Mrs. Mitchell in “Big Booty Blackmail” Chapter 5: The Price of Silence

“How could you do this to mom, daddy?” said Lona Mitchell as she cried on Henry’s shoulder. Byron let go of his daughter Laura and he gave Lona a hug and said, “I”m sorry, baby. It was a big big mistake. I guess your dad isn’t perfect.” Laura then walked up to Bridgett and said, “You scandalous little white bitch! Scheming on my daddy!” Laura smacked Bridgett and said, “I’m sorry Laura! It’s just when you and Lona were with Henry and he sent me away I felt like shit. I didn’t want to hurt you or Lona. You two are my girls.” Byron said, “Laura, Lona, and Henry. What the fuck!?!?!” Byron let go of his daughter Lona and he punched Henry in the face. Henry fell to the ground and Byron jumped on top of him and he started to punch him. In the middle of the sidewalk. Henry was balled up protecting his face and he said, “I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry. They fine as hell, a nigga was weak. Obviously you know about weakness. It was twins, my nigga, Twins!!!” Byron looked around at the crowd developing and he stood up. “Listen, you young punk. I’m not your nigga and my daughters, they’re off limits to you from now on, you hear me?!?!?”

Bridgett walked over to Byron and said, “That’s right, you’re not his ni- N-word. You’re his new boss. Right, daddy?” Laura took off her earrings and said, “Oh hell no! This bitch did not just call my daddy, ‘daddy’. Fuck that!” While Laura started to chase Bridgett, Donetta came out of her restaurant and said, “Y’all folks stop it. Now, I don’t know what’s going on here, but y’all better cut this out before someone calls the cops. Come on in here. Now!” Laura, Lona, Bridgett, Henry and even Byron decided to listen to the sexy older black woman Donetta. “Now y’all sit here and talking it out. Mister, you and my girl Bridgett were just in here having a good meal. Henry hey baby, are these the lovely ladies you were telling me about?” Henry said, “Yes ma’am.” Donetta said, “They are gorgeous.” Lona, Laura and Byron all said, “Thank you.” at the same time. Donetta said, “Hmmm, let me guess, you’re the daddy.” Byron nodded his head and said, “Yes ma’am. These are my two oldest.” Donetta said, “Hmmm, this is starting to make a little sense. Y’all need to sit here and talk this out. I’m gonna send over a few iced teas for y’all to sip on while y’all hash this out. No more violence or I’ll call the police myself!” Donetta walked off as the five of them sat there silent.

Back at the Beckman Residence, Crystal’s initial surprise and shock about who was in attendance started to wear off. She was chatting up a storm with former students and their girlfriends and with Truman Hollister and his lovely wife Sharon. Although she was at ease for the most part, creepy smiles from Howard III and Baxter throughout the party made Mrs. Mitchell anxious. All and all, Crystal did her best to keep it together and the party was going off without a hitch.

Back at Donetta’s, Byron finally broke the silence. “Look girls. I fucked up. Daddy fucked up. Big time.” Lona took her father’s hand and said, “Why, daddy, why?” with tears in her eyes. Bridgett then said, “Don’t blame him, Lona. Please. It was my fault. I basically threw myself at him and I kept doing it. Byron called it off a long time ago and he said that it wasn’t fair to you guys and your mother.” Laura rolled her eyes and said, “Whatever, slut.” Then Henry said, “Slut? What about you, homegirl? Ever since that time we hooked up at that party, you kept calling me up. When I told you that I was interested in Lona, you started messing with all of my boys. You even messed with my nigga, Troy and you know he’s married.” Byron looked at his daughter Laura and said, “Babygirl?” Laura said, “Fine, fine, fine! I like to fuck. You turned me out Henry, then you wanted to be all booed up with Lona. Y’all two make me sick.” Byron then said, “So he’s just messing with Lona?” Lona said, “No daddy. We’re in love. We only messed around once. I told Henry I wasn’t that kind of girl and he said he’d wait for me to be comfortable enough to take things to that level again. I wanted to introduce you to him, but Henry didn’t want to meet you until he got a good job. He just graduated from business school, but how could you do what you did?”

Byron talked to his daughters and apologized repeatedly. Although Lona was still upset, she loved her father and she forgave him. Laura and Bridgett even made peace with one another. Laura saw that she was a hoe just like Bridgett and if she was a hoe, how could she hate on Bridgett for being one if she was one. Byron vowed to no longer mess with Bridgett and Lona and Laura vowed to keep it secret from their mother because it would only hurt her. “Look, daddy. We’re going to trust that you’ll do right by mom and be a good guy.” said Lona. Laura and Lona hugged their father. The fact was, they could never stay mad at him. They were daddy’s little girls. Before they left Donetta’s, Bridgett poked Byron on the shoulder and Byron said, “Ahem, Miss Donetta, do you have some cake that you could bring to us? A celebration is in order. This young man, Henry, is going to be the newest member of the executive trainee program at my company.” Donetta said, “Yay Henry! Um, what company is that?” Byron said, “It’s a big company, that I’m the CEO of. That’s all that matters and Henry, if you’re as good as I hear you are, it’s gonna be a real job. Not just that, ahem…thing that you we’re working out with you know who.” Lona and Laura were puzzled, having no knowledge of Bridgett and Henry’s plan. Henry shook Byron’s hand and said, “Thank you so much sir. I can’t wait to start.”


While Byron, his daughters, Henry and Bridgett celebrate Henry’s new job and Bridgett’s new cash flow, the party started to thin out. Mrs. Crystal Mitchell and Mrs. Sharon Hollister were sitting in the corner of the room having a nice conversation while the college boys were walking out with their girlfriends and Howard III, Baxter and Truman Hollister stood across the room talking to each other.

“Girl, I am so happy another sista was here. You have no idea. I love being by Truman’s side, but these tired old white bitches get on my nerves and act like I’m from outer space just cus I have some color, kinky hair and a little bit of body. Nothing like yours tho, girl.” said a tipsy Sharon Hollister. Crystal laughed and said, “Girl, you ain’t lyin’. I said a silent ‘thank you Jesus’ to myself when I met you at that first Beckman Industries event. I swear.” Just then Sharon’s phone rang. It was a call saying she was needed at her office. Sharon is a professional woman herself. She’s an attorney. Sharon gave Crystal a hug and said, “Sorry, hun. I gotta jet. I got ya number now, girl. We will be doing lunch like, ASAP. Ok?!?!” Sharon and Crystal hugged each other and Sharon gave her husband Truman a hug and said, “I’ll see you at home later.”

After Sharon left the house, only Howard III, Simon, Baxter and Truman Hollister were left in the house. Crystal rose to her feel and stumbled a bit while taking the last glass of champagne off of the tray on a table. She glided over toward Howie, Simon, Baxter and Truman and said, “I had a wonderful time gentleman.” She then looked at Howard III and said, “I guess I’ll be going home now.” Just then Truman Hollister gave Mrs. Mitchell a hard smack on the bottom. Mrs. Mitchell was in shock. Truman smacked her bottom again. Then again, Then again. While still smacking Mrs, Mitchell’s humongous black ass Truman Hollister said, “Such a fat black ass. I do love black women. Howie told me about you. The things you’ve done for him. He let it slip out the an hour ago. I didn’t believe him of course. Wife of one of the most powerful business men in the country a whore.” Crystal Mitchell stood their taking her spanking and she screamed “I’m not a whore!” Truman kept spanking her and said, “I wouldn’t have believed it if Howie didn’t show me the video. He didn’t plan to tell me. He was just let it slip out when he was telling Young Brother Baxter over there. To think. I almost missed out on this after party.”

Truman Hollister dragged Mrs. Mitchell across the room with Howie, Simon and Baxter following right behind them. Truman sat down on the couch, put Mrs. Mitchell across his lap, lifted up her dress, pulled down her panties and he proceeded to give the voluptuous black woman a bare bottom spanking. Mrs. Mitchell squirmed around and cried while Truman Hollister violated her and called her names. “Dirty, filthy whore. No wonder Skippy gave your husband the CEO job. I wanted that job. You were turning tricks. What a filthy little slut you are. Slut! Slut! Slut!” Howard III, Baxter and Simon cheered on Truman Hollister until Howard III looked at Simon and said, “Go wait in the hallway, fatso.” Simon put his head down and walked into the hallway as Baxter and Howie started to get naked.

Truman pulled Crystal by her hair off of his lap and he ordered her to unzip his pants. Crystal rubbed her glowing red bottom with both hands as Truman held her up by her hair and said, “No. Never!” Then Howard III said, “Do it, bitch.” Crystal started to cry as she unzipped Truman’s pants. She pulled his medium sized cock out of his pants, opened her mouth and started to suck him off while he fingered her booty. Then Baxter said, “I can’t believe it. Howie, where’s the lube? I call first dibs on Mrs. Mitchell’s fat ass. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” Howard III sent Baxter to get the lube. Truman made Mrs. Mitchell gag on his cock while fingering her ass. Crystal looked over at Howie who was stroking his cock as he made kissy lips at her.

A naked fully erect Baxter ran around to the different bathrooms in the house looking for the lube that Howard III sent him off to find. Simon sat on a bench feeling left out as he stripped down to his slacks and t-shirt out of most of the tux he was wearing. Just then Charlene walked in wearing a denim skirt that was way too short and a red tanktop, carrying a birthday cake. Fat Simon’s eyes bugged out. Charlene’s fat Haitian ass was a sight in her maid outfit, but out of it it was even better. Charlene looked at Fat Simon and said, “Take advantage of any women lately, pervert?” Simon put his head down and said, “No.” Charlene huffed and said, “Hmm, well when my daughter gets back with the candles I might let you have some of my cake. It’s red velvet. My favorite.” Charlene walked toward the kitchen with her cake and Fat Simon licked his lips and followed her.


Having finally found the lube, Baxter ran downstairs not seeing Charlene or Simon and back into the room where the party was happening. Mrs. Mitchell was riding Truman’s cock with it stuffed deep in her ass while Howard III held the back of her head with both hands and force fed her cock. Mrs. Mitchell was drooling and choking as she gagged on cock. “Tight ass for a slut. You like it without lube. Ha ha ha.” said Truman Hollister while he sodomized Mrs. Mitchell without lube. Baxter lathered up his cock and said, “Hey man, I called first dibs on her booty. Let’s put her on all fours and you can get under her and fuck her pussy, while Howie has the mouth and I get the ass.” Truman Hollister looked at Baxter then looked away ignoring him. Baxter then said, “Howie?” Howard III never took his eyes off of Mrs. Mitchell who he was viciously throat fucking as he said, “Go get a drink out of the kitchen or something. Hold on for a while and you’ll have next. I promise.”

Baxter put the lube down and he stroked his hard cock as he walked toward the kitchen feeling left out. In the kitchen, Baxter’s eyes lit up when he saw Fat Simon sitting on a stool looking at a bent over Charlene who was getting something out of the back of the refrigerator. “Charlene! Good to see you!” said Baxter. Charlene jumped up, turned around and said, “Mister Baxter. What are you doing here? I think Papa Howie’s party is in the other room.” Baxter said, “I know, but I’m waiting for Mrs. Mitchell to be free. Howie said to come in here and fuck you until it’s my turn with Mrs. Mitchell.” Charlene looked puzzled and said, “I didn’t know Papa Howie knew I was back. I’m gonna see about this.” Baxter walked toward Charlene and tried to corner her. He chased her around the room while saying, “He doesn’t want to be bothered. He’s in there with Mr. Hollister and they’re busy. He said he wants me to fuck you.” Charlene did her best to escape Baxter as she said, “He wouldn’t do that. It’s my birthday. It’s my day off. Papa Howie would never offer me to you.” Baxter paused and said, “Have you already forgotten that he already did?”

Charlene stopped and said, “That was before, he wouldn’t. Not on my birthday.” Baxter had tricked Charlene into believing him. Baxter walked over to Charlene and said, “It’s ok, baby. Just bend over for me.” Charlene’s feelings were hurt, as she did was she was told. She bent over as the scrawny little Baxter lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and hot dogged her enormous West Indian booty with his sizable white 19 year old cock. Fat Simon just sat there and watched. Baxter humped Charlene while he hot dogged her booty and massaged it. After about 1 minute he couldn’t take it any more. Baxter shoved his cock deep in Charlene’s anus and he went to work.

While Baxter sodomized the sad big booty birthday girl, Truman Hollister and Howard III were continuing their disrespect fuck session with Mrs. Mitchell. After busting his first nut in Mrs. Mitchell’s ass, Truman laid back on the couch exhausted as Mrs. Mitchell kneeled before Howard III. Howard III had a fist full of Mrs. Mitchell’s hair as he smacked her in her face with his free hand. “You like this, don’t you bitch? You missed this white cock.” *slap* *slap* *slap*. Mrs. Mitchell was in shock. Howard III then slapped her so hard that she fell to the floor. As Mrs. Mitchell started to stand up, Howard III pushed her back down on the floor in a doggystyle position. Howard III gave Mrs. Mitchell’s fat abused brown bottom three swift kicks before he kneeled down behind her and anally penetrated her. Truman Hollister stumbled to his feet, still exhausted from roughly sodomizing Mrs. Mitchell. He stripped naked, got a bottle of champagne to sip on and he stood in front of Mrs. Mitchell and began slapping her on the top of her head with his semi erect cock. Mrs. Mitchell, while taking a rough anal pounding from Howard III finally lifted up head and Truman Hollister shoved his cock in her mouth and said, “It seems like the real party is just getting started.”

Back in the kitchen, Baxter was still jackhammer fucking Charlene’s fat Haitian ass as he bent her over the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. Charlene grunted with every hard thrust of Baxter’s cock up her anus as she mumbled, but it’s my birthday. Fat Simon was now standing up cheering on Baxter. Baxter smacked Charlene’s ass hard as he roughly butt fucked her and said, “What are you mumbling about bitch?” Fat Simon interjected and snidely said, “It’s her birthday, dude. Ha ha ha.” Baxter said, “Then feed that bitch cake!” Charlene looked down at her beautiful cake and said, “*grunt* *grunt* I’m waiting for my candles. Please finish before my daughter arrives.” Fat Simon walked over to the broken woman and said, “Remember that headlock, remember punching me, bitch. EAT THE CAKE!” Fat Simon got a fist full of Charlene’s beautiful birthday cake and smashed it in her face. Charlene began to cry and Baxter and Simon laughed. Soon later, Charlene’s daughter Darlene walked in the kitchen humming the latest Rachel Ratchet song carrying the birthday candles she got from the store and she dropped them on the floor in shock over seeing the two white boys degrading her poor mother. “Leave my mother alone!!!” yelled Darlene as she charged toward Baxter.


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