The Russian Booty Queen Chapter 5

The Russian Booty Queen: Natasha Nikolakov Chapter 5: Turning Tricks

23 year old Leonard Dickey was laying in bed with his latest acquisition, the lovely 45 year old big booty Russian madam Natasha Nikolakov. While laying side by side in bed with Natasha, Leonard was taking the time to explain a fringe part of his prostitution business that was quite lucrative. “The Big Booty Sports Fucking League! We major, girl. It’s like this. Niggas love big booty bitches, niggas love fuckin’ big booty bitches, niggas also love sports and niggas also love betting on sports. We have a lot of different formats for matches, but the main thing you gotta know is that multiple niggas will be taking turns fucking you up the ass while you’re down on all fours surrounded by a bunch of loud ass drunk motherfuckas.” Natasha was confused, “Huh? I don’t understand.”

Leonard continued, “Look bitch, it all started from a ritual from the M.O.B. Society.” Natasha said, “What’s that?” Leonard said, “Don’t worry about it, bitch. Anyway, these fly ass niggas basically run a gang of big booty white bitches. In fact, each one of the brothas got their own bottom bitch. Niggas would pride themselves on how thorough their bitches were at taking dick. So, two niggas would basically invite mad motherfuckas to fuck their bitches. The bitches will line up side by side on the floor and see how many niggas they can taking fucking them up the ass until the bitch passes out or taps out.” Natasha said, “That’s ridiculous. How dare you treat women like that?” Leonard laughed and said, “Bitch, you was a madam just yesterday morning. Like you wasn’t running bitches. Well anyway, niggas place bets on what bitch will last the longest, they place bets on how many niggas a bitch might take on, some niggas doing the fucking even bet on themselves as being the dude to break a bitch. All and all, on a good night we bring in upwards of 100K a match off of entrance fees, betting revenues, not to mention the boxed up videos of the matches.” Natasha said, “Look, I’ll see clients and be an escort, but I’m not taking part in sick game of yours.” Leonard laughed and said, “Yes you will, because you have no place to go.”

“Please, I have no place to go.” said a 28 year old Natasha to her 44 year old step son, Tyre. Tyre opened the door to his apartment and Natasha was hit in the face with the smell of marijuana. She looked around the room and saw Tyre’s jailhouse friend Irv, two other big strong black men and 3 women dancing for them topless wearing only thongs. Tyre locked the door behind Natasha and said, “Bitch! Fuck is you doin’ here? They finally took the house, huh?” Tyre was right, the bank did take the house that his father Earl and Earl’s young Russian bride Natasha were living in for the past 10 years. Earl’s condition had gotten worse and he was now living in a nursing home. Due to the bills piling up they were officially broke. Although Tyre was the last person Natasha wanted to see, he was the only person that she really knew that would take her in. Although Tyre and occasionally his friend Irv spent nearly a year drugging and sodomizing Natasha in her sleep, the fact was asking Tyre for money was her only option.

While Natasha pleaded with Tyre, Irv looked over at Natasha and blew her a kiss and licked his lips. Natasha cringed at the sight of Irv and Tyre quickly grabbed Natasha by the arm and took her to his bedroom. “Welcome to my humble abode, bitch. Fuck is up?” said Tyre as he sat down next to Natasha on his bed. Natasha told him everything about the foreclosure on the house and the bills that have taken all of her and her husband’s money. While Natasha spoke, a drunk and high Tyre fondled her plump bottom on top of her miniskirt. The last thing Natasha said to him was, “I’m penniless, I have nowhere to go, do you have any money you can spare?” Tyre ran his fingers through Natasha’s hair and said, “Bitch, you’ve never worked a day in your life. I got cake I could give you, but pops is straight in that nursing home and I don’t owe you shit. I’m gonna teach you a good life lesson. Nothing in this world is free.” As Tyre unzipped his pants to reveal his big, hard black cock Natasha gasped. Tyre took off Natasha’s top and said, “I think I’ve busted well over 200 nuts in your fat white ass, but you’ve always been knocked out from those pills. You’re gonna be good and conscious when I own that booty. You gon work today, hoe, but first, I want that mouth.”

Tyre stood up and he grabbed Natasha by the back of the head. He then slapped her across the face with his cock for nearly a minute teasing her. He then placed it up against her face and slid her mouth down toward his balls. Natasha, with no other source of help, gave in to her middle aged stepson’s desires. Natasha licked the sweat from under Tyre’s balls as his cock was pressed up against her face. Tyre then told Natasha to look up and open her mouth. Tyre then spit down on her face trying to get the saliva in her mouth. Since his aim was bad he spat in her eye and on her cheek before getting some spit in her mouth. Tyre finally put his cock in her mouth. Tyre had long fantasized about getting his dick sucked by Natasha. For nearly a decade in jail he would jerk off to the pictures his father sent him of his beautiful young Russian bride. Tyre was loving every second of Natasha deep throating his enormous cock. As Tyre’s cock grew harder and harder in her mouth, Tyre put his head back and closed his eyes. He thought about those times in jail, he also thought about those times he sodomized an unconscious Natasha at his father’s house. He thought to himself, “I don’t even know what her sex sounds sound like, but I’m gonna find out today.”

Tyre was so focused on how good it would feel to finally fuck a conscious Natasha, that he shot his load in her mouth long before he wanted to. After cumming in Natasha’s mouth. She pulled back and started to cough. Thinking that her debt was paid, Natasha quickly rose to her feet and said, “There you are Tyre. You have made cum. Now will you help me.” Tyre was upset by the audacity of Natasha and said, “Bitch, you just begun. A lil blowjob, nah baby. I’m gonna fuck you until my dick’s raw.” Tyre smacked Natasha across the face and told her to get on her knees. Natasha was instructed to suck Tyre’s cock until he was hard again. She obeyed. Right before Tyre was ready to pull his cock out of Natasha’s mouth to fuck her, Irv popped his head into the room and said, “Hey man, the pizzas are here. Come eat.” Tyre looked over at Irv with a fierce look in his eye and said, “Nigga we in here makin’ love. Get the fuck out of here.” As Irv left the room, Tyre heard Natasha’s stomach rumbling. Tyre looked down at Natasha and said, “Bitch, you hungry.” Natasha didn’t say a word. Tyre grabbed a topless Natasha, who was wearing only a mini skirt and some heels, and pulled her into the dining room.

In the dining room the Irv, the two other men and the street strippers were sitting around the table chowing down on the pizza. Each of the men had a stripper sitting on his lap while they all ate the pizza and drank beer. Tyre was pulling Natasha into the room by her hair. He then flung Natasha toward the table and she was bent over it. Tyre stood behind Natasha with his dick out and said, “Hey fam, this is my stepmother Natasha. G, Tony, this the bitch that me and Irv was tellin’ y’all about. Hey Natasha, these three hoes is bitches in my stable. I don’t know if dad told you, but I’m back on my pimpin’ hoes shit. I’m leaving the burglaries and drug shit alone. Say hi to my dear stepmother bitches.” The three strippers/hookers let out a half hearted hello. Tyre continued talking, “I wanna tell y’all a story. My dad ordered this bitch from a catalog and oh shit, she actually looked like the pictures, hell even better. As far as pictures go, pops sent me tons of them shits in jail. He even told me stories about the hoe. Being his wife and all she told him all of her old stories. Even about her fucked up ass family.”


Natasha looked at the three black men with the multiracial collection of hoes on their laps as she tried to stand up. Tyre pushed her back down over the table and she leaned up against it bent over while Tyre rested his hard cock on top of her mini skirt covering her big fat white booty. Tyre continued, “Get this fam, this bitch’s brothers used to bend over their mother and her and fuck her and her mother up the ass at dinner time.” The strippers/hookers rolled their eyes and looked at Natasha in disgust. The fellas all bust out laughing. Tyre then said, “I don’t know if y’all ate pizza a lot in your country, bitch, but let me remind you of old times. Cus after all, we family right.” Tyre quickly lifted up Natasha’s mini skirt and pulled down her thong panties. Natasha started to stand up and Tyre pushed her right back down in position. He grabbed her by the hips and he thrusted his cock up her ass as keep as he could. Natasha stood right up before falling back down on the table bracing herself with her hands.

Tyre fucked Natasha’s ass like his cock was a jackhammer. “How it feel to feel this dick? I’ve been in this ass multiple times and I know you’ve woke up feeling the after effects, but how does this big black dick feel going in and out of your ass. Eat up bitch. Irv, toss me a slice.” Tyre used one hand to push Natasha’s big fat white booty down into place and he used his free hand to reach around and feed her a slice of pizza. Natasha was too slow in eating it so Tyre just mushed her in the face with it. “Yeah bitch, we family. Step mom. Ha ha ha. I’m 44 and you 28, but you my stepmom. Ha ha ha. Feel this dick bitch. Love it, love it, love it!” The strippers felt sorry for Natasha, they also felt bulges growing in the laps of the men they were sitting on. They all looked at each other knowing that they might be in the same position as this poor white woman was.

Natasha let out moans and grunts and Tyre was in heaven. He had felt the inside of Natasha’s ass many times, but for once she was feeling him and she was very vocal about it. She was mumbling in Russian and grunting loud with every thrust. After nearly 15 minutes of rough anal sex with Natasha, Tyre shot his load up her ass and she collapsed on the table. Just then Irv stood up and said, “Am I my brotha’s keepa?” Tyre slapped him 5 and said, “Yes I am! Come get yours my brotha.” Irv walked over where Tyre was standing and without warning he shoved his cock up Natasha’s ass. Natasha put her hands back on the table and said, “NOOOOO…noooooo!!!” Irv yelled out, “YESSSSS…yesssss!!!” Irv continued his assault on Natasha’s fat booty and he enjoyed is just as much as she hated it, which was a lot. As soon as Irv finished, the next man took his turn. Although there were four men in the room and four women, Natasha was the one that every man wanted to fuck. In all, each man had three turns fucking Natasha up the ass before Tyre went in for a fourth turn.

“Please, Tyre. I can’t take anymore.” said an exhausted Natasha. Tyre said, “Nonsense, bitch. You a thoroughbred, you’re built for this.” Tyre pounded away at Natasha in the same spot that she was in for literally hours. The other men had gone on their way and Tyre’s three hoes went off to a bedroom that they share in the apartment and laid down for the night. After Tyre finished with his last nut, he dragged Natasha over his couch and put on the TV. He made her get on her knees and suck his cock until he told her to stop. Totally exhausted Natasha was literally falling asleep while sucking Tyre’s dick. He eventually had mercy on her and put her in the room with his hoes.

The next morning, Natasha woke up in a twin bed with one of Tyre’s hoes. The woman’s name was Carmen. Natasha was dazed and confused. Carmen was looking right at her and said, “Aye mami, you took those dicks like a champion. Me and the girls felt sorry for you, for reals.” Just then a white hooker named Lori and a black one named Rasheta jumped in bed with Natasha. All of the hoes were in their late teens and early 20s, 28 year old Natasha was the oldest one. Rasheta said to Natasha, “Damn bitch, you thorough. I ain’t never seen a bitch take it like that. You sexy as fuck, too.” Rasheta palmed Natasha’s bare bottom and grinded her crotch against it. The white hoe Lori was laying at the foot of the bed, she said, “Don’t mind Rasheta, sexy mama. She’s a little dyke. She likes to lick the cat.” The women all laughed. Natasha was still uncomfortable at first, but after awhile the girls put her mind at ease. They eventually told each other’s life stories and they all kind of became friends with Natasha. Rasheta told Natasha about her life growing up the daughter of a pastor. Lori told Natasha about her life growing up in a small town in California. And Carmen told Natasha about being a drug mule for a Colombian drug dealer. For the first time since she was a little girl in Russian, Natasha felt like she had met some females that should could be friendly with.

Over the next couple of weeks, Tyre had successful turned Natasha into one of his hoes. Having no place to go, she shared a small bedroom with three other girls and shared a twin bed with Carmen, while Lori and Rasheta shared the other one. Seedy motels, hole in the wall strip clubs, sometimes right out of the apartment, Tyre pimped all four women. He kept them looking fine and fabulous so the money kept rolling in. Although all of the women were sexy and well built. Natasha was the star. Drug dealers, rich businessmen and everyday guys, they all wanted her and Tyre was cashing in.

Although Natasha was kept busy servicing her clients, everyday she found time to drop by and see her ailing husband Earl. After she found out about what he used to do to her in her sleep, there was a slight riff between them, but Natasha was determined to be a devoted wife. Earl also apologized for what he did to her and explained it as him being absolutely crazy over her body. As Earl’s last days were approaching Natasha spent more and more time with him. In fact, Earl’s son Tyre would literally have to pry her away from Earl’s bedside to get out and make that money selling her fat Russian booty. Almost a year after Natasha became Tyre’s star hoe, there was a perfect storm of events that shaped her future life.

While standing outside of Locos Vatos bar, a local hangout for day labors, Tyre got a phone call from the nursing home that his father had died. Tyre was shaken up a bit as he went into the bar to get his girls. Lori and Rasheta were getting free drinks at the bar while Carmen was dancing fully clothed with a few little Mexican guys that were stuffing dollar bills in her pockets and cleavage. Tyre made his way to the managers office, where she saw the little Mexican owner sitting in his car getting his dick sucked by a topless Natasha. While she was still sucking dick, Tyre said, “Natasha. Daddy’s dead.” Natasha immediately stopped sucking dick and started to cry. The owner of the bar said, “My condolences, Tyre. Sorry for your loss.” As Natasha stood up to put her top back on and go tend to her deceased husband’s affairs, the bar owner said, “Hold up mami, I no cum yet. I no pay if I no cum.” Natasha was shocked at the bar owners attitude. Tyre said, “Ay girl, finish that trick, get that money, I’ll round up the other hoes, meet me at the car.”


Natasha did what she was told. The bar owner sat back and enjoyed his blowjob while making business calls and Natasha kept sucking with all of her might so she could leave and see the remains of the man that had been her husband for nearly 10 years. Natasha did some deep souls searching while trying to get that man to shoot his load in her mouth. She had come to America 10 years ago to have a better life. “Aaaahhh, aaahhhh, si mami, si. Muy bueno.” The bar owner said before handing Natasha 20 five dollar bills. “Si you in two days, mami. I want your culo and chocha next time. More money for you.” Natasha put her top on and thought to herself, “No you won’t see me again. This is it.”

Natasha, Tyre and all of Tyre’s other hoes went to the nursing home and were met by Earl’s other son, the successful lawyer, Terrell. Terrell greated Natasha with a hug and said, “Hey sweetheart, we lost a great man today.” Natasha hugged Terrell nice and tight and said, “He was my heart. He did so much for me.” Terrell then rolled his eyes at his brother. Terrell had no respect for his brother. The two didn’t say a word to each other. Terrell took care of the arrangements along with Natasha’s help and the service was amazing. A wonderful funeral for a kind hearted man. All Tyre did was show up and he had the nerve to bring his hookers with him. The only good thing Tyre did was give Natasha the week off from turning tricks for him to tend to Earl’s affairs.

A few days after the service, Terrell called Natasha to his law office for a meeting. Tyre had Natasha booked like crazy for the day so he went with her to make sure that she wouldn’t waste any time. When they arrived at the office, Natasha was in for the surprise of her life.

“Huh? What about us? What kind of shit is that?” said Tyre as he yelled at his brother who sat behind his fancy desk with a smirk on his face. Terrell said, “Us?!?!? Nigga, we grown men. Don’t make me get ghetto up in here. Don’t let this thousand dollar suit fool you baby brother. Natasha was his wife. She deserves it. What have you ever done for dad anyway.” Natasha was in awe as she looked at a $250,000 life insurance check made out to her. Natasha said, “Terrell, he never mentioned this. Is it really for me?” Terrell walked around the desk and took Natasha by the hand and said, “Look lil lady. I have to admit, I didn’t like the idea of some Russian mail order bride for my father, but you stuck around, you never did him dirty and you made him happy.” Terrell then whispered in Natasha’s ear, “Daddy sent me some of his old pics of him fuckin’ you in your sleep. Daddy definitely had a freaky side, you stood by him after that shit too.”

Tyre jumped up and said, “Fuck is the whispering about? Bitch, I need my cut.” Terrell grabbed his brother up by the shirt and said, “Nigga I’ll still fuck you up, remember that. Leave Natasha be. I know what you got her out here doing. Just because I’m in this high rise office building that doesn’t mean I don’t have my ear to the street.” Terrell pushed his brother up against the wall and then threw him out of his office. He then walked up behind Natasha who was sitting in the chair still staring at the check that could change her life. Terrell put his hand on Natasha’s shoulder and said, “Think long and hard about where you want to go. Leave this town. Tyre ain’t shit and you don’t need him around you. He’s fixated on for some reason. Do you know where you might want to go?” Natasha, still looking at the check, said, “California! My friend Lori is from there, plus there are stars and the good life.” Terrell said, “I know some folks that live on the west coast, pick a town and I’m sure I can hook you up with a good lawyer and real estate agent.”

Terrell looked over Natasha’s shoulder and down her blouse. He shook his head and said, “Sweet Natasha, daddy was a lucky man. I love my wife, I love my wife, but mmmm hmmm, daddy was a lucky man.” Natasha turned around and saw the bulge in Terrell slacks. Natasha turned around completely and kneeled in the chair and said, “You too can be lucky. A thank you gift.” Terrell stood there stiff as a board, his body and his cock, Natasha unzipped his pants and gave him an amazing blowjob. Terrell reached over Natasha’s body and lifted up her mini skirt and smacked her ass a few times before he shot his load in her mouth. Natasha swallowed all of Terrell’s cum, gave his a kiss on the cheek and she called a taxi to take her to the bank to open her first bank account. After opening her first bank account Natasha said to herself, “Money in the bank!” with a big smile on her face.

“Money in the bank, bitch! That’s what this booty fuckin’ league has got me. A nigga got so much money that it’s ridiculous. Your first match is tonight, so I’m gonna leave you here with these videos to study. While I try to set up some major promo and a few dope ass surprises for your coming out party.” said Leonard Dickey as he left his future big booty fuck slut star thinking about her past and even more so her future.



To Be Continued.


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