Game Recognize Game Chapter 5

Game Recognize Game
Chapter 5: A Groupie’s Duty

“Y’all bitches go change back in your uniforms so we can get these pics goin. Ha ha ha. Damarius Smith gonna stunt on me. I’mma hit him back double. Y’all used to be engaged right?” said Darius to one of the two big booty white, Chicago Sabers cheerleaders he, Komani and Jamal just entered Yaya and Yolanda’s room with. One of the cheerleaders said, “Yeah, Damarius and I fucked a few times. He’d love eating me out. He said he’s never had white meat before. What a loser. Anyways, after 4 months he proposed to me. I still got the ring, but after I caught him with some slut, I broke it off. Uhhh, should we go into the restroom or change right here?” Darius smacked both cheerleaders on their asses and said, “Y’all can change right here.”
Yaya, who had just opened the door for them, grabbed Komani by the arm and said, “Hey sexy! Remember me, from the video. Ooooo papi, you are so sexy!” Komani smiled and gripped up Yaya by her fat ass and said, “Hells yeah. I remember y’all. Shit, we flew you and big momma out here for some fun.” Yolanda walked over to Komani and said, “Who you callin’ big momma, you too tall young nigga? You tryin’ to play me cus I’m a mature woman?” Darius walked up behind Yolanda and grabbed her fat ass and said “Calm down big momma. Nigga’s ain’t tryin’ to play you out. The fact is, you old as shit. Well compared to us. Shit we barely 20. As for the big part, this is the biggest booty I’ve seen in a minute. Probably gonna be the biggest one I’ve ever fucked.” Yolanda turned around and looked up to Darius and said, “Listen, nigga, you fine. Real fine. Famous and sexy and shit, but…” Darius gave Yolanda a big wet kiss on her lips to shut her up and then he said, “Listen you sexy old bitch, I don’t mind that fiesty shit. Fine, fiesty, fat ole ass, I’mma enjoy breaking you. I’mma ride you all night big momma. Gonna have you callin’ me big daddy and shit.”
A few moments later the cheerleaders said, “Darius, we’re ready!” Now fully dressed the two Chicago Sabers cheerleaders walked over to Darius and Darius pushed Yolanda to the side and said, “Outta the way, big momma. I gotta handle some shit right quick.” Darius sat down in a chair and the two big booty white Chicago Sabers cheerleaders sat on the arms of the chair. Yolanda, Yaya and Komani sat on the couch right across from them. Then Darius said, “Hey Jamal, come over here with my phone, man. Let’s get this done.” Jamal frantically said, “Hol’ up man. I think she might answer this time. You said she always answer for you and Komani. I called her room and coach said she ain’t in there.” Darius laughed and said, “Nigga. She duckin’ you. She know the next time she see you, you gonna destroy that fat ass she got. She prolongin’ it. I wouldn’t be shocked if she turned her phone off for the night. Now get over here and film this shit so I can send it to Damarius. Fuck ass nigga, gonna try to play me.”

Yaya looked over at Komani and said, “What’s goin’ on, papi? What’s Darius doing?” Komani replied, “Y’all know Damarius Smith, that nigga that play for the Sabers? I mean, he’s not their star or nothin, but the nigga get’s busy on the defensive tip. Anyway, after the Sabers upset us in game one, this nigga Damarius got some bitch in a Lazers jersey to suck his dick and he video taped it and sent it to Darius. The ill shit was shorty was wearin’ Darius’s number. Damarius talked some shit and the last thing he said was, ‘Yo fans is even on our dicks, nigga. Go Sabers.’ Anyway, this is payback. Fuck fans, we got their cheerleaders and one of them used to be Damarius’s girl.”
A disappointed Jamal kneeled down in front of Komani, Yaya and Yolanda and he said, “Action!” as he pressed record on Darius’s camera phone video mode. Darius sat back in the chair and said, “2-1 my nigga. We prolly gon smash y’all niggas in your house again in two days like we did tonight. You talked mad shit after game 1, but look what I got.” Darius pulled both cheerleaders close to him and they kissed him on the cheek and he palmed their asses. Darius continued, “That’s right. I got Stacy and your ex, Amber Lynn. Amber Lynn was showin’ me the text messages you sent her just yesterday talkin’ about how you want her back. Ha ha ha. You’s a sucka. Anyway, I figured I’d have two of your cheerleaders give me dome while I recite some of the dozens of messages your lame ass has been sending her.”

While the cheerleaders got on their knees, Maria walked into the room and stood quiet in the corner as not to disturb Darius’s little show. As Stacy and Amber Lynn took turns sucking Darius’s cock, he read message after message of embarrassing content from Damarius to his girl. After he was finished Darius looked at the camera and said, “I wonder how much your hoe ass is gonna be cryin’ after you see this video, nigga. In fact, Stacy. You suck my dick. Damarius’s ex can’t suck dick for shit. Bitch, you suck on my balls. You’ve lost your dick suckin’ privileges.” As Darius degraded the two big booty white slut cheerleaders everyone in the room laughed. Just before Darius was ready to come, he instructed the thick ass, big titty cheerleaders to take off their tops and hold their titties together under his cock. Darius then shot his load on both sets of titties then he pushed Stacy to the side and rested his still oozing cock on Darmarius Smith’s ex fiancee’s head as she faced the camera and said, “Nigga, you know who my girlfriend is. Rachel Ratchet. She a star, nigga. You ain’t on my level. My dick on the top of ya bitch’s head. There’s levels to this shit. Good luck in game 4, fuck nigga. Peace!”
Jamal pushed stop on the video recording and everyone in the room laughed, even the two Chicago Saber cheerleaders that Darius had just degraded. Jamal handed Darius his phone. Darius got Damarius Smith’s number from Amber Lynn’s phone and he sent Damarius the video. While everyone was still laughing the video was sent. Amber Lynn was still on the floor with Darius’s dick on her head laughing as she said, “Serves that bastard right. Disrespecting me with some skank. Just then Amber Lynn’s phone rang. Amber Lynn reached for the phone and said, “Snap, that might be my mother. She’s in the hospital. Darius looked at her phone, grabbed her by her hair, pulled her face back toward his cock and put his dick in her mouth. “Nah, this bitch ass Damarius callin’. Suck this dick while I son his ass.” Darius picked up the phone and said, “Hey, fuck nigga. How you?” Damarius said, “Put Amber Lynn on the phone, nigga.” Darius replied, “I would, but she’s too busy sucking a real nigga’s dick. Figure I’d let her non-dick sucking ass get some practice. Anyway, how’s life?”

While Darius tormented his rival, Jamal pulled Maria to the side and said, “Yo Maria, where my girl at? I know y’all was together.” Normally Maria would sell out Cindy in a second, but since they’re working on becoming friends Maria covered for Cindy and said, “I haven’t seen her since we got here. She said something about meeting from fancy shmancy people for late night cocktails. You know how that prissy stuck up bitch is.” Jamal was frustrated and said “Fuck!” while he started pacing back and forth. Maria then said “Chill, hun. You always get all obsessive and weird about her. There are 5 big booties in this room and only 3 big black cocks. You can give Miss Priss and her fat blonde booty the night off.” Maria then grabbed Yolanda by the arm, pulled her over toward where Jamal was standing and he bent Yolanda over. Maria then pulled the huge strap on she took from Debbie’s suitcase of sex toys out of her purse and she started to spank Yolanda with it. Yolanda twerked her booty and said, “Aww shit, it’s about to get freaky in this bitch.”
Jamal licked his lips and started smacking Yolanda’s fat ass, too. Jamal then pulled down his pants and said, “Shiiiiiit, I’m about to dive into this motherfucka right now.” Yaya had already unzipped Komani’s pants and started sucking his dick while they sat on the couch. Jamal reached down into his pants pocket for his trusty bottle of lube. Darius, who was still on the phone tormenting Damarius Smith while getting his dick sucked by Damarius’s ex, looked over at Jamal lubing up while he stood behind Yolanda’s mammoth ass and then he shouted out, “Nah, J! Me and ‘Mani had a bet on who was going up in that big ole elephant booty first and I won.” Darius threw Amber Lynn’s phone on the floor while Damarius was still on it, he pushed Amber Lynn off of his dick, then he walked over toward Yolanda, Maria and Jamal. Jamal threw his hands up in the air and said, “Damn, I was just about to slide in the booty.” Yolanda looked over shoulder and said, “Hold up, I ain’t drunk enough for no anal.” Maria patted Yolanda on her butt and said, “There, there, hun. We’ve got a lot of liquor. Anyway, you’re a big girl. You can take it.”

Jamal then said to Darius, “Rock, Paper, Scissors for who get first on elephant booty?” Darius shook his head and said, “Nah nigga, no dice. Me and ‘Mani been scheming on that since yesterday. I beat that nigga in our bet so it’s mine.” Jamal put his head down and said, “Fine, nigga. Damn!” Darius then put his arm around Jamal’s shoulders, pointed to Amber Lynn who was crawling on the floor with the other cheerleader Stacy looking for Amber Lynn’s phone that Darius threw behind the chair. “New booty is all around us, my G! Damarius was showboating when he broke ya ankles in the second quarter tonight, J. How about you break his bitch’s back? Ha ha ha.” As Amber Lynn finally found her phone, Jamal came kneeled down behind her, lifted up her cheerleader skit, pulled down her panties and shoved his greased up cock up her ass. “Fuuuuuuuuucking shit! Darius, you’re an animal.” Jamal said, “This J. Bynum, baby. Just go with it.” As Jamal sodomized Amber Lynn, she put her head down and took the pounding while drooling heavily. Jamal reached for the phone and said, “We about to run a train on ya bitch. She’ll never be the same.” Jamal then hung up the phone and threw it back on the floor.
Maria, reluctantly stopped playing with Yolanda’s booty as she went to the bar to get some cognac for Yolanda to guzzle. Darius slid his dick between Yolanda’s fat ass cheeks and said, “Ain’t nothing like a big old black booty. You remind me of this lunch lady at my old high school named Brenda. She was way older than you. Mid 50s or something, but she was a cute old grey haired lady and she had a booty as big as yours. In fact, her granddaughter was a year behind me. She had a donk too. Anyway, me and my boys used to slide out of the classes that we had after lunch time so we could catch Big Booty Brenda cleaning out the kitchen area. Bent over scrubbing out the fryers. We used to run up behind her, squeeze her booty and run. She’d throw a dirty sponge at us and threaten to tell the principal, but she never did tho.” Maria handed Darius the bottle of cognac first and he took a big swig of the cognac right from the bottle, before handing it back to Maria, who took a big swig of it as well, before placing the bottle on the edge of the couch that Yolanda was bent over. Maria put a long straw in the bottle and said, “You’ll need your hands to brace yourself cus Darius bangs hard. Sip from this straw.”

Yolanda wasted no time sipping from her straw to get drunk. Darius pulled down Yolanda’s panties and lifted her little dress up around her waist and kept grinding his cock between her enormous booty cheeks then continued his story. “Yeah, those were the days. Niggas wasn’t getting no booty for real. Squeezing Brenda’s and jerking off thinking about it in the boy’s room stalls was the closest niggas were getting to fucking. Ha ha ha. But senior year, a nigga got that growth spurt and a little peach fuzz. Bitches was on me. High school chicks that were barely letting niggas finger pop em was jumping off. A nigga became M.O.B. and bitches like Maria were in abundance. All the fat white booty you wanted. Right there. Although Maria is one of a kind.” Maria interjected, “You got that right, motherfucka. Ha ha ha.” Darius continued, “Shit, I even hit off Brenda’s granddaughter Tamika. I hit her off a few times. Ass fat, nice and plump. Although all the pussy a nigga was getting, the times I’d beat off I was either thinking about my history teacher at the time Mrs. Schwartz or Old ass Big Booty Brenda.”
Yolanda felt her throat burning, but she kept sucking down that cognac through the straw. She wasn’t lying when she said she wanted to be drunk as fuck if she was gonna get her booty dicked down. Darius continued his story while still sliding his dick between Yolanda’s fat ass cheeks. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed while he reminisced. “This one time, I went by Tamika’s and her grandmother Brenda was there. They ain’t live together or nothing and it wasn’t like me and Tamika was really an item so I ain’t never see Big Booty Brenda outside of school. Since niggas was older we spent free time in school getting our dicks sucked by hos. The younger niggas took over for us sneaking in to the lunch room to squeeze Brenda’s booty. Shit, upper class men had cars, we always ate off campus. Anyway, Big Booty Brenda opens the door wearing a tank top and some leggings and she’s kind of sweaty. She asked me why I was there. I told her I was there to see Tamika. She says Tamika was at the mall with her mother. Then she’s like she’s staying with them while her apartment gets remodeled.”

Darius’s cock was getting harder and harder while he told Yolanda his story. By this time, Komani was balls deep in Yaya’s pussy as she rode him reverse cowgirl on the coach that Yolanda was bend over on. Jamal was being his normal savage self, ripping poor Amber Lynn’s booty apart doggystyle on the floor. The other Chicago Sabers cheerleader Stacy was looking around the room thinking that this was the craziest scene she’s ever seen. Stacy was a good girl, for the most part. If it wasn’t for her friend Amber Lynn begging her to come with her and Darius she never would have been there. Stacy gathered her things and slowly made her way to the door. As she went to open the door, Maria’s arm stretched in front of her and closed it. Maria had stripped down to her bra and panties and she had put on the strap on she had gotten from Debbie. Stacy looked down at the huge rubber cock Maria was wearing and said, “Uhhh, I, Uhhh…” While Stacy was at a loss for words, Maria said, “While my boys are enjoy the new booties they have to play with today. I’m feeling kind of lonely. Also kind of kinky. Let’s play a game. You get on your knees and suck this rubber cock really good, then I’ll think of where else I wanna stick it. Sounds like fun, hun?” Stacy being in complete shock, just got on her knees and did as she was told.
By this time Yolanda’s head was spinning. The cognac was all but gone. Darius continued his story. “So she’s a nice old lady. Offered me some sweet tea before sending me on my way. She brings the tea as I sit on the couch. On the TV is a paused video. It was some old folks work out where they danced to old disco music and shit. So I say to Brenda, ‘You gettin’ ya workout on ma’am. I see you. Lookin’ good. I see ya glistening.’ She says ‘Still a fresh one, huh, Darius Milton.’ I was shocked she knew my name. Then she puts the tape back on and starts shaking her fat ass right in front of me to the music saying, ‘Sneaking up on old ladies squeezing their butts. Uhn huh, you was one of the main ones. Raging hormones. I bet you would even know what to do with if you had a chance.’ I thought I was tweaking. Old girl was trying to challenge me or was she just being sassy. I let that booty shake in my face for like 5 minutes. Right in my face. Then I leaned forward and kissed it. Then I kissed it again. Then I rubbed it and kissed it. Brenda just kept shaking that fat ass to the video. Sweating and twerking. Then she pulled down her leggings and she had on some granny panties that might as well have been a thong. Wedged all up in her ass. She was about to pull those down, but I did that for her. She just kept shaking that ass.”

Darius snapped out of his trance momentarily to reach for the bottle of lube on the floor that Jamal had just used. Darius glanced around the room at Jamal pounding Amber Lynn, Yaya riding the fuck out of Komani’s dick and Maria force feeding Stacy the strap on dildo and he smirked. Darius then squirted lube on his cock which was firmly wedged between Yolanda’s fat ass cheeks and proceeded to finish his story. “So I keep burying my face between this old bitch’s sweaty ass cheeks and I’m feeling like a kid again. Like when I was an underclassman copping a feel on the booty. Then I run my tongue from her pussy to her asshole and she’s loving it. I unzip my pants and she hears it. Then she’s like, ‘I know you naughty boys would go to the bathrooms to play with yourselves after grabbing my fat booty. There’s some peppermint lotion on the end table there that I use for my feet. You can use some to play with yourself, then you’ll have to go. I don’t know what’s come over me today. I guess deep down I like the attention.’ So I grab the lotion, literally coat my cock with it, drop my pants to the floor and start beating my dick like it owes me money while my face is buried in Brenda’s ass crack. The video goes off and she stands there bent over with her hands on her knees while I beat off and lick from her pussy to her asshole. She’s like ‘you like that you nasty motherfucka?’ I said, ‘yeah, but there’s something I’d like even more.'”
Just then Darius finally shoves his dick deep up Yolanda’s ass and she lets out a sound that nobody in the room as ever heard before. Everyone in the hotel room looked over at Yolanda as she tried like hell to stop her knees from buckling as Darius proceeded to viciously pound her deep in her ass. Darius kept pounding away at Yolanda’s enormous black ass with his eyes closed and his head tilted back. He then said, “Old Ass Big Booty Brenda made that same sound. Ha ha ha. I stood up so fast and shoved my dick up her ass she never saw it coming. She cried and asked everyone from Jesus to Jehovah for mercy while I dicked her booty down. She fell to her hands and knees doggystyle and pleaded for me to be less rough with her. She ain’t ask me to stop. I wasn’t trying to take the booty and apparently she didn’t mind me dicking her booty, she just never had a dick in her ass before. After that day, she’d come to games with her granddaughter. Watch a nigga kill ’em in football, basketball and track. Even after I played Tamika out. Her granny still showed me love on the low. I’d slide out of class from time to time to go to the lunchroom. I’d see the young boys grabbing booty and running away, then I’d come up in there and take her to a closet and wear her out. All three holes. Good ole days. Anyway, we making no memories tonight, ain’t that right Elephant Booty? Ha ha ha.”

Darius’s total anal domination of Yolanda was damn near epic. Darius let off a few nuts in Yolanda’s fat ass before switching places with Komani. Darius enjoyed Yaya’s juicy Puerto Rican pussy as she rode him like a champion. Komani gave poor Yolanda some more deep booty stroking. Eventually Darius and Yaya passed out sleep on the floor. Komani pulled out of Yolanda’s booty after two nuts and he laid back on the couch. Yolanda’s intoxication was finally starting to subside, but the pain of her ravaged ass hole wasn’t. It only got worse when Jamal “The Beast” Bynum got tired of pounding Amber Lynn’s ass after she had passed out nearly 15 minutes ago and decided to get his turn with Yolanda. Yolanda cried out for more liquor, but Jamal just smacked her on the back of her head and told her to shut the fuck up and to take his dick like a big girl. Jamal put Yolanda through at least an hour long booty sex session before was ready to tap out. He collapsed on top of Yolanda’s body which was still bent over the side of the couch. Jamal was fast asleep with his cock still oozing cum in Yolanda’s abused ass.
Yolanda cried out, “Somebody get this, big nigga off of me.” The only person still awake in the hotel room was Maria. She was half asleep laying on the floor next to the cheerleader Stacy who she make suck the strap and take it in her pussy and ass. Maria staggered to her feet and said, “I gotcha, hun. Jamal does this all the time.” Maria pushed Jamal off Yolanda and he fell to the floor still fast asleep. Maria helped Yolanda stand up and she started to walk bowlegged. Maria helped Yolanda get to the large shower in the fancy hotel bathroom and the two of them got in there together. Yolanda said, “What are you doing, Maria?”

Maria said, “Hun, I’ve been waiting for my turn all night. Your ass is the only reason I borrowed this strap on from Debbie. Now bend over dear. I just wanna hump you and fuck you with this dildo for a few minutes. Just think of it as your last groupie duty for the night.” Yolanda put her hands against the wall in the shower as the water flowed over the two of them. Yolanda’s legs trembled as she tried stay on her feet. She then looked over shoulder at Maria, who was getting ready to slide into her ass and said, “Groupie duty? I ain’t no groupie.” Maria started to pound away at Yolanda’s ass like a mad woman. “So this is how it feels to be one of the boys. Fuhget about it. God loves men more than women because this shit’s fun. Oh yeah, and for the record…ya are a groupie, hun. There’s no shame in it if your own it.”
While Yolanda was enduring her last rough butt fuck for the night, the action was still in full swing down the hallway in Elijah and Debbie’s room.

“Uhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Fuuuuuck! We’re sorry, Professor Robinson. We’ll never cheat on an exam again!” yelled out Cindy Kennedy who was wearing only a pair of lace panties pulled down around her knees, as a completely naked Elijah viciously fucked her up fat white ass. Elijah pounded Cindy even harder and said, “You little well off white bitches need to learn the hard way. I’m going to finish with your partner in crime. Get over here and take your friend’s place, you dishonest little white slut, or I’m telling the dean.” Debbie was kneeling in the corner of the room wearing only a pair of thong panties after receiving a harsh spanking from Elijah as part of their role playing game. Debbie crawled over to Cindy and got in a doggystyle position right next to her. Elijah pulled down Debbie’s panties and slid up her ass and fucked her hard until he was ready to cum. Elijah pulled out of his adopted mother’s humongous white ass and he made both of his big booty white sluts turn around and face him as he sprayed them with cum.

Debbie and Cindy then laid out flat on their stomachs on the floor feeling totally exhausted. Elijah sat Indian style between them with his semi erect cock still oozing cum. He then said, “Damn, that one was hot. Y’all were bout that action. What was that scenario 5 for the night and you all still brought it.” With Debbie and Elijah being such big fans of role playing and Cindy hiding from Jamal in their room; Cindy joined in on their little sex improv games. The last scenario was a re-imagining of what happened when one of their college professors caught them cheating on an exam in college. In real life, the distinguished, older black man Professor Gerald Robinson gave the girls a re-test after they cried and promised to never cheat again. Since all of the little white girls in their sorority had what they called a “jungle fever” crust on the handsome professor, Cindy thought that it would be a good scenario to play off of in their final role play of the night.
“Eljiah, honey, you make a perfect stand in for sexy Professor Robinson. Same height, same build and the same huge cock.” said Cindy. Debbie replied, “Yes Lijie-poo, you nailed it. Same height, build, I don’t know about cock size. Wait…Cindy…you didn’t?” Cindy looked over at Debbie, laughed and said, “Come on Deb, you know me better than that. I was right there with you crying my eyes out to get Robinson to spare our academic futures. Now, my sister Kathy and that prissy Polly Peterson girl from out sorority that she used to pal around with. They spent the following year blowing him once a week to pass that damn biology class he taught.” Debbie gasped and said, “Kathy and Polly P. I thought they were such good girls.” Cindy replied, “Kathy was a good girl, but remember she was pre-med before she ended up becoming a nurse. She was desperate for an A. As for Polly, you know she was little miss perfect. I’m shocked her father didn’t just buy her grades.”

Elijah interrupted the convo between the two middle aged big booty white woman he spent the night fucking by saying, “Polly Peterson? Polly Peterson, Polly Peterson? Governor of California, Polly Peterson? She was in y’all sorority, too?” Debbie said “Yup, in fact, she graduated right after her father finished his second term as president.” Cindy sighed and said, “Thick as thieves. Polly and my sister were. To think, Kathy’s been in jail for three years now, Polly has been the governor of the damn state for the last two and she won’t do a thing to help Kathy out. She actually said to me that it would be bad press for her possible VP nomination and that Alpha Sigma Sigma sorority girls should try to distance themselves from my sister’s situation. Fuckin’ bitch.”
Elijah shrugged and said, “As much of a bitch as she must be, she sure is a fine one. Wait, y’all two got ass. No disrespect to ya sista, but I saw her big ole ass on TV when they cops were taking her to jail. Definitely another heavyweight booty. Plus, Governor Peterson got a donk, too. I heard that her people started banning camera men that were caught filming her booty as she left podiums and shit. Ha ha ha. I guess having a donk is a requirement for all Alpha Sigma Sigma sorority chicks.” Debbie smacked Elijah on the leg and said, “No, no, Lijie-poo. It’s just a coincidence. Tee hee. You know, birds of a feather. We honestly never really realized it.” Elijah laid on his back on the floor between Debbie and Cindy and said, “I’m tired as fuck. I’m about to go to sleep and try to dream about dickin’ down all four of y’all sexy big booty chicks. Goodnight ladies.” Cindy and Debbie both game Elijah kissed on the cheek and told him good night. Debbie and Cindy talked for nearly an hour after Elijah went to sleep. Reminiscing about old times, talking about the present and the future.


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