Mrs. Mitchell Chapter 2

Mrs. Mitchel pt 2
“Squeaky clean big black
booties. I love it.” exclaimed Howard III who
was presently in a large whirlpool tub with Mrs. Mitchell and his
bottom bitch Charlene. Howard III was definitely enjoying his bath and
why wouldn’t he? He has his huge hard white cock hot dogged between
Charlene’s massive butt cheeks while tongue kissing Mrs. Mitchell and
rubbing her equally massive butt cheeks. “We get clean and then we get
dirty again, right Young Mr. Howard.” said Charlene. “Yes Charlene
baby, keep working that big black ass you sexy bitch.” Howard III said
while still passionately kissing a fully degraded Mrs. Mitchell.

Meanwhile in town, “Carnival!!! The
Carnival!!!” the ten year old
girls screamed out. “Ok little ladies, you girls take this money for
tickets and enjoy the rides.” said Mr. Beckman’s 23 year old wife,
Bridgett. The girls ran off gleefully to enjoy the rides and games.
“Oh my God we have done so much shopping already. You didn’t have to
buy us all of this stuff” said Mrs. Mitchell’s daughter Lona. “Don’t
worry about it sweetheart, My husband has loads of cash, why else
would I marry such and old fart. He’s as old as my grandfather.
Hahaha.” said Bridgett. “Ha ha ha, that is soooo funny girl, but if
you don’t mind me asking. Do you actually have sex with him?” said
Mrs. Mitchell’s other twin daugher, Laura. “Laura…shut up. I’m so
sorry Bridgett, my sister has issues.” said Lona. “We’re homegirls
now, it’s all good.” said Bridgett. “Mostly I just give him the
occasional blowjob, he literally had a heart attack the last time I
let him fuck me. Hell, I barely give him blow jobs anymore…in fact
he get sucked off by the maid.” “oh my God, he’s cheating” said Lona.
“Get a grip, girl. That’s how it goes. Nobody is faithful these day.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Beckman and Byron are at one of
Mr. Beckman’s favorite
hideaways. “Sir, I thought we were going hunting?” said Byron. “Ha ha
ha, ah man that was just a cover to get away from the wives and kids.
I say I’m going hunting then I come out to Natasha’s Massage Parlor
for a nice rub and tug and a few bj’s.” said Mr. Beckman. Byron felt
uncomfortable going into this place and for good reason. Let me tell
you a few things about Byron. Byron was a nerdy kid, you wouldn’t know
it by seeing him now. Now he is a strong, tall, self assured and
successful black man, but in his younger days he was a scrawny, nerdy
little guy that never got any pussy. It wasn’t until he met his future
with Crystal in college that they both lost their virginity and up
until last night’s blowjob from Charlene and Howard III’s anal rampage
with his wife; the two have never been with anyone else.

“You’re a real boy scout, Byron. A good looking, strong black guy with
a big cock. I figured you’d have bitches of all kinds on the side.”
said Mr. Beckman. “Well uh…I really love my wife, sir and she gives
me lots of good lovin.” said Byron. “Wow, really. Hey, you’re a good
man. Truth be told I was faithful to my first wife, for the most part.
There is nothing wrong with that. If you want we can just get some
massages and I’ll get the happy ending and you can just have a
standard rub down.” said Mr. Beckman. Byron, feeling a sense of relief
said “That would be just fine, sir.”

Just then the women entered the room. At Natasha’s you get to pick
your lady and each one was prettier than the next and almost all of
them had nice plump asses. Then one woman came from the back of the
crowd screaming “Howie, I missed you papi.” The woman had light brown
skin and a sexy Puerto Rican accent and perfect coconut shaped ass
cheeks. “Sarita my Latina lovely! I missed you too. Let’s go sweet
cheeks.” said Mr. Beckman who was dying to get a hold of his little
latin bombshell, his favorite girl at Natasha’s Massage Parlor.

Meanwhile Byron stood there in front of a
large selection of women
from many countries with all kinds of body shapes. Any other man would
be in heaven, but Byron was just filled with guilt. After standing
there for about 3 minutes, Byron said. “I’m sorry ladies, I’ll pass.”
Then out of nowhere, Natasha herself appears to speak to Byron. “Hello
sir, I am sorry that none of my ladies are to your liking. Would you
like to wait in the TV room?” said Natasha in a sexy Russian accent.
Before Byron could get his words out he was mesmorized by Natasha’s
thick body. Natasha was in her late 40’s but her face wouldn’t let you
know that, she was still absolutely gorgeous. The only sign of her age
was the thickness that she had. She had a big thick booty on par with
Byron’s wife and some nice fairly perky breasts. Natasha noticed
Byron’s stares and said “Or maybe you would prefer a woman that’s a
little more mature and thicker.” Byron just nodded and walked off with
Natasha staring at her massive white ass that bounced beautifully
under her cocktail dress.

Natasha walks Byron to a room in the back.
Along the way, he peeks in
on Mr. Beckman who is balls deep down the throat of the lovely Sarita
and she’s absolutely loving it. Finally they get to the back room and
Natasha says “I haven’t been with a customer since I opened this place
7 years ago. I get propositions on occasion, but for some reason a big
booty isn’t all that popular with a lot of the old white men that come
here.” “They’re missing out. I didn’t know white women could be as
thick as you.” said Byron. Natasha said, “I’m going to take care of my
chocolate Adonis.” Natasha slowly stripped Byron completely naked and
admired his finely chiseled body. She then ushered him over to a
chair so he could sit back, relax and prepare for what was about to go

“Do you like this big booty in your face, sexy?” said a bend over
Natasha to Byron. “Hell yes I do ma’am” said Byron who wasted no time
forcefully yanking down her panties and burying his face between her
ass cheeks. “Oooo…aahhhh…you’re a naughty boy.” said Natasha who
started to slowly stroke Byron’s rock hard cock. “Ohh fuck yeah,
bitch, do that shit girl.” said Byron in a muffled voice with his head
still firmly between Natasha’s ass cheeks. “Oh baby I want to get this
big chocolate cock in my mouth, may I get on my knees and suck it for
you?” said a very eager Natasha. “Couldn’t you suck me, while I lick
your ass and pussy.” said a very horny and now quite comfortable
Byron. “I could baby, but I want to get on my knees for you and stare
up at you while you fuck my throat with that big strong black cock of
yours. Don’t worry, I’m not putting you on the clock. You will have
all the time you want to enjoy this booty.” said Natasha. “Yeah, yeah
girl. That sounds sexy. Get on your knees and suck me off bitch.” said
Byron. Natasha, still wearing her sexy little cocktail dress with her
panties pulled down right below her ass cheeks, got on her knees and
started to deep throat Byron’s huge cock and he was loving every
moment of it.

Little did Byron know, his wife was back at the house with a cock down
her throat. “That’s right bitch choke on that cock. Choke on that
cock, BITCH!!! Aahh yeah! Fuck!!! You probably suck cock better than
my baby Charlene.” said Howard III fully mesmerized by the wonderful
blowjob he was getting from Mrs. Mitchell. Charlene peered over with a
sad look on her face. “Nobody sucks your dick better than me Young Mr.
Howard.” said a somewhat upset Charlene. “I don’t know baby, you
better get over here and remind me how much you love this dick. Let’s
have a dick sucking contest. The winner gets to swallow my next load
of hot cum.” said Howard III. Right then, Howard stood up while still
forcefully thrusting his cock in Mrs. Mitchell’s mouth. Charlene then
quickly dropped to her knees and pulled Howard III’s dick out of Mrs.
Mitchell’s mouth and began to deep throat it. You’d think that Mrs.
Mitchell would enjoy having a break, having someone take the burden
off of her, but the feeling of competition got into her and she
eagerly sucked on Howard III’s balls while Charlene masterfully licked
his shaft. These two thick, gorgeous, middle-aged black goddesses took
turns sucking his dick and licking his balls and Howard III was
enjoying every second of it. Was Mrs. Mitchell really starting to
enjoy being this teenager white boy’s cock slut? It sure looks like

Back at the massage parlor, Mr. Beckman was laying in bed while Sarita
playfully tugged at his now limp dick as they passionately kissed each
other having a good old time. Meanwhile, in the backroom Byron was
still as hard as a rock enjoying Natasha’s throat. “Oh yeah, I’m about
to cum!!!” said Byron. Just then Natasha clamped her eager mouth
around his cock to suck up every drop of his nut. Although it was a
forceful blast, Natasha being the old champ that she was, she didn’t
let a bit drop out of her mouth. “Wow baby, you could have fathered a
thousand children with the amount of sperm you just shot down my
throat you big black stud.” said Natasha. “What do you want to do
next?” “Take off that dress sexy and give me a lap dance. I want to
put my cock between those cheeks while you grind on me.” said Byron.
Natasha followed Byron’s instructions and began working her fat white
ass on his cock. After about a solid 10 minutes of enjoying the
sensation of having his massive cock sandwiched between Natasha’s
milky white cheeks, Byron exclaimed “Give me a condom, bitch! I want
some pussy!!!”

Natasha with a huge grin on her face said, “Baby, I’m fully tested
with a clean bill of health. Plus, I got my tubes tied a long time
ago. If you want you can pound my pussy raw.” Byron did not hesitate
to slide his cock in her pussy and start pounding away. For the next
45 minutes Byron fucked Natasha silly in every position imaginable.
Finally having her on all fours, he forcefully pounded her surprising
tight pussy doggy style. “Uhh..uhhh.uuhhhh…oohhhhh…yes!!!” moaned
Natasha who has already had multiple orgasms while getting pounded by
Byron. “I’m about to cum again!” yelled Byron who began to thrust
harder. Byron was pounding Natasha so hard that she could no longer
brace herself. She was no laid sprawled out on the floor as Byron was
basically doing push ups on top of her ramming her pussy. “AAAHHHH!!!
FUCK!!!” Byron exclaimed while emptying this second load deep in
Natasha’s pussy. Just then Byron heard a voice say “Ha ha! That’s my
buddy! I knew you’d come around. Just wanted to check on you. Since
you’re having fun lets spend the day here. We’ll go home when it’s
dark outside for dinner with the family.” Byron looked back at Mr.
Beckman and said a resounding “Yes sir!!!” Mr. Beckman went back into
his room with Sarita to see if he could muster up another hard on and
Byron said to Natasha, “I want your ass ma’am. I want to shove it up
your ass.” Although she was exhausted, Natasha was very eager to
please and before she could finish getting out the word “yes” Byron
was already drilling her butthole as she laid on her stomach enjoying
the feeling of a stiff black cock in her.

Back at the house, Howard III have just
crowned Charlene the winner of
the dick sucking contest. He shot his load down her throat and it must
have went down the wrong pipe because she was coughing a lot and had
to go to the bathroom for some water. “Huh…you really think she was
the winner? Yeah right. How could you even judge something like that,
bullshit.” said Mrs. Mitchell who quickly caught herself. “Uuhhh yuck
this is fucking disgusting. Are you done yet? Will you stop forcing me
to degrade my wedding vows to my husband.” “Aww, don’t be like that
Mrs. Mitchell. You’re my property until you leave this house. I want
you husband to get that job and I know you do too.” said Howard III.
“And by the way, you were the better cock sucker, but Charlene is the
bitch I’m going to be pounding when you’re back home trying to forget
what a slut I turned you into. A man’s gotta keep his bottom bitch
happy.” Howard III then looks at the clock. “Wow it’s almost dinner
time. I can’t believe I wasted most of the day with my cock down your
throat. Charlene bought condoms and I haven’t even gotten to sample
your sweet chocolate pussy. CHARLENE!!! GO FETCH THE CONDOMS BABY!
Time to give Mrs. Mitchell’s pussy a punishment.”


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