Lust and Hip Hop: The Rise of Craze-E
Chapter 2: Deal With Us

Although they had a long night and fell asleep on the floor, Eric and Suzy were wide awake in the morning as they were getting ready for the long day of meetings Eric was scheduled to have with the top record executives in Los Angeles. As always, Suzy was standing in front for the bathroom mirror brushing her teeth and fixing her make up as Eric gave her a morning butt fucking. Their morning ritual had become almost robotic as Suzy would lean slightly over and poke out her booty so Eric could have his way with it to start the day. This morning however, Suzy was smiling and throwing her booty back toward Eric as she looked back at him through the mirror and cheered him on.
“Ohhhh yeah, Eric…I mean Craze-E. You’re the king! Nobody fucks my big fat booty like you do. Oooooo Kill it, daddy. Ooooooo!!! You fuck me daily. So deep I can feel it in my belly.” Eric loved the extra motivation and he smiled at the idea of his mother remembering his rhymes from the night before. He pounded away at Suzy’s booty while he rapped some more freestyle rhymes.
“When I wake up, I fuck my bitch, she do her make up. 
I’m rough wit her booty. I be beatin’ that cake up. 
Soon to be the king of this hip-hop game. 
But I’mma keep slayin’ Suzy, won’t a damn thing change. 
I’m a beast in many ways, especially in my moms butt.
Won’t stop ’til her booty filled up with my nut.”

Suzy playfully repeated the last word of all of Eric’s rhymes. Eric keep rapping and fuck her booty until he shot a load of cum up Suzy’s ass. “Damn, I never get enough of this fat fuckin’ ass. You should be my hype man, mom. You were flowing with me. Ha ha ha.” Suzy looked over her shoulder at her son who was gripping her ass while his cock was still emptying cum in her butt and said, “Ha ha ha, imagine that. Me being part of the act too. No no, you’re the one with the talent.
Eric was playfully humping Suzy while Lamar came by the bathroom. “Another video, bruh? This shit is already at a half a million views.” Eric walked away from his mother’s fat milky white booty that was dripping his cum on the floor to look at the video stats on Lamar’s phone. “Shut up, bro. I just uploaded that shit like 4 or 5 hours ago. It’s only 9am.” Lamar replied, “This the West coast, bruh. It’s lunch time for East coast niggas. They probably woke up to this shit and showed it to everyone they know. You know how these links travel. Shit, niggas overseas check our site, too.”
While Lamar and Eric marvelled at the viewing numbers for Eric and Suzy’s latest recorded freestyle butt fucking session, Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson walked by wearing a halter top, short skirt and a pair of fishnet stockings talking on the phone. “Shit, I don’t care. It’s whatever. Later.” Sadie hung up the phone and Lamar said, “Who was that?” Sadie replied, “Yo triffling ass brother. He said he cancelled all my appointments for the day. I called that nigga mad times this morning cus he was supposed to be flying down to Houston for a strip club appearance tonight and a few tricks I was supposed to be getting off during the day. Anyway, this nigga was drunk as fuck sayin’ he ain’t get no sleep and he’s still fuckin’ wit’ that young nigga wit the website hoes. He fuckin’ wit my action. Fa real. Anyway, I’m rollin’ wit y’all today.”

Lamar said, “I don’t know Sadie. We trying to close business deals. I’m sure there are some conventions in town for you to hit up. It’s just gonna be me, E and Suzy.” Sadie chimed in and said, “Me too, now. Don’t forget about me. Shit, y’all don’t own me like Suzy. I’m workin’ with y’all cus y’all take good care of a bitch, but if I can meet one of these famous rappers and get them sprung, a bitch is gonna be outta here.” Lamar rolled his eyes and said, “Girl you tried that 10-15 years ago and couldn’t rope one, but if it mean that much to you, fine. You can roll with us. I ain’t in the mood to hear you bitch today.”
After Suzy and Eric got dressed, they got into the backseat of Lamar’s SUV while Sadie sat in the passenger seat next to Lamar. The four of them took the long drive from Vegas to Los Angeles while they all talked with a lot of excitement about Eric’s future as a rap star. Occasionally, Suzy would lean over and give Eric head while they took their long trip and while she was just finishing up swallowing her third load of cum, the foursome pulled up to the corporate offices of Massive Records. “Alright, everybody out. We’re here!” Yelled out Lamar as he parked the car.
As soon as they entered the building Sadie wandered off toward the row of recording studios. Lamar yelled out, “Sadie, fuck you goin’, girl?” Superbooty replied, “Where the stars is, nigga. I’ll see y’all after the meeting.” Lamar shook his head and threw up his hands. Moments later Lamar, Eric and Suzy were escorted right into the office of the president of the Massive Records, Hiram Asher.

Hiram was a legendary figure in music and after his humble beginnings as the road manager for the iconic rock band, Zombie Legends, he had rose in power to be the most respected man in the business. The walls in Hiram Asher’s office were covered with platinum records and photos with some of the biggest stars in the world. Hiram Asher was an old jewish man in his early 60s, but he was one of the sharpest men you’ve ever seen. He stood there wearing a $5000 tailored suit and he greeted Lamar, Eric and Suzy with handshakes and asked them to have a seat. Although there were three seat for them to sit in, Suzy gleeful sat down on Eric’s lap and Lamar sat next to them.
Hiram smiled, nodded and said, “Let’s cut to the chase. This is Massive Records and we make stars. The vice president of A&R here has informed me that your the hot new rap guy on the scene. All over the internet and we want to sign and develop you.” Suzy and Eric’s faces lit up as Lamar sat there showing no emotion. Lamar then said, “That’s great to hear, Hiram and yes, Massive is a power house. Zombie Legends…rock gods! Y’all started off Sofia Arroyo’s career…one of the biggest pop sensations ever! Mellow Soul…still one of the biggest R&B groups ever. Got a lotta pussy off of their slow jams when I was a youngsta. Tori Ann Scott…that lil country singer y’all got is killing it these days. However, what does Massive know about breaking a rap artist?”
Hiram gritted his teeth and sighed. “You’ve got me, Mr. uhhh…Dickey…is it. Yes, Mr. Dickey, we haven’t had much success sustaining a hip-hop act, but all of that will change with this fresh faced young white boy. Although he’s hip hop, we have a plan to make him a cross over sensation from the door.” Hiram then pressed the button on his intercom and said, “Gloria, send in the boys.” Hiram then flashed a big smile at Suzy and Eric and they smiled back.

Moments later three fresh faced white teenagers entered the office. The teenagers were none other than the boy band GGL, short for Guys Girls Love. Hiram stood up and said, “Meet Mikey Roc, Sammy Smooth and Kyle the Lady Killer, GGL!” Suzy’s face lit up and she got up off of Eric’s lap the shake the boys’ hands and tell them how much she loved their sweet pop songs. Lamar and Eric looked at each other both thinking “What the fuck?” Hiram continued. “This is the master plan. GGL had two multiplatinum albums but the last one didn’t do so well. Since the boys are in their late teens, in fact, Mikey is 21 now, the bubble gum music isn’t selling for them. They need a little edge. You get older, your sound has to get older too.” Lamar and Eric simultaneously crossed their arms. Hiram continued, “That’s where Craze-E comes in. You’ll be the fourth member of the group and you’ll do a little rap on each song so we can get that urban edge we need.”
Lamar started to chuckle, then he said, “Let me get this straight. My boy E, who’s made a name for himself as a hardcore rapper that hangs out with gang members and fucks his mother…you want to put him in a boy band?” Hiram said, “Hangs with who? Fucks what?” Lamar said, “His mother. Suzy is Eric’s mother. The reason he’s got such a buzz is because a sex video of their’s went viral. Do you guys do any research around here?” Hiram’s face dropped as he looked at Suzy in disgust. Hiram then said to one of Lamar, “Kyle and Gavin Scott from A&R said that this Craze-E character would fit right in with the group. What kind of craziness is going on here?” Kyle the Lady Killer replied, “Mr. Asher, you said edgy. He’s edgy. I didn’t know that she was really his mother.” Kyle looked Suzy up and down, blushed and said, “I saw your new video you posted this morning. I came three times watching it, ma’am.” The other members of GGL walked over to Eric and slapped him five and congratulated him on having such a sexy mom.
Hiram was pissed. “Get out. Get the fuck out. All of you. In fact, I’ll get out.” Before Eric, Suzy, Lamar and GGL could leave Hiram’s office, Hiram stormed passed them to go fire his vice president of A&R, Gavin Scott. Lamar, Eric and Suzy left the office next and they went down the hall toward the recording studios looking for Sadie. They checked two studios with no luck but when they got to the third recording studio they found what they were looking for.

“That’s right you dirty old cracka, toss that salad. Mama made it special for you.” said Sadie as she sat on an old white man’s face. Suzy went crazy as she noticed the men in the room were the members of the iconic rock group, Zombie Legends. Suzy ran up to the members and gave them all hugs. They were all happy to get the love from the voluptuous Suzy Booty. Lamar was a little star struck at first too, but then he said, “Uhh, Sadie, we gotta go.”
Sadie stood up from sitting on the man’s face, pulled up her panties and pulled down her little skirt. Lamar, Suzy and Eric were in shock to see that the man who’s face she was sitting on was Tyler Stevens, the skinny old white man that was the lead singer of the band. Sadie gave Tyler a hug and said, “Boy, you nasty. You got my rates and my number. You better call.” The boney old rock legend, Tyler Stevens sat up with a big smile on his face and said, “Yes, love. I definitely will. We’ll be out in Vegas for three shows next month. Until then, love…stay sexy! Ooooowwww!!!”
Although the group was disappointed that nothing came out of the Massive Records meeting they were still in good spirits heading toward the posh LA resturant, Katana, for their meeting with the vice president of Fresh Jamz Records. Upon arriving they were escorted to a private room in the back where the vice president, Khalil Mack was sitting.
Khalil Mack was a sharply dressed black man in his early 30s and he was the latest in a long line of reputable hip-hop executives to take over the reigns of finding talent for what was once the hottest hip-hop labels ever. Fresh Jams Records was a pioneering hip-hop label that basically created the market for the hip-hop genre with such acts as Dr. Kool Love, the Ferocious Four and the Power MCs. After years of setting the tends, they were critized for becoming to commercial and they had lost their edge. Nonetheless, they had big money and they were interested in being in the Craze-E business.
Eric, Lamar and Suzy walked in and sat down at the table. Khalil Mack greeted them all and offered them glasses of champagne. “Thanks for coming out. We would have loved to have you come to our corporate headquarters in New York, but you’re here, so I’m here. We wanna be in the Craze-E business. Your rhymes are dope and your swagger is off the charts.” While Khalil continued to flatter Eric, Sadie finally sashayed into the room and said, “Khalil! Oh my god! I didn’t know we were meeting with you.” Khalil spit out his mouthful of champagne. “Uhhhh, Superboo-I mean Sadie Sampson, what are you doing here?” Suzy said, “You two know each other?” Sadie said, “Yeah girl, Khalil is my boy. Remember when I was telling you about that nigga that used to love me fingering his bootyhole when I’d suck his dick. The nigga that used to DJ and produce for Kay-Z back in the day before he got all big. Damn Khalil I didn’t know they gave you the big job. Congrats, boy. Lookin’ for a new baby mama?”

Khalil face dropped and he said, “Damn, tell all of the nigga’s business why don’t you and uhhh, nah. I got one baby mama. My ex wife and she’s already diggin’ in my pockets enough. You’d probably snatch my damn pockets off, Sadie. Ha ha ha.” Sadie said, “Boy you crazy. You still cute as shit, too. Anyway, what we talkin’ about?”
Sadie sat down and Khalil continued with his presentation. Lamar grilled him on the lack of commercial success the label had with most of it’s new artists and how the Fresh Jamz reputation was falling off, but by the end of the meeting, Khalil had won him and Eric over. “So fellas, do we have a deal?” Lamar said, “We have a few more meetings, but I think we just might. Email me the contract to this address, I’ll have my lawyers check it out and we’ll see.” Before leaving the resturant, the group had a light lunch and had some good conversation.
While riding to their next meeting spirits were high. Suzy sat in the back seat making out with Eric, taking breaks to say, “You did it, baby! You’re going to be a famous rapper!” Eric fondled his mother’s huge ass over her skirt and said, “Yeah, mom. I did it.” Sadie then said, “Yeah, boy. You about to be on! I’mma be right there in the studio sessions and on tour. I’mma rope me a star. Believe that!” Lamar said, “Yeah, Khalil was on point, but we have two more meetings. The next one is with Wild Out Records. They’ve got the game on lock so we gotta take that meeting at least. I wonder what they’re offering.”

Eric said, “Bro, my boy Darius from back home. He’s dating Rachel Ratchet. I met her just a week ago. This is crazy. She’s signed with them. Yooooo, the fucking Trappas are too. Lil Trey’s crew. I wonder if they’ll be there. Sadie then said, “You met that lil bitch, she dope as fuck. I love that bitch, but who you need to be worried about is that trifflin’ ass Papa Shake. That nigga ain’t no good. Me and him got a lil history, but business is business. More rich artists for me to meet. Let’s go.” Lamar looked over at Sadie and said, “Bitch, you got a history with everyone in the game. Ha ha ha.”

The foursome soon arrived at the corporate headquarters of Wild Out Records. It wasn’t as impressive as the office at Massive Records, but it was still a very nice office. Lamar walked up to the receptionist and said, “Lamar Dickey, manager for Craze-E. Here to see Papa Shake.” The gorgeous latina receptionist said, “Papa Shake is in Miami, promoting his new champagne brand. I have you scheduled for a meeting with Lil Trey.” Craze-E, a big fan of Lil Trey Trappa, overheard the receptionist and said, “Word? We’re meeting with Trey?” The receptionist said, “Yes papi, You guys are meeting with Lil Trey about getting a deal with Young and Wild Records.”
Lamar said, “Hold on now, I was told it was for a deal with Wild Out Records directly. Hey, E. I don’t know if its worth our time to take a meeting with this kid.” Eric said, “Come on man, what would it hurt. We’ve got the Fresh Jamz deal squared away. I’d love to meet Lil Trey just to meet him. Plus, you and Lenny started pimping when you were me and Trey’s age and you guys are mad successful.” Lamar reluctantly agreed and Lamar, Eric and Suzy went to Lil Trey’s office while Sadie once again left the group to find a recording artist she could run game on in the studio.
As they walked toward Lil Trey’s office they saw workers putting up a big stainless steel sign with the Young and Wild Records logo on it on the wall. “Nah, nah my nigga. A lil higher. Yeah. That’s it! Boss shit, nigga! Put my shit up high.” said the pint sized rap superstar who was wearing a pair of tight sagging blue jeans, boxers and no shirt with a big platinum and diamond chain around his neck and an open champagne bottle in his hand.

Lil Trey Trappa…the crowned prince of hip-hop. Two multi-platinum albums and a third album destined to move a million in its first week. All though he was a little guy that was only 18 years old, the champagne sipping, weed smoking, pants saggin, dred headed little prince was on top.
Trey turned around and saw Suzy, Eric and Lamar and said, “Awww shit!!! It just got real up in this muhfucka! You’s a ill ass nigga, my dude. Show a nigga some love.” Trey approached Eric and he gave him a hug like they were old friends. Eric was elated. He then looked Lamar up and down and said, “Wuz good, bruh.” and gave him a head nod before walking over to Suzy. Lil Trey looked up to the tall, sexy, big booty poor white trash, Suzy and said, “Damn, you tall as fuck, ma. I couldn’t tell how tall you was in ya first video cus you was on all fours gettin’ dicked down. That shit from dis mornin’ tho. I was like, Shit the nigga Craze-E only a lil taller than me and he looked like a lil boy fuckin’ a grown ass woman. I be lookin like that too. I keeps older bitches on deck wit ass, just…like…you. Come here.” Trey handed Lamar Dickey his open champagne bottle and proceeded to give Suzy a big hug and he gripped her fat white booty with both hands. Suzy hugged Trey back and said, “Wow, uhhh, you’re a friendly little guy.” Trey laughed and said, “Indeed I am, sexy mama. Let’s take it to my office.”
Trey led Suzy to his office with his hand on the small of her back, before he got to the office, he had eased his hand down to her fat booty and Eric and Lamar followed them. Trey took a seat behind a big desk with a huge elevated desk chair. Lil Trey looked like a little kid, sitting in his daddy’s chair. “Take a seat my niggas, take a seat.” Just like in the Massive Records office, there were plenty of seats, however Lamar took a seat, Eric sat next to him and Suzy sat on Eric’s lap and cuddled up close to him. Lil Trey smiled and said, “Now that’s G shit, my nigga. A bitch that knows her place. Right in her nigga’s lap.” Lamar injected and said, “Trey, we’ve been taking meetings all morning and I think it’s only right to let you know that we’re close to a deal with Fresh Jamz. So whatever you’re doing with this Young and Wild record label, we gotta know that it’s serious business.”

Lil Trey ignored Lamar, licked his lips and said, “Yo, Craze-E! Is she really your moms, my dude? Or is this some mastermind genius promotional shit?” Suzy gave Eric a big juicy kiss on the lips then she looked at Trey and said, “I am definitely his mother. I gave birth to him and raised him into the man he has become. He’s also my daddy, but in a different way. He takes care of me and loves me. We have a very special love.” Lil Trey busted out in laughter and said, “Yooooooo!!! Y’all crackaz crazy as shit. You a bad bitch though, but mother and son. That’s that down south, backwoods, cracka shit. Ha ha ha. No offense.” Lil Trey shivered like he got the willies and said, “That’s just nasty. Ha ha ha. But yo, each his own, ya dig. I don’t judge. I fuck hella hoes and a lot of them is mamas too. Not my mama, but somebody’s mama. I guess a fat ass is a fat ass at the end of the day. Mmmmm, how the booty work though, how that head game?”Eric smacked his mom on the ass and said, “it’s insane Trey. That video on the site doesn’t do it justice.” Suzy blushed because she was embarrassed and also flattered.
Lil Trey leaned back in his chair and said, “Well fuck it then. Let’s get a lil somethin’ jumped off. I got some big booty freak groupies on speed dial. Judging from the Locos Cinco video, ya mom’s a slut so she could def take care of me, you and this fat nigga you brought wit you.” Excited as he’s ever been, Eric said, “Sure, she can definitely handle us until the other hoes get here.” Suzy was shocked, It was less than 12 hours ago that Eric said he was going to take Suzy out of the life and keep her all to himself. With Suzy still in shock, Lamar Dickey stood up and said, “Lil nigga, I don’t think you ’bout your business, bruh. I’m a businessman, but I’m also and East Oakland nigga. I’m ’bout my paper. If you wanna fuck bitches, we can fuck bitches, but we supposed to be talking business and like I was sayin’, Fresh Jamz…”
Lil Trey looked over at Lamar and said, “Lil nigga? Lil nigga? I’m the big homey today, motherfucka. I’m the nigga with the checkbook. You ain’t the only hood nigga up in here. Don’t get me fucked up. Respect my office nigga. I’m almost 19 years old, I’m a grown ass man. I’m worth 30 million dollars. Check my profile in Rich Magazine. I gets money, nigga.” Eric injected and said, “Fellas, chill. Trey, Lamar is my manager and a good friend. He’s just trying to look out for me. He didn’t mean any disrespect.” Trey looked over at Eric, smiled and said, “It’s all good, Craze-E. This is just how young black men from the hood talk sometimes. I can tell that ya man is ’bout his business. I just like mixing business with pleasure.” Trey reached over the desk to shake Lamar’s hand and just like that the conflict was over.

Trey then sat back in his chair and said, “Alright, business. Look, my nigga. I heard about your meetings. I got ears everywhere. This label is real. Young and Wild…Y.A.W…YAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!! That’s my shit, but we got the full backing of Wild Out behind us. Shake is the big homey so it’s just like signing direct with Wild Out…ok?” Lamar nodded his head and Trey continued. “First, Massive ain’t shit. They get money, but it’s old head, rock niggas and pop stars. Hell, we even got Sofia Arroyo over here with us, we brought her back to life. She’s poppin’ again and they dropped her last year cus they ain’t know what to do with her. As for Fresh Jamz. They haven’t been the same since Kay-Z left and started his own shit. The last nigga they signed was that country ass nigga Bermuda Bangz. Don’t get me wrong, I get wild as fuck in the club on his first single “Niggaz Luv Gold”, but that nigga had a deal for a year and a half and hasn’t done shit since. Fresh Jamz don’t know how to make relevant music. They’ll just fuck up your career.”
As much as Lamar, didn’t like it hear it, he knew that Lil Trey was right. He then said, “Alright then, bruh. What does Young and Wild have to offer my man E?” Trey said, “I’m happy you asked big bruh. Look I know Fresh Jamz probably hit you with the 2 million dollar deal shit. That’s what they gave the nigga Bermuda. We ain’t givin’ you that. I got a million up front. Some get fly money, some video money, some production money. A million is fair. Plus you’ll owe us a lot less if the shit flops, ya dig?” Lamar nodded his head in agreement and Trey continued, “Plus it ain’t a 360 deal. Massive can’t move units like us with hip hop artists, so they be havin’ their hands in your pockets for show money and endorsement shit. Fresh Jamz too. That’s wack. That’s yo’ cake. I mean, we got partnerships we can set up so we can all make tour money together, but we ain’t tryin’ to rape niggas.” Lamar sat up in his chair and started rubbing his hands together and said, “Now you’re talkin’.” Then Trey said, “But above all, we offer the lifestyle. Nobody gets it in like Y.A.W/W.O. niggas. We got the finests hoes, we pop the finest champagne and as much fly shit as we do we still connect to the streets.”

Lil Trey smiled and reached his hand out to Lamar and said, “I know you the manager, so to you I gotta ask, do we have a deal?” Lamar looked at Eric who was smiling for ear to ear and then shook Lil Trey’s hand and said, “As long as as the paper work matches the offer you just said, we have a deal man.” Lil Trey jumped up and stood on his chair and said, “Yo! We gettin’ hella fucked up tonight. We partyin’ and shit. Ayo, come meet my niggas. The Trappaz. Let’s go.” Lamar and Eric jumped up and Suzy said, “Could I speak to my son, really quick Mr. Lil Trey?” Trey smacked Suzy on her fat ass, bit his bottom lip and said, “No problem, fat booty. Aye, Craze-E, condoms, lube and wet wipes in my private bathroom over there in case ya momma tryin’ to give you a lil congratulations sumthin sumthin. Ha ha ha.” Lil Trey then looked at Lamar Dickey and said, “Come on ya, chunky ass nigga, let’s roll.” They both laughed and walked off to the recording studio.
Eric passionately kissed Suzy and groped her ass. Suzy didn’t actively participate in the kiss and after a while Eric began to notice. “Mom, a million dollars! Lil Trey is giving me a million dollars to be a rapper. Why aren’t you jumping for joy?” Suzy pouted her lip and said, “I thought it was just going to be me and you. Lil Trey talked about passing me around with the rest of their hoes and you didn’t say anything.” Eric sat down in the chair sighed and said, “Come here.” Suzy resisted at first then she sat down on his lap. “Look, this is 1 million dollars. I’m going to need you to be a trooper. This rap business is crazy. As soon as I get established it will be you and me. Until then, let’s not rock the boat. Think about it, at Jordan’s bachelor party he had Sofia fuckin’ Arroyo there. We gangbanged the biggest singer in the world because someone loaned her to Darius out of friendship. That’s how crazy the music business is. I need you to ride with me mom.” Suzy said, “Just until you get your first album out. Deal?” Eric shook his mother’s hand and said, “Deal. Now can you get on your knees and properly congratulate me before we go meet the Trappaz. We’re fuckin’ rich, mom!”
Suzy smiled and did exactly what she was told. She was all in and ready to ride with Eric on his rap star journey and do whatever it took to help him rise to the top. Suzy got on her knees and pulled Eric’s cock out of his pants and said, “Smack me with that big strong cock, daddy. Smack me for being a whiny little bitch that doesn’t even deserve to suck a rap god’s cock.” Eric’s cock got even harder as he grabbed hit from the base of his shaft and used it to smack the shit out of Suzy’s face. Eric smacked Suzy with his cock so hard that it was a miracle that their weren’t any bruises on her face. Eric then rubbed his balls all over Suzy’s face while she moaned and called him “rap god”. Eric finally, grabbed a fistful of his mother’s short dirty blonde hair and jerked he head toward his cock and made her deep throat it until snot, saliva and cum were coming out of her nose. He then put his saliva and cum covered cock on the top of Suzy’s head while his balls rested up against her forehead and he said to himself, “I’m gonna be a rap god.”


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