Sahara Soars: Sheiks Slave




“Professor Soars.” Chancellor Warner said trying to keep his eyes on her face but this too was difficult because of the young woman’s stunning beauty. Dark brown eyes shone out from behind the brown-framed glasses that rested on her small nose. Her pouty lips were curved into a small smile. The long dark brown hair that he knew to be thick silky and wavy was pinned up into a tight bun. The elderly man had seen her hair loose on. It seemed to float around her face, flowing over her shoulders and reaching down to her slender waist. The Head Master tried to focus trying to not think what her huge breasts and firm round ass would look bare. This same bosom pressed out from behind her smart red blazer. The buttons of her white cotton blouse almost ready pop. The red and black plaid skirt that fell to her knees hugged her ass so tightly he was surprised the seam didn’t split.
“Woman’s fashion.” He thought to himself, “Gotten out of hand since the end of the war. Much too tight and revealing.”
The young professor of Archeology sat back in the leather chair as she lightly tapped her fingers on her knees, noting she really did need a manicure.
“The board and myself think you are getting carried away with this whole Sahara Soars thing.”

“I don’t understand, sir.” Alana said as she adjusted her glasses she really didn’t need but it did keep away some of the mashers.
“Well when you joined our staff.” He said, “We were aware of your globetrotting adventures but of late it seems of late you are spending more time running around the world than teaching your classes.”
“Oh I see. Well, Chancellor, I thought it was understood that I would be allowed to continue my expeditions. As you well know I am attempting to find the long lost tomb…”
“Yes, yes but lets lay our cards on the table. You are quite brilliant and one the few female staff members…”
“One of two.”
“Ah, yes but if not for the fact your father was alumni.”
“And biggest contributors to the school…”
“Yes, quite…
“Sir, rest easy. I have found the last clue I needed to find the tomb. Success is just within my grasp. BUT if you wish for me to resign I would be more than happy to. As you have pointed out I really don’t need the job and really only took the position to keep my mother and father happy and to double the number of women professors.”
“Your parents seemed to think teaching would settle you down.”
“Well, they have been wrong before.”
“Do you think the youngest daughter of one Boston’s richest family’s really should be gallivanting around the world. Especially in that part of the world. It quite dangerous for young women in that part of Africa. The men are not as polite to the weaker sex as we are in the United States.
“Hmm, I never considered myself the weaker sex. I am well aware of the male attitudes toward woman in the area. Take for instant the Black Sheik; he fought with the English during the war. He helped in several important raids so important that the British overlooked the disappearance of several young woman including two Americans.”
“A kidnapper?”
“Of sorts, he lives in a city surrounded by a huge wall that sits in the middle of the desert. This is where he keeps his harem of supposedly one young beautiful female hundred slaves. All waiting to do his bidding or so I am told. I think the number is exaggerated myself.”
“See there!”

“Yes, dangerous even more for me. The sheik and I have crossed swords more than once. Thus far the victories have been mine. Sadly the man is sore loser and has vowed to add me to his harem. He has offered a very large sum of gold to any man who catches me and delivers to him. As if I Sahara Soars would end up as a sex slave to some pig of a man.”
“Professor Soars, you know this and are still going?”
“Please as if I would allow myself to caught. There is no chance of that. I shall be in and out the country before he knows I am there. Let’s not forget this is the fifties. Women are learning there is more to life that cooking, sewing, cleaning and serving her husband in the bedroom.”
“PROFESSOR!” Chancellor snapped and jumped to his feet, “You go too far.”
“No I don’t go far enough.” Alana Soars said as she rose to her feet, “I think soon women will be working side by side with men. Doctors, lawyers even running major corporations. The days of the weaker sex myth are coming to an end.”
“My word, I hope you are not teaching this sort of rubbish in your classrooms. I had I known….
“I teach my students Archeology….and anything else I think they need to learn. If you don’t mind I have some packing to do.”
The chancellor just stood there with his mouth open fuming but still giving the firm round ass wiggling out of his office a good look.


 The jeep came to halt and when the driver stepped out more than one head turned. The shapely woman was clad in a tan shirt and skirt. The shirt was tight and soaked with sweat so it was wrapped around her huge tits like wet sheets. The soaked garment outlined her nipples telling the world she wore no bra. Her skirt was loose and fell to her knees but it was still tight enough to show off a firm round bottom and well-shaped legs. Alana’s long hair was stuffed into a pit helmet that kept the sun out of her eyes and protected her stunningly beautiful face from the harsh heat. An old fashion holster holding a six-shooter hung around her slender waist.
“Hello!” Alana called into the small building but no answered. “Dr. Smith, it is Alana Soars. I came in answer to your letter.”
The shapely beauty looked around the street and couldn’t help feeling that everyone was looking at her. She bit her full lips as she rested her hand on her weapon. The dark haired beauty fell a chill run down her back and knew. Soars pulled her weapon as she whirled around just in time to spot the four men sneaking up behind her with ropes and chains. They were all sporting the same tattoos that she recognized from a local clan of slave traders.
“Slave traders!” Alana growled as she blasted the chains out their hands and two more shots over their heads. She laughed as they fled down the street, clicking open her weapon, letting the spent shells spill out and reloading in mere seconds. Sahara Soars spun around and shot the club out of another man’s hand. She spotted more men coming into the street all with the anger filling their faces.
“I have been set up to be caught or worst.” The young heroine cried as she jumped into her jeep, fired it up and slammed down the pedal. She emptied her pistol into the crowd making them scatter.
The men yelled and swore as the jeep raced by and out the town. The crowd watched as the jeep vanished into the desert.
“The sheik will not be pleased.”
“She has not escaped yet…there is Kareem.”

A few minutes later, Sahara Soars laughed to herself as she raced over the hot desert sands. She glanced down at her compass and swore.
“Darn it!” Alana said, “I am going in the wrong direction. If I continue up this road I will soon find myself in the domain of the Black Sheik. Not today my disgusting friend, Mrs. Soars raised no fools and definitely didn’t raise her daughter to be some sexist pig’s sex slave!”
 The full figured beauty spun the wheel and prepared to turn around when several shots rang out. She gasped in horror as steam billowed up from the car engine and the sound of her tires popping. Sahara Soars had no choice but to stop. She slammed on the brakes and jumped out with her pistol ready but saw no one. The young woman checked the damage.
“Six holes in the radiator and two flats.” Alana said, “Excellent shooting. I would be impressed if my jeep hadn’t been the target. Well no time to waste. I better get a move on.”
Sahara Soars grabbed her pack and the water bottle and was ready to start walking when the sound of horses made her turn. She gasped at the sight of at least a dozen horsemen charging her. Alana brought up her pistol but a shot rang out. Her pistol flew out of her hand and she grabbed her soar fingers. She backed away from her attackers but then someone hit her from behind, sending her face down into the sand.

“MMMPH!” Sahara Soars grunted through the thick knot of leather stuff into her mouth as she came to and found herself upside down. The young heroine found she was bent over the back of horse with her hands bound behind her back. She could feel the tight strips of leather binding her wrists to her elbows. Alana could feel more leather wrapped around her knees and bare ankles.
“Villains took my boots and socks!” Alana thought as twisted around but the coarse rope bound around her chest and waist binding her to a rig that was normally used to hold packs onto a horse held her tightly in place.
“Baggage!” The bound heroine thought as she tried to lift her head but the rope wrapped around her slender neck tugged tighter making her gasp for air. She studied the rope running from her neck and then went under the horse’s belly and was most likely up to her feet. Her captors didn’t want her falling off. Her long thick mane of hair hung down around her face making almost impossible to see anything except the sand moving below her.
“I’ve got myself into a tight spot this time.” She thought to herself as she tugged at the incredibly tight ropes holding her prisoner. “Grimy, these guy know their business. I can barely move. White slavers I hope. I may be able to buy my way out. Most of these scum were greedy slobs. I have no choice but to wait.”
The bound and gagged professor could only lie across the horse and watch the sand go by. After while she could tell the sun was setting. Sahara Soars looked around when her horse stopped. She yelped when someone pulled her up by her hair and poured water over face.
 “Listen whore of a woman.” A young black man snarled, “I will take off your gag long enough to drink. If you scream or yell, you will go thirsty.”
Alana wearily nodded her head and fumed as he took off her gag. When the mouth of the water bottle came to her lips, she eagerly drank down the cool liquid. When she had her fill, her gag was replaced and the journey began again.
It was dark before the horse came to halt and she was unbound then pulled off the horse by a huge Arab dressed in white robes. He studied the bound woman, grabbed a water skin filled with water and poured it all over her body, soaking her clothes making them cling to her body like wet rags. Her amble bosom and firm round ass were quite obvious now. It was made worst because the cold night air made her boob perk up so her wet shirt outlined her nipples.
Alana grunted as a huge man slung her over his shoulder and lunged her off like a sack of potatoes. She cried out in pain when he dumped onto a blanket spread out on the ground. She could only imagine what she looked like with soaking wet clothes clinging to her body combined with her long wet hair falling down around her face.
“A male fantasy of some sort” She thought.
The bound beauty found she was lying by a large fire surround by men dressed in robes of various colors with turbans wrapped around their heads. She could see a huge black tent off in the distance with several smaller tents surrounding it. Several of the men came over and looked down at the kneeling captive.
“ACK!” Alana cried as one used her hair to pull her to her feet. She swore as the men grabbed her face, turned and twisted it. Pulled back her lips to see her teeth like she was horse being inspected. More hands were groping her breasts and ass. She yelped when someone grabbed her crotch and squeezed it. Alana struggled as she was pushed from man to another for inspection. Finally she was shoved to the ground. The helpless heroine watched them go back to the fire and begin to argue with her captor. Alana understood most of the language they speaking and realized they weren’t arguing but bidding for the white whore. She watched in horror as the men stopped bidding until only one man, a fat ugly man was talking to the white slaver.
“If I could just get this gag off.” Alana thought, “I am sure I can outbid anyone here.”
“Kareem!” A cold hard voice snapped out the darkness. “I always told you your greed would be your undoing!”
A tall and well-built man dressed in black walked out the night with several men surrounding him. The man, who had just pulled out his gold to pay for his purchase, shoved it back into his robes and backed away bowing as he did. The slaver dropped to his knees and began to sob at the feet of the newcomers.

 “The Black Sheik!” She thought, “I’m truly doomed if he buys me.”
The shapely heroine watched the Black Sheik toss down a few coins down at the slaver and then motioned to two older women standing away from the men. They nodded, ran over and grabbed Alana by her feet and arms. The young beauty struggled as she was carried off toward the black tent.
The two women dropped her on the hard ground and then used knives to cut off her clothes. She was naked in seconds and could only lie there as one of the maids brought a large bowl of soapy water over. They dipped cloths into it and began to rub her body. Alana grunted them as they roughly wash her entire body. She could only lie there as they prepared her for her new owner. The young captive fumed as they washed her most private areas. They didn’t say a word as they worked. Once they had cleaned her, they doused her whole body in perfume. A silk green halter-top was put on but did little to hide her two huge boobs. A green sash with several silk strips was wrapped slender waist. It did little to cover her lower body. The women pulled her up and dragged over a pile of pillows that served as a bed. Both women laughed as they walked out the tent.
“MMMMPHHH!” Alana grunted at them departing back as she twisted and turned on the makeshift bed.
Once left alone Alana forced herself up and looked for a way of escape. The tent had carpets spread out over the sand with a small table set up by itself. She saw nothing to cut her bonds with. Alana spotted two huge men standing outside the tent so there would be escape that way. The bound heroine fumed because all she could do was kneel there and wait to be raped. This was not the kind of adventure she had in mind when she left Boston. Her boring classroom was looking pretty good right about now. Sahara Soars knew if she didn’t escape before they reached the Black Sheik’s city she was doomed to remain in his harem where she would be trained to service all her master’s all demands and needs.
“Sahara Soars!” The Black Sheik sneered as he came into the tent and closed the flap behind him. “At long last I have you…and I will keep you. And those that had made jokes about how a woman outsmarted me will close their lips.”
“NAAAAA” Alana screamed as he quickly undressed revealing a lean hard body that was well muscled, marked with several tattoos. His skin was a light brown but his hair and goatee were jet black. Bright green eyes blazed out from his ruggedly handsome face. There was a small white scar down one cheek, compliments of Sahara Soars. The bound beauty gasped when he dropped his pants revealing his manhood. It was huge. The young girl had never see a man’s cock before and wondered if all men were this large. She was sure the stiff rod would rip apart her body. Alana screamed her lungs out when he came over to her and ripped the silk off her body exposing her two huge tits.
 “Oh these are more than I hoped for!” He laughed as he leered over the huge round mounds of soft flesh with their nipples pointing out. “You were worth the wait just for these tits alone!”
“AHGADDDD!” Sahara Soars sobbed as he started to take off her gag.
“I will have you screaming, my little slave!” He snarled as he tossed away the leather and pushed her down on the pillows. “My men will hear your screams and sobs and know what is happening!”
“NOOOOOOOO” Alana wailed as her captor grabbed her tits and began to plant hot wet kisses on her face and neck. She tugged at the roped binding her but couldn’t escape the hands mauling tits or the tongue lapping over her face.
The sheik roughly kissed her face and found her mouth. He crushed her lips with his mouth and plunged his tongue into her wet mouth.
“MMMPHH!” Alana screamed around the tongue exploring her mouth. Her eyes were wide open in shock from the sloppy kiss. She had kissed a man before but never this roughly or with his tongue inside her mouth. The bound heroine could felt her breasts swelling in size and growing hard from his constant fondling. The young woman couldn’t understand why her crotch was suddenly so hot and wet.
The sheik hungrily kissed her long and hard, enjoying the sweetness of her mouth. He freed her mouth and lustfully kissed and bit down to her jiggling tits.
“DAMN YOUUUUUUU!” Alana screamed as her captor buried his face in her tits and began to suck and lick them. The bound beauty rolled her head around as her boobs were brutally played with. She squealed as his sharp teeth began to chew on her nipples.
The huge man kept sucking and biting on her tits as her reached over and picked up a gold curved dagger. He held it up in front of her face.
“NAAA!” Alana squeaked at the sight and the blade. She watched in horror as it traced down her body to her knees. She blinked as it easily cut the leather binding her knees. Her ankles were soon freed. The bound beauty had no choice but to spread her legs as the dagger moved up toward her thigh.
“Spread your legs wide.” He hissed between nibbles on her boobs. He rolled between her spread thighs and smiled at the wet curls covering her pussy. The Sheik tossed away the knife and grabbed her legs. “Fear not my slave. The blade I will use on you will not be one of gold.”
“NO I BEG YOU!” Alana sobbed, “I am virgin! My family had money. They will pay anything!”
 “I have more than enough gold!” He grinned “Its you I have desire these many years and now I have you for the taking. MINE!”
“NOOOOOOOO!” Alana wailed as a man’s cock plunged into her body for the first time. She thrust out her legs, arched up her body as the hard pole stole her virginity. “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MY GOD NOOOOOOOO!”
“YOU ARE MINE BITCH!” He growled as he buried his cock into her pussy, loving how her cherry hole wrapped itself around his tool. He grabbed onto her hips and began to drive his cock in and out of her pussy.
“AWWWW! AWWWWWW!” Alana screamed and sobbed as her virgin body was forced to take the cock. The pain was shocking for the first few minutes but began to fade. The naïve woman gasped as the pain was replaced with pleasure. Each stroke of the cock seemed to take away the agony and fill her body with a heated ecstasy that she had never known. This bliss was increased when her captor began to suck on her tits while his hands squeezed them. “AH! AH! OHHH! OHHH! OHNOOOOO! P-PLEEEEESENO OH MYYYYYYY!”
“Yes, my little slave!” The sheik laughed, “I have you now! You body is surrendering to me!”
“NO! NO! I-I-I….NEVER!” Alana sobbed as the cock pounding into her young body kept giving her more and more pleasure while making her hotter and hotter. Then a wave of sheer bliss ran through her body. “OHMYYYYYYYYYY!”
The poor girl didn’t realize she just had her first orgasm. Her eyes filled with tears from fear, humiliation and anger but still her body grew hotter and hotter until it exploded again. Her screams filled the tent and drifted out into the night.
“Americana women are the same!” He sneered, “SLUTS!”
“NO! NOAAHHHHHHH!” Alana squealed as she had yet another orgasm.
“YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” He roared as he shot his load into her tight hole.
“AUGHGAWDDDDDDD!” Alana screamed as she had her best orgasm yet. She couldn’t stop her body from bucking against the cock buried in her pussy. The orgasm past and she slumped down. The ravished beauty looked up at her rapist and whimpered when she realized his still hard cock was still in her pussy. Alana screamed as the cock began to fuck her again.
 Alana knelt in the sand wearing a white cotton garment that barely covered her ass or tits. Still exhausted and humiliated from the night of fucking that that left her panting and gasping like a animal in heat. By the time of the last rape she was begging for more. The defeated heroine just knelt there as a heavy wooden yoke was rested on her shoulders and neck. A heavy strap was used to hold her neck against the rough wood. Her hands were pulled out and locked into metal rings mounted on the end of the yoke. She was pulled to her feet and heavy metal shackles were locked around her ankles and the knotted leather thong was used to gag her again. The thin sandals on her feet protected her feet from being burned but not the heat.
“Pity you got so little sleep, my slave.” The sheik laughed as he rode up and tossed one end of a long chain to the man binding her. “You face a long walk in the hot sun.”
Alana said nothing as the chain was locked to the leather strap around her neck. She stumbled forward when her captor tugged on the chain.
“COME!” He snapped as he pulled on her leash and rode forward.
The bound beauty had not choice but to stumble after her him. Alana glanced around and saw she was surround by heavily armed men on horses and camels. Several women walked behind the caravan. She sobbed and whimpered as he led her deeper into the desert, knowing each step took her farther away from any chance of escape. Poor Alana was force to follow behind his horse with the hot desert sun above and the burning sand below. It less than an hour her body was drenched in sweat making her skimpy garment cling to her body revealing every delicious curve. Hour after hour she trudged after her captor until she collapsed in exhaustion, wishing he would just let her die.
“Water for my slave!” He commanded. This was a time-honored method of breaking in a new slave. The sheik was no fool he knew that even though she enjoyed his cock last night, she was far from tamed and trained.
After the gag was taken off, Alana hungrily drank the water offered, enjoying the feel of the cool liquid running down the front of her body. The gag was pushed back in after she drank. Then after a very short rest, she was pulled to her feet and the trek began again. She was allowed two more stops for water and rest before the sheik and his group stopped for the night. The drained woman fell to the face forward into the sand and fainted dead away
“Clean her up!” The sheik snapped as he looked down at the unconscious woman.

“UGH!” Alana grunted when she came to and wondered why her arms were aching so much. She looked up at her hands bound together with rope and realized she wasdangling from one of the tent’s support beams. Then she realized the only thing covering her body was a long strip red silk that was wrapped around her waist its two ends hung down covering her crotch and the crack of her ass. A silk scarf covered her mouth holding into a wad of silk. Her body reeked of soap and perfume that filled her nostrils. The hanging heroine knew she had been bath again while she slept. Alana cocked her head around and saw not only was she back in the sheik’s tent but there was a feast going on below her. The sheik and his men sat around small tables, eating, drinking, talking and laughing while women served them. She wondered how long she had been hanging up here. Her captor caught her eyes, smiled and raised his cup in a mock toast. Several of his men laughed and raised their cups.
 Alana couldn’t believe these villains were feasting while a half naked woman hung over them. She could only grunt as the meal when on and on. She noticed the men were careful not to look at her for too long and never with a hint of desire or lust.
Finally the feast ended and the bound beauty once again found herself alone with her captor and knew she would now have his full lust filled attention. She could only hang there and wait for him to lower her. But before doing this he moved a small stool under her. Alana stared at the stool in horror. It was a short round three-legged stool made of polished wood. But it was the short rubber pole that stuck up from the middle of the seat that terrified her. It looked exactly like a man’s penis.
“We try something different tonight.” He laughed as he began to lower her down.
Alana clamped her legs together when she hovered just about the obscene device. She gulped when her brought up the gold dagger and mover it toward her crotch. The touch of the cold metal on her skin made her spread her legs.
“Well done my slave.” He sneered and let go of the rope.
“AUGHHHHH!” Alana screamed as she was dropped down onto the dildo. She gasped as she filled her pussy. The bound beauty found herself on her knees with the hard thing buried her twat. She watched as the sheik as he used leather thongs to bind her thighs to the stool. Alana grunted as he pulled on the rope binding her hands, pulling them up over her head. The bound beauty could feel her pussy getting wet as he tied off the rope and then whimpered when he came back with a small lash.
“I am sure a lady of such high breeding is unfamiliar with sucking cock.” The sheik smiled, “But perhaps you are. ARE YOU!”
“OW!” Alana squealed as the lash hit her tits. Two more lashes and she was nodding her head.
Alana had learned about the disgusting sex act while on her travels in France. She couldn’t believe any woman would put her lips around a man’s penis and had told her closer friends she would die before sucking a man’s cock. Now she was about to find out is she would really rather die to perform what was called oral sex.

 “Have you ever performed this sex act?”
Alana glared at him and defiantly shook her head. She gulped and shivered when he slowly dragged the leather lash over her tits and down over her crotch and ass.
“I ask you know to consider this.” He said as he kept stroking her body with the whip, “Will you perform this sex act for me.”
Alana stuck out her chin and proudly shook her head. She shook the hair out her face and tried to look defiant which was hard considering what she was sitting on. “AW!”
“Reconsider, my slave!” The sheik snapped, “All my slaves suck my cock and enjoy it….as will you!”
“OW! OW! OW! OW!” Alana sobbed as the leather came across her boobs and moved around to her ass. “AWWWWWW!”
The sheik really didn’t enjoy whipping but it was another proven way of training one’s slaves. He had lusted after this bitch for so long that he had numerous fantasies about her. Fantasies she would now fulfill. The sheik would not only have her sucking his cock but kissing his feet and calling him master with real devotion.
Alana’s eyes flooded with tears as the lash stung her ass. But it only took one lash on her pussy to make her vigorously nod her head.
“You are ready to wrap your sweet lips around my cock.” He sneered as he stroked her face with the lash.
The defeated woman nodded her heads as she sniffed back her tears, hating herself for being weak. She licked lips when the gag was removed. Alana looked up when the cock was pressed to her lips.
“I-I have never…” She whimpered.
“Stick out you tongue and lick.” He smiled, “Like it like one of those American ice cream cones.”
Alana didn’t think his cock looked anything like an ice cream cone but stuck out her tongue. She gave it a tentative lick and then another. Taking a long deep breath she began to run her tongue up and down the thing like it was an all day lollipop. The bound beauty was soon running her tongue up and around the cock coating it with her spit drool running down her chin on to her huge tits as she did. “Don’t forget my balls, slave.” He sighed as he watched her pink tongue run over his cock.

 Alana gave him a baneful look but licked down to the twin sacs, tilted her head and began to lick. The young beauty rolled her tongue over the balls giving them a good long licking and then went back to stroking the cock with her tongue. She was surprised to see how long and hard it now was. The bound captive kept licking and was shocked to find she was grinding and twisting around on the dildo buried in her pussy.
“Time to suck, my sweet.” He gasped thinking his cock was about to explode but not before this bitch gave him a good suck.
Alana didn’t even look up as she worked back up to the cockhead, gave it a few licks and then with another deep breath she spread her lips around the pole. She forced her mouth over the cock and began to swallow it inch by inch. Shocked and humiliated not that she had a man’s penis in her mouth but she was starting to enjoy the taste and feel of it. She was now moving her whole body around the rubber pole buried in her twat. The bound beauty couldn’t stop herself from doing this nor could she stop gulping down the cock until her nose pressed into his hairy crotch.
“Well done, slave!” he panted, “Now suck and pump…suck and pump!”
Alana began to suck on the cock while she began to move the pole in and out of her mouth while she fucked herself on the stool. She began to grunt and moan as she continued with the two sex acts, now enjoying both.
The sheik sucked in his breath as the whore sucked on his cock as well as any of his slaves. He chuckled as he watched her head bob up and down on his cock while she thrust her body up and down on the dildo. He always suspected Sahara Soars was a slut. His father had told him these supposed strong independent women made the best slaves because they secretly wanted to be dominated. Caught, enslaved and force to service a man was their secret desire. Once trained they were not only obedient slaves but devoted.
“MMMMMM!” Alana sighed as she worked the cock deep into her mouth experimenting with different ways to lick and suck on it. She could no longer control her own body now pulled on the rope above her as she raised her body up and down on the dildo. Her pussy felt like it was filled with liquid fire. She sucked on the cock with loud slurps loving the taste and feel of the cock in her mouth.
The sheik grinded his teeth as the hot wet mouth clamped around his cock and hungrily gulped on it. Her tongue rolling over it increasing his pleasure tenfold. It was make so much better by the sight of this American bitch pumping her body up and down on the stool like sex crazed bimbo.
“AUGHHHHHHHHH!” Alana wailed around the cock as she made herself come. She enjoyed the orgasm so she pulled back, let the cock slip out her mouth and rubbed her face over his stiff pole and balls, relishing the smell. Then pushed it back into her mouth, sucking with loud moans of delight. She bounced up and down on the stool, screaming as she came again.
 “DRINK MY ROYAL CUM!” The sheik roared as his aching cock exploded in her mouth.
MMMPHHHH!” Alana squealed as she came and her mouth filled with his cum. She held it in her mouth until her cheeks filled and it dribbled out the corners of her lips. Having no choice she swallowed the mouthful with a loud gulp. Without a thought she sucked the cock dry and let it slip out of her mouth. The bound heroine tried to defiant but the cum running down her chin onto her tits and the fact she was still squirming around on the dildo made it a useless gesture.
“Still horny my slave!” He laughed, “I will give you the real thing!”
“NOOOOOO!” Alana sobbed as he cut rope a couple of feet over her head and then cut the leather straps. She sobbed and screamed as he used the rope to pull her over to the pillows.
The sheik shoved her down onto the pillows, forced her legs apart as he lay across her soft body. He pulled her bound hands around his neck as he pushed his cock into her wet pussy.
“OHGODDDDD!” Alana screamed as her twat hugged the cock like an old friend and made her come at once. When his lips came to hers, the young slave couldn’t stop herself from kissing him full tongue.
The sheik began to fuck her with the same passion her was crushing lips with his mouth. His hands grabbed her ass and grabbed onto it.
“MMMMMPHHHHH!” Alana screamed around his mouth as she came and began to thrust against his cock, lost in her whole lust.

The bound captive once again trudge along with the yoke on her back. The flimsy garment and sandals were her only protection from the desert sun. Her long hair dangling around her face and shoulders only made it hotter. It was the third or fourth day of her enslavement and wondered when this hellish trek would be over. During day she was bound into the yoke and forced to follow her master’s horse. There were few stops and not enough water. The nights had become another kind of nightmare. Washed and then taken to the tent where she would satisfy the Black Sheik’s lust. She would fight at first but sometime during the night she was losing the battle with her own lust and body’s sexual demands.

“God help, I am lost.” Alana sobbed as she trudged up a high sand dune, “Each step not only brings us closer to his city but my resolve and strength get weaker.”
The chained beauty reached the top of the dune, panting and gasping. She bumped into the back of her master’s horse and fell to her knees. Alana looked up and whimpered.
They were looking down into a valley that had a large oasis with trees and a small pond. In the middle was a small city with high walls surrounding it. There were guards along the top of the wall. One massive gate of wood and steel seemed to be the only way in. A huge palace of white stood in the middle of the city with it two tall towers.
“Welcome home, my slave.” The sheik coldly smiled, “My father, his father, his father before him and his father lived in this place with their wives and slaves. Know this, not one slave has ever escaped its walls. This is your new home… learn to love it.”
“UGHHHH!” Alana sobbed as she pulled to her feet and stumbled after the sheik. She watched the gates open and the cheers of his people filled her ears. The half naked beauty forced to walk through the gate and into the crowd filled streets. She barely hearing the laughter, jeering and other taunts because the sound the gate slamming close filled her ears and sealed her fate.

Alana was turned over to two huge black slaves her dragged her through a small door. She was forced through a series of hallways and into a large room with white walls and floor. There was strange wood device set up against one wall. The bound beauty barely noticed it because she was so relieved to be freed of the yolk and out of the blazing sun. She wearily looked up and gasped as it came into focus.
It was made of what looked like dark oak. It looked something like an artist’s easel tilted back on four legs. There was a narrow ledge on the bottom with chain shackles bolted to it. Between the chains was small pole with what looked like an ivory dildo mounted on it. There was a chain hanging over the device with a metal triangle attached to the bottom. The bottom part of the triangle was padded with two metal paddle shackles bolted to it. There were two large drums mounted on poles on each end of the device. There were dozens of long leather strips bolted all over the drums.
Alana didn’t know what this thing did and had not desire to find out. She screamed as she pulled up. She began to fight when she realized the slaves were pulling her over to the thing.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Alana wailed as she was easily lifted onto the device and forced down on the cold dildo. She struggled as one slave held down while the other locked her ankles into the chains. The young captive sobbed as her hands were pulled up and locked onto the triangle. She gasped when two small clamps were clipped onto her nipples. Small silver chains now ran from the device up to her tits. Two chains with bells dangled between the valley of her bosom. Alana found herself; legs spread wide, hands pulled over her head and her pussy planted on a cold piece of ivory. “What is this sick device?”
“It is the slave maker.” The sheik said as he walked up and checked to make sure she was tightly bound. “You will fuck yourself into submission.”
“NEVER!” Alana snarled, “You can bind and gag me. Rape me until I beg for more. But I shall never been your slave! I am Sahara Soars! My spirit will never be broken.”
“Yes, I see. It is a simple device. The drums spin around making the lashes whip your body. You can stop the whipping by pulling yourself up by the handle above your head. As long as you stay up the punishment stops. Drop down and the whips. Now listen this important. If you rapidly move your body up and down the dildo, no whipping.”
“I must fuck myself to stop the lashing! Clever but you have underestimated my inner strength. I will beat your nasty machine.”
“We will see. Oh I would stop the swearing. I do not like my slaves to sound like common whores.”
“Wait! Wait!” Alana gasped as he reached for a lever mounted on the side of the machine. “How long?”
“How long? Until you are broken my dear.”
“Wait, the sun is setting, right?”
“Yes, so?”
“Suppose by the time the sun rises I have not been tamed by your machine.”
“You are playing on my love of gambling. Clever. No woman has ever lasted the night. I think the record was four hours. A slave from England. She is now quite devoted to me. You have a bet. If you last until morning. Not only will I let you buy your freedom but I will personally escort you to the nearest city where you can buy a ticket home.”
“My dear, my honor is at stake here. If I don’t add you to my harem. I must have something….gold is poor second but will due. Have a nice night, my dear.”
  “AWWWWW!” Alana screamed as the lever was pulled. The drums began to spin slowly at first but were soon spinning so fast the whips whirled around lashing her the whole front of her body. It took a second for her to realize that the dildo was slowly turning as it moved up and down her pussy. She grabbed onto the bar and pulled herself off the sex tool.
The machine stopped.
Alana nervously laughed as she held herself up.
“But how long can you hold on.” He smiled as he snapped his fingers.
Four young women ran up. They wore veils but it was obvious they were all beautiful. Silver tiaras held back their incredibly long hair. They all wore silk slave pants like Alana seen in some silly movie. The silk was so sheer you could see right through them. They wore halter-tops that held up their huge tits but left them mostly uncovered. Each wore an iron collar around their necks. All had the same defeated yet devoted look. Two of the slaves were Middle East beauties with thick black hair. Another was a stunningly beautiful African woman who thick curls billow around her face and body making her look wild and sexy. The last was blonde with huge tits.
The two Middle Eastern slaves brought in a chair and place it behind their master. He sat and nodded as they dropped to their knees and bowed their heads. The blonde carried a gold decanter. She trotted up, dropped to her knees and waited as the last slave brought in a gold goblet and tray with cut fruit and vegetables. The sheik took the goblet and nodded. The blonde filled his cup and then knelt by the other two. The last slave stayed at the side of the sheik, the tray resting on her huge tits.
Alana watched as the sheik picked up a piece of pineapple, ate it and then held out his fingers. The kneeling slave quickly licked them off. She wanted to say something but her arms were growing tired and she felt her fingers slipping. The bound beauty tighten her grip and glared at her captor.
“Alana, it has been less than five minutes and you are already showing signs of weariness.”
“FIVE MINUTES!” Alana thought, “It had seemed like an hour.”
The bound beauty began to pant and gasp while the sheik watched. He drank wine and ate the whole time. Her arms were burning and her brow was now coated with sweat, which was running down her face. She watched in horror as the blonde moved between his legs, took out his cock and began suck on it. The other two slaves stood up and moved to both sides of the chair. He used both hands to fondle the huge boobs while sucking the nipples, switching back and forth.
“OHGAWDDDD!” Alana cried as she lost her grip and plunged back down on the dildo. In seconds her body was being whipped. She screamed and sobbed as the lashing stung her soft skin. Somehow she managed to pull herself back up. She panted and gasped for air, her body now coated with hot sweat.
“Twenty minutes.” The sheik sighed as the blonde sucked on his cock. He held out one hand and the African beauty began to kiss and lick his fingers. He buried his face into the mountainous tits of one of the other slaves. The other slave dropped down and moved beside the blonde. The blonde pulled her mouth off the cock and they both began to lick and suck his cock and balls.
“AWWWWWWW!” Alana squealed as she dropped back down. She wept as the whips started again. She gasped for breath trying to ignore the lashes. The young heroine knew what she was doing wasn’t going to work and knew there was only solution. Alana began to pump her herself up and down on the dildo. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”
After a few seconds the drum stopped spinning. The bells hanging between her tits began to jiggle as she bounced up and down on the sex toy. The bound beauty closed her eyes unable to watch the four slaves service their master. She grunted and panted as she pulled herself up and down on the dildo, her pussy was now gushing wet. Then she screamed when she made herself come. Alana rolled her head around, debating whether to stop fucking herself but this was so much better than whipping. Another orgasm made her scream in delight.
“I don’t think you will last until morning!” He laughed as he watched his new slave pump up and down on the device, her bouncing tits making the bells jingle and her cries of sheer bliss filling the room.”
“NOOOOO! AHHHGAWDDDDDDD!” Alana wailed as she gave herself three orgasms. The room became a blur as she continued to fuck herself. She realized it wasn’t about the whips anymore. It was about the orgasms, she needed just one more. Then she would stop and let the whips calm her body and bring her back to reality. Yet, she kept on fucking herself toward a massive orgasm. Then it hit her young hot body. “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”
The sheik watched the woman fuck herself like an animal in heat. He laughed when she arched up and screamed.
  Alana awoke on a soft bed in a small room. The shapely beauty sat up and looked around. She was dressed in the costume of a slave. Purple silk pants with a gold and purple halter-top that made her bared tits looked massive. The slave touched the cold metal locked around her neck as she stood up. She looked in the mirror. Her long hair had been shampooed and curled so it fell in thick waves over her body. She wore no hair band so the dark brown curls fell around her face making her look untamed and dangerous. Her hand went to her ass and rubbed it where she had been branded. Alana wore the mark of the Sheik’s slave.
Only he could touch her now. Any man who even looked at her in the wrong way could be killed.
It all came back to her. Even after being tamed her master had kept her on the machine for another six hours. By then any will power she had had was nothing more than a memory. She remembered dropping to the ground, sobbing and then kissing her master’s feet. Alana was now one of fifty-six slaves. A slave for every week of the year and that didn’t include his wives. The new slave turned as the door to her room opened and a huge man stepped into the room. He did not look or speak to her. Just made a motion with his hands. Alana followed.
She would later discover his was almost blind and a mute.
They walked quietly down a long hall. She glanced around seeing several bedrooms like her own. She caught a glimpse of what looked like a huge bathroom with dozens of bathtubs and mirrors. Alana followed him into a huge circular room with high arched ceilings. There was fountain in the middle of the room. Pillows and small settees were scattered around the room.
“Is this where the slaves wait to serve their master?”
The huge man just nodded and pointed to a wall. Mounted on the wall looking out place was huge screen with dozens of names. They were all flashing except for the name at the top of the list. It was her name. Suddenly there was loud bell and her name began to flash.
“The bell rings.” She thought, “Your name flashes and you go. Just like calling for room service.”
They continued down another hall and came to wide archway. The slave bowed and waved her in.
Alana stepped into the huge room with its tiled floor and high ceiling. It was empty except for a throne that sat on a dais in the middle of the room. The Black Sheik sat on the throne wearing a white silk robe that was open in front. Kneeling in front of the throne with their faces pressed to the floor were the slaves. Clad in a rainbow of colorful slave costumes with their firm round ass high in the air it was truly a man’s fantasy. Most looked Middle Eastern. She could see several African and Asian slaves. About a dozen including her were white.
  “Don’t keep your master waiting.” He snapped.
Alana bowed her head and walked down the row of slaves, noting some dared to take a peek at the newcomer. She stepped onto the dais and dropped to her knees at his feet. Alana placed her hands flat down on the floor; her naked tits tingled from the coolness of the tiles. She lowered her head until her brow touch touched his feet. The slave moved her red lips up and began to kiss and lick his bare feet without looking up.
“How may this unworthy one serve you, my master? This worthless slave waits to obey your commands. Do with me as you will.”
Alana kept kissing and licking her feet thinking the worst part was. She meant every word she said.



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