“Sex, Secrets and Politics: The Candidate” – Chapter 6: The Domineering Father

Wednesday morning was here and Governor Polly Peterson-Parker was awakening from a nearly 12 hour long slumber. Polly woke up in her son’s bed facing him with his arms wrapped around her waist and his hands on her bare ass. Her panties were pulled down right under her big white booty cheeks and her bare chest was against her tall boney son’s chest. She looked at her son’s sleeping face as he drooled on his pillow and she thought to herself “I guess this is who we are now.” Polly looked at the clock in her son’s room and saw that it said 6:45 and she thought that she had at least an hour before she had to wake up to get ready for her banquet. Polly was a bit confused because she felt well rested, but it seemed like no time had passed. She looked at the clock again and realized that it was 6:45 am, Wednesday morning and not 6:45 pm Tuesday evening.
“Oh my God, how could I have overslept by so much? It’s already morning. My banquet!” Polly moved her son’s arms from around her waist and she sat on the edge of her son’s bed. Polly held her head and wondered what happened. The last thing she remembered from the night before was sucking her son’s dick a few times then him throwing her on her stomach so he could get his last nut by fucking her hard in her butt. She remembered going to the bathroom, coming back for a drink and then laying down to go to sleep. As Polly sat on the edge of the bed she looked over at her empty glass then said, “I must have drank too much yesterday. Geez, Polly. Get it together.” Polly then felt a bubbling in her stomach then she ran to the bathroom with her panties still pulled down under her big white booty cheeks.
Unbeknownst to Polly, her son has been slipping her sleeping pills for the past few nights so he could sodomize her for hours in her sleep. She had no idea that all of the cum he had been shooting in her ass was the cause of her stomach problems in the morning. Unlike the two days before, the pain in her stomach was a lot less. After using the bathroom she felt brand new. Her ass was finally getting acclimated to the massive amount of cum that her son had been depositing in it. After leaving her son’s bathroom, Polly came back into his bedroom and she started looking for her phone. The night before her son had turned it off and after he did it fell behind the bed. After looking for a while, Polly noticed it under the bed. In order to reach it, Polly had to reach over her son to get it. “Ahhh, geez, I almost got it, there. Ooohhh, Scooter, what are you doing?”
While reaching over Marshall to get to her phone, Polly inadvertently woke her sleeping son from his slumber. He was more than happy to find his mother’s thick middle aged body draped across his lap. Marshall sat up, put his elbow on his mother’s back while he used the free hand on his other arm to pull her panties back down. “Damn, you’re so frisky since I started giving you dick, mom.” Polly replied, “Let me up, Scooter. I was just reaching for my phone. It fell behind the bed.” Marshall spanked his mother’s big white milky ass hard five times before sliding his middle finger between her massive butt cheeks and into her asshole. “You owe me another round, mom. I really wanted another go at this big beautiful ass.”
Polly finally got free from her son’s grasp and she slapped him on the chest playfully and said, “You play too much, Scooter. You caught me by surprise last night when you put it in my butt. I think we should stick to oral until you learn to calm down.” Polly stood up with her panties still pulled down under her butt cheeks then she turned on her phone and started to walk away. Marshall pulled his mother back toward his bed by her panties and her fat butt flopped down on the floor. “Scooter!” yelled out Polly as she fell on her fat ass. Marshall replied “Sorry, mom.” as he eased over toward the edge of his bed.
While still waiting for her phone to power on Polly got on her hands and knees facing her son about to get on her feet. Marshall grabbed her by her hair and said, “Well, since you’re down there. How about another one of those sweet blowjobs.” Before Polly could protest, her son was pulling her face toward his crotch and within seconds he had his cock out and down her throat. Polly was a good little cock sucker. She looked up at her son and started sucking him off really good. She then looked at her phone and the first message that popped up was, “Governor, your father had a heart attack. He’s alive, but he’s in the hospital.” Polly’s eyes got wide at the shock of seeing the late night message she had received. She tried to pull back from her son’s cock, but her mouth was feeling so good to him that he grabbed her by the back of her head and started to force feed her cock. Polly stared at the message before Marshall grabbed her head with both of his hands and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her mouth.
Across town at Nate’s condo, Nate had already woken up Marissa and her friend Beverly and told them the news. Marissa had tried to call her mother multiple times, but since Polly’s phone was off it went right to voicemail. Beverly was consoling Marissa as Marissa talked to her father on the phone.
“You gotta come home now, daddy. We have to go see granddaddy.” said Marissa as she sobbed on the phone. Marissa’s father Patrick was lying in bed in his San Francisco condo getting his dick sucked by his new sexy, black, big booty shemale mistress, Tina Terrell as he talked to his daughter. “Now, now, sugah. Daddy is on the way. I, I, I, I’m gonna be on the first thing smoking back to Sacramento and we’ll book a flight to Florida to see yo granddaddy. I know he’ll be just fine. Good ole Marshall Peterson is a trooper. Ain’t no heart attack gonna stop his ticker. You can believe that, baby girl.”
Meanwhile, Nate was fully dressed and getting off of the phone with one of his associates. “Kat, I’ll round up the governor’s family and meet you at the airport when you touch down. Are you sure it won’t be a problem with us borrowing the Beckman private jet to go to Florida?” Nate was on the phone with his associate the lovely, super intelligent, voluptuous political strategist, Katsumi Nakamura. Katsumi was on a corporate jet owned by Howard Beckman II the chairman of the board of directors of Beckman Industries. Mr. Beckman was currently a client of Jacobs and Associates and he was giving Katsumi a lift to the west coast to meet with Governor Peterson-Parker about her campaign after using Katsumi’s services to lobby congress for some corporate tax breaks. Katsumi replied, “Not at all, Nate. In fact, Howard wants to tag along as well. You know Former President Peterson is an old friend of his.”
After getting off of the phone with Katsumi, Nate took Marissa’s phone from her and told Patrick to catch a train back to town and to meet them at the local airport so they could all head down to Florida to check on his father-in-law. Marissa and Beverly put their school girl uniforms back on and Nate was going to drop Beverly off at home after he packed his overnight bag, but she refused to leave her friend’s side. She wanted to go to Florida too.
Back at the governor’s house…
“Aaaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! That’s the best nut yet. Are you sure I can’t get in your butt again? I got at least another 45 minutes before I gotta head to class.” said Marshall as he finally let his mother up for air after shooting a massive load of cum in her mouth. Polly was still on her knees coughing up her son’s cum as she made a phone call to her father’s former deputy chief of staff, Richard Tread.
“Richard? Are you with daddy? I’m just seeing my messages. My phone was off.” said Polly as her son playfully rubbed his semi erect cock on her cheek and ran his fingers through her hair. Richard Tread informed Polly that he was indeed in Florida with her father in the hospital and that he was in stable condition, but he was fast asleep in intensive care. Polly replied, “Thank you so much Richard. I’m going to make my way down there immediately. I have to book a flight and cancel my meetings and…there’s just so much to do, but I’ll be there.”
Polly hung up the phone, stood up and started to walk out of her son’s room in a trance toward her bedroom. Marshall ran behind his mother, smacked her on the ass and said, “So that’s a no to some morning butt sex?” Polly turned around and looked at her son with dead eyes and said, “Scooter, your grandpa had a heart attack. He’s alive, but he’s in intensive care. I have to go to Florida. I have to get a flight booked and do so many things.” Polly started to break down, Marshall hugged his mother and said, “It’s alright. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Calm down.” Just then Nate called Polly’s phone.
“Hello, Nate. I’m just hearing about daddy. I have to…” Nate cut Polly off and said, “Don’t worry, governor. It’s all taken care of. I talked to your husband, he’s on his way back to town. I’m with Marissa and her friend now, we’re on our way to the house. I also talked to Katsumi. She was already on her way out here on a private jet to meet with us about your campaign. She got permission to use the jet to take all of us down to Florida to be with your father. No worries. See you in a bit. Since we have to wait for the jet to land and for Patty to get to town, I’m going to stop and pick up breakfast for everyone so me, Marissa and Beverly will be there in about 45 minutes, an hour tops.” Polly let out a huge sigh of relief and said, “Nate, you’re a life saver. I was about to panic. Anyway, I’m going to get a shower and I should be dressed and packed by the time you arrive. I’ll make sure Scooter is too.”
Polly let out a sigh of relief as her son continued to comfort her. “It’s all taken care of, Scooter. At least our travel arrangements are. I want you to be prepared to see your grandfather. He might be hooked up to tubes and everything. I remember when I was your age and my mother was in the hospital on her death bed. I mean, not that your grandfather is going to die. I mean. I don’t know what I mean. I know he means the world to you. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, baby.”
The fact was, Marshall couldn’t care less about his grandfather. In fact, he kind of hated him. His grandfather did nothing but ridicule him for being a skinny kid with no athletic ability and average intelligence. His grandfather, who he was named after, once told him that he wasn’t fit to have the name Marshall because he wasn’t shaping up to be half the man that he was as a teenager. All that aside, Marshall being the opportunist he was he decided to take advantage of the situation.
“Dammit, mom. I’m angry! I never got to know Grandma Dolly and I barely remember dad’s parents.” said Marshall. Polly stroked her son’s hair and said, “I know, Scooter. They were good people. You were so young when they passed away.” Marshall continued, “I know. Fuck! I just don’t want to lose grandpa. I’m so mad I could hit something.” Polly pulled her son close and said, “We’ll make our way through this. We’re a family.” Marshall pulled his mother close and said, “I have this tension inside of me, I gotta release it or I’ll go crazy.” Just then Marshall started to rub on his mother’s exposed buttocks as the two stood in the doorway to her bedroom. Polly looked at her son in the eyes and said, “Don’t worry Scooter. Mama’s gonna take care of you. I know how to mellow you out.”
Polly turned away from her son, reached back to grab his semi erect cock and she slowly walked in front of him toward her bathroom. As Polly led son toward her bathroom she put her head down and said, “Whatever you need to feel better. Mama’s gonna let you do. You be as rough and angry as you want. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Marshall smiled and licked his lips as his mother led him to the bathroom, making sure to put on his sad and angry face when she turned around to look at him. Polly pulled a jar of Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and she coated her son’s growing erection with it. Polly then completely stepped out of her panties and started to step into the shower. Marshall grabbed her by the arm and said, “Bend over in front of the bathroom mirror. I want to see your pretty face while I fuck you up the ass.” Polly was shocked at her son’s language, but she did as she was told.
Polly bent over in front of the bathroom mirror and put her hands against the wall as she looked at the reflection of her son as he licked his lips and grabbed her by her wide hips. Marshall then kissed his mother on the neck and said, “I’m gonna make you love this dick, mom.” Marshall then shoved his cock so deep up his mother’s ass that she instantly started to drool. Polly put her head down, but Marshall pulled her by her hair to keep her face up and said, “Look at me while I fuck your ass.” He then bent his mother over a little more and balled up his fists and started pumping his arms at his sides as he delivered every inch of his cock in and out of his mother’s poor abused booty.
Polly received the hardest anal pounding she had ever gotten in her life, at least the hardest one she was ever conscious for. Polly took it like a champ and even threw the booty back at Marshall. After Marshall shot a load deep in his mother’s ass, Polly thought the pounding was over. Marshall told her that he needed one more nut to be centered again and Polly agreed. This time Marshall sodomized his mother as she got on all fours in the tub with the shower water running over them. After that second nut, Marshall washed his mother’s body from head to toe before scrubbing his privates and his ass and leaving the bathroom to go get dressed. Marshall got in his room, right before his sister and her friend came upstairs to change clothes and pack.
Nate sat downstairs and started eating breakfast and Marshall soon joined him and he bragged about sodomizing his mother in her sleep again, but didn’t tell Nate about his new arrangement with her. The one thing Nate asked of him was that he not mess with his mother’s head while she was trying to build her career. Guilting her into oral and anal sex were most definitely fucking with her head. Anyway, Marissa and Beverly were next to join them downstairs for breakfast. The girls were wearing matching t-shirts and stretch pants. Beverly didn’t want to go home to change out of her school girl uniform so she had to borrow some of Marissa’s clothes. The only things that remotely fit Beverly’s supersized ass and titties were stretch pants and t-shirts. Last but not least, Polly came downstairs wearing a pair of jeans, a blouse and a little cardigan that stopped right around her waist. She said there and ate breakfast while trying to avoid eye contact with Marshall as her anus throbbed from the anal pounding he delivered to her.
After breakfast, they all headed over to the airport. Polly drove her car along with her daughter and Beverly. Marshall rode with Nate and he continued to brag about how good it felt to cum in his mother’s ass. Upon arriving at the airport, they were greeted by Patrick as he was getting out of the cab he took from the train station. As they approached the jet, Polly said to Nate, “Beckman Industries? How did you get a Beckman Industries private jet?” Nate replied, “Howard is a client. He’s coming too.” Upon boarding the plane, Katsumi introduced herself to Polly and the family and Marshall whispered to Nate, “Yo bro, this Japanese chick is thick as fuck.” Nate smacked him on the back of the head and told him to behave. Marshall laughed and promised to be on his best behavior.
Moments later, Old Mr. Howard Beckman II emerged from the bathroom and greeted everyone before going to Polly and giving her a big hug. Polly was noticeably uncomfortable as the old man hugged her and eased his hands down toward her large buttocks. Mr. Beckman then whispered in her ear, “You’re a hard woman to get a meeting with these days. When I realized I was going to see you I started thinking about the good old days. I know you remember the good old days.” Polly pulled away from Mr. Beckman, gave him an awkward smile and then took a seat next to Katsumi so they could get further acquainted during the flight.
Upon arriving in Miami, a fleet of town cars were waiting for the group. Marissa and Beverly hopped in the back of the first town car. Marshall wanted to ride with his mother, but his father Patrick took him by the hand and said, “Let’s us boys ride together to see good ole grandpappy.” Marshall reluctantly rode with his father. Polly was planning to ride with Katsumi so they could continue their conversation from the plane, but Nate took Katsumi by the hand and said, “Governor, I have a little business to discuss with my associate, you don’t mind?” Polly said, “Of course not, Nate.” Mr. Beckman then crept up behind Polly and said, “You can ride with me, darling. We can catch up.”
On the ride to the hospital, Katsumi said to Nate. “Nate the Great. I absolutely love this woman. I can’t believe I’m going to be able to back a candidate actually worthy of the presidency. A female no less.” Nate nodded his head and said, “Yup. She’s quite the woman, isn’t see.” Katsumi said, “That’s an understatement. She’s phenomenal. I think we can win this without the backroom games we usually play.” Nate chuckled and said, “Now Kat, the backroom games are the best part of our job.” Katsumi chuckled and said, “You’re right. So is Carlos still in town?” Nate replied, “You know, Los. He wouldn’t leave Miami without taking a few days of R&R after a job. In fact, you guys should meet up and have dinner tonight. Talk strategy.”
Back in Polly and Mr. Beckman’s car, Mr. Beckman put had his hand on Polly’s thigh and said, “Business is good, darling. Very good. I’ve stepped away from most of it. Focusing on my basketball team mostly. I have a very talented young man running the company now. A young black man. Byron Mitchell. Absolutely brilliant. I hear that he’s able to get a meeting with you.” Polly replied, “Yes, I’ve met your Mr. Mitchell. You’ve left your company in good hands. Anyway, I hear you have another new wife.” Mr. Beckman continued, “My sweet Sarita. She’s a little Latina firecracker. She’s the main reason I left most of the business in Byron’s hands. Spending time with Sarita and around the basketball team are good fun. Besides the team, I’m still handling the company’s political interests. Have to make sure we put the right people in positions of power. I’m sure Byron could handle it, but you know I’m a staple in DC. Your father and I used to run that city.” Polly squirmed and said, “I remember.”
Mr. Beckman closed his eyes and said, “You were only 18 when Dolly died. She was quite the dish. If it wasn’t for her ‘special talents’ your father wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did. It was a pleasant surprise when he had you take over her ‘special duties’ as a politician’s wife. I hope there are no hard feelings about the way we treated you, my dear. You were just so beautiful. Still are. Even more so now. You’ve aged well.” If Polly could, she would scream. The last thing she wanted to do was think about the old days with Mr. Beckman, her father and their other associates. Mr. Beckman continued, “I’ve already put the bug into my guy Byron’s ear. You’ll have the full support of the company and my personal support while you’re building your war chest for your presidential run. You’ll be seeing a lot of me and my money during your campaign.”
After nearly a 30 minute ride the caravan of town cars pulled up to the hospital. Katsumi said goodbye to the family and rode off to go to a hotel she was going to be staying at. She had just tagged along to talk about the campaign with the governor and to get to know her. They were going to meet up the following day to talk more. Polly, Patrick, Marshall, Marissa, Beverly, Nate and Mr. Beckman all went into the hospital to see the former president. Upon arriving in intensive care, they were told that former President Peterson was moved to a secluded wing of the hospital because he was no longer in need of intensive care. Everyone was delighted. The group went to the wing that former President Peterson was in and they were greeted by Richard Tread.
“Skippy! I didn’t know you were coming.” Said Richard as he gave a hand shake to his old friend. Mr. Beckman replied, “I had to check on the old jack ass to make sure he’s still with us. Ha ha ha.” Richard said, “He’s in there. Raising hell, trying to get discharged so he can recover at home.” Mr. Beckman started to go in, but then turned around and looked at Polly and said, “After you, darling.” Polly wasn’t anxious to go in. “No, Howard. You go first. Now that I know he’s ok. I’m going to take some time to relax before I see daddy.” Mr. Beckman went in to see Former President Peterson.
Richard Tread then turned his attention to Nate. “Well, the talented Mr. Lawson. I see that you’ve quickly became part of the family. Wonderful.” Richard was being sarcastic. He knew that Nate had worked his magic and had all but muscled him out of running Polly’s campaign. Nobody except Nate picked up on the sarcasm. Nate replied, “Part of the family, nah. Not really. I’m just here to do my job.” Polly interjected, “And what a wonderful job you’re doing Nate. Only the fifth day with us and I have no idea how we got along without you.” Moments later, Mr. Beckman left the room and said, “Ha ha ha, that old wind bag is doing just fine. A little weak, but he’s challenging me to a round of golf as soon as the doctor clears him. I told him I’ll whoop his ass. Anyway, I’m heading out. I’m sure I’ll see you all soon.” Mr. Beckman shook Richard’s hand and Nate’s hand before waving to the family and giving Polly another hug, taking the time to covertly palm her ass again.
Marissa grabbed Beverly by the hand and said, “Well I guess we’ll go in and try to brighten grandaddy’s day.” Marissa walked in the room with Beverly sheepishly standing behind her. “Granddaddy!!!” yelled out Marissa as she rushed over to her grandfather. The nurse in the room picked up her chart and left.
Former President Marshall Preston Peterson, a big strong grey haired man well into his 60s laid in the hospital bed with oxygen tubes in his nose and two IVs in his arms. He looked at his granddaughter and said, “My little munchkin. How you’ve grown. You look more and more like your mother every day. Oh, you’ve brought a friend with you.” Beverly walked over to the bed and said, “Hi, Mr. President. I met you a few times before. You probably don’t remember. I’m…” Fmr. President Peterson said, “Chubby little Beverly Breckinridge. I remember you running around with Marissa when I would come to visit my daughter when you two were toddlers. You still have those chubby cheeks, but you’ve grown up nicely.” The former president licked his lips as Beverly approached his bedside. Marissa said, “Don’t call her chubby, granddaddy. It’s not nice. Plus she’s lost a lot of weight.”
The former president replied, “I know dear. Plus the weight she has is in all of the right places now. I bet you drive the boys wild at school.” Beverly blushed and Marissa laughed and said, “Don’t be a dirty old man, granddaddy. Ha ha ha.” Marissa and Beverly talked to Marissa’s grandfather for a few more minutes before leaving the room. Just before Beverly could leave, former Pres. Peterson asked her to hand him his box of tissues that were on the floor near his bed. *pat* *pat* The former president patted Beverly on her ass as she bent over to get the tissues. “That’s a nice juicy backside, Beverly. You’ve definitely grown up well. I hope you’ll be staying at the house during your visit.” Beverly nodded her head then nervously left the room.
As Beverly left the room, Polly’s husband Patrick said, “Well I guess I’ll go say hey to my dear old father-in-law.” As soon as Patrick entered the room former Pres. Peterson said, “Hey queer boy. Sucked any good cocks lately? Ha ha ha.” Patrick blushed and wiped his brow with his handkerchief and said, “Papa, still a foul mouthed cad. I’m happy the heart attack hasn’t hurt your sense of humor.” Former President Peterson replied, “Of all of the boys that wanted my daughter, I don’t know how she ended up with a sissy fucker like you. You know I never liked you.” Patrick said, “I’ve never liked you either, you miserable son of a bitch. I’ll just stand here in silence for a few minutes and then leave here and act like I enjoyed your company. Ok?” Former Pres. Peterson looked out of his window and said, “If you must, you Georgia fruit cake. Just don’t come near my cock. I know you want to suck it.”
Five minutes later, Patrick walked out of the room and said, “Oh, papa, you’re hilarious. Glad you’re doing better. Hey Marshall, your granddaddy wants to see you.” Marshall was sitting down talking to Nate. He stood up, shook his head and then walked in. “My namesake. Are you still wasting your life with those stupid video games and that god awful nigger music?” Marshall shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yup. Video games and n-word music. The loves of my life.” The former president said, “N-word? Come on Marshall my boy. It’s just us white folks in here. Those black motherfuckers say the word in their silly little hip-hoppy music. I know you say it. Say nigger one time for your good ole granddad.” Marshall nodded his head and said, “Always a pleasure grandpa. I’m glad you’re not dead yet.” Marshall then turned to leave the room.
After Marshall left the room. Polly looked over at Nate and Nate said, “I don’t know the man. I doubt he wants to meet me while he’s in a hospital bed. You’re up, Polly.” Patrick rubbed his wife’s shoulders and said, “It’s ok, dear. He doesn’t look too bad. Just a few tubes and machines” Marissa said, “Yeah mom, he’s just the same old granddaddy. He’s just a little weak looking. That’s all.” Polly finally mustered up the courage to go in and see her father. Polly walked in and closed the door behind her.
“Daddy.” said Polly in a soft voice. The former president tried to sit up straight, but he was in pain so he couldn’t sit up much. “Come here, sunshine.” Polly walked to her father’s bedside and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner. I didn’t find out until this morning. I’m…” Former President Peterson said, “That’s alright, sunshine. Come here.” The former president slid over in his bed and patted the empty space next to him. Polly climbed into the hospital bed and hugged her father. “There, there, baby girl. Daddy’s alright. It’s gonna take more than a freak heart attack to take me out.” Polly’s father rubbed her back as she rested her head on his shoulder. Polly’s father then started to talk about her political career.
“Now Richard tells me that you’re trying to replace him with some young black fellow to run your campaign.” Polly replied, “His name is Nate Lawson and he’s not going to run my campaign, he’s a consultant. Katsumi Nakamura is going to run it. They think I can be president.” Polly’s father chuckled and said, “Sunshine, you’re a woman. I don’t think this country is ready for a woman president. Now if you play your cards right with Richard, he thinks he can get you on the ticket as a vice presidential candidate. You have to crawl before you can walk. Besides, presidential politics is a whole nother ball game.” Polly looked up at her father and in a defiant tone said, “I know all about presidential politics, daddy. Remember?” Polly’s father moved his hand from her back and he smacked her on her big fat bottom hard and said, “Don’t talk to your father like that. I know you know the business.”
Former President Peterson rubbed his daughters fat bottom as she said, “I’m sorry, daddy. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but…” Her father cut her off and said, “But, nothing. Richard tells me that this black fellow used to work for Andre Jacobs. I told you he was bad news. Best day of my life after you being born had to be when that disrespectful coon took his last breath. Ha ha ha.” Polly looked at her father with a look of disgust as she said, “I loved Andre and you sent him away. He loved me and we wanted to be together and you couldn’t handle it.” Polly’s father grabbed her fat ass firmly and said, “That nigger was a marine. He worked for me. I was commander in chief of the armed forces. I was the goddamn president. I wasn’t going to let that motherfucker take what was mine.”
Just then the former president’s heart monitor started to beep. Polly said, “Calm down, daddy. Your heart.” Polly’s father went back to rubbing her fat bottom and he said, “My heart is just fine, girl. Now back to that nigger Andre. Defiled my baby girl when she was just a college girl. You wanted to have that motherfucker’s child. After that didn’t work out, you tried to follow him into the Marines against my wishes when you finished college.” Polly interjected, “Then you made him a special operative in the C.I.A. to keep him away from me. And defile! You want to talk about your precious baby girl being defiled.”
Polly moved her father’s hand away from her fat luscious ass and she got out of his bed and stood next to him. “What about Howard? What about George? What about Henry? What about all of those other powerful men that you needed on your side soooooo much to keep control of the government when you were president or when you were campaigning for re-election? Andre defiled me? Hmph. That’s laughable. What about you? After mom died, I became your honey pot. She wasn’t around to please your associates so it became my job. Huh?” The former president grabbed his daughter by the wrist and said, “Watch your mouth. Don’t speak about the past. You lived a good life. Nothing was asked of you until you were good and grown.” Polly looked at her father with disgust in her eyes and said “I was 18 years old. Only 18. The same age as Marissa is now. Think about that.”
In the middle of Polly and her father’s heated argument, the former president’s physician came in the room. “Sorry to interrupt, but President Peterson, I have your discharge papers. Just like you wanted, you’ll be able to go home. I’ll check on you twice a day myself and you’ll have nurses on call that will work in shifts around the clock to check on you. I know it’s tough being in the hospital. Luckily you’re a man of means so you can enjoy the comforts of home without risking your health.”
When the doctor came in the room he left the door open. Standing in the doorway was Nate. Nate and the former president locked eyes. As the doctor walked out of the room past Nate. The former president said to his daughter, “So that’s your new Andre? A hell of a lot of shades lighter, but still your big black knight in shining armor huh?” Nate closed the door to give Polly and her father privacy. Polly then looked back at her father and said, “Hell, maybe he is my new Andre. Maybe I’m gonna start fucking him, too. What if I told you I already sucked his dick, daddy?” Polly’s father said, “Now now, don’t joke like that, Polly. They’re not like us. I don’t care how light skinned he is. He’s still a nigger and he’s no good for you.” Polly scoffed and said, “Not like us. He has green eyes just like you, dad. I don’t have green eyes, my kids don’t, but Nate has green eyes just like you. The only difference is that when I look into his eyes I don’t see the monster I’m looking at now.”
Polly started to walk away and her father said, “So you’re going to fuck the nigger while you run for president? Ha! At least we know your fairy husband won’t care. He probably wants to fuck that high yellow black motherfucker too.” Polly turned around and looked at her father and said, “You know why I married Patrick? Because he was sweet. He was nice. And yes, he has his ways, but at least he never used me like you did. He’s never made me feel like a piece of meat like you did. You’re a despicable man, but I’m going to keep up appearances while I’m down here. We’re staying at the house with you at least for the next day or two to make sure you don’t suddenly die. And yes, Nate is staying at your house too!” As Polly walked out, her father said, “The fuck he is!”
Polly stormed out of the hospital room and walked right up to Nate and gave him a big hug. “You’re staying with us at daddy’s house for the next day or so, right?” Nate was shocked that of all people in the hallway he was the one she hugged. Not her son, daughter or even her husband, him. Nate patted Polly on the back and said, “Sure, governor. Whatever you want.” Polly said, “Call my, Polly, Nate. Stop being so formal. You’re family now. Hey gang, let’s get our bags and head over to daddy’s house. They’re going to transporting him there in the next hour or two.”
Between the five hour flight from the west coast and the three hour time difference, it was almost 6:30PM in Florida. Outside of the hospital the major networks had reporters for their evening news and the all-day news stations were camped outside as well. While the family made their way outside with their bags to head over to the former president’s house, Nate pulled Polly aside and said, “Gov, I mean Polly. A few words for the cameras would be good politics. I mean, you’d look really presidential addressing this crowd. I can understand if you don’t want to under the circumstances.” Polly smiled at Nate and said, “No problem.”
Polly stood in the middle of the hospital steps outside and addressed dozens of television reporters and nearly 100 newspaper reporters. With her family standing right behind her Polly said, “We appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes. We are in the process of transporting my father, Former President Marshall Preston Peterson to his home nearby where we are sure he’ll make a full recovery. I was just talking to my father and he wanted me to let all of you know that he’s a fighter. Honestly, I was scared to see him in this state. Weakened by illness. However, when I visited him he told me, ‘Polly, you are strong. The strongest person I know. I am so proud of what you’re doing in your career and with your family. Continue to be a beacon of light for America and carry the torch for me.’ Naturally I was taken aback by his words. Such powerful words from such a great man. However, after hearing those words I remembered who I was. Polly Peterson-Parker. Daughter of Marshall Preston Parker and Dolly Louise Parker. I am a daughter, a mother, a governor, a leader. I will lead my family through this tough time and mark my words. I will carry the torch for my father. Thank you and good evening.”
After Polly gave her speech the reporters went crazy. News stations were looping the short speech all day and into the night. Pundits and political analysts were buzzing at how presidential Polly looked. Nate’s advice worked like a charm. After leaving the hospital, Polly, Patrick, Marshall, Marissa, Beverly and Nate stopped at a small restaurant away from the cameras and had dinner before going to Polly’s father’s house. When they arrived, the former president was resting in his bed with his on call nurse, relaxing in a nearby room paying close attention to the call button.
Marissa and Beverly ran off to one of the guest rooms and they quickly settled in before going out to the pool to relax and unwind. After Polly pleaded with Patrick to share a room with her, she finally gave up and allowed him to go to his own room. The first thing Patrick did was call his tranny lover Tina Terrell to tell her about his day and to find out about hers. Patrick worked fast. He had already given Tina a key to his San Francisco condo and told her that she could crash there. Marshall was settling in to one of the guest rooms before going out to the pool to annoy his sister and her friend Beverly. Polly was sitting in her room sipping on her father’s scotch and watching the news. As for Nate, he was also settled into one of the bedrooms where he was watching the news and talking on the phone.
“Pretty fuckin’ nice, Kat. I have to say. This house is amazing. I guess it’s good to be a former president, huh?” said Nate. His associate Katsumi Nakamura who was sitting at an outside restaurant with their associate Carlos Amaro replied, “I can imagine. Hey man, our girl looks good. Good job pushing her to make the speech. They are absolutely loving her on TV. I’m already thinking of the possibilities.” Nate replied, “I know. Imagine how much they’ll love her after we start campaigning.” Just then Carlos took the phone from Kat and said, “Nate, papa, you gotta come through. This spot is live. Plus, the women…nalgas jugosas. Juicy booties everywhere.” Nate laughed and said, “I have to wait until things die down here so I can introduce myself to the old guy. Then I’ll see about sneaking out if it isn’t too late, Los.” Carlos replied, “It’s easy to sneak out of that place bro. Trust me.”
After a few drinks, Polly left her room to see what everyone else was doing. She checked in on her father who was fast resting. She gave him the finger even though he was knocked out cold and couldn’t see it. She attempted to go into Patrick’s room but he had locked the door. Polly then saw Nate talking on the phone in his room while he watched the news. Not wanting to disturb him she just poked her head in and Nate gave her a big smile and a thumbs up for her performance. Polly then went outside and saw her children and Beverly playing in the pool. “Glad you kids are having fun.” Said Polly with a big smile on her face. Beverly yelled out, “Mrs. P. Come on in. The water feels great!” Marissa said, “Yeah mom. Join us.” Marshall was doing the backstroke, hoping that his mother would put on a little bikini like Marissa and Beverly and jump in. Polly just smiled and said, “Nah, you kids have your fun. I think I’m going to hop in the shower.”
Polly smiled and walked back to her room. She glanced at the TV again just in time to hear a news anchorman say, “Is there a better candidate for the republicans than Polly Peterson-Parker? I don’t think so. She’s got the goods.” Polly’s smile grew even bigger as she stripped all of her clothes off and climbed into a hot shower. Polly let the water flow over her thick voluptuous body and lathered up. She then said out loud, “President Polly Peterson-Parker. It has a nice ring to it.” Seconds later she saw the shower curtain pull back and there stood her son Marshall completely naked with his rock hard cock standing at attention. “It does have a nice ring to it.” Polly was startled, but she managed not to scream. She whispered to Marshall, “What are you doing?” Marshall said, “Everyone is in their own world, doing their own thing. I got the message when you came out to tell me you were hopping in the shower. Do you want to suck me off first or can I got right in your ass?”
Marshall climbed in the shower and he pulled his mother in for a nice juicy kiss. They were so close that Marshall’s cock was right between his mother’s thick juicy thighs. Marshall held her close and rubbed her fat soapy ass. Polly said, “I was just letting you guys know what I was doing. It wasn’t an invitation, Scooter.” Marshall laughed and said, “Come on. You had a long day. I know you need to unwind. How about just a little head and we’ll see where that leads us?” Polly scoffed and said, “A little head?” Marshall passionately kissed his mother again and said, “I locked your bedroom door. We won’t get any surprises. Come on. I need this and I know you want it.” Polly wasn’t in the mood for her son’s sexual demands, but she didn’t want to cause a scene or hurt his feelings so she dropped to her knees in the steamy shower. Marshall pulled his mother’s hair into a ponytail and said, “That’s a good girl. Open wide, mom. You know how I like it.”
Polly began to passionately suck her son’s cock while the room filled with steam. Within moments of starting the incestuous blowjob, Polly started to flash back years ago to when she was a 20 year old college student visiting her father in Washington, DC during winter break.
“Your daughter’s got talent, Marshall. A whole lot of talent. Ha ha ha.” said the senate majority leader as he thrust his cock down a 20 year old Polly’s throat. Standing behind Polly was her father’s friend and prominent business man Howard Beckman II. Mr. Beckman was holding Polly’s head in place while the senate majority leader throat fucked her. They were all in a steam room in the president’s quarters. The two older men were completely naked as poor Polly was naked on her knees pleasuring the men with her mouth. In the corner of the room, was Polly’s father, the current president of the United States, naked with only a towel draped over his lap covering up his cock.
The president was trying to pass a big piece of legislation through congress and although he had gotten it through the House, the democratic senate was a big roadblock. If he didn’t get this legislation passed, his chance at a second term would be in jeopardy. Therefore, the president offered something special to the democratic head of the senate and the biggest money man in town so they could grease the wheels for him. This was far from the first time the president had used his daughter’s thick sexy body to make the dirty old men in DC do his bidding. However, this was just the day after the president shipped his daughter’s boyfriend Andre Jacobs overseas on a special mission.
Polly was furious with her father for destroying her happiness, so performing oral sex on his colleagues was particularly disgusting to her today. However, Polly was daddy’s little girl and she would do anything she was told. After the senate majority leader finished, he switched places with Mr. Beckman. He assumed the duties of holding the young girl’s head in place while Mr. Beckman fucked Polly’s mouth like it was a hole in the wall. All the president did was sit in the corner and make jokes with his friends. Just as Mr. Beckman finished with her mouth, another man came into the steam room for his turn with her mouth. Polly watched the obese man hand his father a large envelope full of money right before he approached her with his dick in his hand and a big grin on his fat face.
Polly was snapped out of her trance as her son shot his load in her mouth.
“Aaaaaahhhhhh, fuck yeah. You got the best mouth in America, mom.” Said Marshall as he rubbed his cock and balls on his mother’s face while his cock still spewed cum. Polly wiped her eyes and looked up at her son and said, “Thanks Scooter, I guess. Now can I shower in peace, dear?” Marshall replied, “Well, I gotta get clean, too.” Polly rolled her eyes and said, “Ok. Let’s get you clean first. Stand under the water.” Polly got the body wash and lathed he son up from head to toe. She thoroughly washed every inch of his body and Marshall loved every second of it. “There all clean, Scooter. Now if you don’t mind, I have to get clean myself.”
Polly pulled the curtain back so her son could exit the shower. Marshall smiled at his mother and said, “It’s not right that you gave me the royal treatment and you not get it in return. You deserve it yourself. Hand me the body wash.” Although that was what Marshall said, Polly knew what he really meant was “Bitch, you ain’t slick. I’m gonna get that booty.” Polly put the bottle of body wash behind her back out of Marshall’s reach and said, “No that’s ok.” Marshall kissed his mother softly on the lips and said, “No. I got you.” Marshall grabbed the bottle and squirted the body wash all over his mother’s chest and torso and he began washing her front. When he was done he said, “Turn around.” Polly repeated herself, “No, that’s ok. Thanks Scooter.” At this point, Marshall’s cock was hard again and he said, “No, I insist.” Marshall slowly turned his mother around and he lathered up her back, buttocks and legs. He spent a little time on her back and a little more on her legs, but then he got down on his knees behind her and took extra care of her thighs. He then massaged the lather into her booty cheeks for a few minutes before spreading her ass and squirting more body wash in her ass crack.
Polly then said, “I feel pretty clean, Scooter.” Marshall replied, “Gotta make sure your ass is nice and clean.” Before Polly knew it, her son was fingering her butt. From one finger, to two fingers to three whole fingers in her butt. When Marshall stood to his feet Polly tried to turn around but Marshall pushed down on her back and said, “Just bend over a little bit.” With one hand on her back and one on his cock, Marshall guided his cock toward his mother’s open asshole and he slide right in. Polly sighed and she put her head down. Her son kissed her on the neck and said, “Just a few strokes, mom. I won’t be long. You know you want this anyway. I got you. Stop clinching. Just take the dick. Aahhhh, there you go. Good girl.” Polly put her hands up against the wall while her son kissed her on her neck and cheek while he slowly sodomized her.
Once again, Polly got lost in the moment staring at the steam that filmed the bathroom.
“Your daughter’s got better pussy than your wife did, Marshall. I can tell she loves getting fucked. She’s so wet.” said Mr. Beckman as he fucked 20 year old Polly deep in her wet pussy as she was bent over with her hands against the wall. The president said, “Skippy, not so rough with my babygirl. I want her to be able to have kids one day.” Mr. Beckman pounded harder and said, “I can give her a kid right now, if you like. Ha ha ha.” Mr. Beckman was the third man to fuck Polly’s pussy after they got blowjobs from her earlier. The obese man that gave the president a bribe earlier had left after busting his two nuts and the senate majority leader left, too. It was just Mr. Beckman and the president alone with poor 20 year old Polly.
“I’m serious, Skippy. Not so rough and you better not cum in her. I’ll be goddamned if you get her pregnant. Ha ha ha.” said to president to Mr. Beckman. Little did the president know, his daughter was already pregnant with Andre Jacobs’s baby. Mr. Beckman pulled his cock out of Polly’s pussy and said, “I can’t cum unless I cum inside her. Since you know I hate condoms, I’m going to cum in her like I always do.” Polly then felt a sensation she was getting more and more used to. Mr. Beckman shoved his cock deep in her ass and gave her three hard pumps before filling her up with cum. Just as fast as he had cum, Mr. Beckman was ready to leave the steam room. “Ooohhhh yeah, Marshall. I’ll keep the dollars coming. You keep the favors coming. Including these secret steam room sessions with sweet little Polly here.” With Mr. Beckman’s cum still oozing out of her asshole, Polly stood there looking over at her father. Mr. Beckman gave Polly a few pats on her ass before leaving the steam room.
After Mr. Beckman left the room, the president stood up and his towel fell off of his lap. He approached his daughter with his cock standing at full attention. Polly knew the routine. She stayed in position with her hands against the wall and her back arched with her fat wide ass poking out. The president walked up behind his daughter and whispered in her ear. “You have no idea what a great service you did for the American people today. A job’s bill is going to pass because of you.” The president rubbed his daughter’s ass and kissed her on the cheek. “Glad I could help, daddy.” The president then stood behind his daughter with his hands on her shoulders. He rested his cock between her fat ass cheeks and said, “From behind you look so much like your mother. You know how much I miss her. Uhhhhh. Yeah. Don’t move baby girl. Be a good girl for daddy.” Polly replied, “Ok, daddy. I’ll be a good girl.” The president had slid his cock right up Polly’s ass and he slow stroked her booty and all she could do was bend over and take it.
Polly once again snapped out of her trance as she felt her asshole fill up with cum. Her father used to pull out of her ass before he was ready to cum. He preferred to shoot it on her back or all over her ass cheeks. Her son, however, likes to fill her up like she was at a gas station. “Oohhh, you got the best ass in the world mom. After everyone goes to sleep I’ll sneak into your room and we can go a few more rounds. I think the more we do it the more you’ll get used to it.” As Marshall stepped out of the shower he said, “Yeah, a few more rounds later. I want you to get so used to my dick in your ass that you feel weird not having it there.” He then leaned back into the shower and kissed his mother on her fat ass before giving it a nice hard whack and said, “Until later, sexy ass.” Before Marshall got out of the bathroom, Polly said, “Scooter, baby. Not tonight. I’m going to hit the hay early. Plus my butt is sore.” Marshall looked back at his mother and said, “No worries, but before you go to sleep I’ll bring you a nightcap. I’ll take some of granddad’s private stock.” Polly smiled and said, “Sounds great. Thanks, Scooter. Love you.” Marshall smiled and said, “Love you too.”
Marshall put his bathing suit back on and started jogging toward his guest room. Marshall was fine with his mother opting not to get another butt fucking tonight. He had brought a half dozen of his sleeping pills. If she didn’t want his dick in her ass willingly, she would get it while she slept. Just the fact that he got to fuck her while she was awake already was good enough for him. Another night of multiple nuts while she was sleep was just fine with him. Little did Marshall know, Polly locked her bedroom door as soon as he left to get the drink. She had no idea that he was going to drug her, Polly just didn’t want to run the risk that he’d talk her into taking it up the ass again. She was weak to her son’s slick talking.
Marshall was ready to settle in with his mother for the night and fuck her hard in her butt until the sun was ready to come up. He slid into his grandfather’s bedroom and swiped his best scotch. The former president was just waking up as the door was slamming. Marshall got two pills, crushed them up and put them in a glass that he filled nice and high. He used his finger and mixed it up really well and he looked at the drink and said, “Damn good mix, Marshall. Kudos to you.” He was very pleased with himself. Marshall then went to his mother’s room and tried to open the door, but he noticed it was locked. He then said, “Mom, I got your drink.” Polly then said, “Second thought, Scooter. I’m just going to go to sleep without it. Love you, baby. Have a good night.” Scooter leaned up against his mother’s door then slid down and sat on the floor. He felt depression getting ready to set in. He was getting used to plowing his mother’s fat butt at night. It was the best part of his day. Marshall just sat there holding the spiked drink as he shook his head.
Meanwhile, Nate figured that now was the perfect time to meet the former President of the United States. “President Peterson. Are you awake?” said Nate as he crept into his room wearing on his pajama pants. Former President Peterson looked at Nate and said, “If it isn’t my daughter’s house nigger. Look boy, one false move and I’ll call my security from outside to come in here and throw your black ass out on the street. You’re only here out of a courtesy to my daughter. I know who you are.” Nate approached the old man, smiled, shook his head and said, “You have no idea who I am, sir. Mind if I take a seat? Ha ha. Of course you do. However, I think I will anyway.”
As Nate prepared to make his long overdue introduction to Former President Peterson, Marissa and Beverly decided it was time to come in the house. Still wearing their sexy little bikini’s the two thick teens walked through the hallways looking for Nate’s room. “I’m so gonna blow him. Like all night. In your granddaddy’s house.” Said Beverly. Marissa replied, “You know, I gave him my v-card last night. He’s officially my first. God he has a great cock. We can take turns sucking him off, but I want him to fuck me and then you. It’s only right he fucks my pussy before he fucks your big ass. God, you’re like my idol Bev. I can’t believe you took that monster cock up your ass.” Beverly smiled and said, “It hurt a lot, but soon It was smooth sailing. You can get first fuck, of course Rissa.”
Marissa and Beverly walked right past Marshall who was still sitting on the floor outside of his mother’s room. Marshall watched his sister’s fat ass jiggle in her g-string bikini and Beverly’s ass jiggle even more. The girls doubled back when they looked into Nate’s room and still didn’t see him.
“Hey spaz, where’s Nate?” said Marissa. Marshall said, “I don’t know. Shit, I should have brought my video games. We could have got some games in.” Marissa said, “What a loser. I’m sure he would much rather chill with us.” Marshall said, “Yeah right, why would he want to do that?” Simultaneously the two girls turned around and poked their booties in Marshall’s face. Marshall quickly rose to his feet and the girls noticed that his dick was hard. Beverly blushed and Marissa said, “Yuck, creepo. Can’t you control your dick? Ugh. Give me that.” Marissa snatched the drink out of Marshall’s hand and she took a big gulp. Drinking half of it. Marissa then passed the glass to Beverly and said, “Bev, drink away your troubles like me so we can forget having to see this loser’s hard on.” Marshall watched intently as Beverly drank the rest of the spiked drink. Marshall smiled at Beverly and she blushed. Marissa then grabbed her friend and said, “Let’s go in our room and girl talk for a bit then look for Nate.” As the girls left, Marshall smiled and said to himself, “Bev’s butt is as big as moms. Scooter wins again!”
While Marshall went to the bathroom attached to his bedroom to look for something to use as lube to sodomize Beverly when she most certainly was about to pass out, Nate and the former president were getting acquainted.
“You’re Andre Jacobs’s protégé. Richard Tread told me all about you. Stallworth educated, some kind of whiz kid. Don’t get me wrong. I applaud any of you people that aren’t on welfare or in jail, but at the end of the day, you’re still a nigger.” Said the former president. Nate smirked and shook his head, “Come on Mr. President don’t be like that. I think you’re saying these things just to get under my skin. It won’t work anyway. I have a pretty tough skin and besides I didn’t have my associate inject you with a powerful narcotic to bring about your mild heart attack just so we could waste our time together trading insults. I did it so we could talk about sex, secrets and politics.” Former President Peterson sat up in his bed with his eyes wide open while he looked at Nate in misbelief.
While Nate was giving the former president a big dose of reality, Marshall had found some Vaseline in his bathroom and he danced through the hallways like he didn’t have a care in the world. In one hand he had Vaseline and in the other he had two full glasses of scotch. Each spiked with one more sleeping pill. He wanted to make sure that both Beverly and his sister would be in a very deep sleep while he gave Beverly the treatment he had been giving his mother for the last three nights. Marshall walked into their room with the drinks with his cock still at attention and Marissa said, “Eww gross. Get out!” Marshall nonchalantly put the Vaseline on the dresser and then gave the girls the drinks. Beverly said, “Aw, Rissa. He comes bearing gifts. I think it’s time you and Marshall stopped being mean to each other. Life’s too short.” The two girls drank their drinks while Marshall sat on the floor.
Marissa and Beverly slowly sipped their drinks while Marshall sat on the floor smiling at them. “You’re still a spaz, little bro, but thanks for the drinks.” Marshall said, “Little bro? We’re twins, Rissa.” Marissa said, “Scooter, I’m 8 minutes older. Ha ha ha.” Beverly looked at Marshall and boldly said, “You should pull that thing out. It looks like it can barely breathe.” Beverly was referring to Marshall’s erection. Beverly finished the rest of her drink while Marissa looked at her in disgust and said, “Please don’t encourage him, Bev. You don’t want to see his pencil dick.” Marshall smirked and said, “Pencil, my ass.” and then pulled his cock out on top of his swimming trunks.
Marissa quickly covered her eyes and said, “Gross!” As Marshall stood up and put his hands on his hips like a superhero while his cock stood at attention. Beverly walked over to Marshall and grabbed his cock and said, “Rissa, Marshall is packing. If he wasn’t your brother, you’d so blow him right now. Don’t lie, bitch.” Marissa opened her eyes and looked at Beverly holding her brother’s cock and said, “As if, slut. Ok, it’s a decent size, but I like black guys so even if spaz wasn’t my brother I’d never give him any play. Now put that thing away Marshall.” Beverly got on her knees in front of Marshall and said, “Rissa, I’m going in.” Just then Beverly put Marshall’s cock deep down her throat. Marshall was so taken by surprise that his knees started to buckle and he started to breathe heavy. Marissa’s eyes bugged out at the sight of her best friend sucking her brother’s cock. “I’ll give you a pass, Bev. You’re obviously feeling that drink and a half a little too much. I can’t watch this.” Marissa laid face down on the bed, put the pillow over her head and kept saying, “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.”
Back in the former president’s bedroom, Nate continued to give the former president a reality check. “Shocked? Surprised? Ha ha ha. I would have had him kill you, but I’m not done with you.” The former president was scared. He knew that he was in good health. The heart attack was so sudden that it came out of nowhere. “Are you some kind of psycho? Did Andre put you up to this before he died?” Nate smirked and said, “Not at all. Fathers…real fathers…want what’s best for their kids. He would have never asked me to do his dirty work.” The former president’s eyes got even wider as he said, “You…you…you…you can’t be him. I had Richard take care of…” Nate smiled and said, “You asked Richard Tread to get rid of me when I was born, just so you could fool you daughter into thinking I still born. Well surprise. Good ole Richard Tread didn’t have the heart to do it. What he did do was hop in his car and drove all the way to New Jersey. He took me into his Old Catholic church, said a prayer and left me at the alter.”
While Nate was exposing all of the secrets, Buffalo Butt Beverly Breckinridge was exposing something herself. “Hey, keep sucking. That felt good.” Said Marshall as Beverly took his dick out of her mouth. Beverly then crawled over to the bed where Marissa was laying in and she moved the pillow from on top of Marissa’s head. “Aww, Rissa’s a light weight. The drinks knocked her out.” Marissa was fast asleep. A combination of the sleeping bills and scotch had her sleeping like a baby. Beverly was leaning on the bed while she was on her knees. She then looked over her shoulder and said, “Wanna fuck, Marshall?” Marshall strutted toward Beverly and said, “Fuck yeah?” Beverly pulled her bikini bottoms down in the back then looked over her shoulder as Marshall kneeled behind her and said, “You know my parents are heavy in the church. I took a vow to be a virgin until I get married so you’re going to have to do me in my ass. Oh yeah. Don’t tell Rissa. She’d like totally freak if she found out.” Beverly put her head forward and braced herself waiting for Marshall to anally penetrate her. Marshall didn’t waste a second. He was balls deep in Beverly’s ass within seconds.
Back in the former president’s room…
“So Richard is in on whatever sick plan you have, huh? God, I can’t believe it’s really you.” said the shocked old man. Nate replied, “Tread doesn’t know shit. When Andre met me as a teenager he knew right away that we were connected. Without me knowing, Dre tested my DNA and found out I was his son. He figured if anyone knew about what really happened it would be Tread. Dre greeted him at home one night and used his, uh, powers of persuasion to get him to spill the beans. I’m sure that Tread has no idea that I’m that baby he abandoned. Dre got information from him. He didn’t tell him about finding me.” The former president looked at Nate’s face and said, “You have my eyes. God, I see features from Andre and my Polly in your face. Does she know?” Nate replied, “No. I’m not sure if I’m going to tell her. If I do, it won’t be anytime soon.”
While Nate stood next to the former president’s bed, Polly made her way into the room. She was feeling restless and she couldn’t sleep. After looking out of her room and seeing that her son was gone, she figured it was safe to come out. While walking through the hallway she noticed her father’s door was crack. When she looked in she saw Nate and her father talking and instead of announcing herself she decided to eavesdrop. She got there just in time to miss the revelation that Nate was her long lost son she conceived with Andre Jacobs.
“If you’re not going to tell her, then why are you here, boy?” said the former president in a defiant tone. Nate, with just as much defiance in his voice said, “Dre told me about the things you put her through so you could keep your precious power when you were president. The things you made your wife do before she died. Pimping out your own daughter to solidify political allegiances. You’re scum. You know why I’m here? I’m here to make it right. Dre cared a lot for your daughter and you broke them up. Not because he was black, but because he was going to take away your honey pot. Throughout the years Dre has looked out for your daughter in ways she doesn’t even know. I promised him I’d pick up where he left off.”
“So you are my new Andre?” said Polly as she emerged from the shadows near the doorway. Polly walked into her father’s room wearing a Stallworth University t-shirt and a pair of panties that she was going to sleep in. Nate and the former president were both startled. They had no idea how much Polly had heard. Polly walked up to Nate and stood by him as she rubbed his back and looked down at her father. “Nate’s right. It wasn’t about Andre being black. It was about you keeping your power over me. You know, I didn’t know it, but I always suspected Andre was still looking out for me. Just little things here and there. He kept his distance out of respect for Patrick and the kids, but God I loved that man. Anyway, your power over me is done, daddy. Since you’re doing so well, we’re leaving tomorrow. Of course you’ll still have some purporse with my campaign, but in what capacity will be completely up to Nate and Kat. Goodnight, daddy. Nate, let’s go.” Obviously Polly didn’t hear the whole story. As Polly held Nate’s hand and walked him out of her father’s room, her father shouted out, “I’m sorry, honey. Forgive me.”
Meanwhile in Marissa and Beverly’s room, “Aaaaahhhhh, fuck yeah!” said Marshall as he busted a nut in Buffalo Butt Beverly Breckinridge’s fat ass. Marshall then leaned forward and noticed that Beverly had fallen asleep. Marshall continued to kneel behind Beverly with his semi erect cock still up her ass and chuckle. “Fuckin’ sleeping pills. Shit, I wouldn’t have double dosed you if I would have known you wanted to fuck me. I guess Nate was right.” Marshall then looked at his sister’s sweet angelic sleeping face and said, “If you weren’t such a cunt I would have been fucking Bev.” Marshall looked at his sister a little longer and said, “Nate’s right. You do look just like mom these days.” Marshall then looked down toward his sister’s fat juicy ass and said, “Hmm, not as big as Bev’s or mom’s, but that’s still one hell of an ass.”
Marshall checked again to make sure Beverly was sleep. He then pulled his cock out of her ass, stood up, locked the door, grabbed his Vaseline and approached his sister. Marshall pulled Marissa’s bikini bottoms down then spread her ass cheeks. “Wow your ass is super tight. Don’t worry, big sister, I’ll be gentle.” Marshall then caked a wad of Vaseline on top of Marissa’s asshole, chuckled and said, “No I won’t.” Marshall then plunged right into his sister’s tight, near virgin asshole and proceeded to sodomize her like a crazed animal.
Down the hall, right outside of the former president’s bedroom, “Dre was the only person that ever stood up to my father like that for me before. I loved that man so much.” Polly then put her hand on the side of Nate’s face and said, “You remind me of him. You smile like him, you talk like him, and you walk like him. I guess spending so much time with him, you picked up a lot of his ways. I’m always going to love him, but since he’s no longer with us…” Polly gave Nate a big passionate kiss on the lips. She then started to walk away from him then stopped, lifted her t-shirt up in the back exposing her full big milky white ass in all its glory and said, “I already shared my oral skills with you in my office. How about you poke that pecker somewhere else for me?” Nate walked up behind Polly, palmed her ass and said, “Somewhere else? Ha ha, like where?” Polly grinned and said, “I have to other holes I’m sure you’ll enjoy just as much as my mouth.
Polly took Nate back to her bedroom and performed like a porn star for her long lost biracial son. Nate pounded her pussy like champ and Polly went wild. When Nate poked her in her ass she loved every second of it too. Nate took his time with her ass, unlike her other son Marshall who pounded her anus like he was a prison rapist. No finesse at all. Speaking of Marshall, by the time Polly and Nate decided to lay down and enjoy the afterglow of nearly 2 hours of amazing sex, Marshall was shooting his third load of cum in his sister’s ass and preparing for a fourth round of butt fucking. He had forgot all about Beverly, who was still propped up on the side of the bed.
Back in Polly’s room. “I hope you’ll still respect me in the morning, sexy.” said Polly as she snuggled up next to Nate. Nate stroked her hair and said, “Of course, Governor.” Polly replied, “I told you to call me Polly, Nate. In fact, you should call me honey, baby or sweetie while we’re in bed. Geez, I have you sperm floating around in my ass and some probably still sliding down my throat. Must we be so formal? Tee hee.” Nate squeezed Polly’s fat ass and said, “What about sexy mama? You like that?” Polly said, “Hmm…sexy mama? I like it. Hey ‘mama’ are you trying to say I’m old?” Nate passionately kissed his biological mother Polly and said, “Nah, it’s just a figure of speech. Ha ha, sexy mama.” Polly giggled and said, “Tee hee. If you say so. Hmmm, I guess I am old enough to be your mother, huh? Oh well. Hey, turn that up. I love this story. Girl power!”
Polly and Nate had the Political News Network on the television as they laid in bed. “Today Angelina Rios of New Jersey was sworn in as the first Hispanic female United States Senator. After years of great service to her state, we all here at PNN would like to give her our congratulations.” As the camera showed footage of the swearing in, they showed Angelina with her family behind her and just at the end of the camera shot was Nate’s associate Benny Aberman. Nate saw Benny and laughed. Polly looked at Nate and playfully said, “What’s so funny? You have a problem with women in a position of power?” Nate replied, “Not at all. Especially when those powerful women give good head. Ha ha ha.” Polly looked at Nate and said, “Hmmm, a not so subtle hint. I got you covered, daddy.” Nate put his hands behind his head and said, “Do your thing, sexy mama. Do your thing.”

The End…
”Sex, Secrets and Politics: The Campaign” Coming Soon


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