Kuli: The Temple Guardian





Sam and his three partners stepped into the

clearing and looked up at the huge stone structure. He walked around it, amazed

at how well preserved it was. Well preserved meant no other nasty temple robbers

had been here first.

“Well boys, there it is.” Sam

said, “The Temple of the Great Goddess Ka. According to legend this thing is

filled with all kinds of treasure. Boys, this is retirement.”

“Defilers! Be gone or face my


The four men looked up at the

entrance to the temple and gasped.

A tall black woman of

incredible beauty stood on the stone steps. Thin strips of zebra skin barely

covered her rich young body. Her two huge tits looked like they were about to

pop out her skimpy top. A leather cord tied around her thin waist held up the

skins that did little to cover her big round ass and long muscular legs. Dark

brown eyes glared out from her stunning face of classic features. Her black

curly hair fell just past her shoulders.

The four men just stood there

gazing at the black warrior standing in a heroic stance, one hand on hip and the

other holding a long staff. Sam stepped forward and smiled, noting the blue gem

hanging around her neck.

“Greetings, you must be Kuli,

temple guardian. Sam smiled, “We have permission to be here.”

“I think not!” Kuli yelled,

“Leave now! My anger burns!”

“Chief Watzu himself sent us.”

“Oh come on,” One of his

partner growled, “Forget this bitch…”

“Defilers!” Kuli screamed and

jumped down from the stairs. She landed in the midst of the men and twirled her

staff. She stuck the man who spoke in the face; the other two got hit in the


Sam jumped back and raised his

hands, glancing down at his fallen men. He brought his hands together like he

was about to pray.

“I come in peace and raise not

your staff and hear my words.”

Kuli twirled her staff and

planted it in front of her.

“So you know the laws of my

temple. I will not strike you down but you and the fools at your feet will leave


“I told you Chief Watzu gave

us permission. You are violating a order from the leader of your village.”

“Chief Watzu rules the village

but I am the law at this temple.”

“Perhaps we should talk this

over with the chief.”

“Very well, it has been a

while since I saw my father.”

“You are Watzu’s daughter?”

“Yes, help your friends up. I

will lead you back to the village.

“Thank you.” Sam said as he

helped up his men.

“What we going to do? We ain’t

gonna get into the temple with Miss Wonder tits guarding it.”

“Relax, I just got a idea.”

Sam smiled, “A wonderful idea.

Sam watched the perfect ass

walk away and licked his lips.

“Yes, this temple had anything

he needed to retire to Malibu including a big titted bimbo who would make a

perfect sex slave.” Sam thought to himself.

It was an hour walk back to

the small village. Sam noted all the villagers had the same look. Hunger. He

also noticed they bowed when the tall warrior walked by but their eyes glowed

with anger.

Kuli walked up to her father a

tall muscular man, wearing a lion skin. She walked right up to him and took her

heroic stance.

“Father!” Kuli snapped, “I

cannot believe you did this thing!”

“Daughter, know your place.”

Watzu growled, “I am the chief of this village.”

“And I am the Temple Guardian.

Anointed by my grandmother. She placed the temple stone around my neck with her

own hands, blessing me as she did. It is my duty to protect the temple from

thieves and defilers.”

“Daughter, we have no food.

The crops do not grow and the animals have left our lands in search of food and

water. We both know there is enough treasure in the temple to feed us for years.

We could build a school and hospital. Why defend an old building?”

“It is our duty to protect the

temple. As Temple Guardian I am aware of the problems in our land but what good

is food in the belly if we lose our faith and honor?”

“Kuli, you must understand

this is a new world. The old ways are over.”

“NOT TO ME!” Kuli growled,

turned and stomped off.

Sam stepped up and watched the

beautiful warrior walked off. He licked his lips and smiled.

“Chief, “ Sam said, “I think I

have an idea that will help us both.”

“Sam, “ Watzu sighed, “She is

the Temple Guardian. She is well respected and feared. I must be careful Most of

the village care more their empty bellies than the temple but they would never

fight the temple guardian.”

“Now it is my understanding

that if the temple guardian is defeated, captured, deflowered and humiliated by

being led through the village in chains. She cannot longer be the temple


“This is true. But Kuli is

powerful warrior and with the gem, she is unbeatable.”

“But the gem is useless if she

is aroused.”

“This is true but how would do

this thing?”

“I know something about your

tribal laws. As chief, you can arrange marriages for any girl in the village.

Kuli looks old enough to marry.”

“Yes, yes, she is nineteen.”

“Why not, she young and

beautiful and what is the correct phase. She will keep my bed warm.”

Watzu looked at the man and

could see the lust in his eyes. He knew that his daughter was one of the most

beautiful women in the lands. More than one warrior had asked for her hand. All

had limped out the village.

“I could arrange the marriage

not order it. She will never agree. She will claim her right to combat as temple


“Now you are her father I must

ask, how fond are you of your daughter?”


“Before I became a treasure

hunter I worked as a white slaver. Part of my job was training…”

“I know about white slavers.

Are you suggesting I let you rape my daughter into submission?”

“I apologize. I have offended

you I will leave…”

“No, no, it should have been

me who became the Temple Guardian but my mother past me over. Do you really

think you can tame my daughter?”

“She fits the profile of a

typical bimbo heroine. I have met a few in my time and all are now sex slaves,

serving their masters, meekly and happily.”

“How is this possible?”

 “Her uppity attitude, running

around half naked flaunting her hot body. Her suppose anger at men. Trust me,

deep inside she is just a bimbo needing a good fuck. I an tame her and to be

honest I would love having her in my bed.”

“And you can do this?”

“Of course, after we get the

treasure, she comes with me. Once she is gone, you are the chief and temple


“But how can you do this?”

“There is an empty house in

the mountains. I’ll need my privacy. A week, two tops I will have her kneeling

before you, offering you the Temple Stone.”

“How will you get her out the

temple and to this house. They are many in the village who would stop you from

taking her out in force not out of loyalty but fear.”

“Invite your daughter to



“Father, it is good that we

can share a meal.” Kuli said as she drank the water her father had handed her.

“I know we have our

differences.” Watzu said, “But we both want the same thing. Our village to be

safe and our people to be happy.”

“Yes, yes, but not at the cost

of our honor.” The young warrior said as she shook her head, “I- I know you were

disappointed that..mmmmm”

The chief watched his daughter

start to slump over. He smiled as she fell face forward in her food.”

“Father, what have you

donnnnnnnn!” She slurped just before passing out.

Sam and his men stepped into

the hut and looked down at the drugged girl. Sam rubbed his hands.

“Get the crate.” He said, “Me

and Kuli have a date. Now if anyone asks, chief you tell your people that Kuli

has gone to mountains to fight with a man who claims her as his bride.”

“Once she is out the village.

She is yours. Be sure to tame her. If you don’t she will hunt us both and kill


“Her hunting days are over.”

The villagers watched the men

carry a crate out the village and shook their heads.

“Kuli has made the strangers

leave.” One said, “Yes, she had her honor and we have empty bellies.”

We take time out from our

narrative since I think you have no interest in the long boring trek up the

mountain. The writer of this story thinks this would be a good time to share a

little about the heroine of this tale. Kuli was chosen to be the temple guardian

at a very young maid. She lived in the temple with her grandmother who taught

her many things. The young warrior could tell you many things about the history

of her land and the guardians who came before her. But since the temple guardian

was to stay a virgin her education in sex was limited. Putting it bluntly, she

knew zero about fucking. But she was about to get a quick education.  

“Oh, what is this is?” Kuli

said as she woke up.

The young warrior tried to sit

up but was being held down. She looked around and gasped. She was lying on bed

with her hands and feet chained to the bedposts. Kuli tugged at the chains but

couldn’t budge. The bound beauty looked down and gasped.

“I am naked!” Kuli gasped,

“What sorcery is this!”

Sam stepped into the room and

looked over the struggling girl. Her body was amazing. Her huge tits had to be

40 DD. They were big and round with nipples that pointed to the ceiling. Her

stomach was flat and her legs long and muscular.  He walked over to the bed and

stared at the dark curls covering her crotch. Sam couldn’t believe how beautiful

she was. And now she was all his to do with as he pleased.

Kuli could not understand the

way he looked at her. She did know that a man’s penis entered body but that was

about it. She heard stories of other temple guardians had been raped but was

unsure what that was.

“Lie back and relax.” Sam said

as he began to pull off his clothes.

“YOU! Foul fiend!” Kuli cried,

“I should have known! It was you who gave me that the sleeping potion.”

“Yes, oh by the way. This is

out honeymoon.”

“What! You can’t believe I

would consent to sharing my bed with you. I don’t think you can defeat me in


“Ah, I think I will past on

the fighting and go right to the fucking.” Sam laughed as he pulled off his


“What is this fucking? It does

not sound good.”

“You are about to find out and

you gonna love it.’ He laughed as he wagged his cock in her face.”

“OH NO!” The bound beauty

gasped when she stared at his huge cock, “You can’t put that thing in me. It is

much too large.”

“You gonna love it. Trust me.”

Sam climbed onto the bed and

knelt between her spread legs and rubbed his hands together.

“Where does one begin with a

body like yours?” Sam said, “Oh yes, those huge tits!”

“Don’t you dare touch my

breasts?” Kuli cried, “Oh no!’

Sam cupped her huge mounds and

squeezed them. He began to tweak her nipples with his thumb and fingers. Sam was

thrilled with the feel of her soft flesh between her fingers.

“Stop that!” Kuli panted, “It

is quite disturbing! It makes me fell strange.”

Sam just laughed as he

continued to fondle her tits with increasing lust.

Kuli bit her lip as her

breasts began to tingle and throb in the most delightful way. The young warrior

pulled at the chains, thinking if she could get free she could put a quick stop

to this. Even with the power of the gem she could not break the chains.

“You use some magic on me! But

my spirit is strong!”

Sam fondled her tits with

heated fever and grinned as she gasped in delight.

“If you liked that you gonna

love this.” Sam said as he clamped his mouth over the tit and sucked it.”

“NOOOO!” Kuli gasped as he

sucked on a mouthful of her breast. She could feel his tongue lapping around

with his teeth gnawed. She shook her head and gritted her teeth. Her tits were

swelling while her body started to get hot especially between her legs.

Sam sucked and gnawed on the

soft mound, loving the sweet taste. He pushed them together and ran his tongue

over the two tits. He bit and chewed her nipples.


The bound warrior panted, “I…I..DO NOT LIKE THIS! OH MY!  WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!”

Kuli sighed in delight as a

wonderful feeling swept her body. She licked her lips and tried to understand

why her body was so hot and what was this wetness between legs. The bound

warrior pulled at the chains more in frustration than trying to escape. Her

captor’s tongue was licking both her tits, coating them with his spit.

Surprisingly she found this pleasant. Kuli watched him licked down to her

stomach and stick his tongue into her bellybutton.

“STOP THIS NOW!” She screamed,



Sam had reached her crotch and

was not lapping his tongue over the black curls, happy to see her pussy was

sopping wet. He licked her juices and drank her sweet nectar.

“AH! AH! OH! NO!” She gasped


Kuli arched up and screamed as

she had her very first orgasm. It shook her body and confused her mind. She

wondered what magic this was. The man was making her body betray her. The proud

warrior had been stripped naked and bound to a bed, humiliated yet she didn’t

want him to stop tormenting her body.

Sam sat up and rubbed his rock

hard cock. He began to push it into her wet pussy. He watched her arch up even

higher, lifting her whole body off the bed.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Kuli screamed,


Poor Kuli had another orgasm

just from the cock pushing into her body. She thrust her body around, unsure if

she was trying to escape or increase her pleasure. The bound beauty screamed

again and then slumped down. But she still squirmed as the man’s cock went

deeper into her body. Kuli felt it press against something inside her body.

Sam felt her cherry and pushed

his cock all the way in.

“AWWWWWWWWW!” The young girl

cried as she lost her virginity.

“Oh man, you’re tight!” Sam

grunted as he began to fuck the young pussy.

“UGH! OW! It hurts.” Zambai

cried, “Oh stop this!”

“Just lie back and wait, slut.

It’ll get better!”

“I do not know what a slut is

but I am not one! I am Temple Warrior!”

The young captive gritted her

teeth and bore the pain. As a warrior, she understood pain but it slowly faded

and was replaced with a pleasurable sensation. She began to squirm again, not

understanding what was happening to her body. This man had kidnapped her and

bound her to a bed. She should hate what he was doing to her.

“OH! OH! MMMMMMM” Kuli panted,

“This is some kind of sorcery! You have cast a spell upon my body! I will not be

defeated even by your black arts!”

“The only magic I got is the

cock fucking your brains out!”



Kuli screamed as a flood of

wonderful pleasure shook her body. She arched up and sighed in sheer delight.

The young warrior was now worried that this man magic might tame her. She had

never felt such a delightful feeling.

“MMMMMMM” She panted, “Your



The beautiful black woman’s

body was hit over and over by several orgasms. She gasped in shock and delight,

not understanding the heat that was consuming her body or why her womanhood was

so wet and throbbing with bliss. Her breasts had grown and ached with the same

passion. His hands fondling them were driving her deeper into this dark hole of



moaned as she squirmed around under her captive, and realized this increased her


“Come on baby, Sam laughed,

“You love it, Work with me!”


Kuli screamed and then began to thrust against the man’s member and screamed

again when she was rewarded with another orgasm.           

“Okay, bitch here is your

reward!” Sam grunted as he unleashed his cum into her cherry twat.

“AWWWWWWWW!” Kuli wailed as

the hot seed filled her young body, giving her another long orgasm. She thrust

around on the bed, enjoying the climax. She fell back onto the bed as her captor

pulled out his cock.

Sam sat back and grabbed her

tits. He playfully fondled the huge mounds.

“You evil man, you may have

defiled my body.” Kuli sobbed, “Even given me pleasure by use of you magic. But

know this. I will not be your slave.”

“Well I have taken a first

step to breaking your code of honor.” Sam said, “I have defiled your body and

taken away you innocence. Now let me try to humiliate you.”

“You already have humiliated

me. What else could you do?”

“I have an idea.”

The young girl struggled as

her captor chained her and flipped her over. But the rape had left her weak but

more important the lost of her innocence had taken away the power of the Temple


Sam forced her onto her knees

and pulled her hands up. He quickly bound her wrists to the bed frame with

rope.  He yanked her legs apart and started to wrap rope around her knees.

Kuli couldn’t stop him from

tying her to the bed in a kneeling position with her legs spread wide and her

ass up. She pulled at the ropes while looking over her shoulder at her rapist.

The young girl didn’t like the way he was looking at her butt while rubbing it.

“What foul deed do you have

planned now? “ Kuli asked, “More toying with my body for satisfy your disgusting


“Toying? I guess that’s a good

word. Considering I consider you my sex toy. Now let’s get a better look at your

amazing ass.”

Sam cupped the big round

cheeks and squeezed them. He began to kiss her ass while massaging her ass and

slowly spreading them. Sam smiled at the small hole as he picked up a tube of


“OH! What are you doing?” Kuli

panted when she felt the cool cream being spread around her ass, “You can’t! NO!


Sam tossed down the tube and

began to work his finger into her butt hole.

“OH! OH! AHHHHH!” The bound

warrior cried as the finger pushed into her butt. She frantically pulled at the

ropes holding her but there was no escaping the assault on her.


screamed as the finger pushed into her ass.

Sam laughed as he worked

another finger into her ass. He held onto the bucking ass as he forced another

finger in.


HEAVENSSSSSSSSS!” Kuli screamed, “OH! UGH! UGH! NO! NO!”

The bound beauty thrashed

around as he finger fucked her butt. She screamed and sobbed as the villain

continued his humiliating actions.

“PLEASE I BEG YOU!” the young

warrior cried in panic, not believing this disgusting act was making her body

even hotter.

Sam pulled out his fingers and

smiled at her sigh of relief. He rubbed his already hard cock and then spread

her ass cheeks.

“OH NOOOOOO!” Kuli cried, “YOU



Kuli screamed long and loud as

a man’s cock pushed into her ass. The young beauty thrashed around as she

frantically pulled at the ropes. 

Sam grunted as he pushed his

hard shaft deeper into the cherry. He panted as the tight hole fought the

invasion of his cock.

“Oh you tight ass bitch!” He

grunted, “I have fucked cherry asses before but yours has to the tightest. And

you know what, that’s what going to make this great!”


Sam giggled when he got his

whole cock into the tight hole and held it there. He caressed the soft ass.


OUT! Kuli sobbed. “PLEEEEEEEEASE!”

“I got a better idea!” Sam

laughed as he began to pump his cock in and out.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” The young

warrior screamed, “OH MY GODDESSSSSSSS!”

Sam panted and gasped as he

pounded her ass. He sighed in delight as her butt loosened up, making it easier

to fuck.

“There we go!” Sam laughed,

“Now the fun really begins!”


Kuli panted and moaned as the

shaft plowed deep into her ass and then pulled out. Her butt was in agony from

the rape. She closed her eyes and screamed. The bound beauty pulled and twisted

at the ropes. The young warrior gasped in surprise when the pain was replaced

with a delightful sensation. Her ass not longer throbbed with pain but warmth.

“OH MY! OH NO!” She panted,


The bound beauty bounced

around on the bed as she screamed in delight as another orgasm hit her. Kuli was

shocked that this man had give her pleasure from this disgusting act. The young

beauty bit her lip and savored the climax.

“Oh baby!” Sam laughed, “You

are loving this!”

“OHHHH MMMMMMM!”  She cried,


Her protests were cut off by

another wonderful orgasm. She twisted her whole body around trying to make the

climax last longer. Without realizing it, the young girl began to grind her butt

against the cock. Kuli was rewarded with another orgasm.

“ALL RIGHT SLUT!” Sam yelled,



The two bodies thrashed around

on the bed.


Kuli wailed in pure ecstasy as

the hot seed filled her ass. She arched up and enjoyed the latest orgasm.

Sam pulled out his cock and

slumped back. He panted and gasped as he wiped the sweat off his face. He looked

at the sobbing girl slumped at the other end of the bed. He smiled at the cum

leaking out her ass.

Kuli let the roped hold her up

and wept. She tried to calm her body but fainted instead.

Sam got up and stretched. He

began to untie the sleeping beauty and pulled her off the bed. Sam grabbed some

rope and expertly bound her ankles to her thighs. Once her got the legs done, he

wrapped rope around her waist and criss-crossed her chest. Sam pulled her arms

over her head and wrapped rope around her elbows and wrists. He tossed a rope

over the ceiling beam. Sam tied one end around her bound wrists. He tugged on

the rope pulling up the young girl until she was on her knees.

Kuli came to and moaned,

wondering why her arms and knees hurt. The young girl could barely move. She

tugged and twisted trying to escape the ropes holding her in the awkward


“Foul fiend!” She yelled,

“Unbind me at once! You will know my wrath! You have raped and humiliated me.

But my spirit is not broken.”

“The week is young.”

“WEEK!” Zambai gasped, “You

can’t hold me prisoner for a week! I will be missed! My father….”

“Your father slipped you the

drug that allow me to rape and humiliate you.”

“Oh sweet Goddess, I am

betrayed by my own father! I am truly at your mercy. You can do with me as you

please and I can’t stop you.”

“You just figured that out.

God, you are not the brightest bulb in the package. Now that you got that

figured out. Open your mouth.”

“What? MMMMPH!” Kuli gasped as

he shoved his cock deep into the mouth.

The bound beauty gulped around

the cock filling her mouth. She blinked in horror. A man’s thing was in her


Sam grabbed the sides of her

head and began to pump his cock deep into her mouth.

“ACK! ACK! ACK! “ Kuli sobbed

as the huge shaft move in and out her mouth.

“We gonna have to work on your

sucking techniques.” Sam laughed.

Poor Kuli’s eyes filled with

tears, as she was forced to suck on his member. She tugged at the ropes and

wondered when the horror would end. Suddenly her mouth filled with cum. She

glumly drank the sweet seed, hating herself for enjoying the taste.

Sam cut the rope holding the

young captive up and let her fall to the floor. He knelt down and grabbed her


“Please wait.” Kuli sobbed, “I

cannot take any more. Please I beg you! AWWWWWWWW!”

Sam slammed his cock into her

pussy and began to fuck the hell out her.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!” Kuli panted,


The bound girl screamed in

delight as several orgasms hit her. She bucked against the cock, lost in her own




“Beg all you want slut! You

are mine!”

Kuli scream and trashed around

as orgasm after orgasm hit her young body.



Sam lay across the soft body

and kissed the sobbing girl. The defeated warrior returned his kiss with a loud


Later in the evening, Sam lay

on the bed with Kuli lying on top of him, kissing and licking his chest while

she fondled his ball.

“More, I want more.” She

sighed, “Master, fuck me some more.”

Sam looked up at the lust

filled girl straggling her body and sighed as she pushed his cock into her




The entire tribe watched as

Sam walked into through the village. They stood in shock and awe at the white

man was holding a chain, which was attached to an iron collar, which was locked

around the neck of the Temple Guardian, her hands were chain in front of her

while she stumbled along with chains locked around her ankles. Kuli did not walk

with her head held high, she meekly walked behind the man she called master with

her head humbly bowed.

Sam walked up to the Watzu and

nodded. He tugged on the chain.

“Kneel and talk girl!”

Kuli walked up and fell to her

knees. She kept her head bowed.

“My father, I beg your

forgiveness for my pride and arrogance. I have found my path. I will walk the

path my master leads. From this day I serve only him.”

“Are you not the Temple

Guardian?” Her father asked with a mock smile.

“I am not worthy!” She said,

“I was defeated and humiliated. I am a tamed.”

Kuli kept her head bowed as

she held up the Temple stone.

“I give the Stone of Power to

the true Temple Guardian!”

Sam and Watzu nodded at each


Later that evening, there was

a feast where Sam sat by the chief while Kuli waited on them.

“My daughter, your wife will

show us all the secrets of the temple.”

“Excellent.” Sam smiled as he

watched his slave’s ass wiggle away.

Retirement was going to a

dream come true.


“God, look at her.”

The five middle-aged women

watched the beautiful black woman; wearing a very skimpy swimsuit, serve beer to

the men sitting by the pool. She pushed back her waist length black curls and

gave Sam a long kiss.

“That is so disgusting.”

“Can you believe how she fills

out that swimsuit?”

“I would kill for that ass.”

“Who wouldn’t? God, those tits

defy gravity.”

“I asked how she stays in

shape. She just laughed and said nothing.”

            “God, I hate her. Oh you are not going to believe this. According to

Paul, she only wears clothes when she goes out or when he has company.”

“She walks around naked!”


“What with that stupid collar.

She never takes it off.”

“I asked her about that. It is

some kind of cultural thing.  Apparently all the women wear them in her


“The way she waits on him hand

and foot. Its embarrassing for librated women like us.”

“Yeah, but if I were ever

tempted to sleep with a woman.”

“Don’t go there.”

“Sam, you lucky son of a

bitch. I mean not only do you have that Amazon for a wife but she is so into


“Dude, she fawns over you. No

woman I knows fawns anymore.”

“I tell you I am going to dump my wife and go to

Africa. Where is that village?”

“Well, Hal you can go there

but I must warn you I got the cream of the crop.”

“Sam, I got to know. How is

she in bed?”

“I tell you boys, she was a

virgin when I met her…”


“Needless to say she needed a

little training….” 


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