“Sex, Secrets and Politics: The Candidate” – Chapter 4: The Dandy Husband

Around 6:30am Monday morning, Marshall woke up laying in his mother’s bed with rock hard morning wood. Marshall smiled as he thought about how he dominated his mother’s big ass while she slept last night. Marshall reached for the remote control to turn to the morning news, but after he turned the channel he heard moaning coming from the bathroom. Marshall opened the bathroom to find his mother, Governor Polly Peterson-Parker sitting on the toilet with her panties around her ankles wearing only her AΣΣ sorority shirt that she had on the night before.
Polly was breathing heavy and sweating as she looked over at her son who was at the door. “Scooter, don’t look at me. I don’t want you to see me like this. I’ve been on this toilet for an hour. I think it was all of the strawberry milk I drank last night. Plus I had some more dairy during the day. I must be becoming lactose intolerant.” Polly had no idea that the burning sensation in her anus, her diarrhea and stomach cramps were the direct result of her son sodomizing her for hours and filling her asshole up with nearly a liter of his cum.
Marshall shrugged his shoulders and said “Maybe. Gotta take better care of yourself, mom.” Marshall walked over to his struggling mother and kissed her on the top of her head. When Marshall kissed his mother, his morning wood was only inches away from her face, sticking out of his boxers. “Whoa there, Scooter. Your pecker almost poked my eye out. Ha ha. Don’t be embarrassed. I know those morning erections can be so spontaneous.” With his cock still inches away from his mother’s face, Marshall kissed his mother on the top of her head again before going back into her bedroom.
Marshall jumped back in bed feeling spectacular. He felt sorry for his mother’s discomfort, but he felt elated that she had no idea about what he had done to her. The sleeping pills were a success. While he watched the news, Marshall made a mental note to go online to find out suggestions on how to sodomize his mother without leaving her cramped and sore in the morning. While his mind started to wander again into memories of last night’s anal rampage, Marshall’s elation turned to despair as a local news report came across the screen.
“A local man was gunned down in an apparent carjacking gone wrong last night. The man was 28 year old, Louis McKenna. Louis was a graduate of the California Culinary Institute and most recently has worked as the personal chef of Governor Polly Peterson-Parker.”
Halfway through the story, Polly came out of the bathroom and was just as shocked as Marshall as she stared at the TV, “My God, Louis?”
“The police have no leads at this time. Our prayers go out to his family. Tragic story. Just tragic. In other news…”
Polly and Marshall consoled each other. They were both pretty shaken up by Chef Louis’s death. Nate had seen the story on the news this morning as well and he called the house moments later to see how Polly and Marshall were holding up. Before Marshall met Nate, Louis was the coolest guy in the world to him. Louis used to talk to the tall, lanky, awkward Marshall about music, sports and girls and make him feel like he was one of the guys. Polly was torn up over Louis’s death because she had met Louis’s kids and hated that they wouldn’t have their father anymore. Also, Polly would miss sneaking off to hidden places in her house to suck Louis’s fat cock to feed her desperate desire for cum since her husband stopped touching her. Speaking of her husband, Marshall got on the phone and called Patrick in San Francisco to inform him of the loss.
“Sweet Jesus, such a fine young man. Taken in his prime like that. Dear Louis will be missed. I swear I don’t know if I have the strength to even go to work today. I could just lay down and cry, but alas I do have patients to serve.” Said Patrick over the phone. Marshall replied, “I feel you, dad. Mom’s going to head into the office a little late today. I’m just skipping school today. I can’t deal.”
After getting off of the phone with his son, Patrick Parker finished preparing his breakfast for the morning, ate and hit the door. Whenever he was in San Francisco without his car, Patrick liked to ride his 10 speed bike around town. Always cheerful, Patrick road up to his office door to find his pregnant receptionist Lindsey and his dental hygienist Morgan talking outside. Patrick greeted them like he always did, “Good morning, loves. You ladies look sweet as sugah. Let’s make some magical smiles happen today!” The ladies always got a kick out of the queer nature of Patrick and the group shared smiles and hugs before going into the office to start the day. Monday was a particularly slow day for Patrick’s practice so he let his receptionist go home early and just as his hygienist was leaving for lunch, a beautiful, voluptuous black woman came walking through the door.
“Hello, do you take walk-ins, baby girl?” Said the fat bottomed, large breasted black woman in a sweet southern accent. The hygienist said, “We most certainly do, miss. Right this way.” Just as Patrick’s hygienist was giving the woman forms to fill out, Patrick walked in and said, “Excuse me, sugah. Might that be an Atlanta accent I detect?” The woman said, “Why yes it is, handsome? I’m getting a strong Savannah vibe from your tone.” Patrick slapped his knee and said, “Woman your ears do not deceive you one bit. It’s a pleasure to have another southern in our midst.” Patrick’s hygienist, Morgan, interjected “I’m from Colorado. My accent sucks.” Patrick put his arm around Morgan and said, “It’s delightful, Morgan dear. You know I love your Colorado accent. Anyway, enjoy your lunch. I’m sure I can take care of this Georgia peach.”
As Morgan left for lunch Patrick locked the door behind her and then turned his attention to the voluptuous woman in his office. The woman stood by the receptionist desk wearing a short polka dot skirt and a very low cut purple blouse and a pair of heels. Patrick was clearly turned on by her shape. Patrick walked up to the woman and guided her to a seat in his waiting room and he sat right next to her and helped her with her paperwork. The woman informed Patrick that she was in need of two false teeth to replace the ones that she had lost after a violent attack while she was doing her job.
“Attacked, at work? My dear what kind of scoundrel would do such a thing to a lovely woman like you? Where do you work?” said Patrick as he held the woman’s hand. She replied, “Back home I worked as a receptionist as my sister’s beauty parlor. After coming out here to start a new life, I haven’t found steady work so I’ve been working in alleys.” The woman put her head down and started to weep. Patrick said, “There, there, sugah. No judgment here. What we do in the dark is our own personal business.” The woman said, “You’re too kind. I thought about going back to Georgia, but back home I felt too tied to my past.” Patrick asked, “What about your past are you running from, dear?” The woman said, “I used to live my life as a man.”
Patrick was shocked at the woman’s proclamation, but also even more aroused then he already was. “So you’ve traded your male member for lady parts so you could be your true self. I know how hard that must have been for you. Atlanta is quite progressive, but the south is still the south.” The woman replied, “I haven’t gone all the way. When I was a man, I was always on the chubby side, when I started taking hormones my hips and ass just filled out, my breast too. I had a little fat transfer procedure to fatten my booty some more and a little breast work done, but I’ve decided to keep my uh, male member.” Patrick’s slight arousal became full on. He started to squirm in his seat before crossing his legs in an attempt to hide his growing erection.
The woman looked at Patrick and noticed that he seemed uncomfortable and said, “I’m sorry, honey. That’s just too much intimate information. Maybe I should go.” As the woman got up to leaved, Patrick pulled her by the arm and said, “No, sugah. You sit right down here. I have a story to tell you. First off, I know the name on the door says Dr. Patrick Parker, but I want you to call me Patty. All my friends call me Patty.” Patrick then kissed the shemale on the hand and she said, “Well my friends call me, Tina, honey. What’s your story, Patty? I am dying to know.”
Patrick started to rub on Tina’s thigh as he told her his story. “Well, I was a special boy growing up. Very prim and proper. I was never too good at sport, although many said I had the frame for it. Naturally athletic built. My clothes always fit fabulously. Anyway, I just focused on my studies and such until my junior year of high school. That year was special because there was this new drama teacher, Mr. Lawrence Thibodaux. He was a caramel complexioned, African American fellow in his late 20s from New Orleans, Louisiana originally. Now some would have called him chubby or fat, but a better description would be to call him thick. He was very thick for a man. He had wide hips like a woman and a booty that looked like too beach balls. He used to tie a sweater around his plump booty to hide it, but it was still noticeable. He was also very pretty, some might say handsome, but he had soft delicate features and he was quite effeminate.”
Tina gazed deep into Patrick’s eyes as Patrick continued to massage her thigh. “Anyway, one day Mr. Thibodaux saw me in the hall and said that I had to be in his production of MacBeth. I had never done anything theatrical before, but when I looked into his eyes he was so beautiful how could I resist? To make a long story short, he took me under his wing for my junior and senior years and he became my favorite teacher and maybe it was his kindness, his sexuality or those wide hips and juicy buttocks, but he also became my obsession.”
Tina interjected and said, “Obsession. Ooo this is getting juicy, honey. Do tell.”
Patrick continued, “One day I caught Mr. Thibodaux organizing sheet music in the music room and as he was facing the book shelf, I came up behind him, wrapped my arms around his waist, rubbed my crotch up against his plump bottom and kissed him on his next. He quickly pushed me away and said that he had a boyfriend, but he was flattered. I informed him that I wasn’t gay. I had a girlfriend. I was just intrigued by him and wanted to be close to him. Anyway, my parents gave me a pick-up truck that used to be my late uncle’s for my 18th birthday. It was a classic automobile, not a hillbilly ride by any means. With my own set of wheels, I could now follow Mr. Thibodaux around. Not to stalk him, but to see what he liked so I could find out a way for me and him to be friends. My dear mother also gave me a camera for my 18th birthday, because I loved to smile and take pictures of people smiling, so I had that with me in my travels.”
Tina interjected again, “Sugah, you were stalkin’ this juicy booty man, but I don’t blame you. The heart wants what the heart wants.”
Patrick continued, “If you say so, dear. I still contend I wasn’t stalking. Anyway, I saw Mr. Thibodaux get into a violent scuffle with his boyfriend outside of his house. He was staying in this nice little country house about five miles outside of town. Mr. Thibodaux’s boyfriend was a real butch type. He slapped Mr. Thibodaux to the ground and kicked him in his big juicy ass when he was down before driving off. I looked at poor Mr. Thibodaux sit on the ground crying and I wanted to approach him, but I didn’t. I just sat there. Anyway, Mr. Thibodaux went inside the house and I waited, for what I don’t know, but then it happened. He came outside dressed in fishnet stockings, a mini skirt, and a halter top that was definitely padded and the fiercest make up you ever saw. You would have expected him to have on a fabulous wig, but he was sporting his freshly cut fade and still looked like a gorgeous woman.”
Patrick uncrossed his legs and Tina looked down and saw the large bulge in his pants as he continued his story. “Mr. Thibodaux got in a taxi and I followed the taxi to this bar that a lot of gays hung out at and I decided to go in to get a closer look. Mr. Thibodaux was in there singing for the crowd. He had such a beautiful high pitch in his voice. Like a songbird. Anyway, after he sung a few songs, some drunk guys got handsy with him. Grabbing his sweet plump booty and trying to lift up his skirt. I pulled out my camera to take pictures, you know, in case the police needed evidence of the struggle. I stopped when I saw one big burly redneck looking sumbitch smack Mr. Thibodaux and drag him out into an alley through the side door. I followed them outside because clearly nobody in the bar cared.”
Tina interjected, “Oh my lawd, bad things can happen in alleys if you’re not willingly there. Hell, even if you are. I’m sorry, honey…continue.”
Patrick continued his story, “When I get outside, the big redneck smacked poor Mr. Thibodaux so hard that he almost knocked him to the ground. He shouted racial and homophobic slurs as he slapped him a few more times. The despicable piece of poor white trash turned Mr. Thibodaux around and made him bend over with his hands against the wall. He held Mr. Thibodaux’s face against the wall with his one hand and with the other he started to spank Mr. Thibodaux juicy bottom. I was frozen, I didn’t know what to do. I was only an 18 year old kid. The man then pulled up Mr. Thibodaux’s skirt, pulled down these pretty lace panties he had on and then the man unzipped his pants and pulled out his dirty white dick. Mr. Thibodaux was yelling for help and I sprang into action. I grabbed a loose brick and ran up behind that man and cracked him in the head. He fell to the ground and I grabbed Mr. Thibodaux by the arm and told him we should run before the big redneck got back up.”
Tina interjected, “Patty you saved the day!”
Patrick smiled and said, “Yes I did Tina. It felt wonderful. Mr. Thibodaux didn’t realize it was me until we got to his truck. He looked at me, gave me a big juicy kiss and said, ‘That man was going to rape me. You saved me.’ I blushed and told him that it wasn’t nothin’. In the hurry to get away, Mr. Thibodaux’s panties were still down below his juicy caramel bottom and his skirt was around his waist. I pulled up his panties and fixed his skirt and he was shocked at my kindness. I then reached in my pocket and pulled out my handkerchief and wiped the running mascara from his face. Mr. Thibodaux then asked me to take him home. When he got in the car he started to give me directions, but I told him I knew the way. Feeling grateful, Mr. Thibodaux told me that I deserved a reward. I said, ‘That’s not necessary, Mr. Thibodaux.’ He said, ‘I know you’ve wanted this for some time and when I’m wearing my makeup dressed like a woman, I like to be called Lena.’ I said ‘Ok Lena.’ And then Lena unzipped my pants and wrapped her juicy glossy lips around my manhood and sucked me dry all the way to her house.”
Tina injected again and said, “That’s what I’m talking about Patty. You finally got your man.”
Patrick corrected Tina, “No, no, no, she was Lena then. She wasn’t technically Mr. Thibodaux because she had on her make-up and woman’s clothes.”
Tina looked confused as she replied, “Honey, technically ‘she’ was still ‘he’, you understand what I’m sayin’?”
Patrick shook his head and said, “It’s a matter of perspective I guess, but I’m not gay because Lena Thibodaux, not Lawrence Thibodaux gave me oral pleasures. When I finally got Lena home, I did what any horny young man would do, I tried to talk my way into the house. It wasn’t hard at all, since Lena’s boyfriend had left and wasn’t coming back, she didn’t want to be alone that night. Lena led me to her bedroom, crawled on all fours on the bed, handed me a half empty container of Vaseline and said, ‘Patrick, for saving me how you did, you can have what that redneck wanted so bad. Just keep it to yourself. This is a one night thing.’ I tell ya I lubed up so quick and made love to Lena’s juicy black ass all night long. Long deep thrusts in her derriere until she couldn’t stand it anymore. That was my first sexual experience. After climaxing inside of Lena’s glorious caramel bottom three times. I went home a happy boy the following morning.”
Tina then said, “Patty, that’s a hell of a story. Were things awkward at all between you and Mr. Thibodaux for the rest of your senior year after you two had been so intimate? I mean, after you and Lena had been so intimate?”
Patrick replied, “At first, I tried to honor Lena’s wishes, but seeing Mr. Thibodaux’s glorious rump everyday was too much. After theater practice one day later that week, I stayed late and cornered Mr. Thibodaux. He was wearing these colorful leggings that hugged his bottom so well. I grabbed and caressed his bottom ever so gently and he smacked me. He told me to go away. I then showed him pictures I had developed from the night he sung in the club in drag. They were barely tolerating a gay black man teaching theater at my high school as it was, a gay black man singing in drag would mean that Mr. Thibodaux would lose his job. I didn’t want to be devious, but like you said, ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’ and my heart wanted to enjoy the sensation of Lena’s juicy lips pleasuring my manhood and my manhood probing her glorious rear end.”
Tina playfully smacked Patrick on the arm and said, “Patty, that’s messed up. Blackmailing that poor ladyboy like that.”
Patrick said, “Tina, my dear. All I needed to do was blackmail Lena for a few weeks, after that Mr. Thibodaux would bring Lena’s clothes and make up to school and we’d make sweet passionate love all over the school after hours and occasionally during class hours. Lena was my secret girlfriend for years. I even did my undergraduate studies near home, just so Lena’s supple black bottom wasn’t far away.”
Tina interrupted Patrick and said, “When did it stop between you and Lena?”
Patrick crossed his arms, pouted his lips and said, “After my wife and I became serious. At a certain point a man needs to focus on things like raising a family. As much spunk as I unloaded in Lena’s juicy black ass, I wasn’t gonna make babies that way. Besides, one day this big strong black man, he worked for the government, a friend of my wife or her father I’m not sure, well, he said something to Lena that scared her so bad that she eventually never wanted to see me again. Mr. Thibodaux went into depression some years later and hung himself. With him went my dear, sweet Lena.”
Tina shed a tear and said, “That’s a damn shame, Patty. Thank you so much for sharing, sugah. Come here.”
Tina gave Patrick a big hug and he hugged her back. Patrick’s arms started around Tina’s tiny waist, but eventually slid down to her enormous ass. Soon Patrick was palming Tina’s massive ass. Patrick caught himself and said, “Tina forgive me. I got caught up in the moment. It has been a long time since I’ve been in the company of a woman that reminded me so much of my high school sweetheart Lena. You have her essence.”
Tina looked deep into Patrick’s eyes and said, “You haven’t indulged in any ladyboy lovin’ since Lena all those years ago?” Patrick said, “I’ve been tempted. Especially out here in San Francisco, but nobody has quite had what I was looking for in a…ahem…ladyboy.” Tina put her hands on her hips and said, “Pretty caramel skin, juicy dick suckin’ lips, wide hips, big ole ass and a big long dick danglin’ between her legs like a pendulum while you bend her over and pummel her booty hole. That’s what you’ve been looking for?” Patrick stood up and grabbed Tina by her arms, kissed her on her juicy lips and said, “Oh sweet Tina, yes, yes, yes!!! Excuse my forwardness.”
Tina pushed Patrick down into his chair, dropped to her knees and said, “Sugah, Tina’s gonna take good care of you.” Tina proceeded to unzip Patrick’s pants and he quickly shook them off until they were down around his ankles. She then lifted her blouse up over here head revealing her massive breast stuffed in her tight bra. Patrick then said, “Let me see yours before you start suckin’ mine, darlin’.” Tina reached under her skirt and pulled her well tucked penis out from her panties so Patrick could see it dangling between her legs. Patrick let out a moan and said, “Oh sweet Tina, take me to ecstasy, sugah. Let me indulge in your sweet oral pleasures.” Tina granted Patrick Parker his wish.
While her husband was getting his dick sucked by a shemale in San Francisco, Governor Polly Peterson-Parker was sitting in her office with her young advisor, Nate Lawson while she was trying to rush her father, Former President Marshall Preston Peterson off of the phone. “Yes daddy, the kids and I will be down to see you soon. Wait, Richard told you what?” Polly’s father informed her that his old friend and former deputy chief of staff, Richard Tread, had told him that someone from Jacobs and Associates was hanging around and that he didn’t like it one bit. “Daddy! It’s my business. Richard Tread had no right telling you my business and for your information his name is Nathaniel Lawson and he’s brilliant.” Polly’s father told her, “I doubt that this Mr. Lawson character can be trusted. Richard said he’s black. Listen to your father. Me and Richard know what’s best for you.” Polly said, “Bye dad. Talk to you later.” Then hung up the phone.
Polly looked exhausted and Nate shook his head and said, “The old man can be intense, huh?” Polly got up and went to her cabinet to pour two glasses of whiskey as she said, “Tell me about it. The quick recap of that wonderful conversation was…be a good little girl for daddy and his friends, Andre Jacobs was scum because I’m a racist old blowhard and his protégé…you Nate…are not to be trusted either. What a windbag. Drink with me.” Nate declined the drink and said, “No can do, Polly. I don’t drink alcohol. Gotta keep the mind sharp.” Polly guzzled her drink than began sipping on Nate’s.

Polly sat back down at her desk while Nate sat across from her. “Ha ha, you really are an Andre Jacobs disciple. He swore not a drop of alcohol had ever hit his lips. He had to keep his mind sharp. Sharp as a tack. Just like you, Nate.” Nate nodded his head and said, “Yeah, Polly. If you’re not on point you make mistakes, you do things that could jeopardize your future. Compromise your vision. Deter your destiny. But you know all of that. You’re a smart woman.”
Polly finished Nate’s drink and got up to pour another. After pouring her drink she stood looking out of her office window. She pointed at a high rise condominium complex that was visible from her office and said, “So you’re going to be moving into the Regency Lofts complex over there, huh? Close enough to keep an eye on me, right Nate?” Nate walked over to the window and looked out at the building he was moving into and said, “Yup. Gotta keep it close. You’re my number one priority these days. Gotta keep you sharp. Can’t have any more incidents like…you know what. Forget about it.”
Polly turned around and looked at Nate and said, “You’ve met Patrick. You see how he IS. He used to at least fake it with me. Call me a whore, a fool, an amateur, but I needed something so I sucked that young man’s cock. Chef Louis…poor Louis. Poor kids. I can’t believe he’s dead. Maybe I am all of those things. I only did it because I needed something, he was there and I figured I could trust him.” Nate rolled his eyes and said, “Figuring you can trust somebody isn’t good enough for the level of politics you’re about to play. You know this game. You grew up in it. Your father mastered it so well that he got two terms…eight years as the most powerful man in the world. You were born for this. Trust? You better be good and goddamn sure that you can trust whoever you choose next to fulfill the duties that the late Louis McKenna was fulfilling for you.”
Polly finished her third drink and put the glass down on her desk then stood face to face with Nate again and said, “That’s a very high level of trust, huh? I’d need to know something really embarrassing about the next man I choose to fulfill Louis’s secret duties to me, right? What’s trust without shared secrets right?” Polly started to unbuckle Nate’s belt as he smirked and said, “When you’re right, you’re right, governor.” As Polly finished unfastening Nate’s belt she unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled his pants down and said, “Hmmm, do you think anyone has a chance of topping that amazing blowjob you got from that tranny your first night in town, Nate?” Nate shrugged his shoulders as Polly got down on her knees and pulled down his boxers, “I don’t know. That woman was an oral artist.” Said Nate as Polly opened her mouth and began sucking his dick. Nate grabbed the back of her head and said, “I guess I’m about to find out.”
“Best I’ve ever had in my life. Your mouth is magic, your lips are soft as pillows, and your tongue must be blessed by the heavens. I have never been orally pleasured so wonderfully in my life, sugah. Ooooweee!” Said Patrick Parker while shemale Tina Terrell jerked every last drop of his cum into her mouth after giving him the best blowjob he had ever had in his life back in San Francisco at his dental office.
Moments later, Patrick’s phone rang. It was his hygienist Morgan. “Dr. Patty, Lindsey’s husband just called she’s gone into labor. I was wondering if you would mind if I went over to the hospital.” Patrick replied “Oh course I don’t mind, Morgan dear. Absolutely. Send her my love. As soon as that little bundle of joy gets here I’ll drop by with gifts galore. We don’t have any more scheduled appointments for the day anyway. I might just close up and take the rest of the day off myself. Have a great day, Morgan.”
After getting off of the phone with Morgan, Patrick looked down at Tina who was still milking the final drops of cum from his cock and he said, “Sugah, I got so lost in your womanly charms that I forgot all about your dental problems. You need two teeth implants. I’ll need Morgan to assist me so we can’t get to it today.” Tina shrugged her shoulders and said, “No rush, Patty. I just figured I’d get some quotes really. I’m barely making ends meet doing what I do for money. I couldn’t afford to get the work done any time soon.” Patrick patted Tina on the head and said, “We’ll work out some kind of bartering system. Believe me, sugah. In fact, Morgan and Lindsey get free dental care from me. I did Morgan’s braces for free because they work for me.”
Tina licked her lips and said, “What job do you want me to do for you to get that kind of attention? Blowjob, hand job or ass job, Ha ha ha. You too much Patty. Trickin’ for new teeth. I’ve sucked dick for less important thangs, honey.” Patrick put his hand on the side of Tina’s face and said, “No sugah, I’m talking a good job. As absent minded as I am, I didn’t plan for a replacement for Lindsey when she had her baby. Her husband makes damn good money, she was kicking around the idea of maybe taking a year or two to be a stay at home mother. You said you were a receptionist in your sister’s beauty salon, being a receptionist here shouldn’t be much different.”
Tina’s face lit up as she said, “A real job, I mean. I couldn’t. I-I-I couldn’t be the face of your dental office.” Patrick pulled Tina to her feet, then guided her to sit in his lap and said, “Nonsense, you’re a gorgeous woman with southern charm. You’d be perfect. We’ll have to take you shopping to get some less risqué clothing. This is a family dentistry after all, but other than that you’d be perfect. You’d be doing me a favor.” Tina gave Patrick a big kiss on the lips and said, “Wow, nobody has ever been this nice to me. Since I’ve been living as a woman most men have just looked at me as a piece of meat or some kind of freak. I was kind of thinking the only way I could get by would be turning tricks. Uh, are you sure I don’t need to do anything extra for this job?”
Patrick replied, “I am quite taken by you, Miss Tina. Your luscious lips and your juicy booty make me wild. I would love the opportunity to see you socially outside of work and by ‘socially’ I mean bent over various pieces of furniture in my condo with your anus all lubed up and ready for my eager rod, but we can work up to that. However, I must ask for your discretion. I am a married man and my wife has quite the high profile.” Tina replied, “Discretion is my middle name, honey and since you so damn fine, you won’t have to do much work to work up to the point that I’m ready to take that rod of yours. So, uhhh, you said something about clothes shopping?” Patrick said, “Yes indeed, little miss. We’ll have you looking fabulously business casual from head to toe. I’m going to the little boys’ room to freshen up a bit then we can go to some of the nearby boutiques and get you all dolled up.”
As Patrick left the room, Tina strutted around saying “Aw shit, honey. You done came up, baby. A rich doctor wanna be yo sugah daddy. He kinda fine, too for an old white guy. Oh shit, let me call that find ass high yellow boy and put him up on game.” Tina reached in her purse for her phone and she called the man that sent her to Patrick’s office in the first place.
“Fuuuuck, that was up there. Not sure if you’ve topped the tranny though.” Said Nate while Polly sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock. Polly then rose to her feet and said, “Well, lucky for me, I’ll get more chances to practice. I got a little bit of your spunk on my blouse. I’m going to the little girl’s room to wash it out before it sets.” Nate’s phone started to ring as Polly slowly sashayed her fat ass pass Nate as she walked to her private bathroom. She looked back at Nate admiring her juicy fat ass and she said, “I already trust you more than I did Louis. Lord knows where I’ll let you stick that big strong cock of yours next.” Nate wiped some sweat from his brow then reached down to the floor to get his phone out of his pants pocket.
“Hey, Tina. What it look like?” said Nate in a soft tone so there was no way Polly could overhear him. Tina whispered into the phone, “You were right, honey. He like boys, but only ladyboys. A fetish he picked up from some sexy thick theater teacher he had back in high school. Apparently he had a booty fat as mine. Huh, I don’t know about all that, but that’s what he said.” Nate thought back to the file he had on Polly’s family and associates and he remembered the yearbook photos of the effeminate, black, theater teacher with the abnormally large hips standing next to a particularly happy looking Patrick. Nate then thought about how Patrick liked to flirt with the big booty black lady at the soul food restaurant during their dinner and brunch over the weekend and the picture started to become clear.
“So, I’m assuming he liked you.” Said Nate. Tina replied, “Gave him the best head in America. You know what it’s like, honey.” Nate said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. What else do you got for me?” Tina replied, “Well he liked it and me so much that he offered me a job as his receptionist.” Nate said, “What the fuck?” Tina said, “Yeeessssss, honey, yeeeesss. He gonna take me clothes shopping too. I’m pretty sure he wants to be my daddy.” Nate said, “Ya daddy?” Tina said, “Sugah daddy, honey. You feel me? I mean, he cute and I could use a daddy, cus it’s hard out here for a bitch. However, you broke me off damn good to come through here to check Patty out, so if you want me to disappear it’s all good.” Nate replied, “Nah, nah. Ride the wave. Just remember who put you on. This is what I wanted. Keep all of this on the low. You look so much like a woman folks won’t even suspect you got a dick. But keep your mouth shut. Don’t go blabbing to your friends about Patrick or I swear you’ll regret it.” Tina replied, “Honey, I ain’t got no friends. Shit, you gave me money and hooked me up with a nigga that wanna take care of me, you the closest thing I got to a friend out here, Nate. Bye, Patty comin’, I gotta go.”
As Nate hung up the phone with Tina, Polly came back into her office and said, “Uhh, Nate, I, uhh.” It was clear to Nate that Polly was starting to feel embarrassed about what she just did. Nate smiled and said, “Kat’s faxes. Some of the finer talking points for your candidacy. You said, you wanted to review them with me before she comes out in a few days.” Polly took a deep breath and said, “Yes, before my father called and messed up my mood. Ms. Nakamura’s faxed some great points for me to familiarize myself with. I still can’t believe she’s a part of your team. She consulted for multiple senatorial and gubernatorial candidates during the last midterm elections and all of her clients won their races. Across party lines, too. I did some googling this past weekend and found out she was listed at number 4 on the list of the 25 most powerful women in politics by the Political Times. Hell, I was only 17 on that list and she’s going to run my presidential campaign. Sweet Jesus! To think my dad wants me to let good ole Richard Tread take me to the next level. Ridiculous. How did you get her on your team?” Nate smiled and said, “Dre was very persuasive. He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Now let’s get down to business. Foreign policy….”
Nate and Polly worked late into the night going over Katsumi Nakamura’s notes. Totally focused on business the two of them ordered Mexican food for dinner and worked until nightfall. Polly didn’t have any more drinks so her mind was pretty clear during the meeting. They would have kept working, but Polly’s son Marshall called to see what time his mother would be home and they realized how late it was. Polly’s driver took her home and Nate drove back to his hotel room to make a few calls and eventually get some rest.
When Polly finally arrived home, the first thing she saw was her son Marshall sitting in the living room watching some of the night’s pro basketball playoff games. Marshall was sitting in his boxers eating pizza with a glass of his father’s bourbon poured in a glass. Polly confronted her son, “Scooter, are you drinking alcohol? You’re too young to drink.” Marshall looked up at his mother and said, “Chill mom. I’m rocking with strawberry milk, see.” Marshall lifted up a half empty glass of strawberry milk that he had sitting on the floor next to the couch. “I poured that drink for you when I heard your car pull up. I figure you had a long day.”
Polly grabbed the glass of bourbon and said, “Bless you, son.” As she chugged it down. Marshall then said, “Wanna catch the Lazers game. They win this they’re going to the finals against Chicago.” Polly was exhausted, but she loved basketball. “Sure Scooter, but do you mind if we watch it in mommy’s room again. I want to see it, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it through the whole game. It’s been such a long day.” Marshall said “Cool, mom. I’ll grab some chips and bring those up too. Let me put the rest of this pizza in the fridge and make sure everything is locked up down here. You go get comfortable. I’ll be right up.”
As Polly made her way upstairs, little did she know that her son had spiked her drink with one of the sleeping pills he had gotten from Nate. Marshall was literally salivating as he checked the doors and set the alarms in the house thinking about the amazing sex he was going to have with his mother tonight while she was passed out sleep. By the time he made his way upstairs, Marshall was so sure that his mother would be ready to pass out that he was bold enough to walk into her bedroom with his cock standing at full attention ready to bust out of his shorts and with a big bottle of lube in one hand and his camcorder in the other. Nate placed the lube and camcorder on the floor at the foot of his mother’s bed so she couldn’t see it.
Polly was standing across the room yawning wearing only a pair of pink panties wedged between her enormous ass cheeks as she looked through her dresser for her LA Lazers t-shirt. Polly noticed Marshall was in the room while she was topless and she looked over her shoulder and said, “Mommy’s looking for her Lazers t-shirt, Scooter. I’ll be right there.” Marshall noticed that Polly seemed a little woozy. Marshall figured the pill was almost ready to knock her out. “Hey mom, you ok? You look a little unbalanced said Marshall as he sat on the edge of the bed facing his mother who was still bent over looking through the dresser drawers for her LA Lazers t-shirt. Polly yawned again and said, “Maybe that bourbon you poured me put me over the top. I was already tired and I had a few drinks at the office.”
Marshall’s cock was so engorged that he could no longer contain it in his boxers. Marshall kicked his boxers off and left them on the floor. Polly continued to yawn and then she said, “I should have eaten more if I was going to drink. Oh god, speaking of eating. I had Mexican tonight. I hope I don’t wake up feeling sick like I did this morning.” Marshall smiled as he reached for the lube at the foot of the bed and said, “Maybe. I told you, you gotta take care of yourself.” Marshall was feeling so comfortable that he started to lube up his cock while his mother still searched for her shirt. Polly responded to Marshall by saying, “Geez, you’re right Scooter. If I end of asking God for mercy on the toilet tomorrow morning I’m the only one to blame.”
Marshall chuckled because Polly couldn’t be farther from the truth. Marshall spent the day reading about how sore a person can be after taking an anal pounding. He found articles online that said you should slowly stretch out the asshole by fingering it until a cock could slide in fairly easy to avoid swelling or irritation of the anus. He also read that you should limit the amount of cum you actually shoot in the anus because that could definitely lead to cramps and stomach pain if you filled the ass up with cum. With his mother already setting up to blame herself for any discomfort she might feel in the morning, Marshall felt free to fuck his mother’s ass as filthy and rough as he wanted to. Marshall stroked his well lubed cock as he stared at his mother’s fat luscious ass knowing that for the next couple of hours it would once again be his own personal cum dumpster.
Marshall saw his mother stumble a bit by the dresser, so he stopped jerking his cock and made his way over to her. Polly was basically ready to collapse on her feet. She said to Marshall, “Wow Scooter. I’m feeling light headed.” Marshall rested his mother’s arm around his shoulder and helped her get over toward the bed. Polly momentarily looked down at her son’s rock hard lubed up cock and said, “Scooter, where are your shorts, honey.” Marshall rested his mother on her stomach in the bed and then he climbed on top of her and straddled big booty. “Scooter, what are you do-“ and just like that, Polly was knocked out cold. Marshall leaned forward and kissed her on the back of her neck and said, “God, I thought you were never shut up, sexy. Now time to get down to business.”
Normally Marshall would take time to fondle his mother’s soft, thick, body. Normally he’d lick, sniff and kiss her fat juicy ass and gently rub it, but fuck all of that tonight. Marshall reached over his mother’s body for his camcorder and he propped it up on the side of the bed. He then turned the television from the Lazers game to the music on demand channel and he then selected a playlist of music videos dedicated to Lil Trey and Craze-E music videos and then turned the TV up loud. Polly wasn’t going to wake up. Marshall slapped his mother’s ass three times with both of his hands, then pulled down her panties, leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “You love this dick, bitch.” Marshall then rammed his cock deep in his mother’s ass and he proceeded to sodomize her even harder than he did the night before and for even longer as she laid their on her stomach unable to object at all.
Marshall wasn’t the only Parker man enjoying the pleasures of long stroking a big fat ass. Roughly a hundred miles away in San Francisco Marshall’s father was making his much anticipated return to sodomizing tranny booty. After spending the day buying Tina Terrell new clothes, Patrick and Tina found themselves back at Patrick’s San Francisco condo. Needless to say, after a few drinks the mood was perfect for Patrick to get back to what he liked best. Tina’s thick womanly body was laid on Patrick’s bed, similar to how his son Marshall had his wife Polly. Patrick was even straddling Tina’s butt and giving her long deep strokes of dick in her booty, like Marshall was doing to his mother Polly. The only differences were that Tina was a nice caramel brown black woman and her limp dick was laid out on the bed between her legs as Patrick sodomized her.
Just like Marshall, Patrick was locked in for a long night of booty pounding. After his first two nuts in Tina’s butt, Patrick went to the refrigerator for a refreshing glass of iced tea. Patrick made Tina stand up and bend over in front of him as he stroked her limp cock and poured the iced tea down the crack of her ass. Patrick’s tongue was at the bottom of her ass cheeks awaiting the flow of iced tea. Tina started to get hard with all of the freaky stuff Patrick was doing.
Patrick then took Tina and bent her over the counter in his kitchen. He pushed her head down on the counter firmly and spanked her ass with his free hand while he rhythmically ass fucked her. Tina was so turned on that she masturbated until she came on Patrick’s floor. Patrick then made her get doggystyle on the floor and lick up her own cum as he continued to sodomize her. Moments before Patrick was ready to shoot his third load in Tina’s butt his phone rang.
Patrick ignored the first phone call and continued to stroke Tina’s fat black ass until he shot his load in her. Feeling a weird sensation of weakness and invincibility after the glorious climax. Patrick rose to his feet with his arms in the air and said, “All I need is 10 minutes and then it’s time for round 4.” Tina laid there and said, “You fuck better than men, half your age. I love it. Fuck me, daddy.” Patrick looked down at the black ass he had just dominated for the third time tonight and said, “Fuck 10 minutes, sugah. Another 10 seconds and I’ll be ready.” Just then Patrick’s phone rang again. The caller ID said it was the Sacramento Police Department. Patrick picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”
The voice on the other end said, “Daddy, it’s me. I need you to come and get me, quick. Please don’t tell mom. I didn’t give them my ID, if they find out who I am, they’ll tell mom and she’ll freak. Help me, daddy.” Patrick was heartbroken at the sound of his daughter Marissa crying on the phone. Just then, Tina started sucking Patrick’s cock stopping only momentarily to say, “I’m gonna suck you until you’re ready for round 4 in this fat black ass, daddy.” Patrick grabbed the back of Tina’s head as she put her superior dick sucking skills on display again. As soon as Patrick was at full attention he pushed Tina back and she eagerly got back in a doggystyle position.
With the phone still in his hand, he dropped to his knees and mounted Tina again and started stroking her ass from the back. He finally responded to his daughter who was on the phone saying “Hello, daddy, hello” repeatedly for nearly a minute and a half. Patrick rested the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he gripped Tina’s slim waist for better leverage. “Honey, you sit tight. Help is on the way.” Patrick continued banging Tina’s fat ass as he searched through the contacts on his phone for the right person to call. After finding the number he dialed it and hoped that the person would pick up at 3am in the morning. Patrick put the phone back between his shoulder and ear so he could grip Tina’s slim waist again to give her those nice long strokes. Patrick’s face lit up when the voice on the other end said, “Dr. Parker?” Patrick said, “Nate! Now I told you to call me Patty.”


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