M.O.B. Wedding Chapter 5: Let the Party Begin

Completely naked and drenched in sweat from head to toe, the massive former pro football defensive lineman, Jerome “Bubba” Weeks sat at the desk in his office eating a massive stack of pancakes and nearly a pound of bacon with a big smile on his face. With his mouth full he said, “Mmmm, hmmm, breakfast anytime of the day. That’s the best part of owning a diner. Eat up, bitch, you need your strength, I don’t want you passing out again.”

Kneeling on the floor next to Bubba was poor, Suzy Booty. With her lipstick smudged and eye make up running down her face, Bubba had her eating a stack of pancakes that he nutted on with her bare hands. In addition to her make up being messed up, the big booty, poor white trash slut, Suzy, was drenched in his sweat with her pussy swollen, her asshole gaping and her butt cheeks a bright rosey red after hours of rough sex. Having gone nearly two years since seeing Suzy, Bubba had spent hours making up for lost time.

As Bubba finished stuffing his face, he looked down at Suzy and said, “Bitch, you barely touched your food, come here.” Bubba pulled Suzy by her hair and she rose to her feet. Bubba passionately kissed the broken big booty whore as she looked back at him with dead eyes. “Aw, girl. It’s almost over. I paid good money for you. Only got about an hour until your son comes back to pick you up. Sit in daddy’s lap and let him feed you while you play with this big black cock.” Suzy obeyed. She sat down on one of Bubba’s massive thighs and with both hands she jerked his limp cock until it got hard again. Meanwhile, Bubba rubbed her booty with one hand and fed her the rest of her cum covered pancakes with his free hand.

After Suzy had finished eating her food, Bubba’s cock was hard enough for another round. He tossed Suzy’s weakened body toward his desk and once again she was bent over with her big beautiful rosey white donkey booty staring Bubba in the face. Bubba reached for a cigarette and lit it as he sat back admiring his work. “Damn that’s a swollen pussy. I’m a beast! And that bootyhole, that shit’s still gaping. Decisions, decisions, the pussy or the ass. I fucked them both up. You know what, baby. I’m gonna let you decide. You want a pussy pounding right now or some more dookie love.” The bent over Suzy was quiet as Bubba finished his cigarette. When he rose to his feet, he placed his massive cock on top of her big white ass and said, “Come on now, bitch. How do you want daddy to give it to you? The pussy or the ass?” Suzy rested her head on the desk and thought about how sore her pussy was and she faintly said “If I have to choose, I’d prefer it in the ass, Bubba.” Bubba chuckled, smacked the her booty with his cock and said, “Say it like I like it, girl.” Suzy let out a sigh and said, “I want some more dookie love, daddy.” Bubba then shoved his cock deep in Suzy’s enormous white ass and said, “That’s my nasty bitch. Dookie love it is.”

While poor Suzy Booty was being sodomized in the back office of Bubba’s Diner, Jordan, Isaiah, Eric and Darius were finishing up their tuxedo fittings. “This is some fly shit. Hey Darius, thanks for paying for these designer tuxes man, you shouldn’t have.” said Jordan as the fellas stood at the checkout line. Darius said, “Ain’t shit, playa. You know that LA Lazers contract is fat! Fat as fuck my nigga. Morbidly obese, homeboy. Besides, it’s the least I could do. You a cool nigga. I’m honored to be in the ceremony.” Isaiah chimed in and said, “Yeah, J, I’m honored, too. Damn, imagine the hell we coulda rose if we were all cool back in high school. Ha ha ha. We’ve made up for it in the past year or so. Believe that!” Then Eric said, “Man, we are going to look great, but what’s good with this bachelor party?” Darius said, “E, you are going to be one of the few white boys to ever be invited into the halls of the M.O.B. lodge. We got some ceremonial shit you gotta wait in the hall for, but after we open up them doors. POW!!! Waves of fat assed white hoes are gonna be coming at you. I talked to my uncle earlier, they’re going all out. All the brothers are bringing their bitches. When a M.O.B. man goes out…we send him out in style.”

As Jordan, Isaiah and Eric loaded the tuxedos in the car, Darius walked across the street to the bridal shop to check on the ladies. As he walked in, he caught Francesca modeling her wedding dress for her mother, sisters and Maria one last time. “Damn Mrs. Schwartz, I mean, future Mrs. Brookdale, you rockin the hell out of that dress.” Franny smiled and said, “Thanks Darius. Do you think Jordan is gonna like it?” Darius said, “Most def. He’s gonna rip that motherfucka off as soon as he gets the chance though. Ha ha ha.” Franny replied, “I’m sure he is. Ha ha ha.” Francesca’s oldest sister, the cold and standoffish, Azalea rolled her eyes and tried to forget the feelings of attraction she had felt for Darius earlier in the day. Francesca’s mother then said, “Ok ladies, let’s wrap it up. You all have your bachelorette party to get to and I have to go back to the hotel to get my beauty sleep. Let’s see if they’ll be able to spread the payment for these dresses over my three credit cards.” Darius pulled out his wallet and said, “Nah, Mrs. Silverman, I got this.” Franny’s mother Lilly protested at first, but Darius insisted and he paid for the dresses in full. As much as Lilly and Azalea didn’t care for black people, they were very grateful for the gesture.

As the bridal shop staff loaded the dresses into the car for the ladies, Darius and Maria had a little side conversation. “Damn, you right, you right. You should be with them for that party. I was really looking forward to showing you off to the fellas though. My uncle said them niggas were looking forward to it.” said Darius. Maria said, “Please, there will be so much booty there you guys won’t even miss me.” Darius said, “I don’t know about all that. You know your name still rings bells up in there. Ha ha ha. But you know what, I think I’ma bring Saul’s bitch through with me. A nigga can’t show up empty handed. They’ll have a field day with Patty Cakes. Ha ha ha.” Maria laughed and said, “Oh my god, that poor woman. Don’t do it Darius. Ha ha ha. She’s not ready for that. She seems like such a doll.” Darius said, “Sheeeee-it, she gonna learn today. I’mma turn that bitch out proper. She’ll be fine.”

Francesca, Azalea, Shoshana, Maria and Franny’s mother rode off as Darius and Isaiah went to pick up Isaiah’s big booty British M.O.B. slut, Lizzie Corin and Darius latest discovery the sweet old redhead, Patricia “Patty Cakes” Kates. Jordan rode with his best man Eric to Bubba’s Diner to pick up Suzy. While riding to get Suzy, Eric and Jordan finally had some alone time to talk. “I’m tell you, man. Meetings! Meetings with real labels. This is going to happen.” said Eric. Jordan replied, “Man, I remember those little love poems you used to write for those girls that wouldn’t give you the time of day. Now you’re a gangsta rapper. Ha ha ha.” Eric said, “Not really a gangsta rapper, but yes. I’m a rapper.”


As the time went on, the conversation between Eric and Jordan got a little deeper. Jordan said, “Man, I never really got to apologize to you for real about how things ended with me and your moms. I mean, I still got mad love for her.” Eric said, “It’s cool, bro. She’s a slut, but she’s still my mother. I understand how things went wrong with you all. I didn’t tell her this yet, but after I get my deal, I’m going to take her out of the life she’s been leading.” Jordan smiled and said, “Thank you, Jesus. What’s up with that man? Y’all been wildin’ out. She’s hookin’, doin’ sex shows, crazy underground sports fuckin’. I mean, I know she’s the Famous Suzy Booty now, but I still remember her as the sweet Mrs. Hughes that used to make us cookies and shit during sleep overs. I’m glad you’re going to look out for her. Hopefully she’ll get back on track.” Eric said, “Definitely, bro. I’m going to keep her close to me. After my deal, I’m going to make an honest woman of her. That booty’s gonna be all mine.” Jordan said, “Huh? You’re still gonna fuck her?” Eric laughed and said, “Ha ha ha, you’re damn right! I’m addicted to that booty. Mom or not, she’s gonna keep gettin’ this dick.” Jordan shook his head and thought, “hey, it is what it is.”

Upon arriving at Bubba’s Diner, Jordan and Eric walked right to the back toward Bubba’s office. When they opened the door they saw Bubba sitting in his chair with a sweat and cum drenched Suzy draped across his lap getting a hard spanking from Bubba. “Damn, boy. It’s that time already, huh? Shit. It’s all good though. I done let off a month’s worth of nuts in this bitch. I can’t even get hard anymore. I’ve been spanking this bitch for the last half hour just to get my money’s worth.” Jordan and Suzy locked eyes for a moment before Jordan said, “Uh, I’ll wait outside, E. Handle your business. I’ll get a slice of pie or something.” Bubba threw Suzy on the floor and he gave Eric a big hug and a couple of extra hundred dollars as a tip. Eric didn’t enjoy the hug from the big, sweaty naked man that just ravaged his mother’s body, but Bubba was a large beast of a man, what was Eric to do. Eric helped his mother into Bubba’s private bathroom and he washed her up as best as he could with the sink. Suzy didn’t say a word, as her son cleaned off her cum and sweat covered body much like you would clean up a dog. After getting Suzy to be presentable again, Suzy, Eric and Jordan drove off to go to the M.O.B. lodge for the bachelor party. Jordan drove as Eric sat in the backseat getting a blow job from his mother. Eric didn’t make her deep throat or do anything wild. It was just a regular, “Haven’t seen you for a while and I missed you” blowjob. Suzy sucked Eric’s cock like the slut that she is as Eric lifted up her skirt and rubbed lotion on her red sore bottom.

Jordan, Eric and Suzy arrived at the M.O.B. lodge just moments after Darius and Isaiah did. Darius was standing outside of his car having a conversation with Patty. “I’m not sure I understand Darius. How can I help out at the bachelor party? This is all very exciting, but I can’t dance or anything. Nobody wants to see my big fat Irish ass jiggle anyway.” Darius smiled and said, “Look Patty Cakes, you gonna be a star up in here tonight. You gonna represent me. You sexy as hell wit ya old fat ass. Niggas gonna love you. Besides, don’t worry about dancin’. Just do what I tell you to do and you’ll be fine. Go with Lizzie and Isaiah and they’ll get you fitted for a nice little outfit.” Isaiah took Lizzie, Patty and Suzy in with him and walked them to the back where the rest of the big booty white M.O.B. booty sluts were. Jordan walked up to Darius and said, “Man, you brought Ms. Kates. You wrong for that. Ha ha ha.” Darius replied, “Man, I couldn’t come empty handed. Anyway fellas, let’s go. Shit, I gotta take a piss.” Eric said, “Me too.” and all three of the boys rushed into the bathroom to relieve themselves.

Upon entering the bathroom, the boys were shocked at what they saw. “Ha ha, oooohhhh yeah, girl. Just like that. I can’t get enough of this ass.” A very shocked Eric said, “Mr. Brown?” An equally shocked Jordan said, “Leah Carmichael?” A not so shocked Darius said, “Now, now, Big Brother Aaron. A few years back, I remember you givin’ a young nigga a lecture about fuckin’ hoes in the bathroom. Now look at cha. Ha ha ha, you too old for this, big bruh.” Aaron pulled his cock out the bent over woman’s booty and said, “Ha ha ha, how’s it goin’, Big Time? Darius Milton of the Los Angeles Lazers.” Aaron walked over to Darius, shook his hand and Jordan and Eric’s as well.

The man was in fact Aaron Brown, Isaiah’s father and one of the members of the M.O.B. Society. Eric and Jordan were still a little shocked as Darius and Mr. Brown spoke. “Well D, I just met this sweet piece of young fat white ass today. Your uncle put me on to her. Bitch wasn’t athletic enough to make it through her police academy physical, so your uncle decided to pass her if she, well, you know. Got down with the program. Your uncle had his piece already and I was in the market for a new bitch, so he passed her my way.”

The young 21 year old police officer was still wearing her uniform, except the pants were down around her ankles along with her panties. Jordan said, “Yo E, that’s Leah Carmichael, from high school. Remember you used to do her math homework and she played you out when you asked her for a date? Hey Leah. What’s good ma? Ha ha ha.” The woman was in fact, Leah Carmichael, a pretty young, brunette girl with a round plump ass that was a few years ahead of the boys back in school. Leah recognized the boys and she quickly pulled up her panties and pants. “Uhh, I, uhhh.” said an embarrassed Leah. Isaiah’s father Aaron said, “Bitch, bend back over and take that booty outta them pants. I ain’t nut yet.” Leah obeyed and she buried her head in her hands in shame while she waited for Aaron to finish butt fucking her.

Eric was still in shock as Aaron continued to address the boys. “Jordan Brookdale, I know your Uncle Eli, a great man. He’s in the grand hall already with the rest of the fellas. He’s been raving about you. Very proud of you Jordan. Oh yeah, I remember you too Eric. You were my son’s roommate for a while at Stallworth. Good to see you fellas. Anyway, Jordan, congrats on the wedding. I know a lot of sore brothers that are mad that Franny’s off the market, but she’s a good girl. Congrats. Well if you’ll excuse me. I’m gonna finish up on this. And don’t worry fellas, she’ll be available to you guys for tonight’s festiviites.”

As Isaiah’s father, Aaron went back to butt fucking the voluptuous young policewoman, Eric and Jordan salivated for a moment while they took a piss. Darius was cheering on Aaron as he happily sodomized their former classmate and the three boys washed their hands and went back into the waiting area. “Oh my God, this shit is crazy. Do you think we’ll see anyone else we know here?” said a very excited Eric. Jordan said, “I don’t know man. I’ve never been to the lodge in our hometown. I was initiated at my uncle’s lodge down south near, Pride U.” Darius said, “Shit, ain’t nothin’ like ya hometown lodge. A lot of familiar faces and booties up in here.” The eager Eric said, “Like who? Who? Come on man, who?”

Darius said, “Calm down, E. Uhh, of the top of my head. Let me see. Remember, mean old Principal Greggors from middle school with the donkey ass, I know one of the brothers owns her. She got caught stealin’ money from the school and the brothers straighted that out for her. Uhh, big booty Sandy, you know, the wife of that guy that owns Fisher’s Deli, she’s in there. Uhh, man there are too many to mention. Shit, I heard that little Cory Sikes owns Coach Tyler. Ha ha. That shit blew my mind.”


Jordan and Eric both said, “Coach Tyler?” Jordan said, “The butch dike bitch that coached the girls basketball team. She’s Cory Sikes’s bitch now?” Darius said “Yup, I heard the lil nigga Cory that was a year behind us got initiated a few weeks back. Some of the brothers found out that buffalo butt Coach Tyler was trying to turn out some of the high school girls. My uncle got the police to cover it up as long as she agreed to be little Cory’s bitch. I heard the lil nigga represented on that buffalo ass too. I’m gonna definitely try to get a piece of that tonight. I remember when the bitch coached JV basketball, the hoe tried to say my jumper was wack. Dumb bitch. Anyway, E, you chill here. Jordan, go in that room and get dressed. I’m gonna go in the hall. We’ll call you in.”

While Eric eagerly awaited the moment he’d be allowed to enter the grand hall and Jordan got ready, the ladies were in the back getting ready. “Is this it? Where are the rest of the clothes?” said a nervous Patricia “Patty Cakes” Kates. Professor Lizzie Corin said, “This is it, honey. Let me spray some oil on your bum.” The room was packed full of big booty white women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The women were all topless wearing only thongs, high heels, veils and dog collars with leashes attached to them. They all had their hair and make up done like they were going to a gala banquet, but they were all waiting on their hands and knees awaiting the moment they were to be presented to the groom as offerings. After getting her booty oiled up nice and shiny by Lizzie, Patty got on her hands and knees next to Suzy in the same doggystyle position as the rest of the women as she waited for what would happen next. Moments later, young officer Leah Carmichael rushed in and got ready as well.

When the ceremony began, Jordan was led into the grand hall of the lodge and was ordered to sit in a big chair that sat at the front of the alter. On the stage behind him sat the elders of the M.O.B. chapter and they gave a ceremonial speech. Ancient words were spoken and all of the men sang along as a song was lead by the head of the chapter. Moments later, all of the brothers, who were dressed in slacks and M.O.B. blazers sat down at their tables in the banquet hall, while one by one the women crawled out of the room on all fours with their leashes dragging on the floor. The distinguished group of black men began to hoot and holler as the parade of fat booty white women lined up in an aisle on all fours with their booties in the air and their faces on the floor. The brothers were especially excited because brothers from out of town donated some of their own women in honor of the bachelor party out of respect. There were damn near two women for each man in attendance. The elder statesman of the group, the nearly 70 year old Claude Jackson then gave Jordan a large paddle, told him to strip naked and then said, “Our total head count is 103 white bitches for you to choose from. All waiting to greet you. Walk up to each of these women, give them a good whack on their bottoms and then let them greet you. After they have all greeted you. Make your selections. Bitches rise.”

All of a sudden the women that were on all fours with their faces down and their asses up, rose to their feet and bent over with their fat bottoms poking out to Jordan. Big booty white bitches to the left of him and to the right of him. Jordan quickly disrobed. All of the brothers were standing in the background cheering him on as they drank and smoked cigars. Darius and Isaiah were the loudest of the cheering crowd. “Get naked nigga! No homo. Get a proper greeting from each of those bitches my nigga!” Isaiah then leaned over to Darius and said, “Yo D. Jordan said he never attended a bachelor ceremony at his lodge before. Ha ha ha. He don’t even know what’s about to go down.” Darius said, “Ha ha ha, awww shit. Seriously. That’s what’s up tho. Yo, I’m gonna go get E. Elder Brother Claude already said that ceremonial shit, E gonna love seeing this.”

As Darius brought Eric in the room and walked him back over to where Isaiah and him were standing, Eric’s eyes lit up. He had never seen so many big booty women in one place. All bent over with their booties facing his best friend, topless wearing nothing but thongs, fishnets, heels, veils covering their faces. Eric was speechless.

Jordan, now finally naked approached the first woman and give her a nice hard whack with the battle. The woman jumped a little then she turned around. The woman was tall so Jordan had to look up to her. She then said, “Congratulations Master Jordan, may I get on my knees for you?” Jordan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Uh, yeah. That’s cool.” Jordan unveiled the woman and saw that she was the mayor’s wife, a beautiful middle aged blonde woman. The woman cracked a fake cheese smile before dropping to her knees. Jordan stood there holding his paddle not knowing what to do. The woman said, “My name is Heather Holloway and I worship black cock.” Just then the woman opened her mouth nice and wide and she deep throated Jordan’s cock. Jordan was taken totally by surprise. His Uncle Eli yelled out, “Grab the back of that bitch’s head, Gag that bitch then go to the next.” Then the brother’s started chanting out “Gag that bitch, gag that bitch!”
Jordan held Heather’s head down on his cock until she couldn’t take anymore and her eyes started to water. Upon removing his cock from her mouth, Heather coughed up a lot of saliva and her eyes started to water. Jordan said, “Damn, my bad. It felt so good, I held you a little longer than I should have.” Jordan’s Uncle Eli yelled out again, “Boy that’s what you do. Them bitches gotta break the hold you put on em. No mercy, Jordan. One to the next bitch. As Jordan moved to the next woman, Heather got down on all fours again, doggystyle. this time with her face unveiled facing the center of the aisle. Jordan went down the line and gave every woman the same hard paddle whack and he tried his best to gag each one of them one good time before he finished with all of them.

When Jordan finished, Eric said to Darius, “Man, this is crazy.” Darius replied, “Nah nah, this just the beginning. Shit gonna get a lot wilder and a few hours from now, we takin some of these hoes wit us to a hotel room I rented, plus I got some more treats waiting there. Night to remember my nigga. Dis a bachelor party.”


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