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HARD PASSION: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Chapter 1 Huge Change!

03/01/2016 Tags: stories, interracial, milf, story, hardpassion, purvosuxx

My name is Erica Bradson, I am 48 years of age and I have been happily married to my husband Daniel for 23 years. I have three children, Emma the oldest is 19 years old, my son Brian is 18 and my youngest Peter is 14. We have always been regarded as the perfect family, my husband Daniel worked at a Pharmaceutical company called Binarex Implants & Co, my oldest daughter Emma left for college when she was 18, my son Peter is in high school starting his second year, while my son Brian had some minor problems at his former school which resulted in him dropping out of high school but now he is back at a new school. Ever since I had my last child Peter my work as a librarian became almost impossible for me mostly because of my back, so now I write children’s books at home. It would sound that we are the perfect family. Little did I know how my life would change.

It all started two years ago when my husband Daniel was offered the position of chairman of the board for a new company called Erinak. We were all happy and excited. Although we had to move closer to the company, our lives were more fruitful than ever. Brian was especially happy as he was able to find himself a new school, Peter on the other hand was not so happy to leave his home and friends, we had quite a fight over the issue and I believe he blamed me more than his father. However, we moved and were ready to begin our lives again. We have now lived two years here and I could not be happier. My sons have settled fine in their new schools and my daughter continues her studies at the college, I only wish it would be the same for me. Ever since my husband became the chairman of Erinak our sex lives have been less and less active, we still love each other very much but his work has left us with no time for each other. Though I knew this would happen I never expected it to bother me so much, ever since my last child our sex life became somewhat less intimate, mostly because of our children, but we always had some time to satisfy each other, but now even that was gone. My womanly urges were the only thing bothering me.

One day my son Brian invited his friend Malik over to our house, I never really knew much about him except that he was a little bit older then my son Brian. I also did not like him too much as he was always around whenever I heard rumours that vandals had caused some trouble. Still I had to give my son’s friend a chance so the day he came over I prepared a nice dinner and awaited eagerly for them to come home from school. When I heard the main door opening I went downstairs to greet my son’s friend, while my son took of his jacket I greeted Malik. The moment I saw him I was both surprised and a little frightened, though I did not show it. He was a tall person, taller than both my husband and my son. He was dressed in a thick orange undershirt with a logo I could not understand and oversized blue jeans that kept falling down revealing his white underwear. He was very well built as his muscles showed thanks to his undershirt. His skin was black and smooth with no scars, he had dreads going down to his neck which were tied by a pair of gummy strings. He turned around towards me and smiled, his blue eyes staring at me, his face was smooth and perfect with no blisters that the usual teenager have. He walked towards me and stretched his hand and presented himself to me. I was a little slow but I took his hand which was firm and soft, shaking it proved to be all up to him as he was strong as a bull. He was very polite something that struck me, since most of my son’s friends were mostly rude like teenagers were, but this person was not.

 My son and Malik went up to Brian’s room. I remained in the living room consumed with thoughts, wondering how my son had met this boy. I was also very puzzled by the fact that he was not at all like those other friends of my son. While I was sitting there in the living room alone I heard someone coming down the stairs, it was Malik. He came downstairs looking for something. My first thought was that he was looking for something valuable to steal, as I was trying to find excuses for myself to why he was so polite. After secretly watching him for three seconds I decided to move towards him, he saw me and asked where he could throw a piece of plastic he was holding in his hand. I was embarrassed with myself by the fact that I had even thought that he was stealing, I told him to give the plastic to me and that I would throw it for him, after handing me the plastic I went over to the kitchen and opened the cabin under the sink to throw the piece of plastic into the trash can, as I was bending over I felt that someone was watching me I turned around rather quickly to find no one standing there. I felt like a fool, not only did I think he was a burglar but also a pervert. The truth was that I was making all of these things up in my mind because I was lonely, deep inside me I wanted someone to look at my huge behind.

A couple of days had gone by and my thoughts were still raging inside me like a wild horse itching for a carrot, only I was not itching for a carrot. It was already past six, and I was preparing dinner as usual, my son Peter was sleeping over at his friend’s house, while my husband was working late again and my son Brian was out with his friends. Not even had the clock struck seven when I heard a bang coming from the door. I went toward the door to see my son Brian angry and slamming the door again. Before I even was able to ask him what was going on he ran up to his room. I followed him upstairs and knocked on his door, asking him what had happened. I was told to mind my own business, and after asking him over and over again with no apparent respond I decided to call my husband. Just as I was about to go downstairs I heard my son cursing Malik. I had no idea what had happened. After trying to get my husband on the phone to no avail and getting no response from my son I decided to go to Malik to get some answers. Before leaving I told my son through the door that I was going out for a bit without telling him that I was going to Malik’s home, since I did not want him to try to stop me.

I knew where he lived since I had driven my son to his house before; he lived in a huge house owned by his parents who have moved to Europe while Malik remained to finish school. It was raining hard while I drove there and I could barely see anything, so I parked my car at the intersection before arriving and started walking towards the house. I suddenly felt uneasy as the rain and thunder started to get even harder and so I ran towards Malik’s house before getting completely wet. When I reached his porch I saw light inside, indicating he was home so I rang the doorbell. When I got no answer I rang again, then within a minute the door opened and I saw Malik in a towel soaked and dripping in water. My eyes stood still looking at his stomach muscles and chest, and my thoughts ran wild. He was startled to see me and invited me in right away before I got too wet. I sat down on his red sofa as he asked me to and then he took my wet coat off me and hung it on the knob by the main door. After a second or so I heard him saying that he was in the shower and that he did not hear the first bell. Still in his towel, he stood in front of me without even trying to cover himself up and asked me why I was here. I came out of my perverted daze and told him about my son. After explaining to him what was going on, he went towards the kitchen and returned with two soda cans and gave one to me without even asking me whether I wanted one or not. He then sat down beside me and explained to me that my son had a crush on a friend of Malik’s called Jayla and that my son had become angry at Malik when he told him that he was not Jayla’s type. I became relieved by the fact that this was only a boy crush thing, but then came the a-bomb. Malik then told me that before he was able to explain why Jayla was not my son’s type Brian punched Malik in the face and started destroying things in his house and then seemingly ran away.

I was shocked at hearing those words. The thought that my son had actually hit someone destroyed my dream of a perfect family completely. I became confused and sad, my son had become someone else. I turned to Malik and asked him to please not press any charges. He stood up and went to throw his soda in the trash can. As he was turning around I could see part of his penis under his towel, which made all of my perverted thoughts resurface wilder then before. He came towards me and sat in front of me with his legs parted, almost like he wanted me to see his penis. He then said that he would have to explain a lot of things to his parents about the broken stuff. Just then I snapped out of my thoughts and raised myself up from the sofa and said that I would give him the money for the destroyed stuff. He said he was not interested in money. He then looked at me and smiled. He stood up and put his hand on my shoulder, that simple touch made my body warm and soft. He said that he had seen how I look at him, and that he knew that I needed certain attention. He grabbed my big behind which sent my soft warm body into a frenzied furnace. With no reaction from me Malik kept groping; I did not even try to stop him from touching me. My thoughts went in all directions telling me this is wrong and yet my body wanted this. I told myself that I was doing this for my son, but that was a lie. He slipped his hand into my long skirt and pulled it down, he then plunged his tongue into my mouth, which made me fall into a dream of lust. I unwillingly started sucking his tongue which was dancing inside my mouth. His saliva started to enter and expand into my mouth and I willingly swallowed it down my throat. Not even my husband had kissed me so good, his towel fell off and revealed his semi erect black penis.

While we were still kissing he directed my left hand to touch his penis, without thinking I grabbed it and I realized that I could not wrap my hand around it fully. I then broke off to see just how big his penis was, to my surprise his semi erect penis was longer and thicker than I thought humanly possible, he looked at me and smiled saying to me what I already knew, that I had never seen a bigger dick in my life. My vagina was dripping like a waterfall, soaking my underwear. He kept grabbing my behind and kissing my neck. It felt so good that I responded by stroking his humongous penis without even realizing it. I felt his penis getting larger and larger as I kept stroking him to a point that I even became scared to know how big it could get. He then stopped me from stroking it. At first I was afraid he had lost interest, but then he told me to turn around and show him my ass. I turned around embarrassed at the fact that my behind was so big, but he only bent down and grabbed my ass telling me how wonderful it was. After years of complaints from my husband that my ass was getting too big, I had started feeling embarrassed about my behind. Hearing Malik say those words made me even more soaked then before. Malik then pulled my wet underwear down revealing my soaking hairy vagina to him, making me even more embarrassed at the thought of having someone starring at my naked behind with my vagina dripping like a waterfall.

 Malik came so close that I could feel his breath hitting my vagina. In that moment my thoughts started protesting to the fact that what I was allowing was wrong. While I tried to convince myself that I was doing this for my son, the feeling of something slippery and soft invaded me making me gasp so suddenly that my saliva dripped out of my mouth. Malik was pushing his tongue deep into me, to the point that his teeth hit the side of my vagina. I almost fell when he invaded me and I was struggling to hold myself up. His tongue was dancing even more now than before and was pushing itself in to a point that almost paralysed me. While I was drooling with saliva and gasping for air, my thoughts were lost in ecstasy and fell prey themselves to the same feeling my body was having. The feeling of his tongue passing through me, his teeth marking me at the sides and his nose touching and breathing on my anus made me come over and over again. Malik kept dancing and twisting his tongue so much that it felt like it was living its own life within me. His lips kept caressing and sucking my side walls so much that the mix of his saliva and my essence began to drip on the floor constantly. He then retracted his piercing tongue from my wet hole, his teeth slowly lifted themselves from the grapple they had done and the breath from his nose stopped hitting my anus with that cold wind like feeling. I thought for a moment that it was over.

He had already given me more pleasure just with his tongue than my husband had given me in all our years. Just as I was catching my breath slowly and was able to steady myself better, a huge round soft and warm thing was pushing itself into my wet hole. Just when I was about to realize that it was his penis head, it pierced forcefully deep within me. My eyes rolled back and my saliva shot itself out of my mouth like a cannon with my tongue dangling outside. The gasping noise that I made echoed throughout the entire house and my legs clenched themselves tightly as if by reflex. His member was all the way inside me and I could feel every single blood vein of his dick pulsating within me.

 Malik grunted and exclaimed how tight I was, but I did not hear him. The long thick monster penis of his had reached places within me that had never been explored and had me going into a state of exploding coma. He then slowly began to move back and forth and with every thrust he would make sure to ball me so to get it even deeper within me. He kept grunting and huffing as his penis kept drilling me. His hands were the only thing keeping me steady as they were holding around my huge behind, as if to make sure that I would take his entire penis within me. I came out of my comatose state when he pulled my head towards him and began to suck and kiss my tongue. I began to taste the essence of his tongue that had been within me and it made me clench his dick even more. He grunted and commented that his dick was getting sucked in and the feeling of his dick forcing itself passed certain points within me kept me coming more than before.  I then felt it grow a little bigger and that is when I knew he was about to blow. He confirmed it when he said he was about to cum, and as if by a miracle I was able to find my motherly instinct within me and told him not to cum inside me. At first I was afraid he would not hear me as he was holding me tightly and his member was so deep inside me that it felt like it would be impossible to get it out in time. I saw his face, his eyes were clenched shut as if he was struggling to keep something inside, whether it was his member or his cum I did not know, but I hoped it was his cum.

 Just as I felt his penis head exploding his slippery member pulled out of me and was retracted back, his hands left me and I fell down on the floor exhausted as if having given birth. I glanced at him and just as I was catching his eyes to mine, his penis burst a torrent of cum right on my back. He exclaimed frantically and without even stroking his member the torrent of cum kept on coming, to the point I could see his huge sacks of balls shrink heavily. As the last spurt of cum hit both me and the floor Malik fell down as well, breathing heavily his penis began to go limp and lost most of its girth and length. As I watched it go limp, the thought that I had cheated on my husband began to arise, and my guilt began to devour me. However I noticed that as limp Malik’s cock had become, it was still far longer and thicker than my husband’s fully erect penis ever was.
I lay there and I knew my life had changed from then on. Oh what will happen now?