M.O.B. Wedding Chapter 2: The Gang’s All Here

After a two and a half hour flight, Jordan, Francesca and their son were back in their hometown. The trio took a car service to the house that Franny and her ex husband Saul used to share. “This is it?” said Jordan as he walked behind Franny up the walkway to the front door, while carrying the bags. Franny replied, “Yup. This is it. I hope Saul is packed and ready to move into a motel room while we’re in town.” Franny knocked on the door and she was somewhat shocked when a woman answered the door wearing a long skirt, a tight sweater and a gold and diamond broach that Saul had gotten for her on their 10th wedding anniversary some years ago. “Patty? What are you doing here?” said Francesca as she made her way into the house while holding her infant son. The woman was Patricia “Patty” Kates. A 52 year old, big booty, redhead Irish woman that worked as a cashier at Saul’s electronics store for years.

Patty gave Francesca a big hug and said, “Darling you look wonderful. That baby weight has gone to all of the right places. Oh my goodness! This must be your son. He’s gorgeous.” As Patty made funny faces and talked baby talk in Jordan Jr.’s direction, Saul emerged from the kitchen wearing rubber gloves having just finished cleaning the house. “Oh Franny, you’re here early. I-I-I was just cleaning up. About the motel, I was…” Before Saul could finish his sentence, Franny handed the baby to Jordan and she got in Saul’s face and said, “I thought you couldn’t find my broach. You slimy little worm. Why is Patty wearing it and why is she here?” The sweet and bubbly Patty took off the lavish piece of jewelry and handed it to Francesca. “I’m sorry, Franny. It’s not right to take another woman’s jewelry. Here.” Saul stood there speechless and Patty continued. “Well after my Morty died, Saul and I started to spend a lot of time together. Since we’re both on fixed income we kept running into each other at the food pantry. I don’t know. After spending all of that time together we just sort of started dating. Then the bank took my home a month ago and Saul asked me to move in with him. I swear nothing was going on when you guys were together.”

Francesca smiled at Patty and said, “That’s wonderful, dear. I’m glad you two found each other. I’m very happy with my Jordan so there are really no hard feelings. Anyway, have you all found a decent motel to stay at for the next few days? I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but after all, this house does belong to me as part of our divorce settlement.” Saul interjected, “About the motel, Francesca. Since I’m sending so much of the profits from the store to you and your, ahem, young lover, I couldn’t really afford a motel. I was wondering if Patty and I could just stay in one of the spare bedrooms. We wouldn’t bother you at all.” Francesca’s face dropped. The last thing she wanted to do a few days before her wedding was to share a home with her ex husband and his new girlfriend. Noticing Francesca’s distress, Jordan spoke up. “Hey everybody, I’m Jordan. Saul, we’ve met before. At my homey Isaiah’s house a year or so back. Miss Patty, it’s a pleasure to meet you. But, uhhh, that shit’s not gonna fly. Y’all ain’t stayin’ in my house.”

Saul walked over to Jordan and said, “Listen here, young man. I worked my ass off to get this house and furthermore…” Jordan cut off Saul mid sentence, pushed him up against a wall and said, “Listen, motherfucka. You address me as ‘sir’ in me and my woman’s motherfuckin’ house. You wanna be out on the street, you sorry old Jew fuck? Huh? I’ll put you and that sweet old lady you dealin’ with in the street with the quickness. Watch your tone.” The 48 year old, scrawny Jewish man looked the 19 year old, African American teen in the face and sheepishly said, “I’m sorry, sir, but I…” Jordan cut off Saul again, smiled at him and said, “Look, playa. This is how it’s gonna work. I could give y’all money for a motel, but that’s money that I should be spending on my lady and my baby. I noticed y’all got a garage in the back. You and your lady can get some sheets and blankets and sleep in that motherfucka for the next few days. When me and Franny are out, you have my permission to come in and take showers and even fix yourselves a little something to eat. That’s the deal, alright?” Patty looked at Saul expecting him to be somewhat of a man and stand up for himself, but Saul just nodded his head in agreement, wanting no problem with Jordan. Saul looked over at Patty and said, “Dear, help me get the cot out of the basement, we can sleep on that in the garage. The weather is nice. It shouldn’t be too bad for only a few days.” Patty looked at Jordan and Francesca who both had smirks on their faces and then back at her pathetic boyfriend Saul before saying, “Alright, Saul. Let me get a few of our things together.”

While Saul and Patty prepared for their move to the garage, Franny put the baby down for a nap. Meanwhile Jordan was making himself at home. He took off his pants and walked around the house in his boxers and a t-shirt before finding Saul’s favorite brandy and pouring himself a glass. Jordan then took a seat in Saul’s favorite recliner and turned on the big screen TV and started watching sports highlights while drinking Saul’s liquor. Saul gave Jordan dirty looks, but Jordan was totally oblivious to it. Jordan received a few phone calls from his friends Darius and Isaiah who had both recently got back to town themselves. They were going to make their way over to the house for a little reunion and some drinks. The only person Jordan didn’t talk to was his best man, Eric who was still on his flight. Jordan sent him a text with the address and told him to come over as soon as he landed.

As Saul was getting the last items he and Patty would need, he saw Franny come downstairs in a pair of tight leggings and a t-shirt. She sat down on Jordan’s lap and give him a series of passionate kisses before getting on her knees as Jordan sat back relaxed in Saul’s favorite chair. Saul stood there, being totally ignored by Franny and Jordan as Franny pulled out Jordan’s cock from his boxers and began giving him an amazing blowjob. Jordan took a sip of brandy before putting both of his hands on Franny’s head as she sucked his dick. Jordan then looked over his shoulder at Saul and said, “We don’t need an audience, playboy. See yourself out of my house.” Without uttering a word, Saul put his head down and he left out of the glass doors to go through the yard to the garage in the back.


Fat Fanny Franny sucked Jordan’s cock for nearly an hour and after swallowing two massive loads of his cum, the doorbell rang. Franny kissed the tip of Jordan’s cock and said, “I wonder which one of your buddies has arrived first.” Franny wiped the cum and saliva from her face and she went to the door. “Hey you sexy, fat assed, Jew bitch! Congratulations! or should I say mazel tov. Whateva it is yous guys say.” Franny smiled and gave the woman a big hug. It was Maria DiBella, one of Franny’s bridesmaids. The two big booty woman embraced and Franny said, “You fat tuchus having, guinea slut! Having fun choking on all of those big black NBL ballers penises?” The two women laughed and hugged some more. The two women had a weird friendship. At one time they were totally unknown to one another, but after they both became the personal M.O.B. sluts for two horny black high school students, they bonded and became friends. They often talked on the phone and realized they had a lot in common. With Jordan having three groomsmen, Franny asked Maria to join her two sisters as bridesmaids. Everything was perfect.

As Maria walked in the house to give Jordan a hug, Franny stood in the doorway and greeted Maria’s companion, one of Jordan’s groomsmen, Los Angeles Lazers, superstar rookie guard, Darius Milton. “Hey Darius.” said Franny in a sheepish tone. Darius smiled and gave Franny a big hug. Darius then whispered in her ear, “Be easy, ma. All that shit was in the past. Congrats, girl.” Franny let out a sigh of relief. The fact was, Franny was a little worried about how things were going to go with Jordan’s groomsmen. Before she became Jordan’s woman, she was a M.O.B. Society sex slave for one of her former students, Isaiah Brown and on many days and nights, Isaiah and Darius would have wild anal and oral sex sessions with her. On countless occasions, Darius would leave her fat Jewish ass gaping wide open, with his cum oozing out of her asshole. Gangbangs, solo sex sessions, all were equally degrading and raunchy. Darius was particularly insatiable, so hearing Darius’s words really put her at ease. After the hug was over both of them smiled as Maria and Fran went into the kitchen to get some drinks and Darius sat down next to Jordan to catch up.

Less than 15 minutes later, a few more visitors arrived. It was another one of Jordan’s groomsmen Isaiah, and his M.O.B. sex slave/literary mentor, the 50 year old, big booty, British professor/author, Dr. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Corin. Francesca opened the door for them as well. Franny invited Lizzie, to go to the kitchen with her and Maria after having another potentially awkward moment with Isaiah. While hugging Isaiah, Franny could feel Isaiah’s handing drifting down her back toward her fat Jewish bottom, but right around her waist his hands stopped. Isaiah whispered in Franny’s ear, “Damn, I almost slipped up. My bad. Damn that booty is even fatter. Jordan’s a lucky motherfucka for real. Congrats Franny.” Franny once again let out a sigh of relief. Hell, Isaiah was the one that turned her out in the first place. Franny was his property. Isaiah knew the house that they were in better than damn near anyone because he would routinely fuck her in every room of the house when he was finishing up his senior year of high school. With Darius and Isaiah on their best behavior Franny felt relieved. Jordan’s best man, the white boy Eric Hughes, had also fucked Franny before, but that was only a few blowjobs and one drunken buttfuck, so whenever he arrived there shouldn’t be an issue.

With Franny and the ladies upstairs now looking at the beautiful baby boy, Jordan, Darius and Isaiah were in the living room catching up for real. “Yo, it’s crazy being in this crib. Like for real. No disrespect Jordan, but a nigga had some crazy ass times up in here.” said Isaiah as he enjoyed some of Saul’s brandy. Jordan smiled and said, “Yeah man, I remember the stories y’all told me. I can’t front, I wish I was cool with y’all back then.” Darius said, “Yeah man, straight wildness nigga. 18 years old, wildin’ out. A yo, whatever happened to Franny’s ex. Punkin’ that old Jewish dude was some funny ass shit. Me and Isaiah would be extra disrespectful to that motherfucka just cus. Ha ha ha.” Jordan almost coughed up his drink laughing. “Yo son, I got him and his new bitch in the garage. Y’all should have been here earlier. I told that old bastard he had to sleep in the garage cus he ain’t have money for a hotel. Ha ha ha.” Isaiah said, “That’s cold blooded, my dude. Ha ha ha. That’s classic. Did he do that thing where he looks like he’s about to man up then he just goes along with what you say like a little bitch?” Jordan nodded his head and said, “Yup!” Then Darius said, “New bitch? Saul got him a new piece? I bet she’s wack as hell, son. I mean, a bum ass dude like that can’t strike gold twice. I’m still wondering how he got a chick as bad as Franny in the first place.” Jordan stroked his chin with his hand and said, “Real talk. He got a winner. I mean, she’s not fuckin’ with my Franny, but she got hella ass and you can tell that she used to be a fine bitch back in the day. I mean she’s old as fuck, but definitely fuckable.” Darius stood up, grabbed his crotch and said, “King Ding-a-ling is up in this motherfucka, where she at? I think we need to take another one of Saul’s women from him. Ha ha ha.”

The fellas laughed and traded some stories about what they’ve been up to. Darius talked about his life in LA with the celebs and the ballers. Isaiah talked about his academic pursuits and wild sex life with Lizzie. Jordan talked about what it was like being a family man. Somewhere during the conversation, Jordan got a text message that read, “Just touched down. Me and moms are coming to the spot. See you in a few, bro.” Jordan looked at his phone and said, “Aww shit, my boy E is in town. I can’t wait to see him.” Isaiah said, “Yo!!! That motherfucka is crazy as shit.” Darius shook his head and said, “I’m a wild ass nigga, but that white boy is on another level. I’m gonna have to salute that motherfucka on sight.” Jordan laughed and said, “Ha ha ha. E’s a little shot out, but that’s my boy. You know what, he did say some wild shit about a gang or something when I last talked to him, but I didn’t get the whole story.” Darius and Isaiah looked at each other and then looked back at Jordan. Isaiah said, “J, you didn’t see the video yet?” Jordan said what video. Darius grabbed the bottle of brandy and said, “All glasses need to be filled for this one. Yo, that’s one of those fancy TV’s you can wifi your phone to right?” Jordan looked at the TV and said, “Yeah. It’s that top of the line shit with all of those features. You know Saul has an electronics store. Of course he’d have the best.”

Darius and Isaiah both rushed to bring up the GhettoWorldVideos.com video featuring Eric, Suzy and the Locos Cinco gang members. Darius yelled out, “Beat you, Isaiah. I brought it up first, now to sync this shit.” Darius synced his phone to the television and on a 60 inch television screen the video image of Eric giving his big booty poor white trash mother Suzy Booty a line of cocaine before he began viciously fucking her up the ass doggystyle came up on the screen. Jordan’s jaw dropped as he said, “What the fuck?” As the video progressed Locos Cinco gang members with their dicks out taking turns fucking Suzy in the mouth popped up. The three 19 year old black teens all stared at the screen. Darius said, “Damn, that’s some really good quality shit. HD cameras on phones are the shit. I didn’t think it would be this clear on a 60 inch.” Jordan said, “Hooooo-leeeeee shiiiiiiit!” Without taking his eyes off of the screen Isaiah said, “My nigga, over 800,000 views in a day and a half. Wait here’s the best part. This motherfucka starts rappin’.” Jordan said, “Huh?” Darius said, “Yup, he’s not half bad either.” As Jordan, Isaiah and Darius stared at the TV screen mesmerized the doorbell rang. Being so caught up in the video, none of the fellas moved. Francesca, Maria and Lizzie came downstairs and they were all stunned by the video. There was Eric, butt fucking his mother, while freestyling and being surrounded by Latino gang members. The doorbell continued to ring and Franny was the only one to snap out of the trance to go and get it.

As Franny opened the door, there stood 19 year old, white boy Eric Hughes wearing a long white t-shirt, some khaki pants and a big gold chain with the letter “E” on it. Standing next to him, with one of his hands on her massive white ass, stood his 41 year old mother, Suzanne “Suzy Booty” Hughes wearing a hot pink halter top, a short black leather skirt that exposed the bottom of her butt cheeks, fishnet stockings with a garter and a pair of hot pink high heel stripper shoes. Franny looked Suzy up and down with a look of disgust on her face before saying, “Jordan, baby, your best man is here.” While Jordan, Maria and Lizzie were still looking at the sex video in disgust, a slightly tipsy Isaiah and Darius ran to the door.

“Yo E, my nigga, yous a damn fool, my G. What’s good, man?” said Darius while gripping Eric up for a handshake and a hug. Eric smiled and said, “Nothin’ much, D. Just keeping it playa.” Eric pulled his mother in close and she rested her head on Eric’s shoulder while Eric slid his hand up her short leather skirt and gripped one of her massive booty cheeks. Isaiah licked his lips and said, “Eric, man. We just enjoyin’ your internet video debut. Straight fiyah! Hey Miss Suzy, it’s good to see you again.” Isaiah gave Eric dap before pulling in Suzy for a hug. As Darius ushered Eric into the living room to see Jordan, Isaiah was still hugging Suzy. Suzy was taken by surprise at the affection.
While still being hugged Suzy said, “It’s good to see you too, Isaiah. I hope everything is going well with you at Stallworth.” Isaiah eased his hands down toward Suzy’s big fat rump and he lifted and separated her ass cheeks which were peaking from under her tight skirt. Isaiah then licked Suzy on her neck up to her ear and whispered, “Fuck all that Miss Suzy. Nigga’s bout to have a field day wit this booty. I heard about all the freak shit you been doin’. Now the video. Oh yeah, bitch, niggas is gonna rip this booty to shreds come have a drink.” Suzy gasped as Isaiah let go of their hug and pulled her by the hand into the living room. Suzy had initially thought that she was just coming to town as her son’s guest to Jordan’s wedding. She knew that her son, Eric would definitely be gagging her with his cock and sodomizing her like he did on a daily basis, but she didn’t even fathom the idea of having to take on multiple guys this weekend.


As Suzy and Isaiah entered the room, Eric and Jordan were talking. Jordan said, “Yo, E. You’re wildin’ out man. What’s with this gang stuff? Plus, you got Suzy on the internet snortin’ coke.” Before Eric could answer, Jordan looked over and saw the slutty dressed Suzy standing there looking embarrassed. Suzy sheepishly said, “H-h-hi Jor…” Before she could finish her sentence, Isaiah smacked her hard on her ass and she was knocked a little off balance. “Pre-bachelor party festivities are about to start! Let’s get it in!” Jordan shook his head and pulled Eric to the side and said, “What’s good man?” Eric told Jordan that his new gang affiliation was really just for show and that the Locos Cinco gang had made him an honorary member. He also told Jordan that he only occasionally gave his mother cocaine to give her energy after she had had a long day of getting fucked. He finished up by saying, “Look Jordan. A lot of things have changed. You’re living that stand up, college kid life. I’m living life 10 minutes at a time and I’m loving it. Yeah, the Dickey Brothers got me pimping moms out. Yeah, I be dogging her sometimes, but you know she’s been a slut. Plus, I’m good, she’s good and we’re getting by.” Jordan brought Eric in for a hug and said, “Alright man, just take care of yourself. I worry about you…and Suzy. Y’all are like my family, too. Anyway, let’s go have a drink.”

While the drinks were being poured, Darius said, “J, when are we gonna meet your lil man. From the pics you put online, he’s adorable.” Jordan smiled and said, “Franny, baby, is the baby still awake?” Francesca nodded and everyone made there way upstairs to see the baby. The last two people going up the stairs were Jordan and Suzy. While everyone else made their way into the bedroom where Jordan Jr. was, Suzy pulled Jordan to the side. “Hey daddy. You look so good.” said Suzy with a big smile on her face. Jordan gave Suzy a fake smile and said, “Thanks Suzy. I’ve been working out a bit. Trying to get a little grown man weight on me. I put on a few pounds while Franny was pregnant and I’ve been turning it into muscle. My girl lost her tummy in no time so I wanted to make sure I looked right, too.”

Suzy grabbed on to Jordan’s arm to feel his muscles. Suzy then said, “You know that should be our baby in there.” Jordan rolled his eyes and Suzy continued, “Look, it’s not too late. You inspired me to go to college when I didn’t believe in myself. Even though it didn’t work out, I think if we got back together we could…” Before Suzy could finish her statement, Eric, who had been eavesdropping on his best friend and mother’s conversation, intervened. “Bitch, are you crazy? You belong to me. He’s about to marry a fuckin college professor and you’re a fuckin hooker. Sorry Jordan. You know how emotional my mom can get. Your son is adorable, man. I’ll handle mom.” Eric yanked his mother by the arm and pulled her into the bathroom. Jordan shook his head and joined the rest of the group in the bedroom.

After admiring the baby, Darius said, “Well, uh, I know the official bachelor party is tomorrow night at the M.O.B. lodge, but since we got a few brothers and a few big ole white booties, let’s have a little “pre-bachelor party” party.” Isaiah started rubbing his hands together and he made a kissing gesture toward Maria. Maria rolled her eyes and said, “So it begins. Darius palmed Professor Corin’s big milky white british booty on top of her skirt and said, “I wouldn’t mind getting a run at this. I can’t believe I ain’t hit this yet.” Francesca climbed into bed with the baby and said, “You guys never change. Ha ha ha.” Jordan sat on the bed and said, “Fellas knock yourselves out. Enjoy.” Darius and Isaiah looked at Jordan and said, “Dawg, this M.O.B. shit. You ain’t about to miss out on it.”

Jordan stood up and said, “Y’all crazy as shit. My girl and my baby are here. What I look like getting into some wild shit with y’all?” Francesca cradled her baby and said, “Jordan, enjoy yourself. Your friends came a long way. You’re an M.O.B. man. I know that. Go do your thing. As long as I wake up with you holding me in the morning, I have no objections.” Jordan’s eyes lit up and he said, “For real, Franny?” Francesca said, “Yes, boy! You haven’t been to your lodge near campus since Jordan Jr was born. A man deserves to have his fun. But remember, in the morning, your arms, wrapped around my body, in this bed. That’s all I ask.” Jordan took a few minutes to make sure that Franny was really alright with it and after he was sure, Jordan left the room with Isaiah, Darius, Lizzie and Maria to go downstairs to enjoy some drinks and hard fucking.

Darius ran downstairs dragging Lizzie behind him as he said, “Damn, I ain’t never had no British booty. I’ma wear you out, bitch.” Jordan was laughing as he followed them down the stairs. A very horny and slightly tipsy Isaiah was tongue kissing Maria as he rubbed her booty over her jeans. Maria stopped him and said “Geez little guy. You can’t wait to get downstairs to enjoy this fat Italian ass?” Isaiah licked his lips and said, “Yeah, downstairs. Umm hmm. This gonna be fun. Wait, I’ll meet you down there. I gotta take a leak.” As Maria went downstairs, Isaiah went toward the bathroom to take a piss. When he swung open the door, he saw Eric sitting on the toilet with his mother draped over his lap with her skirt up around her waist, while Eric spanked her. “Who’s your daddy, bitch?” said Eric as he used his none spanking hand to pull his mother’s hair. Suzy, who’s booty was already starting to show redness from her bare bottom spanking said, “You are, Eric. I’m sorry, daddy.” Isaiah stood in the doorway with a devious look on his face as he said, “E, Suzy, Franny and the baby are about to get some rest. The party’s moving downstairs.” Eric pushed his mother off of his lap and she fell on the floor. Eric walked toward the door and yelled out, “Let’s get this party started right! Shots! Shots! Shots! No mixed drinks. Fix your make up bitch and meet me downstairs.”
As Eric ran downstairs to join the party, Suzy fixed her make up in the bathroom mirror. Her mascara was running a little bit from the crying she did when her son, Eric gave her a spanking. Meanwhile Isaiah was taking a piss. After flushing the toilet he turned around and noticed Suzy was finishing up her make up and pulling up her panties that were around her knees and pulling down her tiny little leather skirt. Isaiah walked up on her and he said, “Excuse me, Ms. Hughes, gotta wash my hands.” Suzy who seemed distracted said, “No problem, honey” as she moved out of the way and slowly walked to the door, dreading the night of rough, disrespectful sex that she was sure was about to happen. Isaiah quickly washed his hands and ran past Suzy toward the door and he closed it and locked it. Suzy snapped out of her mini trance and said, “What are you doing?” Isaiah put his hand on the side of Suzy’s face and said, “You missed a spot. Your make up is still a little smudged.” The clueless Suzy said, “Really? It looked good to me.” Suzy walked back toward the bathroom sink and looked into the mirror to inspect it. Little did she know Isaiah was right behind her. As she leaned over the sink, Isaiah pulled his fully erect big black teenage cock out of his zipper hole.

Suzy then said, “It looks straight to…” Before Suzy could finish her sentence she felt Isaiah’s hand forcefully keeping her slightly bent over the sink. Suzy looked in the mirror and saw a Isaiah behind her with a big smile on his face. Suzy said, “What are you doing? We’re supposed to go downstairs.” Isaiah lifted up Suzy’s skirt and pulled down her panties in less than 3 seconds and said, “Yeah, we’ll get down there. I just wanna break in the booty first.” Before Suzy could protest, Isaiah had her pinned between the sink and his body. Without any lubrication at all, he shoved his cock deep up Suzy’s big fat white booty while he gripped the sides of the bathroom sink. The bent over Suzy looked in the mirror at Isaiah, who was making the ugliest fuck faces in the world as he sodomized her.

Isaiah used one hand to spank Suzy’s fat booty while he stroked it and the other to push her head up against the mirror. “Just a few more strokes, Miss Suzy. I’m shooting multiple loads in your fat ass tonight. I just want to get this first nut out of the way.” Suzy faintly grunted as her anus was being filled with big black cock. Isaiah quickly finished his business with her by shooting his load up her fat white ass and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Ah, a nice five minute butt fuck. The next one will be over an hour. Let’s go get some drinks. Oh yeah, just so you know. I’m not using any lube on your booty tonight. You better hope those other niggas lube up well, cus I’m gonna make it as rough as possible on you. Sexy ass bitch. Come on.” said Isaiah as he zipped up his pants and left the bathroom to join the party downstairs.

After Isaiah left the bathroom the still bent over Suzy looked at herself in the mirror again and she noticed that she had to fix her make up once more. Tears had flowed down her eyes as Isaiah roughly sodomized her with no lube. It took a lot to shock a seasoned slut like Suzy, but that did it. The fact is that most of the cocks she’s taken up the ass have been well lubed. She knew that Isaiah really wanted to be rough with her because only her son Eric ever fucked her up the ass without lube and when he did that he was usually drunk, high and upset with her. Suzy finished fixing her make up and tried to calm her nerves. She walked out of the bathroom still nervous as she made her way to the stairs. Before going downstairs she peeked her head into the bedroom that Francesca was in with the baby and tears started to flow again. Suzy was heartbroken as she realized how different her life would have been if she was still Jordan’s woman.


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