Catching My Aunt on BBC: Chap 4

The last time I had worked at the gym before returning to college, I videotaped my Aunt Gwen
passionately take on Remmy and Jonas in a double-team. It was clear during that filming from
way her eyes sparkled as she gazed at the cock of each mandingo that she had become totally
addicted to big black cocks. What only a part of her had realized during that orgy, was that her
addiction had snowballed into the total submission of her body for the black dicks she craved so
Aunt Gwen’s logic has snapped after the first time she’d had sex with Remmy, and she had
ceased taking birth control. Unbeknownst to her husband, she had also stopped letting him cum
in her for fear that his inferior white sperm would impregnate her. Only Aunt Gwen knew, as
Jonas’s mammoth cock pumped her rectum full of cum and Remmy blasted his black seed inside
her womb until it overflowed and her white egg was penetrated by Remmy’s dominant seed, that
at that moment she had become officially black bred.
Remmy continued to send me pictures as while I was at college. Initially my aunt looked her
same sexy self either posing or getting fucked my Remmy. Her ass and breasts had grown
slightly, but it was difficult to say if that was from her gaining weight or from her risque gym attire.
In a pic of her sing on all fours in her tight fitting spandex clothing, I finally noticed the baby bump
I emailed Remmy, “Did you knock her up?”
“You better believe it,” Remmy replied.
“I’ve gotta see her in action,” I wrote back.
“Next time you come home, I’ll set up something special.”
I eagerly returned home for Thanksgiving break, and told my parents I was heading to Remmy’s
gym to work and earn some money. I arrived just as my beloved phat booty suburban MILFs had
left for the evening. I could only laugh when I saw Remmy.
“You dog,” I teased him.
“Hey she didn’t even tell me she was off the pill,” he shrugged.
“What’s you got in mind for tonight? You and Jonas again?”
Remmy handed me the camera, “Just wait and see.”
Jonas arrived shortly thereafter, but then another black guy entered through the back entrance,
followed by another.
“She surely can’t handle all of you,” I said.
“You haven’t seen your aunt in a while,” Remmy winked.
The first thing that I noticed as she came through the door was the black Ace of Spades tattoo on
her ankle. I immediately became hard at the thought of her being so open with her addiction to
black dick.
What followed was so hot I nearly came right there: she was dressed in only a pink bodystocking.
The thin nylon accentuated her every curvaceous feature: her milky breasts jiggled as she walked
through the door, her plump butt caught the eye of every black man in the room, her lips were
painted the same erotic bright pink, she wore pink high-heels that only a sex addict would wear,
her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail to ensure no stray hair would get in the way of her
black dick sucking, and her belly was large with a growing black baby.
She couldn’t have been more than four months pregnant, but the black baby growing inside her,
on account of its stronger and superior genetics, made her look like she was due any day.
Around her neck was a black collar, and it was only until she had completely entered the room
that I noticed a leash was attached to it. Holding the leash in his gigantic black hand, walked in
behind her the star quarterback from my old high school, Winston.
‘My god,’ I thought to myself, ‘Remmy’s got her fucking every black guy in town!’
“Did she take the fertility pill today?” Remmy asked.
“Like I do every day,” Aunt Gwen blew him a kiss.
“That’s a black master you’re speaking to,” Winston slapped her ass.
Aunt Gwen yelped as his hand caused her bubble butt to jiggle.
“I took the fertility pill just like you told me, master,” she corrected herself.
Remmy clapped his hands, “Alright black brothers, what we’ve got here is a grade A white booty
totally devoted to breeding with only black men. You may’ve noticed she’s pregnant already with
one black baby, but she’s been taking fertility drugs and we figure she got more white eggs in that
womb with only one thing on their mind: getting impregnated by black sperm.”
The mayhem began shortly after when Winston led my obedient aunt into the gym by her leash.
She seemed to not even notice me anymore. All her eyes looked at were the long black dicks.
Her tongue traced her pink lips with hunger as she walked by each one. Soon she was on her
knees gulping the first one down and getting two more warmed up with her quick to please
“This is crazy,” I said to Remmy.
“I know man, crazy hot.”
It wasn’t long until one black dick wedged itself up her juicy ass, and as she rode that one another
entered her pussy. Her pink nylon legs shot into the air as her holes pleasured the gang of black
One of the guys began to stick his dick into her mouth when Remmy yelled at him to stop.
“It’s hotter when she can talk dirty.”
“You heard him” Winston slapped her face and she gasped with erotic delight, “Talk dirty or you
aren’t getting another black dick.”
“Oh please!” she moaned, “I need that big long master black dick. I’m just a plump white cum pig
and the only thing i’m good for is serving my black masters.”
“What else do you want these black dicks to do?”
She gyrated her hips with a crazed frenzy, bringing the thick black dicks in her pusdy and ass to a
level of professional pleasure.
A smile came across her lips as she gets their penises and testicles twitch.
“Breed my whiteness out of existence.”
The first one in her pussy began to groan, her pink nylon toes spasmed, and a torrent of cum
oozed from the tight vagina lips wrapped around the cock.
Over the next two hours I filmed my Aunt Gwen pleasuring the black dicks in every position
imaginable: DP cowgirl, reverse DP cowgirl, doggy double penetration, missionary double,
spooning DP, and the standing DP. All the while my Aunt Gwen continued to spew the most vile
yet sexy words I’d ever heard.
“Fuck my white pussy you big black dick nigger. White dicks aren’t allowed in my body anymore.
Teeny white cocks can’t even fit in my nigger dick owned pussy because they’re too small and
weak. Oh yeah baby, I love the feeling of your big black balls pumping me up with your super
sperm. Conquer my obedient white egg! Give my little black boy another black brother to play
with! I want people to stare at me when I walk into a store with my black babies! Mmmm yeah
fuck my womb full of your black master sperm! Wipe my inferior white existence from the history
books! My white booty is sworn to only serve big black cocks!”
After countless creampies, Aunt Gwen lay panting on the floor. It looked like a whole bag of
marshmallows had melted in her gaped vagina and ass. A torrent of cum oozed out.
“Get up, hoe,” Winston said pulled her leash. He’d remained silent, only watching, until then,
“Bend over.”
Aunt Gwen bent over, leaning against a weight bench. Despite the gangbang, her phat, pink
nylon covered buns perked up into the air at the prospect of pleasuring another black master.
Winston was the tallest, darkest, and strongest black man I’ve still ever seen in my life. I’ve
watched porn every day for years, and I’ve never seen a dick that even comes close to what
Winston then pulled out of his pants.
Fully erect, he rubbed it against Aunt Gwen’s pussy. She briefly stared back and a look of panic
struck her face.
“Master, I think it’s too-”
Winston stuck it in and a shriek emitted from Aunt Gwen’s face. She clawed at the weight bench,
“It’s too big, master! I can’t handle- UUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!” She moaned as he pushed it in
further. His free hands squeezed her black bred butt as her worked himself in deeper. Despite her
pussy lubed with the cum of the other men and having been already loosened up, my aunt Gwen
could not handle the length and girth of Wilson’s monstrous dick.
What all of us in the room were witnessing was an alteration in the psychical composition of Aunt
Gwen’s body. Despite having been bred by black men for hours, she was not prepared.
“Please, it’s too big,” she begged.
Winston pulled her leash, choking her, her tongue wagged, and he said “Submit to this black
dick.” He pushed the remained of his dick into her body, and how it fit to the hilt of his balls, I will
never understand.
as her eyes glazed over with ecstasy.
Wilson’s hips worked faster, bringing his BBC in and out of her conquered pussy.
He let out a victorious roar that filled the room, and only after it ended did we hear the sound of
Winston’s cum flowing from her pussy in a steady stream onto the gym floor filled the room. He
was inseminating her.
What no one could see was that inside her womb, stuffed to her pussy lips with black semen, was
that Winston’s monster sperm were tearing the other sperm apart in order to secure and breed
with her white eggs. Every sperm of Winston’s was the most vicious bull sperm ever created.
Despite the superior black genetics of all the other black men’s seed, Winston’s pushed them
away, beat them out of her womb, and ripped them apart. They were on a mission to ensure that
this sexy white breeding cow that had submitted her body to the reproduction of the black race,
would only be conquered by the most deserving.
A smile suddenly broke across Aunt Gwen’s face as Winston continued holding her by the hips.
Her overstretched pussy milked his black baby maker. What we didn’t know was that her body
was experiencing the sensation of Winton’s black bull sperm bursting through the protective wall
of four of her eggs, fertilizing them, and effectively ending Aunt Gwen’s white lineage.
She passed out on the floor, her pink bodystocking covered in cum, her body twitching with
orgasmic pleasure. I left amazed by what I’d just seen.
Back in school Remmy continued to send me pictures. The doctor told her she was pregnant with
five, “very big” boys which was very impressive considering she was 40 years old. No matter how
big her breasts, ass, and especially belly got, she continued serving as a white whore completely
subservient to black men.
When I went home the next summer break I was walking through the grocery store when I saw
her. She looked as sexy as ever: her milky D-cup breasts, which fed her growing army of black
boys, could barely stay in her sports bra. She wore leopard print leggings which showed off her
plump black dick loving booty to the world. And in her cart were five black baby boys. She did not
see me, she was licking her lips, looking at a young black man.


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