Suzy Booty: Chapter 1

Suzy Booty Goes To
College featuring Suzanne Hughes Part 1:


“Mom!!! I got in!!!
With a full scholarship! Can you believe it?” yelled 18 year old Eric
Hughes as he ran into Bubba’s Diner. In the distance a 40 year old, big
booty white waitress with short dirty blonde hair, lifted her head up from
pouring a cup of coffee and with a look of pure joy on her face. That
waitress was Eric’s mother, Suzanne Hughes. “Really Eric! You got into
Stallworth?” said Suzanne as she ran over to hug her son, big ole booty
bouncing everywhere. “Yeah, mom. The letter came today. I’m so happy right
now. I was so worried about not getting in. I think my application essay
about you gave me that extra push.” said Eric while embracing his mother.
Suzanne started to cry tears of joy and said, “No, no, no, it was all you
baby.” Eric said “I had the grades and the activities, but that essay got
me over. I hear they take that stuff into deep consideration.” Eric’s
application essay told the story about how his mother had to put her
college dreams on hold to raise him alone after his father died when he
was only 6 months old. Eric’s essay was a touching heartfelt essay that
was sure to tug on anyone’s heart strings. Suzanne actually had a copy of
it folded up in her purse at all times because just looking at it made her
smile. The funny thing was that Eric didn’t even write the essay; he got
his best friend Jordan to write it for him. The feelings were all his, but
Jordan was a much better wordsmith so he wrote it to help out his friend.
Jordan got his gift for words from his mother Elise, a well renowned
novelist and newspaper columnist. Anyway, Suzanne and Eric sat down at the
counter at the diner and talked about how much fun college would be for
Eric. Then Suzanne said “Oh did you tell Jordan, yet? I know he was
worried that you might not get in. You guys are such great friends. I’m
glad, you’ll get to be together for the next 4 years in college.” Eric
sadly looked into his mother’s eyes and said “Well mom, here’s the


Across town, where
the rich people live, all hell was breaking loose. “Son of a bitch! What
the fuck are these people thinking! I’m calling Dean Van Tassell
immediately. This is absolute bullshit! I always knew that Van Tassell was
a fucking racist! It has to be a race thing!” yelled Jordan’s father, 45
year old, African American, investment banker Joe Brookdale. “Stallworth
is my alma mater, my son WILL go to Stallworth.” The 18 year old, geeky
black kid Jordan Brookdale just sat there in total shock that he had
received a rejection letter. Jordan said, “I-I-I don’t know how this
happened. I have the grades and scores.” Jordan’s beautiful brown skinned,
44 year old, big booty mother Elise said “Baby don’t pay them any mind.
There are tons of schools out there. Which other ones did you apply to,
sweetheart?” Jordan looked deep into his mother’s eyes and said “Dad told
me not to apply to any others because this was supposed to be a lock. High
school is almost over, I’ll probably be the valedictorian and I’m not even
accepted to college. Ahhhh!!!” Jordan ran upstairs to his room to throw
and punch a few things and cry his eyes out. Elise was about to go
upstairs after her son, but her husband Joe stopped her. “Baby leave him
be for now. Dammit. I just got off the phone with Dean Van Tassell. He’s
gonna tell me that the admissions interview that Jordan had was a
disaster. He said that Jordan went in there and was an arrogant jerk.”
said Jordan’s father Joe in a somber tone. “No way Jose, not my baby!
Jordan is one of the sweetest, most humble young gentlemen anyone would
ever meet.” said Elise. Then, Joe reluctantly said “Uhh, I might have
given him a little pep talk that might have hurt his chances.” Elise
looked at her husband with fire in her eyes and said “Joseph Charles
Brookdale, what the hell did you say to our baby?” Joe said “Damn woman, I
told him not to act like a bitch. I told him to be confident. I told him
to go in there an talk to them like I’d talk to them.” Elise smacked her
husband in the back of the head and said “Dammit Joe, act like you? You’re
an asshole 90 percent of the time.” Elise just shook her head and her
husband Joe just sat on the couch feeling bad for messing up his son’s
chance to get into the most prestigous schools in the country.


Later on that
evening, Suzanne’s shift was almost over and her son Eric had already gone
home. “Suzy, you’re still glowing. Mira mami, look at chu! Priceless.”
said another waitress, a 31 year old, big booty, dark skinned, Panamanian
woman named Luana Lopez. “Oh Luana, I am darlin’. I can’t believe my Eric
got in and got a full scholarship, too. Lord knows it’s been hard trying
to support us and put aside money for his college tuition. I wonder what
I’m going to do with all of that money I’ve saved since he has a
scholarship now.” said Suzanne while she scrubbed off an empty table. The
ladies continued to chat with one another and were enjoying the slow
customer flow until the owner and manager of Bubba’s Dinner, Jerome
“Bubba” Weeks summoned Suzanne to his office. Jerome “Bubba” Weeks was a
34 year old, 6’3, 270 lb, black man that used to be a defensive tackle on
a pro football team. After going through a lot of his money, he used some
of what he had left to buy this diner in his home town. Suzanne had worked
at the diner before Bubba bought it and she was one of the few peoople
that Bubba kept on staff after his takeover. Suzanne reluctantly walked
into Bubba’s office and Bubba closed the door and said “So, Suzy Booty,
you ready to earn the big tip tonight?” while rubbing his huge erect black
cock that was about to bust through his slacks. Suzanne stood tall and
said “Nope, not anymore. I’ve only been doing those things for my Eric’s
college fund and he got a scholarship today. So there! Can I get back to
work now?” Bubba said “I don’t give a fuck about your son and his
scholarship and if you won’t do what I want for the extra cash, then how
about to keep your job you big booty, poor white trash piece of shit.”
Suzanne looked Bubba right in the eye and said “Fuck you and this job.
You’re nothing but a big black bully. That’s what you are. I quit
motherfucker.” Suzanne began walking out of Bubba’s office with her head
held high. Bubba unzipped his pants and said “Quit and do what?” Suzanne
stopped in her tracks. Bubba continued “You got a high school diploma,
that ain’t shit these days, bitch. Your salary and tips here are the only
way you’re even making a living wage. Now be a good big booty white bitch
and get on your knees so we can get this started. I gotta leave soon. My
poker game is tonight.” Suzanne stopped in her tracks and put her head
down. She finally turned around and walked up to him like she was about to
slap him, but the fact was, Bubba was right. Suzanne couldn’t make this
kind of money with her education. She looked up at Bubba and said “I
fuckin’ hate you Bubba. Why you gotta treat me like this?” Bubba used his
right hand to pat her on the head and he smiled while he used that same
hand to guide Suzanne down to her knees to suck his cock.


Back at the
Brookdale residence, Joe was frantically pacing trying to figure out how
to fix the situation. “Alright, I think if we make a big enough donation
to Stallworth they’ll let Jordan in. Your last book did well and even in a
recession I’m a wizard with this stock shit, so I’ll dip into the savings
and give that money to that cock sucker Van Tassell. I WILL fix this!”
Elise shook her head and said “Baby, I’ll just call my brother and see
what he can do. Jordan doesn’t have to go to Stallworth. He can go to
Pride!” Joe looked at his wife and passionately said “Oh hell no, Elise!
Don’t you call Elias. No son of mine will go to Pride University! Fucking
Negro schools teach kids a whole lot of bullshit these days. Don’t you
dare call Elias. Baby, put down the phone, come one now, put down the
phone.” Although Joe pled with his wife not to call her brother; she went
right along and did it anyway. Elise’s brother is Elias Stringer, the 45
year old dean of students at Pride University. Pride University is a small
historically black school that had a strong heritage, but wasn’t known for
being an academic powerhouse over the past few years. Elise was on the
phone for about 5 minutes before hanging up and saying to her husband,
“Well Joe, Elias says hi and that he still thinks you’re a jerk. Anyway,
he’ll be in town in a few days for a few appointments and he’ll tell
Jordan the good news in person. Elias is so excited.” Elise smiled and Joe
said, “Dammit! My son is too good for Pride University.” Elise cut him off
and said, “Now listen Joe, you can talk about your BA in Accounting and
your MBA from Stallworth all you want, but don’t forget that I went to
Pride University and met you my freshman year. I love how you try to leave
out the fact that you did your first two years of college at Pride and got
such a good education that you were accepted as a transfer student to the
big ole great white school Stallworth. You started college at Pride, you
joined your beloved fraternity at Pride and you met me at Pride.” Their
son Jordan came downstairs in the middle of his mother’s speech and said
“Dad is that true?” Joe told his son to sit down and he told him about how
he did start at Pride University because he couldn’t get into Stallworth
University right after high school. Joe told his son that it was always a
source of shame for him, but after hearing Elise speak so passionately
about it, he doesn’t know why he’s been such a jackass about it for so
long. Joe looked at his son Jordan and said “I want you to go to
Stallworth, but if you have to take a detour through Pride to get there,
that’s just fine.” Then Joe palmed his wife’s fat ass and pulled her close
for a kiss and said “Hey, I met this beautiful woman at that school. I
guess Pride ain’t all that bad.” Jordan smiled as his parents playfully
kissed and groped each other.


Meanwhile at Bubba’s
Diner, with the dinner rush over and the late night rush a few hours away,
Bubba was in his office taking advantage of Suzanne’s spare time. “Choke
on my big black cock you poor white trash slut. Ha ha, aww yeah. You know
how the fuck I like it, bitch! Watch them teeth, bitch! Yeah work that
tongue.” moaned the 34 year old, big mountain of a black man, Jerome
“Bubba” Weeks as he fucked the throat of his 40 year old, big booty, white
bitch waitress with his monster sized cock. Suzanne aka Suzy Booty aka Big
Booty Suzy aka Suzy wit da Big Ole Booty, had been giving Bubba sexual
favors in exchange for a little extra cash from him at the end of the
night. She had been doing it since Bubba took over the diner some five
years ago. At least once or twice a week Bubba would take Big Booty Suzy
in the back and violate her in some way. The blow job was mandatory.
Suzanne knew she’d have to taste Bubba’s big black cock when she went into
his office. What happened after the blowjob was totally up to how Bubba
was feeling that day. Sometimes after his blowjob, Bubba would just suck
Suzanne’s big titties while she jerked him off. Sometimes after his
blowjob, Bubba would spend over an hour giving Suzanne a bare bottom
spanking with a skillet from the kitchen. Sometimes after his blowjob,
Bubba would make Suzanne strip and shake her booty to hip-hop music for
him. Hell, sometimes after his blowjob, Bubba would simply lay on his
couch and have Suzanne massage his big muscular black body. But on nights
like this, when Bubba felt this particular way, Suzanne knew she was in
for something a little extra rough. “Aaaahhhh yeah! Swallow that nut, Big
Booty Suzy. Every last drop.” said Bubba while he ran his fingers through
Suzanne’s short dirty blonde hair as she swallowed his massive load.


Suzanne was still on
her knees with Bubba’s cock in her mouth as she awaited further
instructions. She knew not to take her mouth off of his cock without
permission, the last time she did, Bubba slapped the shit out of her to
teach her for being a disobedient White bitch. While Suzanne awaited
instructions, Bubba gripped her head from both sides with both of his
massive black hands. He pulled her face up to his and gave her a big
passionate kiss, while still keeping a firm grip on her head. After about
a minute of kissing, Bubba flung Suzanne around and she fell on top of his
desk, face down. Suzanne attempted to stand up and turn around to face
Bubba. As Suzanne pushed herself up she felt one of Bubba’s massive hands
on her back, pushing her back down to bend her over the desk. “Please
Bubba, you fucked me up the ass just a few days ago. My poor booty is
still sore. Can I please suck you some more or give you a massage? Please
Bubba, please!” begged Suzanne. “Nah, nah, nah Ms. Suzy Booty, you hurt
your boy Bubba’s feelings. Coming up in here like you ain’t wanna be my
lil white trash slut no more.” Bubba slowly lifted Suzanne’s tight
waitress skirt with his free hand, still holding her in position with the
other. Suzanne continued to plead with Bubba to spare her booty, “Please,
please, please Bubba! I’ll work a double shift all next week and give you
blowjobs every day. Please Bubba! Don’t fuck me up my ass tonight! Have a
heart Bubbs, PLEASE!” Bubba interrupted her begging and said “Aw, you know
you like taking this big black cock up your fat white ass and yo, stop
saying ‘fuck me up the ass’ I told you what we call it. Dookie love. Say
it to me baby and tell me you want it because it’s coming.” Bubba was now
pulling down Suzanne’s pink thong panties just low enough to have access
to her booty hole. Bubba positioned the tip of his huge cock between her
massive pale cheeks, slowing approaching his blubbering, big booty, white
slut’s asshole. Bubba started giving Suzanne sweet white booty hard wacks
with his strong black hand as he yelled “Beg for it bitch!” Suzanne obeyed
Bubba’s orders and with a lot of sadness and loathing she said “Big Booty
Suzy wants her big black daddy Bubba to give her dookie lovin’. Fine I
said it, are you happy?” Bubba then thrusted his cock up her ass and said
“Your wish is my command, bitch.”


While Suzanne was
getting her booty pounded, her co-worker, the luscious big booty dark
brown skinned Latina, waitress Luana Lopez answered her phone that she
left in the dining area. “Hello, who dis?” said Luana while holding
Suzanne’s phone. “Luana, is that you? This is Eric. I was calling to see
when mom’s coming home. I wanted her to bring me some pie.” said Suzanne’s
son Eric. Luana knows what goes on in Bubba’s office when one of the big
booty waitresses goes in there. In fact, her booty cheeks were still sore
from a spanking she received just yesterday. Call it a lapse in memory or
just pure stupidity but Luana said, “Oh she’s in the back, Eric. I’ll go
get her.” Luana wiggled her big fat Panamanian booty to Bubba’s office in
the back of the diner and opened the door and said “Mami, tu hijo Eric is
on the phone.” When Luana opened the door all she saw was a teary eyed
Suzanne bent over Bubba’s desk while Bubba viciously thrusted his cock up
her ass. Luana said “Aye conyo, I’m sorry mami. Uh…” Bubba, with a huge
smile on his face, interrupted her and said “Damn, Luana. Me and Suzy
Booty makin’ love…dookie love.” Luana backed up toward the door and said
“Uhhh, I see papi. I’ll give you your privacy.” While backing out of the
door, she heard Bubba yell to her, “You next bitch!” Since Luana covered
up the phone receiver, Eric couldn’t hear his mother moaning while she was
getting fucked up the ass or Bubba moaning and yelling obsenities at his
mother while he fucked her up the ass.


After leaving the
room Luana told Eric that his mother was busy finishing her shift and the
two talked for 15 minutes about his big college news and how proud Luana
was of him as well. Then the talk became a little flirtacious. “Aye Eric,
I remember when you was 9 years old. A little cutie running around the
diner while your momma was showing me the ropes. I was only 20 at the time
and I remember you used to love to give me big hugs every time you saw
me.” said Luana while giggling. “Ha ha, I remember that too. Honestly I
was trying to cop feels on your big round booty. Ha ha.” said Eric. “Aye
papito, you’re a bad boy. Aye papi chulo. Fresh talking to your Auntie
Luana like that.” said Luana while smiling and looking over her shoulder
to see if she could check out her own big fat booty. Eric and Luana talked
for a little while longer before Suzanne stumbled out of Bubba’s office
with her mascara running all down her face and her hair a mess. Bubba was
right behind her holding his cock and he yelled out to Luana, “Latina
Lovely! You’re up! Bring daddy that fat culo.” Luana sighed and said
“Sorry Eric, I gotta help Bubba with something.” Eric said “Oh yeah,
that’s cool. Tell Bubba I said hi. I love that guy, he’s the greatest.”
Luana said “ok” and then handed the phone to Eric’s mother Suzanne and
then she went into Bubba’s office to get the same dookie love treatment
that Suzanne just got. Suzanne told Eric she would bring him home apple
pie as she heard Luana screaming in either pleasure or pain from Bubba’s
office while she received some dookie lovin’ from the large, muscular
black man.


On her bus ride
home, Suzanne thought long and hard about her situation. Suzanne had
worked as a waitress since her son was 1, that was 17 years of hard work.
The last 5 years she made a lot of extra tip money, but that came from
getting fucked up the ass or just generally being sexually harrassed by
her big black boss. The fact still remained that Bubba was right, she
couldn’t make this kind of money with a high school diploma anywhere else.
Suzanne got a glimpse of herself by glancing at her reflection in a car
window outside of her apartment. She saw that her make up was fucked up
and that her hair was a mess. She looked in the passenger side mirror of
the car and tried to make herself look presentable before she walked in
the apartment to see her son. Suzanne then walked into the house and
called out to Eric, but all she heard was video game sounds coming from
his room. Totally exhausted from the day Suzanne put down her bag and
started taking off her shoes and stockings right there in her living room.
Eric had seen his mother in her panties before, no big thing. After the
shoes and stockings, the blouse got unbuttoned. It was unseasonably warm
this spring and recently their AC had broken. As she went to unzip and
slide off her tight waitress uniform skirt,  her son Eric and his black
friend Jordan Brookdale came running out of Eric’s room wearing only their
shorts. “Hey mom! Uh, did I forget to mention that Jordan was spending the
night tonight?” said Eric shocked that his mother was in her underwear
while his friend is over. Suzanne was so startled at the sight of Jordan
standing there that she fell and tripped over her skirt that was pulled
down around her knees. Jordan and Eric rushed over to help her stand up. “Geez
Ms. H, are you alright?” said Jordan while helping Suzanne to her feet.
“Oh, you guys just startled me. I thought only Eric was here. Our AC is
broken so we kind of dress as light as possible. Tee hee.” said Suzanne
while blushing and reaching to put her blouse on. Just then the phone in
Eric’s room rang and he rushed to go answer it.


While Suzanne was
putting her shirt back on Jordan stopped her and said “Ms. H, why are you
putting your shirt back on, it’s hot as hell in here? Don’t mind me. My
mom walks around in her undies sometimes. Not when Eric’s over, but it’s
whatever.” Jordan then, nonchalantly stood behind Suzanne’s big booty and
helped her take off her blouse. Since Suzanne’s ass is so big, naturally
Jordan’s crotch brushed up against it. Luckily he wasn’t hard, but Suzanne
did feel how thick and long Jordan’s limp cock was as it brushed against
her big fat booty. She began to blush. Suzanne then said “Thanks Jordan I
got it, dear. Are you sure you’re not uncomfortable with my half
nakedness.” Jordan laughed and said “Ain’t nothin’ I haven’t seen before.
Anyway, Eric is like my brother. You’re like a second mother to me. Now if
you were naked, uuhhh, I’m just sayin’.” Jordan and Suzanne started
laughing and it really lightened the mood. Jordan helped Suzanne pick up
her clothes off of the floor and caught a glimpse of some redness on her
booty cheeks. “Damn Ms. H. I think you bruised yourself when you fell.”
said Jordan. Suzanne didn’t feel like she bruised herself in the fall. She
just said “where at dear?” Jordan said “On both of your butt cheeks. A lot
of redness. It doesn’t really look like a bruise from falling. It kind of
looks like from a spank…uh errr, not that you’d be gettin’ spanked by
anyone. I mean you’re grown if you wanted to get spanked, it would be your
business. Wow it’s hot today? How was your day at work, Ms. H?” Suzanne
felt embarrassed, but was happy to go along with Jordan’s idea to change
to subject.


Suzanne sat in the
living room in her bra and panties as Jordan sat there in his shorts and
the two talked about his college situation and her job situation, minus
the cock sucking and ass fucking part of her job. “I mean, I feel a little
down. I thought it was the end of the world earlier. I really worked my
ass off and to not get into Stallworth was a big blow.” said Jordan. “I
know what you mean, honey. I work my ass off everyday at that diner.” said
Suzanne. Jordan attempted a little humor by looking down Suzanne’s back at
her butt and saying “Well it looks like you still got a lot left. You
didn’t work that much of it off.” Suzanne and Jordan laughed. Suzanne said
“Hey now, some people like a little junk in the trunk. Your mom and dad
have been married forever and everytime I see them he’s rubbing on your
momma’s bodacious booty. Ha ha. See that’s one guy that likes big
booties.” Jordan looked Suzanne right in the eye and said “I never said I
didn’t like big booties. I love looking at a woman with the hips and big
butt.” Out of nowhere Eric walks in the room and said “Dude, I like big
booties, too. You know who’s booty I’d like to grab, besides your
mother’s, Mrs. Schwartz from history class. Damn! Anyway, I just got off
the phone with Theresa Camacho she’s gonna let me take her to the prom.
Mom she has a big butt, too.” Suzanne laughed and said “You boys are
crazy.” Suzanne and Eric have gone through a lot together so they tend to
talk like friends more than a mother and son. Jordan jumped in and said
“Damn, Theresa barely speaks English, she’s the exchange student from
Mexico right?” Eric said “Yup and yup! She doesn’t speak much English so
she doesn’t understand when the other girls call us geeks and I’m nice to
her and never try to grab her big ass in the hallway at school so she
thinks I’m sweet. But trust me, I’ll be all over that big ass at prom.”
Suzanne just rolled her eyes and said “So Jordan, who’s the lucky girl
that gets to go to the prom with all of this.” Suzanne was pointing at
Jordan’s well developed bare chest and torso. Jordan just shook his head
and said “I got turned down three times. I think I’m done asking. I’m just
waiting for college to get with girls. My day will come. I wonder how the
girls will be at Pride.”


Eric jumped in and
said “Hey man, it’s a shame you’re not going to be at Stallworth, but
seriously Pride University is where it’s at?” Jordan rolled his eyes and
said “Really man, you got jokes?” Eric continued and said “Nah dude,
Latoyah Baxter, Sharonda Hayes and Destiny Evans are going there. I heard
them say it in gym class the other day.” Jordan’s eyes lit up as he said “Yo,
Toyah and Sharonda got crazy ass and Destiny is fine as hell.” Eric nodded
his head and said “Yup, yup. Hell if I wasn’t a white boy I’d rather go to
Pride than Stallworth. I saw a band competition on BET over at Pride and
they had the finest black girls ever. Booties and hips and lips and
extensions flying around and all that stuff.” Jordan smiled and licked his
lips thinking about all the fine black booty. Suzanne looked to her left
and right at each of the boys and said, “All you boys care about is booty
and Eric I didn’t know you were so in love with black girls. Don’t get me
wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, but this is the most passionate I
think I’ve heard you be about anything outside of your video games. Ha ha
ha.” Eric smiled and said “Mom, I like ’em all shades. I like my vanilla,
I like my peanut butter, I like my caramel, I like my chocolate, I like my
butterscotch. I like my…” Eric went on and on and Suzanne and Jordan
just laughed uncontrollably.


Then out of the blue
Suzanne put her head down and said “I envy you boys. Going off to college.
I always wished I would have had what it took to do the same thing. Oh
well, I’ll live through you guys.” Jordan and Eric rubbed Suzanne on the
back to comfort her and Jordan said, “Why don’t you go to college, then?”
Eric said “Yeah mom, I mean, you have the college fund you’ve been saving
for me and I don’t need it now. Use it for your school.” “But where would
I go, I mean, haven’t all of the college deadlines passed?” said Suzanne.
Jordan said “Yeah, even community college. Damn.” Suzanne said “It was a
cool thought, but I’ll be right back at the diner tomorrow and the day
after and the day after.” Eric jumped up and said “No way mom, Jord-I
mean, I wrote a great essay about how strong you are as a person. You can
do anything. You’re going to college when me and Jordan go and that’s
that.” Suzanne said “But where?” Jordan jokingly said “Maybe Uncle Elias
can get you into Pride, too. Ha ha ha. Aww man that would be something.”
Eric just smiled and said “Bro that’s fuckin’ genius.” Suzanne said,
“Baby, but Pride is like three states away and it’s uhhh, a Black school.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m not Black.” Eric said,
“Pride is more than just black folks, right Jordan. Our history teacher
Mrs. Schwartz said she went to Pride University, remember she said she
graduated with your mother.” Jordan, with a confused look on his face said
“Uh, yeah. Mom’s always sayin’ say hi to Francesca for me, but every time
I see her in the hallways, these days, that kid Isaiah Brown is always
hanging around her. Isaiah’s going to Stallworth, too. People say I’m a
geek, that kid’s a fuckin’ geek for real.” Eric said “Yeah, but forget him
I’m talking about Mrs. Schwartz. She’s mad Jewish and she went to Pride.
Mom we’re poor white trash, that’s more black then Jewish is.” Suzanne
chuckled and said “Jesus, do we have to be trash, can’t we just be poor
and white. Ha ha. I tell you,  I wouldn’t mind going to Pride, but I’d
have to apply and get accepted and…” Eric interrupted her and said
“Jordan said his uncle will be in town in a few days. Mrs. Brookdale loves
you and that’s her brother. Maybe they could put in a good word.” Suzanne
said, “But what about the apartment? I’d have to move down there.” Eric
said “Mom I’ll be on campus and you’d be on your campus. Fuck this shitty
apartment. We’ll visit each other. Don’t be scared mom. I think Jordan can
hook it up. Can’t you J?” Jordan looked at Suzanne’s eyes light up at the
idea of going to college and he gave her a hug and said “Ms. H, I think we
might just be able to pull this off.”


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