saw Darius staring her in the face.

“Chill baby, it’s us. You know me girl. We met at that party in Beverly Hills last month. I’m Rachel’s man, Darius Milton of the Los Angeles Lazers. You know me girl.”  Sofia looked over her shoulder and said, “Who are you?” Jordan sheepishly said, “Juh Juh Juh Jordan Brookdale, I’m getting married tomorrow.” Sofia then looked at Eric and Isaiah then over at the four old big booty white ladies before looking back at Darius and said in her sexy Colombian accent, “Aye dios mi, you guys scared me. It’s just you guys, right? No more. Trey said only four.” Darius said, “Yeah baby. Just us and might I say we are very excited.” 

Realizing that everything was cool Jordan grabbed hold on both sides of Sofia’s massive ass and he started thrusting cock in and out of her tight ass hole.” Sofia grunted then said, “I would like to freshen up. I’m still a little sweaty from my stage show.” Darius shoved his cock in Sofia’s mouth and said, “Why take a shower just to get sweaty again? Ha ha ha. Let’s get it popping. Fellas get some liquor from the fridge, bring me and Jordan a few beers and you guys sit on the couch and make those bitches suck you off so your dicks stay hard and wet for when you get your turns with Sofia.

All of the boys were drinking while Jordan sodomized the superstar singer and Darius throat fucked her. Eric sat on the couch and had his old middle school Principal Ms. Greggors suck his dick while his tongue kissed his mother and fondled her fat white ass. Isaiah did the same having Patty Cakes suck his dick while he kissed and fondled his old high school gym teacher Coach Tyler. 

Back in the ladies hotel room, Wayne the midget and his son had Maria, Shoshana, Azalea, Franny and the elderly Lilly on their knees buck naked while they took turns pouring liquor down the lady’s throats and pouring liquor in their mouths. They then took turns drilling the 5 women in all of their holes with their cocks. One by one the ladies passed out from the liquor and exhaustion. Even Wayne the midget and his son were exhausted. The only person still functioning was Maria although she was drunk as hell and well fucked as well. Shoshana was laying face down on the floor next to her mother who was face down with Wayne the midget fast asleep on top of her with his cock still deep up her ass. Azalea was on the bed next to Franny who was still getting her butt fucked from behind by Wayne Jr. until he passed out and laid between them. Maria stumbled over and grabbed her phone to take some pics of Franny’s mother and mean sister Azalea to use for blackmail if they tried to act rude toward Jordan again. She then looked at Franny’s fat jewish ass leaking cum then she smiled and made a call.

Back in the boys room, Coach Tyler was laying on top of Principal Greggors both covered in cum and fast asleep. Isaiah was butt fucking a barely conscious Sofia while Eric made her suck his cock, occasionally smacking her in the face with the back of his hand to keep her awake. Darius sat on the couch looking at messages on his phone while Patty Cakes continued to kneel before him and suck his cock like a champ. Jordan just sat back and admired everything while Suzy Booty brought him another drink.

The drunk Suzy walked over to Jordan and gave him a rum bottle and said, “Here daddy.” Jordan took a big sip from the bottle and Suzy sat down on his lap. Although she was drunk as all hell she felt the need to express the fact that she still loved Jordan. Suzy whispered in Jordan’s ear, “Don’t do it baby. You were the only one to ever make me feel special since Eric’s dad. I love you. We should be together.” Jordan couldn’t hear her over the music that was playing and the grunting and slapping noises from Isaiah and Eric as they enjoyed Sofia’s luscious body. Suzy then yelled out loud enough for everyone to hear, “I LOVE YOU JORDAN! MARRY ME!” Everyone that was still away froze and looked at Suzy. Isaiah shot his load in Sofia’s ass at the same time. Eric took his dick out of Sofia’s mouth and he stumbled over to a confused Jordan. Jordan was so out of it he didn’t realize was Suzy was saying. Eric did and he was pissed.

Jordan looked at Suzy and said, “Huh?” Eric grabbed Suzy off of Jordan’s lap and said, “Nothing bro. Mom’s just drunk. She said congrats on the wedding.” Suzy tried to speak and Eric dragged her by the hand off to the bathroom. Darius’s phone rang and it was Maria. He softly spoke to her and said, “I mean, yeah we always talk about it, but that’s the homey’s wife. Well future wife.” On the other end of the phone Maria said, “Well, she’s not married yet.” Darius licked his lips and said, “True.” Loud slapping sounds were coming from the bathroom and Jordan stumbled to his feet and began to walk toward the bathroom. Darius got up and grabbed him and said, “Bro, this way. Gotta get another go at Sofia before the night’s over. Come on.” Darius literally threw Jordan on the bed and he grabbed Sofia by her hair and guided her mouth toward his cock. “Suck this bitch, we ain’t finished yet.” Jordan laid back in a drunken daze as Sofia did what she was told.

Isaiah finished his beer and smacked Darius on his back and said, “I’m ready for some more booty. Where Suzy at? I wouldn’t mind a little more of that.” Darius whispered in Isaiah’s ear, “Wanna blast from the past? Yo let’s slide out grab some pants. I’ma peak in on E right quick then we can slide.” Isaiah followed Darius’s instructions not knowing where he was going. Darius opened the door and he saw Suzy bent over the kitchen sink getting a vicious open hand spanking from her son Eric. “Bitch, who do you love?” yelled out Eric. Suzy replied, “You, baby. I’m sorry. Ow.” Eric replied, “Who’s your daddy? Whose booty is this?” Suzy replied, “Oww, it’s yours Eric. You know it, baby. You’re my daddy.” Darius looked at Eric and Suzy and thought, “These poor white trash motherfuckas are weird as hell.” Then he said, “Yo E, y’all good?” Eric spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock and calmly said, “Aces bro. Just gotta keep a hoe in line, you know?” Darius gave Eric a sarcastic thumbs up and he closed the bathroom door while Eric began to anally penetrate his mother from behind.

Darius and Isaiah wearing only their pants slid out of the hotel room unnoticed and made their way to the elevator. Darius selected the floor and Isaiah said, “What’s good man? Where are we going?” Darius smiled and said, “A blast from the past. I got made love for the homey Jordan, but this is for us.” Darius and Isaiah went to a hotel room door and Maria opened the door. Darius looked at the aftermath of the wild fuck session and said, “Damn baby, y’all turnt up for real. Oh shit, you did get lil dude from “Unconventional Family” to come through. Lil ole Buster Brown ass nigga. Ha ha ha. Where’s our girl?” Maria pointed to the bed where Franny was laying with Wayne Jr and Azalea all fast asleep. Darius then pulled Isaiah by the arm and said, “My brother, this the the booty that started it all. If it wasn’t for you, owning Franny back in the day, we wouldn’t even be here. It’s only right we get one last session with that ass.” 

Maria had already wiped the cum off of Franny’s ass in anticipation of Darius and Isaiah coming to the room. Isaiah straddled Franny’s fat Jewish booty and said, “Dat ass. This ass.” Isaiah then buried his face in Franny’s ass as Darius and Maria stood next to the bed smiling and giggling. Franny look up at Darius with a drunk stare then looked back at Isaiah eating her ass. “Oh my. My boys. You guys used to put me through hell. *hiccup* but we had some good times. I’m getting *hiccup* married tomorrow.” Darius sat on the side of the bed and said, “I know babygirl. It’s gonna be a great ceremony. Jordan is upstairs enjoying his last night. Me and Isaiah just wanted to have a little session with you. One last time. Like the old days, before you walk down that aisle.” Franny, drunk as hell, shrugged her shoulders. Not saying yes, but not saying no.”

Isaiah spread Franny’s ass and spit four times on her asshole and said, “It’s cool, right? If I just slide in. One last time. Jordan ain’t gotta know. I mean, he’s the homey, but I mean…this is just one last time.” Franny didn’t say no so Isaiah slid his dick in Franny’s ass just like the good old days. Isaiah let out a big breath and softly said, “Yesssssss.” Darius gently pulled Franny’s hair, guiding her mouth toward his cock and she looked up at him opening her mouth just enough for him to slide it in. Maria sat down in a chair and just admired the threesome. Isaiah and Darius fucked the shit out of Franny just like the old days. Just a little less rough. Don’t get me wrong, they gave her a good pounding. Each taking turns with her mouth and ass, but no rough spanking that would leave marks. They didn’t want her booty to be all battered on her wedding day. After each of them shot loads in Franny’s ass they gave her a kiss on the forehead and made their way back to their hotel suite upstairs and agreed that no one would ever tell Jordan that they had one last fuck session with his lady. 

Everyone past out that night fully fucked out and got some good sleep in anticipation of the big day.


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