Sofia Arroyo: Back on Top Chapter 5

Back On Top
Chapter 5: The Price of Fame

A lot of time had passed since the epic day at the video shoot. Papa Shake’s master plan had worked. Lil Trey Trappa, Rachel Ratchet and The Teen Trappaz were still dominating the charts, Dr. Kool Love wasn’t far behind them and Sofia’s album was just a week from release with two singles in the Top 40 across the country. “Mami, Top 10! “Beauty Wit A Booty” is number 9 on this week’s chart. You and Rachel did it!” yelled out Jazmin as she ran into Sofia’s mansion holding the paper. “Yeah, girl, ha ha, every drop. Swallow it all, ya heard me! Now open ya mouth and wiggle ya tongue. I wanna make sure it’s all gone.” Jazmin had inadvertantly walked in on one of Sofia’s bi weekly fuck sessions with the young black male that was blackmailing her, Lil Trey Trappa. “Uh, I’m sorry. I can come back.” said Jazmin. Sofia was on her floor topless, with a dog leash around her neck, in fishnet stockings and a thong rolled up under her massive butt cheeks. “Nah bitch, we done. For now. I’m about to take a piss right quick.” said Lil Trey Trappa while he jogged off to the bathroom. Sofia laid there exhausted and Jazmin helped her to her feet and took off her leash. “Damn mami, he won’t rest. I’m glad Lil Popoff and Young Kriminal are touring with Kool for the next few months, they were animals. I don’t mind Mike that much. You know we got a little thing between us.” Sofia looked at her 43 year old cousin who was gushing over a 19 year old black rapper that she was falling for. “You do remember you’re married, right? Mike Money is a kid and he still shares you with that Kriminal kid and Lil Poppin’ Fresh.” Jazmin laughed and said, “Lil Popoff, silly. Poppin’ Fresh is the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Anyway, you’re top 10 and I got a call from Infinity Studios and one from Hi Caliber Films. They both want you for movies they got coming out. You’re almost back baby.” Jazmin used her hands to fix Sofia’s messed up hair that was being pulled and yanked during her rough sex with Trey. Then Sofia looked Jazmin in the eyes and said “I’m almost back on top, but at what cost?”

Moments later Trey came out of the bathroom stroking his cock while holding his cell phone in his free hand. “Quit playin’, Shake! Da finale and da opener. Oh Wild Out run shit fo’ real. Aight nigga, I’ll tell my niggas. Peace.” Trey walked over to the couch and sat right between Sofia and Jazmin and said “A yo, them niggas at the National Music Awards want you and Rachel to open the show wit that white bitch, you know the little 18 year old country singer chick with that hit song, Tori Ann Scott. I guess they want the hottest bitches in the game. Then they want me, the Trappaz, that nigga Kool and you to close out the show. Wild Out doin’ it big.” Jazmin and Sofia jumped up and said, “This is awesome!” The two big booty middle aged Colombian women were jumping up and down for joy. Lil Trey sat back and said, “Damn, y’all got like the same body. A yo Jaz. I think I’m ready to sample a lil bit of that.” Lil Trey then slapped Jazmin on her big fat ass. Jazmin turned around shocked and said, “But you said I was too much of a bum bitch. Rememba that. Now you want dis huh? Can you handle dis papi?”

Sofia rolled her eyes then pulled her cousin to the side of the room and said, “Loca, tu es loca. What are you doing, Jaz? This isn’t fun. I’m letting this kid fuck me so I can pay my bills, I thought you were doing that, too. Now you want to flirt with him.” Jazmin rolled her eyes right back at Sofia and said, “Aye mami, chill. Dis is what da industry is all about. You didn’t get dat deal wit Massive Records back in the day just because you was nice wit it. Them old white guys at that label fucked the living shit out of me back then before giving you that deal. Ya first movie role, oh my jaw was sore for weeks after having to suck off the director, producer and writer to get you that deal.” Sofia was shocked and she said “Huh? What? Why didn’t you…” Jazmin said, “Look, you was a star and guys would have taken advantage of you like crazy to get on. You had to fuck one record producer like 15 years ago. I’ve been taken dick for over 20 years to push your career along mama. You can call me a slut or whateva, but I got used to it. So if this little rich ass nigga wants to fuck me, I’ll let him. Do you see dis necklace? Lil Popoff bought it for me. Do you see dees shoes? Young Kriminal bought them for me. Have you seen my new car? Mike Money bought it. My mouth, my pussy and my booty has been behind a lot of what I got and what you got. So don’t you fuckin’ judge me!”

Sofia had just been slapped with 23 years of secrets all at once. For the longest she thought that she was just a star that shined so bright that she couldn’t be denied. It turns out that her talent was only secondary to her cousin’s acts of prostitution to get her ahead. Jazmin walked over to Sofia’s stereo and turned on the rap station that, of course, was playing one of Lil Trey’s songs. Jazmin walked over to Lil Trey who was sitting on the couch stroking his cock and she started to dance and strip down to her panties. “I’ma suck you so good papi. I know you got that new Krazy Kola endorsement, is there any way you can find a little extra money to buy me this new Gucci bag I’ve been looking at and a few other nice things?” Jazmin then sat her big old booty on Lil Trey’s lap and his cock spread her butt cheeks and Lil Trey said, “Shit Jazzy, you know a nigga caked up, ya heard me! I’ma get you like 10 of them bags if ya fuck me as good as you did my boys in them videos. Sofia gazed back at her cousin who was now getting on her knees to suck the 18 year old black teen’s cock. Once again Sofia’s whole world was shaken. At first she thought, “Jazmin is a super slut.” Then she realized that she was a few minutes removed from being on her knees getting dicked down by the same black boy with a leash around her neck. Sofia got on her knees and crawled over to Trey until she was side by side with Jazmin. Jazmin stopped sucking Trey’s dick and looked over at Sofia. Trey shockingly looked down at Sofia as well and Sofia said in her sexiest Latina voice, “Aye papi chulo, before my album drops do you think I could get one more feature from you, for free? Oh and a Gucci bag like Jaz and some new dresses? Por favor papi.” Jazmin smiled and Lil Trey Trappa grabbed both of the ladies by the back of their heads and pulled them toward his cock. As the ladies both licked his cock Lil Trey said, “Shit, y’all bitches can get whateva y’all want. Shit, ya boy gettin’ dat paper fo’ real! Ya heard me!!!”

Lil Trey Trappa had the time of his life. That’s saying a lot. This kid has been with multiple video hoes and eye candy models, sometimes four or five at a time, but having two grown ass, big booty Colombian bitches doing whatever he wanted was the flyest shit he had ever encountered. After a wild day of sex with Jazmin and Sofia, Trey made good on his promise. He gave Jazmin his credit card and told her she could buy whatever she wanted. Jazmin and Sofia bought clothes, handbags and a few pieces of jewelry. Jazmin and Sofia had a wonderful day on Lil Trey’s credit card. They returned to Sofia’s house with tons of goodies. As they pulled to the house Jazmin said, “You see mama, you gettin’ money again, plus gettin’ shit for free.” Sofia wasn’t completely comfortable with fucking for handbags and clothes, but she had to admit it was kind of cool. When Sofia pulled up to the front of her house she saw a fancy sports car sitting by the front door. As she got out of the car she realized that it was her friend, Dr. Kool Love. Jazmin ran to the door and gave Kool a kiss on the cheek before running in the house yelling “Sorry, I gotta pee!” Sofia was carrying a tons of bags along with Lil Trey’s credit card in her hand. Kool walked over to her and simply said, “Hey girl, let me help you with that.” When Kool reached for the bags Sofia dropped the card. Kool picked it up and saw the name on it. “Trevor G. Cole, that’s Lil Trey right? I guess your new MAN is takin’ good care of you.” Kool gave Sofia the card and he grabbed the bags and brought them inside for her. Sofia followed behind him feeling a little embarrassed.


When they got inside Sofia said, “Kool, you haven’t returned any of my calls. I figured you were just busy on tour.” Kool said, “Nah I got your calls. I just didn’t feel like talkin’ to you. I guess you been busy with your new MAN.” Sofia went from being embarrassed to being upset, “Listen, you’re not my father and you’re not my man. I don’t owe you any explanation for what I do. Aight?” Kool rolled his eyes and said “Alright, girl, chill. I’m just fuckin’ wit you. I’ll admit, at first I was hatin’. Shit, I’m Dr. Kool Love, I ain’t used to losin’ chicks to lil scrawny niggas like that. I’m over it though. A nigga was getting that groupie love from many and I do mean many chicks overseas.” Sofia’s angry face turned into a smile and the two of them laughed just like old times. Then Kool said, “Look, I’m back for the award show. Supposedly we doin’ it big.” Kool and Sofia talked about the award show and both of them were excited. After Jazmin returned from the bathroom the three of them sat there and talked about old times and the good times that were ahead. The three old friends talked into the night. Kool left first to meet up with some of his homeboys. Jazmin left a little later to go home and spend some quality time with her often ignored husband. Sofia drew a bath and put on some mellow music and prepared for a nice and easy night of relaxation.

Sofia was in her bubble bath for nearly an hour, signing along with the radio until the bathroom door flung open. “Aahhhh! Trey, guys, what the hell are you guys doing in my house? You scared me.” In the doorway stood a visibly angry Lil Trey Trappa with his whole Teen Trappa group standing behind him. 19 year olds Mike Money and Lil Popoff and 18 year old Young Kriminal. Trey ran over to the tub and pushed Sofia’s head under the water. “Fuck is you crazy, bitch! A hunned and twenny grand on my card, bitch!” yelled out Lil Trey before lifting Sofia’s head out of the water. Sofia was gasping for air as she tried to apologize for spending so much. “Aahh, please Trey. You said we could get whatever we wanted.” Trey dunked her head again and pulled it out and said, “Gucci bags and some clothes, bitch. Not a hunned and twenny stacks worth of shit. I tried to buy my momma a Benz with my card and that shit wouldn’t go through. You gonna pay me back right now bitch.” Trey took off his skinny jeans and wife beater and hopped into the tub with Sofia. He sat on her chest and straddled her face. Lil Trey then shoved his cock in Sofia’s mouth nearly gagging her to death. He then thrusted it in and out as his boys stood around laughing. Lil Trey started rapping, “Hoes think shit’s sweet, stickin’ niggas for paper/Bitches always want a ride, hoes don’t give they be takers/Take dick down ya throat, then take my cock up ya asshole/We gon’ fuck all night, this ain’t gonna be fast hoe.” The Teen Trappaz went crazy and started rapping themselves. Then Young Kriminal said, “This some ill shit homey, I’ma record dis.” Sofia overheard Young Kriminal and went crazy. She tried her best to push Trey off of her but she couldn’t. Young Kriminal got close up footage of the 42 year old Colombian superstar being gagged by the 18 year old Lil Trey. Trey eventually pulled his cock out of Sofia’s mouth and shot a load of cum all over her face.

Trey then got off of Sofia and climbed out of the tub and started posing in front of Young Kriminal’s camera phone for the video he was filming. Sofia said, “You little black bastard. You’re a piece of shit, puto. Get out of my house.” She then attempted to get out of the tub and slipped and fell right on her hands and knees. Lil Trey yelled out, “Booty time!” Trey jumped right back in the shower and started grinding his semi-erect cock between Sofia’s soapy wet booty cheeks. Sofia tried to push him off but he just used his hands to dunk her head under the water. Lil Trey said, “If you act like a good bitch, I’ll let you get air. I’ll stop dunking yo’ head hoe.” Sofia eventually said, “Fine, let me up.” Trey did. Sofia stayed in the doggystyle position in the tub while Trey stroked his now fully erect cock between her huge Colombian butt cheeks. Young Kriminal was still filming and Sofia was just trying to hide her face. Lil Trey got tired of the booty cheek stroking and he shoved his cock up Sofia’s fat ass. Sofia squirmed and squeeled while Lil Trey sodomized her. She kept trying to hide her face from the camera phone, but Trey would just pull her hair back so her face could be seen. Eventually she stopped resisting. Lil Trey stroked Sofia’s fat Latina ass with precision. Lil Popoff couldn’t take it anymore. He had unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. Mike Money stood there rubbing the bulge in his pants. Young Kriminal just kept filming.

Just when Sofia thought it couldn’t get anymore degrading, Lil Trey Trappa, the 18 year old rap sensation said, “Oh shit, that’s one of your old hits playing on the radio. I wasn’t even born when that shit came out. Ha ha ha. None of us was, Sing it, bitch. Sing that shit while I wear this booty out, hoe.” “Your love is like water, I can feel it flowing through me. Though I already know, that this feeling’s gonna screw me. I should have played it cool, should have known that you would fool me. Cus you only wanted sex, yeah you only want to do me. Aaahhh, aaahhh, please Trey, not so rough. You’re so deep, it hurts. Aaahhh, aaahhh, AAAHHHHHHH!” cried out the 42 year old, big booty Columbian superstar entertainer, Sofia Arroyo. “Fuuuck yeah! Uuhhh, I just nutted, bitch. All up ya fat ass. Ya dig? Ha ha, who got next, yo?” said Lil Trey Trappa after emptying his load in Sofia’s fat Latina ass. Young Kriminal passed the camera phone to Mike Money, quickly took off his clothes and said, “Yo Trey, lemme get some homey!” Sofia began getting up from the doggystyle position that she was in in the tub; only to be pushed back down into position as Young Kriminal got ready to have his way with her fat luscious butt cheeks. “Not yet, bitch. I gots next. Then Lil Popoff and then Mike Money.” said Young Kriminal before shoving his big black cock up Sofia’s fat ass. Sofia moaned and begged for mercy while Young Kriminal pounded her poor booty. Sofia looked over at Trey and said “You said I’d never have to take on the whole crew. Just you.” Lil Trey Trappa just ignored Sofia and went on his twitter page from his cell phone. All Sofia could do was take her anal pounding and wonder about how she got into this situation.
By the time the second black teen rapper, Young Kriminal, emptied his load in her ass, Sofia realized why she was in this position. It was all about the fame. The very eager Lil Popoff hopped in the tube next and started stroking Sofia up the booty, while Lil Trey took the camera phone to continue getting the footage. As Sofia was getting ass fucked doggystyle in her bubble bath by the third black teenage rapper she began to cry. Mike Money walked over to her and said, “Don’t cry Miss Sofia. We fucks big booty bitches. That’s just what we do. You know niggas just gonna keep dis footage to bug out. Check dis. I ain’t even goin’ up a booty next.” Mike Money wiped away Sofia’s tears and a relieve Sofia, who was still getting her ass fucked by Lil Popoff said, “Really Mike?” Mike Money replied, “Fo’ sho, Miss Sofia. I much rather get some head, ya dig?” Mike then climbed into the tub and shoved his cock down Sofia’s throat. “Young Kriminal was laid out on the floor and said “Aww shit, the nigga Mike Money in ya mouth bitch. That nigga a beast. I seen him throat fuck ya cuzzin for hours on numerous occasions. You in fo’ a long night bitch.” Young Kriminal wasn’t lying. After Lil Popoff shot his load up Sofia’s ass, Lil Trey got a second turn, so did Young Kriminal. In fact, for the next three hours the boys rotated until they were all fucked out. Even after all of that time, Mike Money was still standing in the tub throat fuckin’ Sofia. He had shot a few loads down her throat, but Mike had the habit of making bitches suck him even when he was limp and he’d get hard again and repeat that until he was tired. While Lil Trey, Young Kriminal and Lil Popoff walked around Sofia’s house looking for the items that Sofia had bought, Mike Money continued to fuck Sofia in the mouth until he finally collapsed in the tub right beside her. Both of them sat their exhausted. Lil Trey popped into the bathroom shortly afterwards and said, “A yo nigga, let’s dip. I found most of the shit. That bitch Jaz must have taken some of the shit home wit her. We’ll tax that ass later.” Mike Money gave Sofia a kiss on the forehead and said, “Thanks Miss Sofia, a nigga had fun, ya heard me!” Lil Trey then threw a Gucci bag and two tight little dresses in the tub with Sofia and said, “You wanted an extra feature fo’ yo’ album, I got you! Plus you wanted a Gucci bag and a few dresses. That’s what ya got, bitch. I’ll see you tomorrow at the awards.” After Lil Trey and his boys left, Sofia sat in the tub until she could muster up enough energy to crawl into her bedroom. She cried herself to sleep.

The next day Sofia woke up with her booty hole throbbing. Jazmin showed up not too long after Sofia woke up with three bags of luggage and a black eye. “Mami, Carlos kicked me out of the house. Lil Trey and the boys came over to the house and took back all of my stuff from our shopping trip. Then Trey showed Carlos the video. After they left Carlos hit me and kicked me out of the house. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Sofia told Jazmin about her night and the two women had a long cry together. The day went fast and night was quickly approaching. As the ladies sat their feeling like broken women a stylist, hair dresser and make up artist showed up to the house. Papa Shake had sent them to get Sofia ready for the show. The ladies comptemplated not even going, but if Sofia didn’t perform it was all for nothing. Sofia and Jazmin both looked incredible after the stylist, make up artist and hair dresser got finished with them. The make up artist was even able to cover up Jazmin’s black eye. The limo soon came and Sofia and Jazmin were off to the award show. Sofia shut down the red carpet at the show and everyone was asking who Jazmin was as well. The ladies were in rare form. No one would have known what they had been through last night from their appearance. Sofia’s booty was still sore and Jazmin’s heart was still broken over her husband kicking her out, but Sofia and Jazmin were blocking it all out. After walking half of the red carpet, Sofia got a phone call. “Yo Sofie, where you at girl? We just got here.” It’s was Kool, he was in a limo with Papa Shake and Rachel Ratchet. Rachel was on her knees in the limo sucking Kool’s dick. Sofia said, “Oh Kool, we’re by the big statue in the middle of the carpet.” Kool said, “I’ll see you in a bit.”
Kool fucked Rachel’s throat to get his nut and the trio hopped out of the limo and eventually caught up with Sofia and Jazmin. Sofia and Rachel were all smiles for the camera’s while Kool, Papa Shake, and Jazmin were chilling in the background. When the cameras moved on Rachel noticed Sofia was rubbing her booty. Rachel leaned in to Sofia and said, “I know the feelin’ girl. Kool and Papa Shake were wearing my booty out all night.” Sofia said, “Uh I don’t know what you mean. Uh, damn. Is it that obvious, chica?” Rachel said, “Only to someone that knows the business.” Moment’s later Lil Trey and the Teen Trappaz showed up like a whirlwind. They were loud, obnoxious and all of that. They had a group of big booty video chicks with them and they came up to the rest of their Wild Out Records fam. Lil Trey Trappa said “What up folks! Hey Sofia, can’t wait to close the show wit you. After you, Rachel and the white girl rock the opening, y’all should slide to the back and kick it wit a nigga. Sofia rolled her eyes and the Trappaz just laughed. Mike Money grabbed Jazmin by the hand and slid off to a fuck her throat in a bathroom while the show was starting.

The opening went off without a hitch. Sofia, Rachel and Tori Ann Scott ripped the stage. After their set, all three of the ladies went to the Teen Trappaz dressing room. Tori Ann Scott might have been a country singer, but the 18 year old white girl was also a fan of the Teen Trappaz and was dying to meet them. By this time Mike Money had brought Jazmin into their dressing room and he had her in the corner on her knees sucking dick while Young Kriminal was fucking her up the ass. Lil Popoff and Trey had the video hoes they brought with them lined up on their knees as they took turns fucking their throats. Tori Ann Scott was shocked at what she saw. As she turned to leave the room she bumped into Papa Shake and Dr. Kool Love. Kool said, “Damn Tori Ann, you leavin’ the party so early?” The country signing white girl said “Oh my God, I love your music Dr. Kool, you’re the best and you’re so sexy.” Kool said, “I like your music, too. Come chat with me for a second.” Moments later Kool had the 18 year old country singer on her knees sucking his cock in another corner of the room. Tori Ann was so caught up with sucking the 39 year old rapper’s cock that she missed her name being called for the best country singer award. Her pop signing boyfriend got the award for her. Lil Trey and Lil Popoff finally noticed that Sofia and Rachel were there. They kicked the video hoes out and made them wait in the hallway. Trey grabbed Sofia by the hair and started spanking her before he pinned her up against a wall and started fucking her from the back. Papa Shake said, “Damn boy, it’s like that. Ha ha ha, I ain’t even get a piece of that yet. Do ya thing Lil Trey.” Rachel Ratchet was standing there wearing a tight purple dress that showed off all of her curves. She was wearing a pink wig and had glitter all over her face. Lil Popoff was circling her while he stroked his cock. “Yo Shake, you mind if I get a piece of this.” Rachel said “You’re not even going to ask me?” Lil Popoff said, “Bitch, I know who own you, hoe. So Shake what up?” Papa Shake gave Lil Popoff a nod and he pounced on Rachel. Lil Popoff had Rachel laid out on the floor and he straddled her face and started thrusting his cock in her mouth. Papa Shake just sat back and sipped on some cognac and enjoyed the show. After a few minutes had passed Rachel’s name was being announced as the winner of the Best New Artist Award. Rachel was trying to get up, but Lil Popoff wouldn’t let her. She pushed him off of her and started to crawl away. Lil Popoff crawled behind her and lifted up her dress and he slid his cock in her moist pussy and started fucking her doggystyle. Papa Shake laughed and said, “Ha ha, I’ll go get the award for you Rachel.”


“Best New Artist, Rachel Ratchet. Rachel? Where are you?” said the award presenter. Papa Shake emerged from backstage to accept the award. “Hello everyone, I know Rachel would love to accept this award herself, but she’s a little busy right now. In fact, all of my artists are in the back getting it on right now. By gettin’ it on I mean, they getting ready for the big finale. Wild Out is more than a label. It’s a family. We work together, play together and succeed together. On behalf of Rachel Ratchet and the entire Wild Out Records family, I thank you.” Papa Shake got loads of applause. In total his artists got 5 awards for the night. He accepted all of them while an orgy developed in the dressing room in the back. In fact, no Wild Out Records artists were seen at the show until the grand finale. Rachel and Sofia were sore from being fucked by ever man in the dressing room. Kool even finally got a piece of Sofia’s fat ass. Tori Ann and Jazmin got passed around, too. At the end of the night everyone in the orgy, including Tori Ann and Jazmin were on stage for the big finale. Papa Shake introduced everyone and danced around stage. Then DJ Kool Love got the party started. Then the Teen Trappaz. Followed by Lil Trey and then finally Sofia. Sofia was a fan favorite. She did two of her classic songs and her two latest ones. The crowd went wild. After the show everyone gave interviews and no one was the wiser about what had gone on in the Teen Trappaz dressing room. The next day Sofia was talked about on all of the news shows. Everyone said she was the best dressed and the highlight of the night.

After that night a lot of things changed. Dr. Kool Love started fucking Tori Ann Scott on the low. Neither one wanted to fuck up their images, so they kept it a secret. Jazmin never got back together with her husband. She actually started dating Mike Money of the Teen Trappaz. He would take her around town with him and she loved the attention. Being the pimp that he is, he still lets his Teen Trappaz buddies fuck her anytime they want to. Rachel Ratchet’s success kept growing. She was touring across the world and became a role model for little girls and grown women alike. She still get passed around to all of the men of Wild Out Records and anyone else that Papa Shake is trying to impress or do business with. A lot of things changed and a lot stayed the same. As for Sofia, she was officially back in the eyes of everyone that mattered. The fans and the media. Sofia was finally back on top. The offers were pouring in from everywhere, movies, musicals, plays and her album went number one. Lil Trey still had the footage of her bathtub gangbang. He used that to blackmail her and he’s still fucking her whenever he wants and just like Mike Money, he doesn’t mind sharing with his boys.


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