Enough is Enough Chapter 4: The Good Friend

Selina Richards: The Honeymoon

Time just flew by for Selina Richards, With a high paying job and a loving boyfriend things could not get any better or so she thought. One night James took Selina her son Joseph and Joesph’s newly titled girlfriend Iris out for dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. After an amazing dinner Selina was in for a shock as the room fell silent and there was James down on one knee he was shaking he was so nervous. “Selina you are the love of my life, the past year and a half have been the happiest I have ever been will you marry me?” It did not take Selina long to quickly kiss James on the lips and shout yes in excitement, As applause filled the room.

They decided on a small Jamaican wedding with only a few guests. The new found family packed their bags and James cashed in all his air mile points to fly Selina, Joseph, Iris and himself out to Jamaica. When they landed at the airport they grabbed their bags and James attempted to flag down a cab with no success it was not till Selina bent over to get something out of her carry on bag that one stopped immediately to scope out her big white ass in her tight white pants. The cab window rolled down as an older Jamaican man with a beard yelled out in a think Jamaican accent ” ae laydies cahan i geat ya a ride?” Selina nodded ” Yes that would be lovely could you drive my family to the Sunset beach resort?”. The cabbie looked disappointed when he saw James and the rest of Selina’s family”. ” Gast thro ya bags in da back an I tak ya thier”. It was a quick short cab ride to the resort. Iris leaned over Joseph in the back seat of the van to look out and see this huge beautiful tropical resort they were staying at. When they arrived James got the bags out as Selina paid the cabbie she leaned over as she was counting the money the cabbie noticed he could see down Selina’s top his eyes lit up. ” So what how much do we owe you”. The cabbie looked down her cleavage and could only mutter “Fa Ya…. No charge” as he began to drive away. Selina turned and smiled at her husband to be holding the money ” He did not charge us anything! Wasn’t that nice of him, I wonder if he could tell we were here to get married?”

After they checked into the resort the couples went to their respective rooms with Selina and James is booking the large and luxurious Honeymoon Suite. Selina giggled as she unpacked her bag she had brought plenty of toys for her and her new husband to use on their wedding night. James looked over excited as he saw his wife to be unpack her favorite strap-on. James loved the kinky side of Selina and he had no issues with being submissive towards her. In fact as long as she was loving towards him Selina could do anything to James. ” Like what you see sweetie?” James nodded ” Do you think maybe we could fool around quick? I know you said you did not want to spoil the wedding night tomorrow but a little taste will not hurt”. Selina chuckled ” he he I cannot say no to you, take off your pants sweetie” Selina undid her top letting her big breasts out, and got on her knees as James pulled down his pants his little cock stood straight up. It was not very big maybe 5 inch top but it was enough for Selina. She began to kiss the tip of James’s penis as she slowly sucked the tip and easily fit all of it into her mouth. She held up two fingers and James knew what to do he lubed them up by sucking on them. Selina then gently pushed her two fingers into James ass as she sucked him This did not last long less than two minutes later James yelled out ” Ohhh I can’t hold it” and he came in Selina’s mouth. Selina looked up at him and smiled as she swallowed down his cum then gave him a sloppy kiss. ” Now you have to wait” she playfully whispered to James.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Selina looked through the peep hole and saw Iris standing there she was in a bikini and she looked fantastic this adorable Japanese girl with her long athletic legs , tight stomach and cute and surprisingly large perky breasts. “Hi Ms Richards, I was just wondering if you want to go down to the beach with me?”. ” Sure replied Selina through the door let me just get changed. James watched Selina undress and put on her bikini. ” Wow I am one lucky guy no idea how I ended up having you” James said as Selina blushed she kissed him on the cheek. ” Remember sweetie your sleeping in Joesph’s room tonight this will be your last night a single man te he” Selina then left and her and Iris walked down to the beach.
With the towels unraveled both beauties lay on the beach catching some sun and chatting ” So Ms. Richards are you nervous about tomorrow” Selina laughed ” Iris you have been dating my son for close to a year you do not have to call me Ms Richards. I would be lying if I was not a little nervous but I’m also excited to start a new chapter of my life with James”. Iris smiled as a four loud and rude college boys checked the Milf and The barely legal cutie. ” Now I would love to tap that ass!” came from what looked to be the leader of the group he was tall well built white man with a dark tribal tattoo on his forearm. The rest of his diverse group laughed as his one friend a tall skinny black boy said ” Yeah she is nice got that Pawg! But I got me some Asian fever think you can help with that boo?” Selina and Iris did their best to ignore them before the young girl said ” That is what happens when you decide to get married so close to spring break you get the future dumbasses of the world hanging around” Selina laughed as the boys finally passed by.

Hours went by as the two ladies talked and laughed as they got some much needed color. Joesph joined them for a little while and told them that he and James were going out and that they would be late. ” Okay sweetheart, we will just have a nice girls night! And you keep James out of trouble” Replied Selina. Joseph laughed ” Okay but only if you keep Iris safe and sound” Iris kissed Joseph ” When have I ever been in trouble” Iris playfully spoke as Joseph got up and let them for the night ” Bye you gals have fun!”. The sun was starting to set and Iris was getting cold ” Wow it certainly gets chilly when the sun goes down I’m going to head back to the room and change”. ” Okay sweetie I will be here when you come back then maybe we will get some dinner”.

Just as the adorable Iris was out of her line of sight Selina heard the sound of laughing. As she could the same group of frat boys from earlier in the day approached her ” look what we have her one sun baked ass” Selina just rolled her eyes and tried to walk away from the group of boys. When the leader of them pulled the string on the back of her bikini top. All of the boys smiled as her top came off and her huge boobs fresh with some tan lines came out. ” Look at them tittes!”. Selina slaps one hand away as he tries to grab her breast. ” Stop this right now!”. The four boys have smug expressions as the lead boy looks at Selina ” Or you will do what? Do you know who we are? You’re looking at Tommy Moore star quarterback of Alabama my boy Carl over there is our star running back, Joey is the best wide receiver the division has ever seen and can’t forget our boy Hector the already drafted tackle plus I’m legacy members of Alpha Gamma we can do anything we want bitch”.


Horrified Selina attempted to walk past threw them but suddenly Joey snatched her bikini bottoms off of her. Selina was naked on the beach as the four men surrounded her. She was getting mad and yelled ” Listen let me go or I will make you sorry you ever touched me” and took a swing at Tommy but he caught her hand ” This one has a lot of fight in her, Listen slut here is how it goes ether you come with us to our room and we have a little bit of fun or maybe my boys her keep you outside as I go play with that little Jap”. Selina’s heart sank she could not let that happen she could not put Iris or her son threw that. With a defeated sigh Selina nodded that she would go with the boys. They picked her up like some kind of trophy and carried her naked back to their room.
Throwing Selina onto the filthy bed the men wasted no time making their demands ” spread those legs” Hector ordered the boys licked their lips at the sight of Selina’s pussy as Joey began to fondle Selina’s big tits from behind as Tommy pulled something from his pocket it was a black marker. Selina looked on confused as to what he was planning to do with it. ” I carry one with me always for two reasons one free shit you’d be amazed at what I can get just for an autograph?. The other reason is to tag sluts”. Tommy smiled an evil grin as she took off the cap pushed up Selina’s hair from her forehead and began to write on her the tickle of the felt tipped marker against her skin as Tommy continued to write down the Milf’s body. Joey and Carl flipped Selina over so Tommy could write on her big soft ass. ” All tagged up go look at yourself in that mirror”. Selina walked over to the mirror as Tommy and his boys laughed at her, He had written Slut across Selina’s forehead with other hurtful things written further down. There was cum dump written over her pussy and when she turned around there were arrows drawn on her ass with insert cock her written over them.

The boys then surrounded Selina once again and pushed her down on her knees as one by one they dropped their pants their dicks hard and ready for action. Tommy rubbed his cock on Selina’s face covering her face with precum before he slid his cock into Selina’s mouth ” That’s it slut you suck my dick and if you know was is good for you I would start using those hands on two more of my boys” Selina reached out an began to stroke both Carl and Joey’s thick black dicks as Tommy placed both of his large hands on the back of Selina’s head and began to mouth fuck her. With Selina had at work pleasing her captors she had not noticed that Hector had his camera phone out and was taking pictures of the Milf. Selina let go of Carl’s cock and attempted to grab the phone from Hector. Tommy yanked his cock out of Selina’s mouth ” You should not of done that slut boys you know what to do”. Tommy held Selina’s head as both Carl and Joey drove their black cocks into her mouth. Her jaw ached as her mouth was stuffed with two cocks to suck as they trusted into her mouth all the while Hector kept taking photo’s.

The two big dicks were then pulled out of Selina’s mouth as Tommy told his boys to get her on the bed. Selina was picked up and tossed onto the bed. With her legs spread Hector took a picture ” We need a before and after shot ha ha ha ” Hector laughed. Tommy then slowly slid his cock into the Milf, before Selina had the chance to say anything Hector had shoved his cock into her mouth as Carl and Joey grabs her hands and had her jerk their big cocks off. Selina was trapped and all she could do was close her eyes and attempt to please these men as fast as she could for this to be all over as Tommy drilled his cock into Selina’s pussy balls deep repeatedly. Hector, Carl and Joey to turns throat fucking her it was like a round one done another slid in this cycle lasted for quite a while.
Selina was suddenly lifted up as Carl lay on the bed she was told to slide his cock into her and ride him she complied as Joey and Hector shoved both of their cocks in her mouth all she could think of is ” Remember you’re doing this to protect Iris, If Jamal, Terri and Namir could not break her she was not going to let these boys.” Without warning Tommy spit on his cock and pushed his big stick into Selina’s ass she was being assaulted from every direction. As Tommy hammered her ass Carl was driving into her pussy and she had two massive cocks shoved into her mouth it was overwhelming for the Milf she could not think straight she could not do anything she truly was helpless. As one by one they switched stations it was like a carousel everyone got a turn to fuck the milfs mouth, pussy and ass. Forced to get on the bed like a dog on all fours, Selina’s large used ass was on display Tommy grinned as he took a few photo’s with Hector’s cell phone at their handy work ” Look at that hole gape Hahaha I think we can make it wider don’t you boys!”. Selina could hear the other men laugh as Joey and Carl positioned themselves above her as Tommy laughed ” Let her have it boys!” Just then both Carl and Joey drove there huge black dicks in Selina’s ass she had never had anything that big in her ass she could feel the two cocks rubbing together inside of her as they punished her poor hole. Luckily both men did not last much longer as a few more group thrusts into her ass boy Carl and Joey came deep into Selina’s ass.

Told to turn on her back Selina lay on the bed looking up as Tommy slid his cock back into her pussy as she fucked Selina used her mouth to please Hector once again the boy did not last long after the marathon fucking they did to her and Hector came all over Selina’s face, Leaving Tommy the only one left to finish after four more mighty thrusts into Selina’s warm pussy he yelled ” Bitch hope you’re on the pill” and came in Selina’s pussy. The group of men then cheered as Hector took his after photo, Selina was dripping cum from both holes her face was covered in cum and her body was tagged the Milf’s spirit truly was broken. Tommy and his boys picked Selina back up and carried her back on the beach were they left her like she was nothing. Selina lay there naked and broken as a dim light that was like a beacon of hope shined on her.

“Oh my god what happened” this soft voice yelled as Selina looked up she saw it was Iris. Earlier when Iris went up to the room to change she grew concerned when she could not find Selina on the beach and later only found her bathing suit. In a panic she searched for her. “Who.. Who did this to you?, Let’s get you inside”. Iris wrapped Selina in her towel as she carried her up to the honeymoon suite, making sure to cover her head so no one could read the tags. Iris quickly went into the bathroom to pour a hot bath for Selina to clean herself but Selina just sat on the bed and looked down she was in shock and could not say anything. Iris took Selina by the hand and helped her into the tub but once again Selina just looked down. ” It’s okay Ms. R I’m going to help you get through this we can call the police I will not let the men that did this get away with it”. Selina said nothing she just sat there looking defeated before she muttered ” It doesn’t matter I’m weak and always will be abused I tried to be strong but I’m nothing.”. Iris could not stand another word like coming from Selina’s mouth she suddenly got in the tub with Selina picked up a washcloth and started to clean the tags and cum off the Milf’s boobs and big ass ” That is enough! Selina!” Said the little Japanese beauty ” All I have heard from your son is how strong a woman you are, the things you have had to go threw no person on earth deserves but you have always found a way to stand up for yourself, Look at what you did to Jamal or that dick boss you had, I have no idea how you did it but you beat these men that make your life hell! So tell me how are you weak? You a god damn superhero in your son’s eyes and he is not the only one that sees you like that I do too!” Selina looked up as Iris washed the final tag her forehead Iris could see that see that she had awoken something in her boyfriends mother.

Selina rose from the bath tub ” You are right! I have had men walk all over me and I have fought back but this time it’s different because I will make sure it never happens again to me or anyone person I love. If those little frat boy rapists think they can get away with what they have done there dead wrong!”. Selina stormed out of the bathtub she was focused and Iris followed her ” Hey where are you going? Should you not call the cops?”. Selina laughed ” No sweetheart tonight we will get even I promise you that but we will do it my way!. You’re about to learn how I stuck it to all those mean literally”. Selina and Iris went to the Honey Moon suite to get some supplies as Selina opened her closet Iris’s jaw dropped here was Selina the sweetest women she knew with an arsenal of every sex toy you could think of. Changing into a hot dominatrix outfit and packing a bag of tricks Selina asked Iris ” So do you want to help with this one?” Iris looked Selina up and down and nodded as a small smile broke across her face “Hell Yeah Just tell me what to wear!”


It was late as the two vengeful women set their plan in motion. Selina had Iris dress as a naughty school girl as the two got closer to the room that the Tommy and his boys were crashing in. ” So you know what you’re doing right Iris?”, Iris looked at Selina with a sexy smile ” Sure do play up the sexy lost culturally insensitive school girl and then they invite me into their room hit them with this” Hiding in Iris’s purse was a stun gun that Selina had given her. “One hit from that and they will be out like a light well till we wake them Hehehe” Selina chuckled as she hid. Iris knocked on the door “Ayyya pweese open up me a lost do not know were friend is”. Iris stood there as she could hear the door being unlocked as it opened there was Joey standing there ” Well damn girl we need to help you find her come on in and we can help you”. Just as Joey turned his back Iris pulled out her stun gun with one quick shock Joey was knocked out and Iris ran out the door. Hector and Carl saw this and ran at Iris but little did they know Selina and Iris were hiding behind the threshold both armed with stun guns, Two more shocks an there was only one more person to go get. Tommy hears all the noise came out of his personal room ” Hey what the fuck are you assholes making so much noise for?” He looked around the room to see his three friends knocked out lying on the floor. ” What the fuck happened?” no soon did he say that did Iris and Selina burst out of the closet and advance on him before he could say anything he was shocked and knocked out.

As the boys started to come to notice their hands and ankles were tied they were horrified to find out that the base of their cocks and balls were also tied tightly there was a throbbing pain as their cocks stood erect as they looked up at Iris and Selina standing over them with Iris leaning gently against Ms. Richards. Iris’s school girl kilt was pulled up and her panties were down around her thighs as Selina rubbed the young women’s clit as she moaned ” Ohhhh that feels so nice!” Selina looked down at Tommy with a sinister smile knowing the pain this display was causing Tommy and his boys. Selina continued to rub Iris as the young girl leaned back and kissed Selina on the lips. The boys made a collective groan as the throbbing pain in the balls as they watched the girls tease them groping each other. ” You poor boys is that too tight on your balls” Iris teased as she kissed Selina’s neck and rubbed her breasts. ” Fuck your killing us it hurts so much” Tommy yelped out. ” So you want to join us is that it?” Selina smiled as Iris then reached into their bag and pulled out two large strap-on dildo’s as Joey, Hector, Carl and Tommy looked dumbfounded as the barley legal beauty and stunning Milf fashioned each other into their harnesses. ” Now it’s time for some real fun!”

The women separated the group each taking two men each. Iris had Hector and Carl and Selina took Tommy and Joey. The ladies stood tall with their strap-on as the boys were on their knees in front of them. “If you want this to be over fast you will do what we tell you” Said Selina “Yeah so learn your place and suck it!” Yelled Iris with a deviant smile on her face. Hector and Carl did not put up a fight at all as both men licked both sides of Iris’s toy before Hector began to suck on the tip as Carl licked the shaft the toy tag teamed her toy to Iris’s pleasure ” Good boys lube it up well”. Tommy on the other hand was not so complacent he was shocked to see how easily his boys were broken as Joey was busy sucking Selina’s toy down he glared at her ” Your one sick cunt you know that you may be able to break my boys will but you will never do it to me.” As Joey was sucking on her toy she pulled the toy out of his mouth causing a loud popping sound she looked down at Tommy with an eyebrow raised ” Is that so you do not think I can turn you into a cock sucking slut?” Suddenly without warning she grabbed Tommy’s head with boy hands and forced his mouth down on her toy. She could not believe he could take so much in his mouth as Joey licked the base of her toy. ” Judging by how far you can take this, it isn’t the first cock in your mouth is it Tommy” Selina giggles as Tommy stares up at her. With both toys properly lubed it was time for the boys to get what they had coming to them.

Hector was thrown onto the bed as Iris lifted his bound legs up and rubbed her toy against his opening slowly she pushed her massive toy into his ass. “Ahhh my ass” He cried out as Iris began to thrust her toy deeper and deeper into his ass. Carl watched in shock as his friend was fucked hard. As Iris was having her fun Selina had bent over both Joey and Tommy stacking the boys on top of each other. She smiled and laughed as the boys struggled as she began to finger both of their asses with two fingers each ” Just loosening you boys trust me you will need to be loose for this toy”. Selina smiled as she saw both boy’s cocks grew harder as she humiliated them . Joey was stacked on the bottom and was the first one to feel Selina’s toy with no warning she forced her toy deep within his ass. She pumped her massive thick toy in and out of his ass with each mighty thrust into Joey it caused Tommy who was stacked on top to push forward. Joey moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure he was ashamed that he was enjoying it so much and Tommy was speechless maybe at this moment he was regretting this earlier decision to mess with this Milf.

Iris continued to fuck Hector’s ass. Selina looked over and was impressed at how well her young prodigy was doing dominating her captives. With three deep thrusts so deep that her thighs touched Hector’s ass, the humiliated man shuttered his cock and balls throbbing with pain as he unexpectedly came all over himself to Iris’s delight. She pulled out her toy and enjoyed the sight of his abused ass she pushes him off the bed and quickly pulled Carl onto the bed with little fight she slid her toy into Carl’s mouth ” Like the taste? You sick bastard!”. Carl’s head was spinning as he sucked on the used toy. Iris then lay on her back and had him face away from her as she slid her toy into Carl’s ass forcing him to ride it as she spread his ass cheeks to get a great view. Selina on the other hand was shaking in anticipation as she lined up her humongous toy with Tommy’s ass ” look lady don’t do it I can give you money my family is rich I will be an all star one day!”. Selina stopped and smiled ” All that means is it a better story to tell” she whispered to him as she forced her plastic cock deep inside the bowls of Tommy ” FUCK that thing is huge!” he whimpered as Selina humped his butt hard. Joey looked up at Tommy from the bottom of the stack as Selina revenged his ass spanking him as she humiliated this fallen star. Pulling out of Tommy’s ass Selina then thrust into Joey’s ass she was like a piston thrusting all the way in and pulling out of Tommy’s ass to Joey’s ass. Joey could not handle this sensation much longer and he came all over the floor with such force a pool of cum formed under his chin.

Carl rode Iris’s toy for what seemed like hours to him before his balls throbbed worse then ever and he gritted his teeth and came hard. He fell forward onto the bed after his orgasm the dildo popped out of him as Iris whispered something to Selina. With both girls grinning Tommy knew he was in for double as they lay him on the ground pulling his legs up he was about to be pile driven and he knew it but what happened next was the sweetest kind of revenge for Selina. Both she and Iris drove there strap-on’s into Tommy’s ass he screamed out in pain but that did not matter to the vengeful women as they pumped into his ass as deep as they could his hole stretches till his bound cock and balls twitched as he shot a huge load of cum all over himself. Admiring their work the ladies lined up the men took Hector’s camera phone and took a picture of their gaping holes. “Something is missing” said Iris as she pulled a black marker from the night stand as Selina grinned. Once the boys were all tagged properly Iris took another photo this time with Selina standing over the defeated boys. Iris then said ” Ms. R I have another idea” Selina smiled hearing this naughty idea as she took the phone from Iris.
That night Tommy and his boys were put on public display on the beach. The four of them tied down with their gaping asses up in the air. Selina and Iris left toys in the sand next to them with a sign that read “free to use” with another “Take plenty of pics” With an web address to upload under it . As Selina and Iris went back to their room to get some rest for tomorrow’s big day when they woke up they checked the site to see if anyone had uploaded photo’s there they saw in just a few short minutes resort guests and staff alike had taken them up on the offer. Women of all shapes sizes and colors were taking turns fucking the boys. One emo looking college girl was particularly having fun she must of fucked them ten times through out the night.

It was time James stood at the altar he was quivering in fear as the music hit and there walked down his bride. Selina was stunning in her dress as she walked down the aisle. The blushing bride held her nervous husband’s hand as the priest started the ceremony as another happy couple Iris and Joseph watched. Within a few short minutes he pronounced them Husband and wife with a blissful kiss the pair were now man and wife. After a fun filled reception they wasted little time starting their honeymoon. That night Selina and James did everything to each other they pleased each other orally, James fucked her nice and gently. James even had a naughty idea and he and Selina shared a double dildo fucking working it together till they both came. Holding each other in marital bliss, Selina could hear the sounds coming from the next room where her son and Iris were going at it. She giggled and kissed her new husband James, She thought about how far her life has come both she and her son are happy and her life has come full circle as she lay in her husband’s arms knowing that the future is bright for her family.

The End.


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