Catching My Aunt on BBC: Chap 3

As I wiped down the counter the big butt suburban MILFs were shuffling out. It was almost
impossible to not watch their meaty rears, clad in the most eye catching colors of neon, magenta,
and other bright hues. It was nearly the end of summer and I found myself surprisingly sad to be
leaving the once boring old town I’d grown up in to return to college. Remmy had been acting
peculiar all day, though I couldn’t figure out why.
Jonas, the other muscular black trainer who also taught some classes arrived through the back
entrance and he and Remmy softly conversed in the office.
“Hey man,” Remmy said approaching me as I locked the front door, “I’ve got a strange question.”
“So, Jonas and I…” he trailed off, he considered his next words carefully, “Are gonna be doubleteaming
this lady.”
“Sounds fun,” I said becoming aroused.
“And this is gonna sound weird, and I’ll pay you overtime… but we were wondering if you could
videotape it for us.”
I tried to play it cool, “I could do that.” I silently prayed it was my curvaceous aunt that would be
the third person involved.
“There’s just one thing that might be a little weird,” Remmy said, “She’s your aunt.”
I let out a laugh and Remmy looked worried. I decided to come clean, “I know.”
Remmy let out a sigh of relief and then slapped me on the back. “Man, you knew this whole
time?” he laughed.
“Don’t worry about it.” I assured him.
My aunt arrived ten minutes after. Remmy, Jonas, and I had decided it’d be best for me to hide in
the bathroom when she got there.
“She’s gonna be nervous enough about her first double-penetration,” Jonas said. We all agreed.
I peeked at her through the crack in the bathroom door. She looked incredible as she sauntered
in with her gym bag slung over her shoulder. Her phat booty stretched out tight black nylon pants,
her juicy breasts were nearly falling out of her black sports bra, she had her blonde hair pulled up
in a ponytail, and to top it all off she had on black lipstick.
“It’s only gonna hurt for a second,” he told her before Jonas’ massive dick spread apart her
puckered, plump butt.
“Oh no,” Aunt Gwen, having also realized she hadn’t seen the kind of dick she’d be working, let
out a horrific gasp. It was too late, however, and before she could protest further Jonas pressed
his black anaconda in further.
“Ohhhhunnnnnnggggggggg!” Aunt Gwen’s black lips opened wide in a groan. Her eyes grew to
the size of dinner plates. Jonas was ruthless and took her to the hilt of his balls. Gwen convulsed
between the two black men in pain and agony, but they held her forcefully until they filled both of
her orifices completely with their black, monster cocks.
“Easy baby,” Remmy relaxed her, “Breathe.”
Aunt Gwen let out some air as Jonas and Remmy slowly started pumping her phat white,
dominated butt cheeks. She had adjusted well, considering their size.
“That feeling better, baby?” Jonas asked.
“Uh huh.”
“He’s a black man,” Remmy slapped her ass, “Speak how you’re supposed to speak to a black
“Yes, daddy,” Aunt Gwen corrected herself.
Her plump ass cheeks would spread themselves out when both the black dicks would
simultaneously enter her, before returning to their original plump form when they would briefly pull
out. The squishing sound of her cumming, sloppy pussy and ass grew louder and more frequent
as Remmy and Jonas increased in speed and intensity.
“We’re gonna breed you real good today, aren’t we?” Jonas asked.
“Yes daddy.”
Remmy slapped her face, “We aren’t your daddies now, we’re your masters. You understand?”
“Yes, master.”
“Why you wanna be bred by a black man?” Jonas asked grabbing her milky tits.
“Because I love black dick, master.”
Remmy slapped her ass, “What else?”
“Because my body is owned by black dicks, master.”
Their bodies moved rhythmically together, Aunt Gwen rode them as if in a trance.
“You belong to niggers now,” Remmy corrected her.
“Everything of mine belongs to niggers,” Aunt Gwen said, “My mouth, my pussy, my ass.”
“What about your white eggs?” Jonas pulled her hair, bringing her face up from Remmy’s
She shouted, “Niggers own my eggs. The only thing my white eggs are good for are for getting
bred by my nigger masters.”
“Hold up,” Remmy said and he and Jonas paused. Aunt Gwen panted and asked “Why aren’t my
masters fucking me?”
“You don’t sound sincere,” Jonas told her.
“If you want your masters to have sex with you anymore you gotta do better than that,” Remmy
scolded her.
Aunt Gwen tried squirming the black dicks back into her pussy and ass but they held her firm, “I
will!” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything my nigger masters want.”
“Okay then!” Remmy and Jonas pushed their black members deep inside her body once more,
“You better be talking even nastier if you want us to fuck you!”
Like a fiend who had been denied their fix for too long, Aunt Gwen took to the black dicks with a
“I think about fucking nigger dick every minute I’m awake,” she yelled as she her phat ass worked
them, “I dream about nigger dicks breeding me every night! I’m not a white whore anymore, I’m
only a slave to nigger dick. I’m not a human anymore, my only purpose is to be filled with nigger
sperm and be bred by superior nigger masters!”
She pressed her hands against the floor and worked her ass faster than ever, “Fuck me you
niggers! Cum in my pussy! Make me your black bred bitch!”
As if on command, both Jonas and Remmy let out ecstatic moans. Their massive black dicks
went in balls deep into Aunt Gwen’s phat jiggly ass and came deep inside her.
Aunt Gwen let out a groan of pure pleasure. Her tongue flapped from her black lips. She went
cross-eyed from the orgasmic insanity flowing through her.
She seemed to be able to sense that from Remmy’s forceful blast of cum, his aggressive, strong
sperm had entered her womb. The mentality and goal of the black sperm was simple: to fertilize
her willing, white egg. Her womb overflowed with hundreds of sperm surrounding her white egg,
attempting to breed the white sow. They were all black, strong, and powerful, and they knew only
one of them would be responsible for the impregnation of the white woman who’d promised her
body to the superior black race for the rest of her life.
The strongest, fastest, biggest, and blackest sperm found Aunt Gwen’s supple white egg and
forced itself against its wall. The master sperm thrust powerfully, and with the dominance of a
superior race, penetrated the white, obedient egg. From Aunt Gwen’s black owned lips came a
groan. She truly knew and accepted deep down that her white body was black owned for the rest
of her life, and that she’d just become a black bred slut.
Jonas’ black dick pulled out from her anus and a torrent of cum oozed from her. Aunt Gwen fell
off Remmy onto the ground. She lay on the floor breathing heavily as the thick, powerful cum
flowed freely from her body. The body of the oversexed MILF twitched orgasmically, like
aftershocks from an earthquake. What she didn’t realize was this wasn’t the end of her black dick
conquest. Inside her body Remmy’s most dominant black sperm had overtaken her white egg,
and their cells had begun multiplying. Her submissive white womb was now creating a black
Smiling and sweaty, Jonas and Remmy walked over to me and I handed them the camera. “I
think you’re gonna like this,” I said.
Before I left the gym I looked back at my Aunt one last time. Her eyes were closed, but the grin
on her face said it all: She had been a member of the weaker white race and had submitted her
body to the deserving, powerful black men for their enjoyment. She was no longer white now. She
was a plump, black owned machine that from now on would serve only one purpose: breed


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