Lust and Hip-Hop 2: The Return of Mz. Henny Chapter 3

“Oh my God! Bitch, this motherfuckin ice cream is the bomb. Like seriously. This my second pint today. Imma body this shit right quick then that’s it. No more sweets for the rest of the day. We getting outta bed, gonna hit up the lil gym downstairs, sweat this shit out then get ready for this party.” said Mz. Henny as she laid on her huge California king sized bed with her best friend Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson.

The two sexy, 30 something year old, big booty black women were lounging around in their panties and t shirts in Henrietta’s bed eating junk food and watching TV. Henrietta had been home for a few days and all she wanted to do was take warm baths and enjoy quality time with her husband, son and best friend. In fact, Henrietta hadn’t left the house since she got out of prison. Her first time leaving the house will be tonight when she goes to her coming home/18th birthday celebration for her son tonight at a star studded party in her home town of The Bronx.

“I know you’re right, but…these cupcakes tho. Do these count as sweets?” said Sadie as she licked the icing off of a cupcake.

“Bitch, you tripping. Haha. We gonna be some big round bitches if we don’t cut it out. You lucky, everything you eat go straight to yo big ole butt. Some of us got tummies to worry about.” said Henrietta as she laid on her back and rubbed her flat stomach.

“Bitch please! Your body’s crazy. You damn near got a six pack. Stomach flat as fuck. As for what I eat going right to my butt, girl…in ya old age you must’ve discovered my secret ’cause your booty fat as fuck.” said Sadie with a big smile on her face. She then playfully started singing and chanting the words, “Bend over and shake that butt. Yeah girl that big ole butt. All fours and shake that butt. Like a dog girl, shake that butt…”

Henrietta got on her hands and knees in the bed and started shaking her big fat chocolate ass. Her tight little cotton panties quickly got swallowed up by her big juicy ass. Sadie kept singing and got behind Henrietta and started humping her and playfully slapping her ass.

While the ladies were having their fun, Henrietta’s teenage son Shaun nonchalantly opened the bedroom door to tell something to his mother. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw his thick ass mother and godmother shaking and smacking their asses.

“Ohhh!!! Ohhh!!! It’s a party!!! It’s a party!!! Get it!!! Get it!!!” chanted Shaun as he did a little two step walking toward his mother’s bed wearing only a pair of basketball shorts, some socks and flip flops.

Henrietta was a little embarrassed as she stopped twerking and pulled down her t-shirt as much as she could in a futile attempt to cover up her big butt. Sadie had no shame as she started twerking in Henrietta’s place. Henrietta playfully smacked Sadie on her butt and said, “Put that big ole butt away before you get my baby all excited, haha.”

Sadie kept shaking her ass and said, “Girl, Shaun ain’t worried about me shaking my big ole ass.”

Henrietta and Sadie both looked over at Shaun who said, “Nah, not at all. Y’all can shake whatever y’all want. We all grown.” Shaun then licked his lips and inadvertently rubbed his crotch. Henrietta and Sadie looked at each other and simultaneously said, “Grown! Ahhhhh hahaha! This lil nigga!”

Shaun smirked, waved his hand and playfully said “Man, forget y’all. Imma be 18 years old at midnight. Imma be in the club like…” Shaun then did a little awkward gyrating dance before jumping on the bed and laying on his back between his mother and godmother.

Henrietta gasped and said, “Sadie, we from the boogie down Bronx. We gets busy on the dance floor. Tell me my handsome, intelligent, charming, wonderfully awesome son doesn’t dance like a total nerd.”

Sadie smirked and said, “Alas, it seems as tho these years in the burbs have snatched the young man’s flavor. Anyway, godson of mine, you were born at 1:23am. So you really won’t be officially 18 until then.” Sadie and Henrietta gave each other a high five and crossed their arms as they sat next to Shaun who was still laid out on the bed.

Shaun defended himself. “First off, you mad technical Aunt Sadie, 1:23 am, midnight…close enough. Second, I still got mad Bronx flavor, plus that Harlem style that pops raised me with. We in the burbs but I’m still a hunned out chere in these streets. Third, I was playing with them moves. Being silly. Check this out.”

Shaun pulled his phone out of his pocket and went to his SocialFlix page to show a video of himself dancing to his mother and aunt.

“Yeah, y’all see it. I’m getting it to that new Lil Popoff joint, “We Gettin’ Money, Hoe”. Straight killed that dance. I got 2000 likes and over 100 comments. Mostly from females so you know my moves poppin.” said Shaun.

“Damn, boy. You was getting it. You know I was at the studio when Popoff made that joint. Trey gave him the beat because he knew it would be a hit. In fact, I was the one that came up with most of that dance.” said Sadie.

Mz. Henny looked at her son’s phone with a puzzled expression on her face. She had no idea who Lil Popoff was, why people liked or commented on her son’s video or what SocialFlix was.

“What am I watching? Shaunie, what’s SocialFlix?” said Mz. Henny.

Shaun and Sadie looked at Mz. Henny in shock. Then they realized that she was locked up for the last eight and a half years and was totally out of the loop. Sadie showed her dear friend her own SocialFlix page, that she hadn’t updated in a few days and then Shaun explained it further to his mother.

“It’s like this, ma. You take pics with your phone or minute long videos and you upload them so anyone that follows you can see them. You can also make captions. I had 3,000 followers before you got out, but after I posted some of the pics we took the day you came home my followers went up to 21,000 in three days.”

Mz. Henny laid down next to her son and said, “Wait, I got a picture on this SocialFlix thing? Let me see.”

Shaun leaned over toward his mother and scrolled through his phone on the SocialFlix app and let her see the pictures and video clips he shared of them on the day she came home.

“Oh my god, I thought you just saved these on your phone. We look good. We got mad likes. Wait, you put up the video with me and Sadie twerking? Boy, you crazy. Haha. Damn my butt looks huge, almost as big as your auntie. Wait, 40,000 people liked it? That’s crazy. 40,000 people seen the video?”

Sadie laid down across Shaun’s body so she could see the phone in Mz. Henny’s hands.

“Girl, I told you that thang fat as hell. It ain’t Superbooty level, but you almost in my league. Shaun, you need to tag me. I got 2 million followers. I’ll share it and tag you. I bet you get a lot of new followers.” said Sadie.

Shaun replied, “Mmm hmm, I bet I do. That’s ill 40,000 likes and only 21,000 followers. Looks at the views. Over 200,000. Niggas probably jerking off to my SocialFlix and not even following or liking enough.”

Then Mz. Henny said, “I want a page, too. How you got 2 million people following you? What you do to get all those people checking you out?”

Shaun smiled and said, “Auntie got a big ole butt and she be twerking and doing videos of herself walking away from the camera, but the videos be right on her butt.”

Mz. Henny laughed and said, “You a trip, girl. I ain’t doing all that, but I wouldn’t mind taking some pretty pics and sharing them with my fans and stuff. Maybe some videos showing how happy I am to be home and stuff. Would folks wanna see that stuff or they just wanna see butt shaking and walk away videos?”

Sadie replied, “They’d love to see that big booty you got shaking, but you ain’t me girl. You got talent. You famous for being a dope MC that’s mad pretty. You could post pics of yourself chilling in the studio and they’d love it. Grab your phone, girl. let’s get you a page started.”

Henrietta aka Mz. Henny was excited. A direct way to reach her fans would be a great way to reintroduce herself to the world. Social media was in its infancy when she went to jail nearly a decade ago. When she was locked up she heard about the social media explosion but she didn’t think too much about it. When her husband, son and random friends came to visit it wasn’t a topic of conversation. Plus she was too focused on trying to get through her time in jail and the long grueling nights of sodomy and degradation that corrections officer Herman Perez put her through. Now that she was free, she could leave all of that behind and start fresh.

Mz. Henny grabbed her phone off of the night stand and laid back on the bed next to her son and her friend Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson laid even further over her son Shaun’s torso to see the phone and help her out. While Sadie walked Henrietta through the steps, soon to be 18 year old Shaun focused on the fact that his godmother’s thick caramel body was draped across his slim but muscular, light skinned body.

Sadie’s big fat juicy rump was right in Shaun’s face as she laid over him. Shaun’s mouth started to water as he contemplated touching it. While his mother and godmother were occupied setting up his mothers SocialFlix profile, Shaun was really facing a dilemma. He thought to himself, “Aunt Sadie knows what she’s doing. She let me hump her just a few days ago outside the jail. She started twerking when I came in the room. She probably wants me to rub it.”

Shaun decided to go for it. With one hand behind his head, he moved his other hand within an inch of his godmother’s enormous caramel ass. Sadie’s t-shirt was already up around her waist as Shaun gently rested his hand on one of Sadie’s big juicy booty cheeks. Shaun developed a hard on almost immediately as he rubbed Sadie’s butt cheek like he wanted a genie to fly out of her ass. While Shaun was feeling on Sadie’s big fat super booty, she just continued helping Henrietta set up her SocialFlix page.

Shaun stared at his mother and godmother as they seemed completely occupied by the social media site. Shaun eyes then slowly panned back toward his beloved auntie’s thick body draped over his torso until he locked back in on that fat ass he was fondling.

Was Sadie so occupied that she didn’t notice her booty was being fondled? Did she just not care that the horny teen was getting his feels on her booty? Hell, was it possible that she actually liked it? All of these questions ran through Shaun’s head as he pulled Sadie’s crooked wedgie out of her ass and slowly pulled down her panties.

Shaun looked down at his cock standing at full attention under his basketball shorts and then at Sadie’s mammoth exposed mountain of ass. Shaun was literally drooling uncontrollably as he licked the tip of his middle finger. Shaun then took his wet middle finger and ran it up and down the crack of Sadie’s fat ass. Up and down, up and down. With each swipe of his finger he got deeper and deeper in Sadie’s ass.

They didn’t call Sadie “Superbooty” for nothing. Even laying down on her stomach with her big soft booty cheeks at rest, you would still stick a ruler between the crack of her massive ass and a good 10 inches of it would disappear before reaching her asshole. Shaun’s big thick teenage cock was throbbing as his hand was disappearing in the deep crevice of his sweet godmother’s donkey ass.

With his hand deep between Sadie’s butt cheeks and the tip of his middle finger about to reach her asshole, Sadie nonchalantly reached behind her back with both of her arms and pulled Shaun’s hand out of the crack of her ass by his wrist. Sadie then looked over her shoulder at Shaun as she pulled up her panties. Sadie smirked and said, “Boy you wildin’. Haha.” Henrietta momentarily stopped playing with her phone and said, “Huh, girl?”

Sadie hopped up and kneeled next to Shaun and said, “Shaunie over here rubbing on big ole butt and stuff. Haha. Girl he is too grown.” Henrietta looked at her son, playfully slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Oh my god, you so nasty, boy. that’s ya auntie, little boy.” Sadie got on her hands and knees and with her face merely inches always from Shaun’s rock hard erection she said, “Uh, our Shaunie ain’t a little boy no more, bitch. Damn.” Henrietta took her eyes off of her son’s face to see what her best friend was talking about.

“Damn, boy. I guess your daddy gave you something more than just that light skin and light eyes. The little girls must love my baby, huh?”

Henrietta and Sadie were both on their hands and knees, doggystyle, with their backs perfectly arched and their faces inches away from the teenager’s erection. The two 36 year olds seemed like they were in a trance as Shaun’s throbbing hard cock mesmerized them. Shaun decided to seize the moment as he reached out and started rubbing Sadie’s ass again. Shaun smirked at he made his cock bounce for his Aunt Sadie. Shaun licked his lips as he noticed drool coming from Sadie’s mouth.

“She wants the D.” thought Shaun as he continued to rub Sadie’s booty on top of her panties. Out of the corner of his eye, Shaun noticed that his mother was drooling too and that she was in damn near the same trance. Shaun’s eyes then panned from his mother’s down toward her big milky breasts that were almost bursting out of her t-shirt. Shaun’s eyes then panned down toward his mother’s slim waist and perfectly arched back until he noticed that his momma’s ass was looking fat ass hell too.

“I’m a big boy now, huh Aunt Sadie?” said Shaun as she rubbed Sadie’s ass.

“Hell yeah, Shaunie. You sho is.” said Sadie as she drooled and admired Shaun’s bulge while she got her big juicy booty rubbed.

“What you think, ma? Big boy on deck, huh?” said Shaun as he reached his other hand out toward his mother’s ass.

“Uh huh, you all grown up, baby.” said Henrietta as Shaun gently rested his hand on her big fat chocolate booty.

Each second felt like an eternity to Shaun. Hours away from his 18 year old birthday and he was fondling two of the fattest asses he’d ever seen. One belonging got his life long crush, his godmother Sadie and the other belonging to his sexy as fuck mother. Shaun simultaneously tugged on both of the women’s panties giving them both massive wedgies. All that aside, the women just continued to stare at Shaun’s throbbing cock.
With his hand’s now rubbing on the bare soft skin of his mother’s and godmother’s fat juicy booty cheeks, Shaun couldn’t take it anymore. His cock felt like it was going to burst out of his basketball shorts. Shaun sat up and continued rubbing his mother’s ass. He hated taking his hand off of Sadie’s booty, but he needed a free hand to let the monster out. Shaun reached down in his shorts and pulled his cock out over his waist band. Almost instantaneously Henrietta snapped out of her trance.

“Ewww…boy you nasty! Put that thing away.” said Henrietta as she got out of her doggystyle position, smacked her son’s hand off of her big fat chocolate ass and punched him three times really hard in the shoulder.

“Fuck, mom. Shit! I got carried away. Y’all in here all thick and sexy and shit. Oowww!” yelled Shaun as he curled up in a ball while pull his shorts back over his rock hard teenage cock.

Mz. Henny punched her son three more times in the shoulder then said, “I love you, baby, but we ain’t gonna be having no Craze-E/Suzy Booty relationship up in here. Your auntie been putting me up on how lil niggas is moving these days. I ain’t calling you a pervert or saying you wrong for finding us sexy cuz we is.”

Sadie smiled, put her hands on her hips and said, “Sexy as fuck, Henny girl. Tell em!”

Mz. Henny continued “Girl you too much. But like I was saying, you young, fine, shit…you a sexy lil nigga too. You’re obviously packing like ya daddy was. You gonna have mad young girls on ya dick. Probably some old bitches like us too, but not us. Now, I’m sorry. Give mama a hug and go do what you gotta do to bring that uh…swelling down.”

Shaun finally got out of the ball he had rolled up into and he sat up and hugged his mother.

“My bad, I mean. Y’all can’t blame me for getting excited. Like for real.”

Shaun then hugged Sadie before grabbing his phone, hopping out of bed and jogging off to his bedroom to beat his dick.

As Shaun left the room, Sadie and Henrietta looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

“Oh my god, that boy packin’!” said Sadie. “Tell the truth, if he wasn’t your son and you didn’t have Marcel you’d…”

Before Sadie could finish her sentence Henrietta interjected “I’d gag on that monster then ride it all night. Ugh…let’s change the subject. I fell like a perv. Back to this SocialFlix shit. Hook a bitch up. My fans await. Haha.”

While Shaun’s went to his bedroom to look online at old porn videos featuring his godmother, Sadie “Superbooty” Sampson for jerk off purposes, Sadie was totally hooking Mz. Henny on SocialFlix. With in a few minutes, Mz. Henny had a quick bio and profile picture up and she made a quick welcome video which Sadie shared on her page as well.
While Shaun was vigorously tugging at his cock to an all anal gangbang porn that Sadie did with six white men about three years ago, his mother Mz. Henny was making dozens of little videos about how happy she was to be home. Sadie shared the links to those videos as well and before long other celebrities and blog sites caught wind of Mz. Henny being on SocialFlix and as Shaun was draining his last few drops of cum into a gym sock, his mother was trending worldwide. With his cock completely drained, a fully satisfied Shaun fell back on his bed and thought about how good it felt to feel on his mother and godmother’s big juicy butts and how much fun it’s gonna be to go to the club tonight.

“Thanks y’all for the love. All of y’all. I can’t believe I got so many followers already. This social media stuff is new to me so forgive me if I’m posting too much. Anyway, this is the dress I’m gonna be wearing to my party tonight. I hope y’all all come out. Oh yeah, let me show you my shoes.”

Sadie was filming Mz. Henny as Mz. Henny was holding up a little black cocktail dress on a hanger. They ladies were still wearing only their t-shirts and panties during all of the videos Sadie was shooting of Mz. Henny for SocialFlix. It’s was all good because Sadie was just filming her friend from the waist up. This particular video was Goni g to give Mz. Henny’s fans a little treat. Mz. Henny put her dress on the bed and bent over to reach for her shoes to show in the video.
“Damn, Henny! Dat ass!!! Shake that shit real quick.” yelled Sadie as she zoomed in on Mz. Henny’s fat juicy ass that had her tiny little panties wedged between those fat chocolate cheeks.

Mz. Henny playfully put her hands on her knees and shook her ass before standing up, turning around and showing her shoes to the camera.

“Girl, you stupid. Anyway, these my shoes, they pretty right? See y’all tonight! We about to get all made up and hair did and shit. Peace!”

Mz. Henny smiled and Sadie said, “Girl, you about to be trending even more. They gonna love this. Ima do mad hashtags too. #mzhenny #hennyhomecoming #badbitchhenny #partytonight #hennygotass”

Mz. Henny crossed her arms and said, “#hennygotass? Oh hell no! I ain’t them other girls. I got bars. You not uploading that video of me shaking my booty. Majestic would kill me.”

Sadie said, “Too late, bitch. It’s already up. Besides, all the girls showing booty online. Niggas still gonna fuck with your bars. They know you the baddest bitch in the game. Oh shit, my daddy calling. Be right back.”

Sadie walked in the hallway to talk to her 19 year old, rapper fiancée, Lil Trey Trappa on the phone the same time as Shaun walked out of his bedroom.

“Yeah, daddy. That’s the address. You about to come through before the party? Cool. I been missing you.” said Sadie as she walked past Shaun holding the phone to her ear.
Shaun licked his lips as Sadie walked by. She smirked and made kissy lips at her godson and made sure to walk real sexy so that Shaun could admire her big bouncing booty as she walked toward the bathroom. Shaun made humping motions with his hips until Sadie and her fat ass booty were out of sight. Shaun then noticed that his mother’s bedroom door was still open and he peeked in and made humping motions with his hips again while she was crawling around looking for something under her bed.

“Boy, what you doing? Haha!” said Henrietta’s husband Majestic as he walked up behind Shaun in mid thrust.

Shaun was startled. “Oh shit, Pop. You know. Just thinking about Aunt Sadie’s butt. You know her and mom be around here all half naked and shit.” Majestic smirked and said, “I don’t blame you, boy. Shit, if I didn’t love your mother with all my heart, I’d be lusting over Sadie’s ass. She a bad motherfucka. Anyway, I got those passes for the party. Tonight, for your friends. Just came from the venue. It’s gonna be lit, facts.”

Shaun’s took the party asses and said, “Word! That’s what’s up. Ima go drop one off to Johnny next door.” Majestic chuckled and said, “You and that lil nigga Johnny. I can’t wait til your momma meets that little funny Asian nigga. To think, we some hood niggas from the Bronx and Harlem and your best friend is a rich little Asian motherfucka whose parents are doctors and shit. I guess money makes us all the same, huh? I love that shit. Anyway, tell the lil nigga I said what up.”

Majestic finally peeked into his bedroom and saw his wife on all fours with her panties wedged in her fat chocolate ass while she was pulling things from under the bed.

“Hmmm, yeah man. Uhhh, go holla at ya boy. Ima spend some quality time with wifey.” Shaun dapped Majestic and they smiled at each other knowing that Majestic was about to go give Henrietta the dick. Shaun got one more good glimpse of his mother’s fat booty before Majestic closed the door and locked it.

Shaun, who was still wearing his flip flops, socks and basketball shorts walked out of the house down their long driveway then made the long walked to his next door neighbor’s house. In the affluent Northern New Jersey suburb where Mz. Henny, Majestic and Shaun lived the houses were quite far apart and the neighbors were either wealthy entertainers or even wealthier businessmen, attorneys or doctors of varying ethnicities. That being so it wasn’t as weird as one might think that the son of two hardcore rappers would be best friends with the son of two affluent doctors. So was the case with Shaun and his buddy Johnny Hung.

“Hey Hector, is Johnny home?” said Shaun to the Mexican landscaper at his friend Johnny’s house.

“Si, señor Shaun. Señor Johnny, he is home.” said the landscaper.

Shaun walked right into the unlocked door and down the hall toward Johnny’s room. Johnny’s parents were two of the most respected surgeons in the country and they were often out of town either lecturing, consulting or performing surgeries around the world. As Shaun walked through the hall he walked passed dozens of pictures of Johnny at different ages getting awards, performing in piano recitals and other things. The last picture he saw was a recent picture of Johnny accepting a scholarship to study pre-med at the prestigious Owens College in California. Shaun finally got to Johnny’s room and walked right in.

“Got the passes, it’s about to be —” Shaun paused and looked on in amazement at what she saw.

“Shaun, I’m killing them online. These guys can’t fuck with me, bro. But fuck that. I know you’re jealous, right? Right? Haha. I look cool, right?”

There sat 18 year old, little Chinese American, Johnny Hung on the edge of his bed holding a video game controller, wearing a video game headset, shirtless with his boxers around his ankles while he got his dick sucked by a sexy BBW Mexican woman. The woman looked like she was in her late 40s at least, but she was very pretty and she had massive breasts and a huge ass. She was wearing only a unbuckled bra and a pair of granny panties and stockings.

“NIG-GUH! What the fuck?” said Shaun as he stood there rubbing on his crotch.

Johnny chuckled and said, “This is Sulissa. Hector’s wife. Their daughter is turning 15 next week and they wanted to throw her a fancy quincenera. I offered to help with the funds for it. It’s chump change to me, but Hector and his wife are very grateful. He won’t let me fuck her, but she danced for me and sucking me. But the party. I can’t wait. Tonight. Big booty black and Spanish bitches!!! We are gonna crush so much ass tonight! Speaking of ass…your mother! I want her so bad. No disrespect.”

Shaun said, “Da fuck? My mother? You wildin’ Johnny.”

Johnny said, “No disrespect, I’m just a fan. I follow her. That ass is so sweet.” Johnny tossed his phone to Shaun.

Shaun looked at the phone and saw that his mother had indeed set up a SocialFlix profile and she was quickly approaching a half a million followers and the most liked video on SocialFlix in the last hour was the video of her twerking in her panties.

Johnny shot his load in Sulissa’s mouth then said, “I gotta dance with your mother just once tonight. Will Majestic kill me if I’m hard when I do? He’s always nice to me, but he kind of scares me.”

Shaun tossed Johnny back his phone and said, “Pops loves you, but yeah…he’d kill you. Anyway. We’re pulling out at 10 tonight. Meet me at my crib. Here’s your pass in case you miss us. But uhhh…can Hector’s wife suck my dick right quick tho before I bounce. I been horny as fuck lately.” Johnny shook his head and said, “TMI, bro. TMI.” Shaun nodded his head and said, “True, true. I’m heading home. See you later.”

Shaun power walked home. Hours before his 18th birthday and all he could think about was getting some pussy or getting his dick sucked. Shaun knew if he got home he could probably catch his godmother alone for a few minutes and at last get some sympathy feels on her booty. Something.

Shaun jogged upstairs and stopped at his mother’s bedroom door and cracked it open to see his mother Mz. Henny riding Majestic cowgirl with Majestic slapping and grabbing big handfuls of her booty meat. Shaun closed the door just as his mother was starting to change positions.

Shaun took a deep breath and smiled as he jogged to the guest room that Sadie was staying in fully ready to guilt her into letting him fondle her. Shaun burst into the room without knocking and got her another shock. Shaun stood in the doorway in shock.”Shaunie…baby. Close the door. Uhhh….uhhhhh….UUUHHHHHH!!!” said Sadie.

Sadie was doggystyle with her face facing the door and her panties around her knees. Behind her, filling her juicy wet pussy with 19 year old cock was none other than her fiancée, 19 year old, Lil Trey Trappa. The scrawny, dread head teen rapper had a fistful of Sadie’s hair as he smacked her ass with his other hand and pumped her pussy full of dick.

Lil Trey said, “Hey, nigga, you just be Shaun. My bitch been going on and on about you. Happy birthday, nigga. Since she your auntie, you can call me uncle. You staring like you want some. You want a piece of this? Ha ha ha.” Sadie said, “Please baby, give us a few minutes. Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.” Shaun closed the dodo and walked to his room to jerk off as he thought of Johnny getting his dick sucked, his Pops fucking his mom and Trey fucking Sadie, wishing that he could be any one of them.


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